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Chapter XIII

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Myra and her friends have been arrested by the Autobots, while Vasir and Leviathan has escaped to continue their plan. But while being held by the ISF forces on Unity, the Rogue Spectre and Kat hav...

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"My ship is this way, come on." Vasir shouted back to Morinth as the pair ran down one of the many long corridors of the facility, only narrowly missing the group of Autobots who entered the meeting hall behind them.

"There are Autobot troops entering every part of the base, we are being over-run." the Ardat-Yakshi said back while glancing down at her holo-tool, gaining a nod from the Leviathan Leader.

"Have to give credit to Autobots and their quick response time, not that it will help them later." she replied as they reached a cross junction and took a left, while Morinth looked back at her holo-screen.

"All of our people have managed to evacuate in time, we are the only ones left." she replied, which made Vasir smile back as they continued down the corridor.

"Of course they did, we have planned for every possible action the enemy could make…" the older Asari said as they reached a large pair of doors, activating her own holo-tool.

"….and we made some contingencies that they would never see coming." she added before the doors then opened, revealing the room to the pair. Inside was another warehouse-like room that was quite sparse, except for Vasir's transport which was in it's center on a landing pad.

"Okay, I will go back and keep the Autobots busy so you can get away." the Ardat-Yakshi then said while turning back to look down the corridor, gaining a puzzled look from Vasir.

"You know, an hour ago and I would have happily let you do that…" she began to say, gaining a smirk from the younger Asari as she listened.

"…but you saved my life back there, I guess that earns you another chance so come on." the Leviathan Leader replied, which made the Murderer turn back with a surprised expression.

"I swear you won't regret this Vasir…" she started to say back, only for the older Asari to cut her off while pointing at her.

"You better not, or else I will kill you and I mean it. Do we understand each other?" she replied, gaining a nod from Morinth in return.

"Good, now let's go." the Leviathan Leader then said, before the pair ran over to the transport and climbed in via it's open hatch.

"Alright, we are on board." Morinth then said as she closed the hatch, while Vasir turned to the two Mechs sitting in the pilot and co-pilot seats.

"Get us out of here."

Both robots nodded in return before firing the engines, which also coincide with the roof-top sliding open and revealing the void of space above. The transport then lifted off and flew out into space, leaving the facility behind.

"Good job, now take us to the Leviathan." the older Asari then ordered, only for the Ardat-Yakshi to point out of the glass canopy ahead of them.

"We are not out of the woods yet, look." she said with a worried tone, as blocking their path was an Autobot gunship. But while Morinth could not help but look worried, Vasir merely smirked in return.

"They are not going to be a problem..." she replied before turning back to the Co-pilot, and typing in a code on the holo-interface beside it.

"Transmit this to that ship now." she said, gaining a nod from the robot before it did exactly what she said.

"What's going on?" the younger Asari asked, but the Leviathan Leader just kept looking out at the enemy ship.

"Just watch and learn Morinth."

So both Women die just that as the transport closed in on the Gunship, before suddenly to the Ardat-Yakshi's surprise, it just moved aside and allowed their ship to pass and fly away.

" did we?" Morinth asked with a confused look, but Vasir smiled back.

Do you really think that I would have been able to keep Leviathan secret from the Autobots for this long, without at least some inside help." she replied with a knowing look, which made the Murderer smile back. The Mech Pilot in the meantime tapped his holo-interface, which opened a Space-bridge portal directly ahead of them that the transport then flew into and out of sight. Leaving the Unity Station as several more Autobot ships arrived and secured the area, while the portal then closed.


Meanwhile the Eudora crew were sitting in an Autobot Transport that was taking them to the Faction's nearest Outpost, with it flying high over the buildings as it made some distance from the Leviathan Base.

"I can't believe they got you too." Crosscut said with surprise in his voice while looking across to Evac and Tolae, gaining a nod from the Pilot.

"You were only gone a few minutes before they turned up, I never even had the chance to fire-up the engines." he replied while looking down ar his handcuffs, earning an equally disheartened look from Tolae as she stared at her friend.

"Well what I can't believe even more is after all this, Myra did not finish the job when she had her hands around Vasir's neck." the other Bot said, gaining an angry look from Kat.

"Hey, that's not fair..." she started to say, only for one of Terracons to turn round and cut her off.

"Keep quiet you traitors, talking is not permitted." he said, bringing silence back to the transport's interior, though Myra ignored everyone and simply looked down at the ground. This hadn't gone unnoticed by Kat, who felt like she should say something. But before she had a chance, Evac interrupted as he looked out at the window to his left.

"Wait, we are arriving at the Autobot Outpost already. It really isn't that far from the Leviathan Base, is it." he said in a surprised tone, gaining mirrored expressions from his friends.

"If Leviathan managed to have their Operations within a kilometre of an ISF security station, makes you wonder how they managed to stay of the Autobot's radar for so long." Tolae replied.

"Maybe they have people working for them on the inside." Crosscut then said, earning nods from the others as the Autobot soldier turned back to them.

"I said no talking." he spat again, one more bringing silence among the prisoners as they sat there and looked at their surroundings.

The Transport then flew down to an opening door on the Outpost's southern side which revealed a hanger-bay that the ship then entered, landing in the center of the room.

"Alright, get up. Time to get you traitors processed." the Terracon then said, as he and his comrades then pointed their rifles at the prisoners. Kat, Evac, Tolae and Crosscut all looked at each other before standing up, while Myra simply did so without even a sigh as she walked out of the Transport first, earning a concerned look from Kat as she and the others followed.

As the group left the confines of the ship whilst surrounded by Autobot-Terracons, everyone other than the Rogue Spectre noticed that there was a lot of activity going on around the hanger. It looked like something big was about to happen as the place was frantic, but before the Eudora crew could see any more, the soldiers hurried them out of the Hanger and into the connecting corridor.

