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Chapter XVI

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The fight continues as Myra and her friends face off against Morinth and the Destrons.

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The situation was extremely tense in the damaged living quarters as Evac and Tolae stood just away from Morinth, who held a tight grip around Crosscut's throat with her biotic construct.

"Why are you doing this?" the Pilot asked, which made the murderous Ardat-Yakshi's smirk grow a little wider.

"Why? Well because I want too, and also Vasir wants you all and Myra out of the way." she replied casually, which made both Evac and his friend's eyes widen in shock.

"Myra and Kat!" he said back, gaining a nod from Morinth.

"Yep, Inferno and his friends should be dealing with that Darby-bitch any time now..." she added, before noticing the worried looks on the pair's faces.

"...but I would be more worried about yourselves right now."

Tolae then suddenly narrowed her eyes and smirked back in return, which did not go unnoticed by her fellow Ardat-Yakshi.

"Why should we, since the way I recall it. The last time we fought, it was you who ran away from us." the Asari said, making Morinth bite her lip as she narrowed her eyes.

"I ran from Myra, not you. I can handle you guys all on my own."

"Alright, then put your money where your mouth is and prove it, let Crosscut go and face us." Evac then added, having cottoned on to what his friend was trying to do. This brought a thoughtful smile to the Murderer's face as she stood there, all the while continuing to hold Crosscut in her biotic grasp.

"I have a better idea…" she started to say before holding her right hand towards the pair, making it glow biotic energy as she looked toward her prisoner.

"…Crosscut, how much do you want me?" the Ardat-Yakshi asked as she blinked, making her eyes turn black. This horrified both Evac and Tolae as they watched their enthralled friend looked at the Murderer and smiled, completely ignoring the fact that she had his throat in a vice-like grip.

"I want you….with all that I am." the Bot replied in a dull monotone-like voice, which made Morinth's smile widen as she glanced back at the others.

"Would you kill for me?"

"Yes, I would kill anyone for you." Crosscut said back with no hesitation, which only made the Pilot and his Asari friend's expressions become more worried at how much control the Murderous Ardat-Yakshi had over him.

"Prove it, kill them for me. Do that and I am all yours." Morinth said in a seductive tone, lowering her left hand and releasing the Bot. He looked at her and nodded before upholstering his pistol and aiming between Evac and Tolae, much to their horror and her amusement.

"Crosscut, it's me Evac. Surely you recognise me pal?" the Pilot asked as the Murderer stepped back from the Bots, smiling devilishly as she watched events unfold before her.

"Of course I know you Evac, but nothing will stand between Morinth and I, not even you." Crosscut replied coldly as he re-aimed the pistol at his friend and began to tighten his finger around it's trigger.

But just as the Bot pulled fired his weapon, Tolae suddenly brought up a biotic shield directly in front of Evac, which made the bullet richoshade and return to the guns. The fire hit the pistol's barrel and exploded, making Crosscut drop it as he yelped in pain. The Asari then used her biotics to spring the Pilot's own pistol out of it's holster and up into the air, gaining a surprised expression from Morinth in return.

"Evac, catch!" she shouted, which the Bot did so as he caught the gun perfectly with his left hand and fired it directly at the Murderer, a confident smirk on his face while doing so. But Morinth managed to deflect the shot with her own blue energy barrier, making her chuckle back.

"Nice try, but surely you..." she began to say, only to be stopped by the sight of Tolae performing a biotic charge that smashed through the other's barrier and tackling the murderous Asari to the ground.

'That's my Tolae.' Evac thought before turning his attention to Crosscut, who was cradling his hurt hand with his other one.

"Crosscut, have you snapped out" the Pilot asked, only for the other Bot to look back with narrowed eyes, while also gritting his teeth.

"You ruined it!" the dark-haired Man spat before lunging at his friend, making Evac go on the defensive. But he was so shocked at Crosscut's rage and hatred toward him, that he failed to block the first punch which connected with his jaw and sent the Pilot to the deck.

Meanwhile both Ardat-Yakshi were too busy fighting each other to notice as the brainwashed Bot then knelt down beside the other and then put his hands around Evac's throat and started to choke him. For the two blue Women had surrouned themselves with biotic energy, which they then launched at each other like whips made of blue light. There was a sound of what could only be described as thunder each and every time the lashes cracked. And every time the attacks collided with each other, there was a flash of blue lightning that shown around the interior of that room.

