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Chapter XIV

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Myra and Kat talk about what happened the previous night, before meeting up with Vras and their friends as they discuss their next move. Meanwhile Vasir begins preparations for Leviathan's conquest...

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It was still early when Myra woke up, finding herself lying on the bed in the room she was staying in at the Autobot-base on Unity Station. The Asari looked around the dimly lit room to find that she was the only one there.

'Oh yeah, I remember Kat went to her room not long after we...' she thought as she was reminded of what happened between them that night, which brought a half-smile to the Rogue Spectre's face.

'I can't believe I let 'that' happen, especially since we were only supposed to view my memories. But then again, it did...feel right.' she thought while looking over to the window, making her smile widen as a warm feeling built up in her heart, for Myra did harbour a very strong affection for Kat, more than she had initially realised and the fact that they had both showed it in the way they did, made the Asari feel happier than she had felt in an extremely long time.

But even though the memory of what the pair had shared the previous night warmed her heart, there was still a lingering feeling which made her smile fade somewhat. For Myra knew that she still had unfinished business, something that had to take precedence before the Asari could even begin to think about anything else. So she sat up and tapped her com-link.

"Kat, are you there?" the Rogue Spectre asked in a soft voice, before waiting in silence for a reply. But the young Darby did not have to wait long as a familiar voice spoke up, which made her smile widen some more.

"Yeah, I am here Myra." she replied, though with a tired-like tone.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." the Asari said back in an apologetic manner.

"Don't be silly, I was already awake…" Kat began to reply coyly, which earned a happy sigh from Myra.

"...and I was thinking about you." she continued, which the Rogue Spectre could not help but smile at as she listened before looking at the time on her holo-tool.

"I see..." she said in a coy-like tone, whilst staring down at the orange interface.

"And since your already up, I thought we might be able to talk as we still have some time before Yikrah supposed to All for us."

"Alright, I will be round in a moment." Kat replied, before ending the link on her end. Which then gained a sigh from Myra as her smile diminished once more, turning her attention to the door to her room.

'I wonder how she is going to take what I have to say?' the Asari thought as she waited for her door to chime, which happened in just a moment. So the Rogue Spectre got off her bed and walked over to the control panel beside it and opened the door, revealing the Human Woman who smiled back as their eyes met.

"Morning." Kat said, earning a nod from the Asari who smiled back while gesturing for her to enter.

"Morning." Myra replied as her friend walked through the door and past her into the room, before stopping at the window again which immediately reminded the Asari of the previous night.

"So we are going to have 'the talk' now, right?" Kat then asked as she turned and looked at the blue Woman, gaining a surprised look from her in return.

"Well, yes...but how do you?" she started to ask, only for the Human Woman to cut her off.

"Because we agreed to hold the talk until we had a restful sleep, as we were both kind of tired from everything we went through at the Leviathan Base let alone our 'eventful melding' last night." Kat answered with a knowing smile, which made Myra nod back.

"Yes, eventful is one way of putting it." she replied with a mirrored smile, which earned a caring expression from the Human Woman in return.

"You should do that more often..." she began to say in a sort of cryptic tone, gaining a confused look from the a Rogue Spectre.

"What do you mean?"

"Smile, you should smile more." Kat then replied, making the young Darby blush a little.

'Myra's just too cute.' the Human thought as her own cheeks reddened in response to her friend.

"Okay, so I will go first…" the Asari then said while sitting down on the edge of the bed, gaining a curious look from her lover.

"That doesn't sound too ominous." Kat replied as she sat down beside her, which made the Rogue Spectre look over to her with a knowing look.

"I want you to know that I do not regret what we did last night, not for one moment."

"Well, what did we do exactly? Because I thought we were just sharing memories…" the Human Woman asked back, which made Myra look back at her as she continued.

"…I mean I too don't regret what we shared, but perhaps you can explain it to me?"

This made the Asari smile back slightly at her friend's curiosity, taking the Woman's hand in her own.

"You are right, we were supposed to simply share memories through the melding of our minds. But like I told you doing the meld about wanting to be more than friends with you, but holding myself from pursuing it due to…" she started to say before stopping, which made Kat take over.

"You mean because of the guilt you were feeling."

"…That's right, but then when I saw your ancestry…" Myra began to say, which brought a knowing smile to her lover's face.