"Come on, no sight-seeing for you. It's straight to the Brig for you lot..." one of the Terracons began to say, before being cut off by another voice.

"Not today, I think."

This made everyone there turn to see a Hispanic Man wearing silver and white armour joining them, with a Turian and a Drell on either side of him.

"Commander Vraz, I did not know that you were here." the lead Terracon then said, before the new guy stepped closer to him.

"Yes, well there have been a lot of changes in the last twenty-four hours. Now I want you to head back to the barracks with your men and pack your things, do it now." the Commander replied, making all the Terracons in the group salute him in return.

"But what about our prisoners?" the leader then said as a confused expression appeared on his face, earning a knowing look from Vraz.

"I will deal with them, now go."

The lead Terracon then nodded back before the team then walked away, heading further down the corridor as the Commander turned his attention to the Eudora crew.

"Please remove their handcuffs." he said to his Turian comrade, gaining a confused look from him as he looked at both the Bot and Drell-female.

"But Sir, they are renegades to our cause…aren't they?"

"I will take full responsibilities for their actions on this base, now do as I say." he replied with a stern tone, which made the Drell look back with a knowing stare.

"You do know Commander Vraz does not like to repeat himself." she said, gaining Myra and her friend's attention.

"Yikrah, what's going here?" Evac asked with a confused look, one shared by everyone except Myra, who just stayed quiet.

"Miss Krios and I were delivered a message from Commander Ser-Ket prior to her leaving on what she thought was a rescue mission, but turned out to be just a lure to get her out in the open." he replied with a regretful expression, looking over to Myra who was still looking down to the ground. Yikrah noticed this too, and so continued where Vraz had started.

"We were instructed by Ser-Ket to help you, for it seems that she knew that her only Niece would eventually find Vasir." she added, which made the Rogue Spectre look up at them both with a surprised expression.

"What?" she asked, which made the pair smile back as the Bot gestured for the group to follow him.

"I do not know the full details, I will let Miss Krios fill you. But please follow me, so we can take this discussion elsewhere." he said, which made the Eudora's crew look to the Drell as they followed.

"Myra, I told you earlier that I was unable to help you openly. It was also true for Ser-Ket, so instead she did what she could 'under the table' as the saying goes. The Commander managed to keep an eye on your movements and when she could, turned any nearby Autobots away before they could detect you…" she began to explain, gaining Myra and her friends complete attention as they listened.

"…for your Aunt knew that you were the best chance we had of finding Vasir and putting an end to her schemes."

This earned a regretful look from Myra as she looked at the ground again, which made Kat and Yikrah look at her with a shared worried expression.

"What's wrong?" the Human Woman asked, beating the Drell to the question.

"Where is my Aunt, I want to see her." the Asari asked, earning a nod from Vraz in return as he walked slightly ahead of the group.

"Your Aunt is here of course, in our Medical-Bay. Yikrah will take you there now, and in the meantime I can show your friends to their accommodation…for the short time we will be here."

"Short-time?" Crosscut asked with a puzzled look, gaining a more curious look from Tolae in return.

"Yeah, what is with everyone around here. They seem to be gearing up for something?" she asked, gaining the Commander's attention.

"That is because, as of nine hundred hours this morning, there will no longer be an Autobot presence on Unity Station." he replied, which made Myra and her friends look back in surprise.

"Wait, what?" Evac said, before anyone else had the chance.

"This decision was inevitable, for the Federation has been slowly growing tired of the Autobots or more directly, the Cybertronian and Human over the last couple of centuries. And with the way the galaxy is beginning to tear itself apart over the past few months, the Senate is more willing to blame the Autobots rather than believe that Vasir and her Leviathan are real and are behind it." Vraz replied, gaining a nod from Yikrah in return.

"That is true, but Ser-Ket does not believe that Vasir is the main reason behind the Federation's troubles…" she started to say, only for Myra to cut her off as a thoughtful expression appeared on her face.

"Well Vasir is certainly a big part of it, I heard a lot during her meeting with her lieutenants back at that Leviathan base. She has been playing everyone, and even has supporters in the Senate."

"Well, we will debrief you on that tomorrow since we still have just over twenty-four hours to turn over Unity's security to the new 'Unity Defence Force' that the Senate has put together on the quiet. So if you will follow Yikrah, she will take you to your Aunt now and I will show your friends to their rooms." the Commander replied, gaining a nod from Myra before Kat caught her attention.

"If it is alright, I would like to come along…if you would want?" she asked, earning a slight smile from the Asari.

"Okay, sure." she said before the pair then followed Krios as they walked away from the rest of the group, who turned their attention to Vraz.

"Now then, if you will follow us." he said while gesturing to himself and his Turian comrade.


It did not take long for Yikrah to lead both Myra and Kat to the Medical-Bay, where they were greeted by one of the Medics.

"Agent Krios, how may I help you?" the red and white armoured Femme asked, gaining a nod from the Drell in return.

"Doctor Minerva, I have with me Myra Darby and Kat…" she started to say before looking over at the brown-haired Woman.

"…Mason." she said back, gaining an appreciative smile from Yikrah before she turned her attention back to the Medic.

"…and Kat Mason, they are here to see Commander Ser-Ket."

"You're the Commander's Niece, but I am afraid that your Aunt...the Commander is undergoing surgery and will not be able to have visitors, at least until tomorrow." Minerva replied, gaining an understanding look from Myra.

"Oh, okay. But Ser-Ket is going to be alright, isn't she?" the Rogue Spectre replied with an anxious tone, which gained a smile from the Medic in return.

"Commander Ser-Ket has responded well to the first two surgeries, and we expect that the same can be said with this third one. Please do not burden yourself with worry, for the Commander is in the best of hands."

"Very well, thank you for helping my Aunt." the Asari replied before turning back to both Kat and Yikrah.

"Okay, better show us to our rooms. I can't see my Aunt until tomorrow."