But Crosscut and Evac were both unaware of this, as the former was more focused on ending the life of his friend after being forced to believe that the latter was his enemy, tightening his grip around the other Bot's throat even more tightly as though he was trying to crush it with his hands.

"You will die for ruining mine and Morinth's moment!" he spat through gritted teeth, while the Pilot continued to gasp for air as he struggled against his friend's grip.

" that, it...Because you will...never...forgive yourself...for friends."

This made Crosscut pause for a second as he looked down at the other Man, whose face was slowly turning purple from lack of oxygen.

"...I" he said while letting go and resting his arms on the floor, which made the dark-haired Bot look down at him with a confused expression.

"For what?" he asked while loosing his grip a little as his anger started to wane, which made Evac breath heavily in return.

"…for...all...your...snoring…." he said back, which instantly made Crosscut's eyes widen in surprise.

"But that wasn't me, that was you!" he said back, making the Pilot smirk slightly.

"And he's back!"

The dark-haired Bot smirked back before then narrowing his eyes and turning his attention toward the two Asari, their light-show of a battle still continuing with every strike and blow.

"That Bitch!" he spat before noticing Evac's pistol lying on the ground nearby, so he reached over and picked it up.

"Crosscut, wait!" the Pilot managed to say, despite his shortness of breath while his friend though ignored his plea as he got up and aimed the gun at Morinth's head.

"Morinth!" he shouted with an enraged tone, gaining both hers and Tolae's attention as they stopped and looked in his direction.

"Crosscut?" the other Asari said back with tone made up of relief and confusion, but while her focus had shifted though only for a moment. It was enough for their adversary to take advantage of as she then hit the Bots friend, knocking her to the ground with a biotic punch before looking back at Crosscut, who instinctively pulled the trigger of Evac's pistol and fired a barrage of bullets at the Ardat-Yakshi.

But Morinth simply smirked before suddenly creating a powerful biotic barrier between herself and the dark-haired Bot, which caught the bullets in it's energy-field and disintegrated them before everyone's eyes.

"What?" Crosscut simply replied with a shocked tone, while the Murderer just looked back at him through the blue-light barrier, a look of disdain on her face.

"What a pathetic attack that was..." she started to say, before then raising her glowing hands up at the energy-field which started to shatter and reform into more shapes.

"By the Goddess..." Tolae began to say as she along with the Bots looked on with wide-eyed expressions as they recognised it to be a dozen sharp blades, ones that looked like javelins.

"...Now die!" Morinth then continued before thrusting her hands forward, which immediately sent the biotic blades hurtling at a shocked Crosscut. He didn't even have a chance to move before the razor-sharp pieces ripped through his body, making blood spray out of the exit wounds on his back as they then impacted the wall behind him.

"CROSSCUT!" Evac shouted with a horrified expression, while the Murderer simply sighed in return as she shook her head gently.

"That wasn't the way I wanted to kill him, but it will have to do." she said smugly, which gained the Pilot's attention as he narrowed his eyes and glared at the Ardat-Yakshi.

"Your going to die for that you Bitch!" the Pilot spat while activating his holo-blades, gaining Morinth's attention as looked back at him.

"Oh I do like 'dirty talk'…Evac, is it?" she replied as the Bot got back to his feet took a defensive stance, all the while Tolae was just starting to recover.

"…okay, give me your best shot. Let's see if you can me 'feel' it." she added while mirroring Evac, which gained a shocked look from the other Asari as she looked up at the pair.

"Evac…don't face her a…." she started to say as she tried to sit up, only for the Murderer to look back with an annoyed expression.

"Stay out of this…." she said back before swiping her glowing right hand back at the other Ardat-Yakshi, hitting her with biotic energy that knocked her back onto the ground.

"…this between me and your friend here."

But while Morinth's attention was elsewhere, Evac took his chance and lunged at her with his weapons. This took the Murderer completely by surprise as the Bot sliced at her arm, drawing blood as the blade cut deep into her flesh.