"Yeah, that was a shock for both of us." she replied, earning a nod from the Asari.

"…I simply let my instincts take over, I guess we both did, didn't we." she said, whilst stroking the top of Kat's hand with her thumb.

"I know, I mean I confessed to you that I wanted you. So when you kissed me like that, I just let myself go with it…..and it was a really good kiss." the Human Woman replied coyly, which made Myra blush a little more.

"It was good for me too."

"But we were making love right, while we were in the meld? Because that is something else I will never forget." Kat asked, making Myra nod back with an affectionate smile.

"Yes, what we experienced was the two of us...becoming 'bond-mates'. It's something that happens very rarely between Asari and their partners who decide to join each other though something other than love-making, which is why it was only experienced in the mind." she explained, earning an understanding expression from the Human in return.

"I see, so your saying we are now a...couple?"

"Yes, that would be the correct description..." Myra then replied as her smile faded a little, which did not go unnoticed by Kat.

"Why do I feel that a 'but' is about to come in?" she asked with a slightly worried expression.

"...well like I showed you last night, I want you the same as you want me. And I want to see where 'us' can go, and the fact that your related to my late fiancée is a bonus." the Asari began to say, which made her lover gently squeeze the other's hand affectionately in her own.

"But there is something I have to see through first..." the blue Woman continued, earning a nod from Kat as she looked back with a supportive expression.

"I understand, you have to stop Vasir. Well we can do this together, as I now have a personal reason to stop 'her' myself."

"You mean because John was your great-great-great Grandfather." Myra replied, earning another nod from her Human friend.

"Yes, it was as much a surprise to me as it was for you when we found out last night. So when I went back to my room, I did some research into my ancestor. And now that I have gotten to know what kind of Man he was, through the information on the Network and from what you let me see and feel from your memories, I want to make Vasir pay for what she did to him and you even more..." she answered, gaining an appreciative smile from the Asari before looking at the ground with a regretful expression.

"...I just can't believe that I forgot about it."

But the Rogue Spectre responded by gently squeezing her hand whilst continuing to stroke it wit her thumb.

"Don't blame yourself for that, you were just a child when your Grandmother told you that. You can't be expected to remember every single detail of what happened during your childhood." she said back, which made Kat smile back.

"Thanks Myra."

"Your more than welcome, Kat." the Asari said as the pair just looked into each others eyes for a moment, like they were taking in every detail in the other's eyes.

"So, we take down Vasir...and then see where this takes us." Kat then said while gesturing to their hands, as she then moved her fingers in-between the Asari's, brushing her soft skin against the blue but equally if not more soft counterpart.

"Yes, that sounds like a plan." Myra replied while turning her attention to their hands as they continued to move slowly against each other like in a dance, before looking back into her lover's eyes which made Kat's smile widen.

"Would a kiss be out of question though?" she asked, earning a mirrored expression from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"I don't see why not." she said back as they both then began to lean towards each other, closing their eyes as they anticipated their lips meeting. But just as they were about to kiss, feeling each other's breath on their skin. The door chimed and brought them out of the moment, gaining a disappointed look from both Women.

"I guess that is Yikrah at the door." Kat said, not trying to hide her disappointment.

"Yeah, but I wonder what would happen if we just ignore her." Myra replied before the door chimed once more, making the Human Smirk and chuckle in return.

"I think she will continue to press the door chime."

"Well, let's not keep her waiting then." the Asari replied as she got stood back up and walked over to the door, followed quickly by her lover as the door opened to reveal the Drell-female.

"Oh Myra, have you seen Kat? Because she isn't answ..." she began to say before noticing the Human Woman standing behind the Rogue Spectre, gaining a wide-eyed look from the Autobot Agent.

"...oh!" she added, earning a smirk from the two lovers as they stood in front of her in the doorway.

"Morning." Kat replied, which then gained an embarrassed smile from Yikrah in return.

"...Morning. Well if you are ready Myra, I can take you back to see your Aunt?"

"Yes, we are ready." the young Darby replied, earning a nod from Kat as the Drell then gestured to the pair.

"Alright, then please follow me."

And with that, the three Women left the room and headed down the corridor towards the Medical-Bay.


Meanwhile on the other side of the galaxy, Vasir's shuttle flew out of the event horizon of a Space-bridge portal, which closed as quickly as it had opened while the small vessel flew toward a large fleet of ships ahead of it.