" Alright, let's go. Your rooms are not far from either the CIC or this Medical-bay." the Drell-female said, gesturing to the two Women to follow her out.

Like Yikrah had said back at the Medical-bay, it did not take long for her to lead both Myra and Kat to their rooms, which were next door to each other.

"Alright, I wish you both a good night's rest and will return in the morning." the Drell said, gaining a nod from both the Rogue Spectre and her Human friend.

"Good night." the former replied before the young Krios turned around and walked away, leaving both Woman alone in the corridor. Myra immediately turned around and went to open her door, only for Kat to step towards her.

"If it is alright with you Myra, I would like to talk with you before retiring to my room." she said, gaining a knowing look from the Asari.

"Okay, come on in then." she replied with a nod as she opened the door and entered the room, with Kat following behind her.

The room itself was quite basic looking, with a large window showing a view of the city that surrounded it as well ships that passed by, whilst the sea of stars provided the backdrop. There was a double-bed, a wardrobe and a table with two chairs. It was a standard set-up for military accommodation, earning a sigh from the Rogue Spectre.

'Not exactly the Ritz as the Human saying goes, but it will do.' she thought before walking over to the window, which made Kat follow and stand beside her.

"I know what you want to say..." the young Darby then said whilst looking out of the glass canopy before her, earning a concerned expression from her friend in return.

"Alright, but I feel I have to ask it anyway. So why did you lie to me and leave us behind when you went for Vasir, die you not trust us to help?" she asked, which brought a thoughtful look to Myra's face in return.

"It had nothing to do with trust, since I trust you all with my life..."

"Then what is it? I want to help you Myra, but I can't if you won't help me understand." Kat replied with an almost pleading-like tone, which made the Asari turn and face her.

"You know after all these centuries that I have spent trying to hunt down Vasir, wanting to make her pay for what she did to my family. I always believed that when the time came, that I would do it alone...and that it would not matter if i survived it or not..." she began to say, while her human friend listened.

"...but then I met Crosscut, Evac...and you, and after having spent so much time on my own, I slowly re-learnt what it was to be a part of a team and to have friends."

"Myra, I..." Kat then started to say, only for the Rogue Spectre to cut her off.

"Please, let me finish." she said back, earning a nod from Kat in return as she looked back with an understanding expression. So Myra turned back to the window, noticing another transport which flew past.

"…But when the chance to finally corner Vasir and end her life came, my instincts took over and left you all behind. Because I did not want any of you to come to harm...especially you." she then said, gaining a wide-eyed look of surprise from Kat.

"Why?" she asked in return, waiting for her friend's answer with a now curious expression.

"Because over the time that we have been friends, I have found myself opening up to you in a way that would not have happened with the others, telling you about my life...even the moments that I would rather bury deep inside myself..." the Asari carried on say, while the Human Woman simply listened as a knowing look appeared on her face.

"...and not share."

"But Myra, there were times when I had to push so that you would open up to me." Kat replied as she looked at the Rogue Spectre.

"Yes, but if it had been anyone else, then I would not have budged. But I value your opinion, and you have really helped me over the time we have known each other." she said back with a smile, gaining a similar look from her friend.

"It really means a lot to hear you say that Myra..." she started to say before a more concerned look appeared on her face.

"...So I have to ask, why have you been so quiet since the Leviathan Base? I hope it wasn't because we lost Vasir, because..." she added with a hint of regret in her voice, only for the Asari to put her hand on Kat's right upper arm in return.

"Kat, it was nothing to do with that. It was..." she started to say as a pensive look came over face.

" was because I was confused." she said, while not noticing that her hand was still on Kat's arm, though it had not passed the Human Woman's attention as they stood next to the window.

"What were you confused about?" she asked with a curious tone, while feeling the warmth of Myra's hand on her bare arm.

"When I had Vasir in my grasp and you were being held by Morinth..." she began to say, which earned a slight look of shame from Kat at being reminded of that moment.

"...up until that point, there would have been nothing to stop me from killing her...nothing. But..." the Asari added, which made her friend look back at her with another curious stare.


"But when Morinth threatened to kill you Kat, I that my resolve had wavered. It was something I had not experienced in such a long time, all I knew is that if I did not do as that Murderer wanted, then she would have killed you...and I could not bear that." the Rogue Spectre said as her eyes met Kat's, while the Human woman placed her left hand on her right arm, over her friend's hand which was still there.

"I know exactly what you mean..." she began to say back, while slowly guiding the Asari's hand down into her right hand, gaining her attention as she looked down at both hands.

"...For I felt the same when I found out that you had left without us, and I was overcome with worry that you might be killed if you faced Vasir and her people on your own..." Kat replied while taking a step closer to the Asari, who simply looked down at their holding hands, before instinctively taking a step towards her friend as a caring expression appeared on her face.

"...because I have come to care about you Myra, more than I have ever felt for anyone in my life." Kat continued as she lifted her left hand and touched the Asari's cheek, which made Myra close her eyes as she felt the Human's hand on her skin.

"...I...feel the same way about you too..." she began to reply as Kat stood directly in front of the Asari, gently stroking her cheek with her hand.

"...and yet...I don't know what I should do now." she added with a tinge of confusion to her voice, before her friend then stopped and took Myra's right hand in her left, meaning that the pair were now holding each others hands as they stood in next to the window.

"I can't claim to be an expert, but perhaps all we should do..." Kat then started to say as she slowly leaned in towards Myra, who found herself doing the same.

" this." the Human Woman finished, as the pair's lips came within a few millimetres of touching. In fact they were so close, they could feel each others breath on their skin. And despite just a few seconds passing by, which felt like an eternity between the two Women, they just stayed like that as though they were both afraid of what they wanted to do next. But then Kat took the initiative and closed the gap, virtually sealing the kiss. Then suddenly Myra's eyes widened and she pulled pack quickly, with a worried and regretful expression on her face.

"I can't do this." she said in a shocked manner, which made Kat stare back with an embarrassed and sorry look.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have tried too..." the Human Woman began to reply, while the Rogue Spectre turned back to the window and placed her right hand on it as she leant forward, looking out past the buildings at the star-field behind them.

"No, it's not your fault Kat. I should never have..." she began to say, gaining a puzzled look from her friend as she started to close the distance between them again.

"Shouldn't have what, Myra?" she asked, which made the Asari look back as a single tear ran down her right cheek.

"...I should never have forgotten the promise." she replied with a cryptic tone, making Kat's expression become even more confused.

"Myra, what promise..." she started to ask, which made the young Darby turn away and increase the distance from her. This earned a hurt expression from the Human Woman as she tried to get closer.

"...please don't shut me out, not now. Not after what we...both nearly.."

"I don't want to shut you out Kat. That's the last thing I want to do, but it's not something I can talk about...I'm sorry." Myra replied as she looked back at her friend, noticing the confused and hurt look in her eyes.

"...but I can show you, if you will let me."

This made Kat stop and stare back in a confused way, as she tried to male sense of the Asari's words in her mind.

"What do you mean?"

"I can join our minds and let you see my memories, I can let you witness what it is that I am incapable of speaking of...if you trust me?" Myra asked, which earned a smile from the Human.

"I trust you." she said back, gaining a slight smile from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"As I do you."

"So what do I do?" Kat asked, earning a gesture from the Asari to step closer.

"Come here."

So her friend did just that, walking right up to Myra whilst never taking her eyes off her.

"When I join our minds, it will not simply be a one way conduit. So even though you will see my memories and feel my emotions, I will be able to do the same with yours." she explained, gaining a slight nod from Kat in return as the more confident Woman the Asari had known showed up again.

"There is nothing I have that I do not want to share with you, so let's do this." she said, making Myra's smile widen a little more.

"Alright, then close your eyes and relax." she said in a soft and soothing tone, which made her friend do just that as the Rogue Spectre did the same and leaned her forehead closer. And for a moment, the Asari focused her mind on joining her friends as their breathing slowed and became fluid. And then suddenly Myra opened her eyes, revealing them to be as black as the void beyond the glass of the window nearby.

"Embrace eternity." she then said, as everything around the pair faded away.


Kat opened her eyes to find herself standing in a large hall that had an oval like shape to it, with smooth silver walls that sloped up to a light in the center of the ceiling, which had a spherical shape to it.

'This looks Asari in design.' she thought before her attention was caught by the voice of another Woman speaking, making her turn around to see two Asari standing together near a large door.

"You look beautiful Myra, absolutely beautiful." said the older Woman who was wearing a long dark-blue dress that touched the floor and hid her feet, while it ended in a polo neck and had two white lines that ran down the center of the length of the dress which hugged her athletic figure.

"Thanks Mum, you look radiant in your dress too." the younger blue Woman replied, who was wearing a simple yet elegant white Wedding-dress, earning a wide-eyed look from Kat as she recognised her.

'That's Myra, she looks beautiful.' she thought, before turning her attention to her Mother.

And that must be her Mother, Liara T'Soni.'

The Human Woman watched the pair from just behind them, completely unnoticed as Liara shook her head slightly while staring with a proud smile at her Daughter.

"Your very kind Myra, but this is your day to shine."

"I know, but still…I wish Dad could have been here to see it." Myra replied with a slight look of regret, earning a sympathetic expression from her Mother who placed a hand on her Daughter's arm in support.

"As do I, for I know he would have been so proud to walk you down the isle to your Husband in waiting, and he would have more than just approved of John."

"Yes, they are both very similar Men aren't they, with a lot of the same interests and traits." the younger Asari replied with a smile, gaining a caring look from Liara.

"Yes, and the interest that was most important to them was you. All your Father and I ever wanted was for you to meet someone who loved and cared about you, and I know he would have been proud to have John as his Son-in-law." she said, which made Myra smile back.

"I know. Okay, time to get this show rolling." the younger Asari said with a happy sigh, earning a nod from her Mother in return.

"Alright, I will go in and let them know you are ready…" she said before walking to the large door, only to turn back and look at her Daughter with a curious smile.

"You are ready?"

"Yes, I mean I would rather face down an army of Mercs than walk down the isle on my own…but I am ready." Myra replied, which made Liara beam with a proud smile as she slowly opened the door a bit.

"Good luck Myra." she then said before walking out of the room and closing the door behind her, leaving Myra on her own as she stood there and held the bucay of blue and white flowers in her hands.

"Okay…" she began to say to herself as the Wedding music started in the next room, which made her take a deep breath.

"...and here goes." she then added as unbeknownst to her, Kat stepped beside the Asari as the large double doors began to open.

'I know this doesn't mean much, as this is only a memory and you can't see me Myra, but I am here for you.' the Human thought before her attention was caught by the sight before her and the Asari, as the doors opened and revealed the much larger hall where the wedding was being held. It had a massive rectangular shape to it with a red carpet running down to the altar at it's far end, which separated the several rows of benches where at least a hundred guests had been sitting, as they suddenly stood up and looked back at the blushing Bride as she started to walk down the aisle towards the altar, where an Asari Matriarch stood with three Bridesmaids on her right while John Shepard and his best Man stood on her left.

The group was standing below the most magnificent looking stained glass window that Kat had ever seen while she continued to walk beside an unknowing Myra, who could not help but smile as she saw her fiancée looking back at her with an infectious and loving smile, gaining a mirrored look from her as she arrived at the end of the aisle while her Mother looked on proudly from the front left row. The Matriarch then gestured for the couple to stand before, which made the pair nod back as they did so, turning to face each other as Kat stopped beside the front row bench and watched from there.

"Wow...I am lost for words." Shepard whispered to Myra as he looked her up and down, making the Asari blush a little as she smiled back coyly.