"Morinth, we are here." Vasir called back to the Ardat-Yakshi who was in the aft of shuttle, gaining a grunt from her as she sat up on the bench and got to her feet.

"About time, it's taken long enough." she replied while walking back into the cockpit to join the older Asari and the two pilot-Mechs.

"That's because this fleet that I have built was under orders to jump to a new system every few hours on a pre-set pattern of jumps, so that the Autobots would not detect them. It only took us a while to find them as we were further behind in the list of coordinates." Vasir then said, gaining a knowing look from Morinth.

"A while? It took all night to catch up to them, surely you could have signalled them to stop and wait for us to catch up?" she answered back, which made the Leviathan Leader look back as she noticed the annoyed tone in her companion's voice.

"This fleet is also under orders to keep a communications blackout, unless a ship enters their proximity and transmits the correct code." she replied before turning back to the Mechs, who were concentrating purely on their flying.

"Send the code." the Asari then said, gaining a nod from the robot on her left.

"By your command." it spoke with it's synthesised voice as Vasir then turned back to the Ardat-Yakshi, narrowing her eyes in a cold stare.

"I hope you're not trying to make me question my decision to bring you along, or I could throw you out into the cold void outside?" she asked, which made the younger Asari's expression change to a more worried one.

"...Oh not at all, in fact since it was quite hard for us to find it and we knew what we were looking for. I am more than certain that the Autobots would never find it. Morinth then replied in a grovelling-like tone, which made Vasir smirk in return.

"That's better, now get up here if you want a good view of the 'Leviathan." she then said while gesturing for the Ardat-Yakshi to join her side, who did as she was told and stepped up to her Boss as she stood behind the pilots.

"Alright, but how impressive can the goddess!" she then said as her eyes widened, making the Leviathan Leader's smile widen as they stared out of the shuttle's canopy. For suddenly a ship appeared before them that dwarfed the rest of the fleet, even blotting out the star of the system they were in as it passed between them and the burning ball of gas.

"That ship is massive..." Morinth began to say, as she saw the dreadnoughts and cruisers were completely overshadowed by the Battleship.

" must be nearly the same size as one of Reapers that attacked the galaxy five hundred years ago." she added with a wide-eyed stare, which made the older Asari shake her head in response.

"The Leviathan is actually the same mass and size as Harbinger, who history states was the lead-Reaper and the largest in the Reaper fleet."

"That ship looks like it could take on the entire Autobot Navy on it's own, and still have more fire-power for something else." the Ardat-Yakshi marvelled as their shuttle started heading for what looked like landing-bay on it's port-side directly ahead of them.

"Code has been confirmed, we are clear to land." the Pilot-Mech on Vasir's right then said, gaining the Asari's attention as she nodded back.

"Very good, take us in then." she replied.

And with that the shuttle flew past several cruisers, all which completely overshadowed the smaller vessel. But as they closed in on the Leviathan, both Asari could not help but feel overwhelmed by the massive battleship as they got closer to it. Morinth simply looked on with a shocked expression, while Vasir's smile widened considerably.

Once the shuttle had landed, the two blue women exited the vessel and walked across the large bay to find Inferno waiting for them.

"Welcome aboard the Leviathan..." the Con began to say to his Boss with a smile, which the disappeared as he noticed the Ardat-Yakshi standing beside her.

"...oh, I did not realise that you were bringing 'her' with you?" he then added, gaining an annoyed look from Morinth.

"I was invited." she replied though the Destron Leader ignored her and kept his attention on Vasir, like he was expecting an answer from her.

"Morinth saved my life back on Unity, so she has earned herself one more chance." the older Asari said back, gaining a nod from Inferno in return.

"Very well."

"But you didn't just meet us here to ask me that, did you?" Vasir then asked, making him shake his head in response.

"No sir, we have received some Intel that I thought you would find interesting."

"Alright, what is it?" Morinth then asked, beating Vasir to the question, which then gained a cold stare from the Destron before returning his attention to the Leviathan Leader.

" appears that the Autobots are being forced to leave Unity station, just as you hoped they would be."

"Excellent, which means that their new security force must be ready to take over." she replied with a smile, gaining another nod from the Con.