"You don't look half bad yourself Mr Shepard." she whispered back, while the Matriarch looked past them at the audience.

"Please be seated." she said aloud, gaining a unified response from the guests as they all sat back down on the benches, focusing their attention on the couple standing at the altar.

"We are gathered here today, on this most beautiful afternoon to bear witness to the joining of this Man...John Shepard, and this Woman...Myra Darby as they become true bond-mates and begin their union..." the Matriarch began as the Wedding continued with Kat watching from the audience, and she could not help but notice how different the Rogue Spectre was compared to how she had come to know her.How happy she was on this day, as It was like watching somebody completely different. But just as the Human Woman found herself being whisked up in the romantic and peaceful ceremony, almost forgetting that it was simply a memory. Kat suddenly felt a sickening feeling begin to appear in her stomach, as she remembered what was about to happen or what had already happened.

'Oh no..." she thought as the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, when suddenly an explosion was heard outside of the church and felt as it's aftershock made the building and contents shake a little, which cut Myra off as she began her vowels.

" Myra Darby take..." she had started to say before looking around with a confused expression, one that was mirrored by John and everyone else in the room.

"...What was that?" the young Darby asked, making her Fiancée shake his head in return as Kat watched with a sad and regretful expression.

"...I don't know." he answered while the Matriarch tried to settle the guests in the audience, as they had began to worry and panic.

"Please, if I can have your..." she started to say before suddenly the roof of the church exploded, showering everyone with debris as a large piece hit the older Asari and killed her. John instinctively grabbed his Bride's hand and tried to help get her out, while Liara tried to calmly get the guests nearest to her out of the building.

"Myra, we have to get out of here." he said in a panicked but alert tone, while everyone else ran about in a frenzy as the rest of the roof collapsed and fell upon the masses inside. Kat though just stood there, completely unfazed by the destruction and panic that was playing out before her as she kept her focus on Myra and John Shepard. But just as he and the Asari had made it to the doorway on the west side, the Human Man suddenly looked up and noticed a massive piece of the roof begin to fall upon him and his Bride. So he instinctively pushed Myra out of harms way, only a split second before the debris hit him in return.

'My god!' Kat thought as she watched her friend bang her head on one of benches that had been split in two while she fell forward onto the debris covered floor. Meanwhile candles that had been lit in different areas of the massive hall had been knocked over by the collapsing roof, setting fire to the flower arrangements and furniture nearby. Kat then heard someone struggling and turned around to see that Liara too was trapped in the room, with her pegs pinned beneath some debris.

But as the Human observer found her attention split between Myra, Liara and Shepard, the sounds of footsteps from the other side of the half-collapsed hall caught her attention. So she looked around to see four heavily armoured people enter through the broken double-doors and immediately begin gunning down the remaining guests who had not gotten themselves out.

'What the hell?' Kat thought as she watched the new arrivals mercilessly blow away the innocent people, some of which were asking for their help. Myra's friend could not make out their identities due them wearing helmets with blacked out visors, but they were obviously men due to their builds. Then just as the last guest was shot in the face, his blood spewing out and staining the broken bench behind him, and individual then walked in and looked around the room. And immediately this one really caught Kat's attention as it was obviously a female due to her more athletic figure, despite the heavy armour she was wearing. But she too was wearing a helmet, but the Human observer could still guess who it was as the new-comer noticed Liara lying on the floor just ahead of her.

'...Vasir!' Kat thought as the armoured Woman walked past her and towards the older Asari, while removing her helmet and revealing herself.

"Vasir!" Liara said with a poisonous tone as she looked up at the former Spectre, who merely stared back with disdain as she un-holstered her pistol.

"I have waited a long time for this moment, for the right opportunity to exact my revenge for what you did to your Mother and our plans."

"You killed all these innocent people, my friends and family. Destroyed what was meant to be my Daughter's perfect day, just to get to me?" the older Asari replied with a sickened tone, earning a nod and slight smile from the Leviathan Leader as she aimed the gun at her adversary's head.

"why not, after you destroyed everything that was important to me, including the Woman who brought you into this world, who raised you and who gave me a purpose." she spat back while Kat watched from just aways from the pair.

"I do this for 'her' and before I kill you, you should know that I have rebuilt it all, everything that you and that thankfully long dead Prime had unravelled and left in ruin. It has all been restored and will help me achieve what your Mother wanted from the beginning,...the destruction of the Autobots and the Galaxy back in the control of those more deserving." Vasir added, making Liara shake her head as she looked up at the other Asari.

"It does not matter what you have planned, because you will fail. The Autobots will defeat you, and my Daughter will be at the tip of their spear." she said back in a confident tone, for the older Darby had seen her Daughter and future Son in law heading to safety moments earlier. But Vasir just sighed before looking down the gun sights of her pistol at Liara, her eyes narrowing as she began to tighten her grip around it's trigger.

"No, she won't." was all she said back, as she pulled the trigger and killed the trapped Asari with a shot to the head.

"That was for Benezia, you traitorous pure-blooded bitch." the Leviathan Leader replied as she watched Liara fall back on to the floor, with smoke floating up out of the gunshot between her eyes.

Mom!" a familiar voice then screamed, making both Vasir and Kat turn to see Myra staring back with wide-eyed look of horror on her face.

"So, your still with us are you." the Asari replied, earning a confused look from the Spectre as she tried to shake off the concussion while looking up at the Leviathan Leader who walked over to her.

"..Vasir!" the younger Asari said in an angered and yet pained tone as she then recognised her, earning a smirk back from her Mother's killer.

"I promised your Mother that this day would come and now all that is left, is for you to join her." she said before aiming her pistol at Myra's head, while the injured Spectre simply kept her eyes on Vasir as she stared back with a hateful glare. But just as she was about to pull the trigger, sirens began to blare in the distance. This made Vasir turn and look in their direction, earning a sigh from her before re-holstering her pistol as Kat looked back at where the sound had come from.

"It's your lucky day kid." the Leviathan Leader said in a cold tone before turning her back on Myra and walking away, earning the Human observer's attention as she watched the Asari go, before hearing the sound of debris being moved. So Kat then turned back round to see the bride using he biotics to lift the heavy debris off her legs, surrounding it in a blue energy field before slowly lifting it up in the air and dropping it onto the ground beside her.

'I am so sorry Myra.' the Human Woman thought as she watched Myra getting back on to her feet, before instantly stopping as a familiar voice spoke out from behind her.


Both Women's eyes widened as they turned around and saw the young Asari's Fiancée, who was pinned under a massive piece of concrete from the stomach down.

"John!" the Bride cried out as she rush over to his side, earning a pained but relieved look from the Human Man while a little blood trickled from his mouth.

"Myra, thank god…you're…alright. I…feared the worst." Shepard replied with a slight smile as he lifted his hand to her face, gently stroking her cheek with his fingers.

"I'm alright and so will you, help is coming." she said while taking his hand in her own as they both heard the sirens in the distance, but this made her Partner shake his head in return.

"…No…I won't, because…they won't…get…here in time." he said back with a grimace, which made the Asari's eyes widen as a more worried look appeared on her face.

"What do you mean?

"I can't…feel my legs, but…yet…the rest…of…me is…in…tremendous…pain." he said while fighting through the agony that was pulsing through his being, which made Myra shed a tear as her eyes began to well up.

"We both…know that the…Emergency-Services…aren't going to…make it…here in time…" he continued, which only made the young Darby shake her head.

"No, I can get this off you." she said back with a defiant tone, before her hands glowed with biotic energy and she focused it around the debris that John was pinned under. As this was happening, Kat was standing behind the pair and watched in silence with a distraught expression at what she saw.

But just as the Spectre began to lift the large object as it glowed with blue energy, Shepard suddenly cried out in agonising pain, which instantly made her stop and look back in horror.

"My Goddess, I am so sorry." she apologised in a frantic tone while kneeling beside him, earning a painful but forgiving look from the injured Man.

"We…have to…face…facts, I am…dying and nothing…is going…to change it." he replied, which brought tears to the Asari's face.

"No, no, I can't lose you." she pleaded back at him, which brought a sad smile to his face.

"You…haven't, I will always….love you…Myra…" he began to say before the pain became too much for him, making his eyes roll back as he grimaced rather violently. Myra could only hold his hand in hers, hoping that her touch could keep him anchored to her.

"John, John!" she cried out, regaining his attention as the pain lessened a little.

"I can't…die…like this, I don't…want you…to see…me…like this." Shepard replied, which began to confuse the young Darby as she looked down at him.

"What…do you mean?"

"You…can help…me to…go quickly." he said back, his expression was becoming more painful as his eyes became bloodshot. This made the Asari feel even worse as she shook her head, tightening her grip on his hand, like she would not let him go.

"Don't ask me to do that John, I can't lose you. Not now, not after my Mother." she replied as she started to cry, with more tears beginning to run down her face.

"I…am…sorry, I am…so…sorry Myra. But…I need…you to be….strong…for…me, like…I know…you can be." he said back, all the while trying to look supportive and sympathetic which was really difficult with the growing pain that he was suffering.

" this...for me." he added, which made the young female-Spectre look away and up at the collapsed ceiling with a distraught and lost expression, as though she had no idea what she was meant to do. But even as she did this while unknowingly being watched by Kat behind her, the painful grunts and groans from John brought her eyes back down to her lover as she saw how much he was suffering. So the Asari nodded slowly in return as she leaned closer to him, earning a shocked look from the Human observer behind the pair.

"...Alright, I this..." Myra began to say, gaining a painful nod from her Husband-to-be.

" love." he said while gritting his teeth in pain while looking into her eyes, that started to look more focused and angry.

"But...I swear to you, I will avenge both you and my Mother, Vasir will pay." she replied.

", but..." he started to say with a knowing tone, before a concerned and pained look appeared on his face.

" you...will live," he said with an almost pleading-like tone, which made the Asari stare back at him for a second longer than it should have taken to answer.

"...I promise." she then said in a shaky-tone, earning a nod and smile from her Shepard as blood trickled from his mouth once more.

"" he replied, making her lip quiver as she looked into his eyes.

"...I love you, my John." she said back, earning a sigh from the Human-Male as a content expression appeared on his pain face.

"" he stated, making the Asari nod back slowly before leaning down and a planting a single kiss on his forehead. Which made him close his eyes, trying to enjoy her touch one last time despite the pain he was feeling in his dying body.

But then Myra placed both her hands on either side of his head, covering his ears as she looked down at him with her eyes welling up once more. The Spectre did not want to do this, but she could not deny the Man she loved. And so she focused her biotics into her hands, making them light up with the energy, which looked like blue fire. John meanwhile simply stared back with as content a smile as he could muster with all his strength, trying to fight past the pain as the blue fire-like energy then passed over his body, enveloping it while Kat could not help but watch from behind them.

"Good...bye." John then said, with a finality that made Myra's tears flow freely as she began to bawl.

"...Goodbye my love." she replied before closing her eyes and focusing her biotics, which then surged into the Human-Male's body and overloaded his nervous system in a split second. This made Shepard's body jolt once in her grip before exhaling one last time, with his eyes glazing over as the light left his eyes and his touch became cold. This made Myra collapse over his now dead body and cry loudly as her tears continued to flow freely, for the Man this Asari loved was no more and she was now truly alone.


And then suddenly, everything went quiet in the destroyed church as Kat looked down at Myra as she quietly sobbed over her dead Fiancée.

'I….I don't know what to say.' she thought before the Asari then surprised the Human Woman by getting back to her feet, earning a slight gasp in return.