"Yes Vasir, and your troops within it's ranks are ready to act on your orders."

"Good, but we will reserve giving the go-ahead to them until after we have taken down the Autobots at their source. And is there anything else?" the older Asari then asked.

"Yes, the Rogue Spectre 'Myra Darby' and her friends have been arrested and are being held at the last Autobot outpost. They are due to leave with the Autobot withdraw on the Cruiser 'Morning Hope', which will be the last Autobot ship to leave Unity today." Inferno replied, before both he and Morinth then noticed a thoughtful expression appear on their Leader's face.

"Vasir?" the Ardat-Yakshi asked with a curious tone, which made the older Asari smile back.

"This could work to our advantage...and after how close that Darby-bitch came to stopping me on Unity, I would like nothing more to have her taken out of the equation."

"Very good sir, how should we proceed with that?" the Destron Leader asked with a mirrored expression to that of the Ardat-Yakshi standing with them.

"Inferno, I want you on this mission..." Vasir then began to say, only for Inferno to cut her off.

"Very good, me and my Destrons will be able to handle..." he started to say in a confident tone, only for the older Asari to cut him off in return.

"No, I need you and...Morinth for this mission." she replied, earning shocked looks from both of them.

"You want me to work with him!" the Ardat-Yakshi replied with a venomous sting in her tone, while the Con simply looked dumbfounded at her.

"But what about my team?"

"Devron can take command while you are gone, I need you both for this..." Vasir started to say back, as a serious and cold expression appeared on her face while looking at the pair.

"...and I need you to settle whatever issues you have with each other, because I want my best to deal with Myra and her friends while they are in a place that I have some control over."

"And how do we do that? I mean we can't just walk into the Autobot Cruiser and assassinate them while they sit in their cells." Morinth then said in a questioning tone, gaining a knowing smile from the Leviathan Leader in return.

"Of course you can, or did you forget how we got away from Unity...?"

This earned a look of confusion from the Ardat-Yakshi as she stared back, so Inferno decided to speak up.

"That's because Leviathan has Agents inside the Autobots ranks, and they have helped to ensure that our plans to discredit the Cybertronians has continued to be successful. That is how we heard about Darby and her friends, from one Agent among a team currently on the 'Morning Hope'."

"Yes, so the two of you will head to that ship and my people on the inside will get you on board, so that you can then take care of Myra and her friends." Vasir added, gaining a nod from Morinth and the Destron Leader, though the former's was a little less enthusiastic.

"Alright, so when do we leave?" she asked.

"Immediately, once the shuttle has been readied for you..." Vasir replied before taking a step away from the pair and towards the exit, which had opened as it detected her proximity.

" don't fail me, meanwhile I will begin preparations for our attack on Earth." she then added, before walking out of the open doorway. Leaving the other two standing there as they gave each other distrusting looks.


Back at the Autobot Base on Unity station, Myra,Kat and Yikrah entered a briefing room to find Evac, Crosscut, Tolae with Commander Vras.

"Hey guys, have a nice rest?" Kat asked, gaining a very enthusiastic nod from Crosscut as he started pointing at the other Bot.

"Yes I did, because I wasn't in the same room as the serial snorer." he said with a somewhat joyous tone, gaining a surprised stare from Evac in return.

"No fair."

"How is your Aunt, Myra? Is Ser-Ket alright?" the other Asari then asked, ignoring the two Bots as they started to argue with each other.

"I've just been into the Medical Bay to see my Aunt, she is still in a coma but Doctor Minerva told me that she should make a full recovery." the Rogue Spectre replied with a relieved tone, gaining mirrored reactions from around the room.

"That is good news, I am glad to hear your Aunt will be alright..." Commander Vras said back while Kat gave Myra a supportive smile, which she then returned.

"...But I guess we should now get to the more pressing matters..." he continued, gaining a nod from everyone as a holo-sphere then appeared in the centre of the room.

"So as you are all aware, we Autobots are to leave Unity Station via orders of the Senate, who no longer believe that we are good enough to defend the interests of the Inter-Stellar Federation despite our Five hundred years of service."

"And this hasn't been a knee-jerk reaction or something similar, this decision has been a long time coming." Yikrah then added as they all stood around the holo-orb, which gained a confused expression from Evac.