"So now you know." she said back while keeping her back to her friend, slowly wiping the tears from her face as she regained her composure.

"I am so sorry Myra, I had no idea how…" Kat began to say back, only for the Rogue Spectre to cut her off as she turned round and faced her, a guilt-ridden expression appearing on her face as she did so.

"That not only did I lose my Mother to Vasir, but I also had to kill the Man I loved instead of trying to save him." she replied, which made her Human Friend take a step towards her. But this only made the Asari step further back as their surroundings slowly began to fade away as darkness fell around the pair.

"Myra, you did want he wanted you to do because you loved him. Because he didn't want you to see him die in agony, it isn't your fault." Kat said back as she took another step toward her friend, but the young Darby would not have it.

"But it is, because less than a minute later the Emergency Services appeared. If I had held back and waited, they could have saved him." she said as her eyes began to well up again, while the Human Woman joined her side.

"Would you really have wanted Shepard to go through all that pain, listening to him begging you to end his suffering. Could you? And would the Medics have even been able to save him…really?" She asked with a slight forcefulness in the tone of her voice, which then made the Asari shake her head.

"…No, no it would not. For that debris had crushed John's body, that is what the Medics told me afterwards…" she began to explain, while Kat listened intently with a sympathetic expression as they were now standing in complete darkness.

"…they said that his body had gone through such an intense shock, that his nervous system was overloading and slowly burning itself out, so he was going to die an extremely painful death." she continued, earning a slow nod from her friend as a knowing look appeared on her face.

"And so the Medics agreed that you did him a mercy, not blaming you for his death." she replied, which made Myra nod back as she looked at her friend.

"Yes, you can see it too, can't you?"

"I can see your memory of it, yes. It's to do with our joined minds isn't it?" Kat answered, earning another nod from the Asari in return.

"Yes, you can experience my memories and feelings while we are bonded in this limbo between our minds." she replied while gesturing to the darkness that surrounded them, before noticing the confused look on her Human friend's face.

"I am slowly getting the hang of this, but what I still don't get is why you think it is all your fault?" Kat then asked, surprising Myra as she stared back wide-eyed.

"It's…it's because I betrayed him!" she then spat back, this time surprising Kat with her outburst.

"It's because I could not let it go." she added, which then brought a look of understanding from her friend.

"Because you promised John that you would not let revenge rule your life." she answered, gaining a nod from Myra as the tears began to flow again.

"Yes, I swore to John that I would not waste my life in pursuing Vasir. But after he and my Mother were killed, I just could not let it go." the Asari replied with a guilty and regretful tone, which only saddened Kat more as she stood beside her and nodded as her understanding expression became more focused.

"I understand, I might have done the same thing if I had experienced what you have been through. But you can't keep burdening yourself with this, because I highly doubt that John or your Parents would hold this against you…" she started to say, which made the Rogue Spectre look over to her with a curious expression as she listened.

"…because I certainly don't." the Human Woman added as she tried to place her hand on the Asari's shoulder, only for Myra to pull away.

"I'm sorry, but I can't accept that." she replied, earning a knowing-like nod from Kat in return, as she realised why her blue-friend had been shying away from her.

"That's why you pushed me away earlier, isn't it…" she began to reply, which made the young Darby look back hesitantly.

"…because your punishing yourself for a mistake, one that no one would hold against you…but you." the Human added as she took a step toward the Asari, who shook her head in response.

"Yes, because since the two of us…" Myra began to explain, while gesturing between her and Kat.

"…became friends, I have found myself becoming more and more attracted to you and my feelings for you have grown." she added, which made her Human friend reach out with a slightly hopeful smile.

"As have mine with you. I want you Myra, to be there for you and care for you…to take comfort with you." she started to say in a gentle and caring tone, but Myra stepped back again and looked back with her eyes welling up as she held her hands up at her Friend to stop her coming closer.

"I want that too, but I can't accept it. Because I don't deserve to be happy. All I have left is my hate, and It is something that I don't want to burden anyone else with. I am sorry, but it has to be this way." she replied with a regretful tone, only for my Kat to shake her head and reach out for the Asari's hand.

"No, you're not pushing me away again." she said with hint of defiance in her voice as she grabbed Myra's hand, which suddenly made the Rogue Spectre's eyes widen as a very surprised look came over her face.

"What?" she replied with a confused tone, one that surprised Kat in return as the Asari looked at their holding hands.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" the Human Woman answered as she instinctively let go of the other's hand, hoping that she had not offended her friend. But Myra turned her attention from her hand to a worried Kat, staring at the latter with a wide-eyed expression.

"I have not felt that in a long time." was all the Asari could say, which only confused Kat once more.

"I don't understand." she said back, gaining a thoughtful look from the older of the two Women.

"When you touched my hand Kat, I felt something. Something that I have not felt in such a long time, something that is impossible." Myra replied before taking a step toward Kat, her face becoming serious as she walked up to her friend.

"Can I see your memories?"

"Myra, our minds are joined remember. My life is an open-book for you, and you're more than free to view it." the Human Woman said back with a caring smile, which made the Asari smile back as she held her hand out to her friend.

"Then place your hand in mine again, and relax."

Kat could not take her eyes of Myra as she did just that, placing her hand in the Rogue Spectre's open one. Then as their hands joined, the young Darby once again felt that familiar presence as she looked into her Human Friend's eyes, letting the latter's memories flow over her as she searched for where that presence was coming from.

After witnessing Kat's life rewinding before her very eyes, witnessing the day they first met, to the Human Woman's days as an Autobot Soldier. The journey suddenly slowed to a point in her friend's childhood, as a nine year old Kat sat beside her Grandmother on an old but very comfortable couch. The little girl's attention was on a large blue book that was lying on her Elder's lap, and she then opened it to reveal that it was a photo album. Myra simply looked over the pair's shoulders as they viewed the photos on every page, with the Grandmother telling Kat stories about each one of them, until they came to one page near it's end.