"I understand what has happened, I mean I have seen the news...we all have..." he started to say, earning a knowing smile from Kat to Myra.

"...but what I don't get is how quickly it has all fallen apart, it just doesn't seem possible." the Bot continued, which then regained the Rogue Spectre's attention.

"Oh it's not only possible, but it was also well orchestrated...and Vasir was the one behind it." she said, earning a nod from Vras in return.

"Yes, both Ser-Ket and I have long believed that Vasir was leading the secretive Leviathan group, but we never thought that she had a base here on Unity."

"Wait, you guys had your suspicions about Vasir...and yet did nothing about it?" Crosscut then asked with a surprised look, gaining the Commander's attention.

"That is because we did not have any solid evidence to back us up, since the Senate did not believe in 'Leviathan's' existence. And with how they had treated Myra when she tried to reveal the truth about Vasir and her group, Ser-Ket knew that the only way to convince them would have been with one hundred percent undeniable proof."

"I doubt that would have worked though..." Myra then spoke up, making everyone turn their attention to the Asari.

"...because when I managed to infiltrate the Leviathan base here on Unity, I managed to become part of the audience that Vasir was addressing." she continued to say, while everyone in the room had their attention entirely on the young Darby as they listened to her.

"And it was more than heavily implied that 'she' had not only Agents all areas of the Federation, but Senators who had secretly allied themselves with her and Leviathan."

The entire room went quiet, as the Rogue Spectre's friends, Commander Vraz and Yikrah all looked back at her with stunned expressions.

"Well...I think that would explain how the Senate has managed to kick you Autobots off Unity, if a number of the Senate are siding with Leviathan." Kat then said, gaining a nod from the Autobot Commander.

"That is the only plausible way this all would have happened, and since we will no longer be tied down by the ISF's regulations and oversight, I think that it is only fair that we go on the offensive against Vasir." he said, which brought a confident smile to each face looking back at him, before the Bot then turned his attention to Myra.

"Can we debrief you on everything you saw while in the Leviathan Base, it would finally give us something to work on towards that goal?"

The young Darby looked over to Kat, who gave her a supportive smile in return.

"Of course I will." the Rogue Spectre replied as she then looked back at the Commander.

"Good, and there is something else I want to go over with you. It was your Aunt's idea and considering the current situation we now find ourselves in, I can't think of a better time for it." he replied, gaining a confused look from the Asari in return.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, which made the Commander smile back as he was about to answer her. But Vras was quickly silenced as his and everyone's attention turned to a Autobot-Turian, who entered the room and looked over to him.

"Sir, the Senate have brought their deadline forward and we have to vacate this base and the station now." he said, gaining a reluctant nod back from Vras in return.

"Very well, then please notify all remaining Autobot personal and have them board the 'Morning Hope' in preparation to leave." he replied, earning a salute from the Turian who then turned around and left as the Commander looked back at Myra and the others.

"I apologise but it seems that our hosts have decided that we should leave now, so we will have to continue this meeting on board the Morning Hope."

the Eudora crew all nodded back sombrely as Vras walked past them all and stopped at the room's entrance.

"Now if you will please follow me."

And with that Myra and her friends joined the Commander's side and left the room, as they like the rest of the Autobots at the base prepared to leave the station.

Meanwhile in the vacuüm of space outside of Unity, a shuttle entered the system via a Space-Bridge portal which quickly disappeared as the small vessel approached the Federation Capital.

In the shuttle's cockpit, both Morinth and Inferno sat at it's controls as they looked out at the station through the glass canopy in front of them.

"This is Unity-Control, we have you on approach. Please state your ID and reason for arrival." a male voice then spoke over the inter-com, which made the Con tap a button on his holo-interface.

"This is the Shuttle 'Tydirium', we are due to dock with the Morning Hope. Our pass-code is zero-four-zero-five-zero-one-two-zero-zero-eight."

It then went quiet for a moment as both the Ardat-Yakshi and her reluctant partner waited for a response, while the station and their primary target continued to grow larger as they closed in on them.

"Code acknowledged, your access point will be the tertiary docking bay at the Morning Hope's aft and a tram will be there on your arrival...'Victory Leviathan'." the voice then spoke once more, gaining a smile from both the Destron Leader and his colleague as their shuttle then continued onwards towards the Autobot star-ship and it's unsuspecting passengers.
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