A page that had several very old photos in it's plastic sleeves, but there was only photo that caught Myra's attention as it showed a Man that the Asari recognised immediately. For it was a Man that she had given her heart too, and could never forget as she listened to Kat's Grandmother as she spoke to the younger version of her close friend.

"Now Katrina, the Man in this picture was very brave and courageous. He was the only member of our long running family to be made an Autobot Spectre, he was a hero before he was wrongfully robbed from the world in a building collapse." she said, earning a curious look from her Grandchild.

"Who is he Grandma?" the young Kat asked.

"His name is…John Shepard, and he is your great-great-great-Grandfather."

Myra's eyes widened even more as that revelation snapped her out of Kat's memories, finding herself staring at her friend who had the same expression on her face as they stood their holding hands.

"You…saw?" the Asari asked, gaining a surprised nod from her friend.

"Yes….I'm.." Kat started to say, only for the Rogue Spectre to cut her off in mid-sentence.

"…You're…a Shepard, you're John's last living descendent."

And then the pair just stood there and stared at each other for what felt like a very long moment, not even letting go of the other's hands as they stood in the darkness.

But then as they both took a breath, looking deeply into each others eyes. The two Women suddenly let go of their hands and instead took a hold of other by the arms, before pulling each other into a passionate kiss. Their lips met and in that instant, the pair felt as if electricity was passing between them through the kiss. And so they remained locked in that moment for several seconds before finally pulling back just long enough to take a breath, looking into each others eyes as they both smiled before locking their lips together again for another passionate kiss.

As the two Women did this, Myra moved her hands up Kat's back and up into her chocolate-brown hair. This earned a moan from the Human, which allowed the Asari to slip her tongue into the other's mouth. And there their tongues danced with each other in Kat's mouth, as the Human Woman moved her hands up her blue friend's back and then dug her nails in slightly, which made the Rogue Spectre grimace just slightly and pull back her tongue. And Kat then followed through by pushing her tongue into Myra's mouth, exploring it's insides as it moved in motion with it's blue counterpart.

For another long moment, the two lovers did this. Before Myra pulled away and turned her attention to Kat's neck, leaving a trail of kisses from the Human's collar bone to the top of her neck, which earned a deep and contented breath from Kat as she looked up into the darkness that surrounded them. And as the Asari then turned her attention to her lover's ear, gently nibbling it and making Kat moan in delight. The Human then noticed several small shining lights appear in the darkness overhead, looking somewhat like stars as they started to fall down toward the pair.

And as the young Darby then stopped with her lover's ear, running her tongue from that spot all the way back to Kat's mouth and initiating another long and passionate kiss between them. The black sky overhead filled up with even more tiny star-like lights which then fell like a shower upon the two Women, who simply focused on each other as their continued their kiss. But then that quickly changed as both the Asari's and her Human lover's clothes were touched by a few drops of the light-rain, which then made them slowly glow and burn away, revealing the Women's naked bodies to each other as they continued to embrace each other, holding themselves so close that their breasts touched whilst their kissed.

And as the light rained around them, Myra then knelt-down and laid a trail of kisses down Kat's naked body, stopping at her breasts and running her tongue around their nipples which made the Human Woman moan gently and gasp as she felt the wet and soft touch of the Asari's tongue go over them. Kat in return ran her fingers gently over the young Darby's head, feeling the indents of her tentacle-like head crests that covered the ran from her forehead, all the way over to the back where they curled up slightly into tips.

When the Human's fingers reached those tips, she gently played with them and instantly stopped Myra as she had reached Kat's navel with her kisses, earning a purr like sound from the Asari as she enjoyed the touch from her lover. This made Kat smile as she ignored the light-rain falling down around them, instead focusing on Myra who looked like she was in heaven due to her Human friend's touch.

But then Myra managed to refocus and then ran her tongue around the Human Woman's navel before continuing to lay kisses until she reached the edge of Kat's sex, which made the Asari look up at Kat and smile, gaining a similar look from her lover in return. The young Darby then leaned in close to the wet sex, feeling the heat radiating from it which made her lick her lips in anticipation. This made Kat almost bite her lip in response as she too waited, but then suddenly Myra pressed her lips against the wet sex. This earned an instant moan from Kat, whose voice echoed into the limbo that surrounded them, and her voice escalated with every suck and lick that the Asari performed to her soon to be soaked sex.

This went on for a good while, with the Human Woman holding the Rogue Spectre's head in place as she continued to go down on her. But then as Kat's eyes rolled back and she thrust her head back and looked into the rain of light that was still falling around them, she could take no more and pulled the Asari to her feet before pressing her lips against hers in another passionate kiss. The two wrapped their arms around each other as they embraced, kissing with such intensity that their feet literally left the floor. With the pair suddenly floating in mid-air as the light drops slowed to a stop and hovered around them. But if the two lovers had noticed this, then they did not care as they continued to focus on each other. Not even taking notice as a bright white light appeared in the distance and began to close in, swallowing up the black limbo as Myra and Kat made love. And as their joint moans and cries of pleasure blotted out the silence of their surroundings, the light then enveloped them completely.

Suddenly both Women opened their eyes to find themselves still standing in front of each other in the Asari's room, holding hands just as they were when the meld had began.

"…Wow, that was..." Kat said with a pant as she noticed that Myra was almost shaking as she cut her off.

"…I know, I wasn't expecting that." she said back with a pant, earning a worrying look from the Human Woman who noticed a tear run down the Asari's left cheek.

"I guess we should talk about what just happened." Kat then said, earning a nod from Myra in return as she gave her lover a slight smile.

"Yes, but later. Can we just…hold each other for now?" she asked, which made the Human Woman smile in return.

"I would like that." she replied, before the two Women wrapped their arms around each other in a warm embrace as the stars shined in from the window beside them.
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