"Arrrgh!" she cried out , stumbling backwards while clutching at her bleeding arm. But if Evac was surprised at this, he did not let it show as he followed through with a swing of his other holo-blade, making the wounded Ardat-Yakshi go on the defensive as she let go of her hurt arm and blocked the attack with a biotic shield.

'I've got to help Evac!' Tolae thought as she recovered and began to get back on her feet, for she knew that despite her friend's valiant effort that Morinth would regain the advantage. After all she had centuries of combat experience compared to the brave Bot, who despite his valor and eagerness to protect his friends was just not correctly equipped for the fight he was in.

So as the Asari slowly got back to her feet, the Pilot was still on the offensive, swinging his two holo-blades at Morinth. And she was doing all she could to just keep him at bay, using her boitics to block and deflect each attack as her energies surrounded her arms like armour. Evac then noticed that his constant attacking was weakening Morinth, as her counters were slowing down and she was breathing heavily.

So he decided to end it and swung both his blades down upon the Murderer, who just brought her arms up in time to block them, with just milimetres of air between her head and the energy-constructs of the blades. But before Morinth had the chance to push back, Evac quickly kicked her in the chest and sent her falling back against the wall behind her, with the Woman slamming hard against it and making her drop her guard.

"Face it, you've lost! Just accept that it's over..." he started to say as he stood over the Ardat-Yakshi, raising his right holo-blade as he glared down at her with a hateful stare. But he was suddenly found himself lost for words as Morinth looked up at him with a smile, which caught him off guard.

"Really? You really think so." she said back, earning a surprised look from the Bot.

"What?.." he started to ask before it suddenly dawned on him what she was doing, so he thrust the blade down at the Asari. But she simply smirked back before bringing up her glowing hands, creating a biotic construct around his the blade and his hand, stopping it in mid-motion.

"How?" the Pilot said in a confused and surprised tone, while Tolae's eyes widened as she saw this.

'I knew it.' she thought while Morinth got back to her feet, while keeping both her hands clenched as her blue energies surrounded them.

"I was never in any danger from you…" the Ardat-Yakshi began to say before tightening her fists, which then made a cracking sound from within Evac's hand and caused him to grimace in pain as she broke it.

"Evac!" his Asari friend shouted back, but she was then surprised once more as the Bot threw thrust his other blade at the Murderer. But Morinth was too fast for that, dodging the attack before kicking down at his right knee and breaking it in one swift action.

"Arrrrgh!" he cried out before falling on to his back, while his and Tolae's adversary stood over him and looked back at latter with a smile.

"…as I was saying…" she started to say once more, before looking back at the Pilot who was lying on his back with a broken hand and leg.

"…you never posed any danger to me, though you did give me a nice cut here." she added while gesturing to the wound on her arm, before then creating a blade from her biotic energies which appeared in her hand.

"But the fun is now over, oh and Tolae…" Morinth continued, glancing back at her fellow Asari who was just about back on her feet.

"…you to watch me kill someone you care about, and perhaps you will see what it truly means to be an Ardat-Yakshi." she finished before kneeling down beside the disabled Bot, holding the biotic blade over his chest.

"Time to die Cybertronian." she then said with a finality to her words before thrusting the biotic-blade down at Evac's chest.

"NO!" Tolae then screamed as her fear and rage suddenly sent her biotics into over-drive, making her body glow extremely bright before unleashing a energy blast that hit Morinth and sent her through the wall and into the corridor behind it.

"Evac!" the Asari then said in worried and caring tone as she rushed to his side, not even looking through the hole in the wall at the Ardat-Yakshi who was slowly recovering amongst the debris around her.

"Evac, you going to be alright." she said, while the Bot cradled his broken hand in his other arm and looked up at her with a firm expression.

"Don't let….her… get away…" he replied in a pained tone, breathing heavily between his words. This earned a nod from her in return before she looked up to see Morinth get back to her feet and start to run, limping as she moved. So Tolae got up and gave chase, leaving Evac to lie there while he rested his broken hand on his leg and tapped his com-link with his free hand.

"I need a medic…" he started to say before being cut off by the Morning Hope's alarm system activating, which blared out it's siren around the ship as he turned his attention to Crosscut's body just aways from him.

"I'm sorry…Crosscut." he said in a regretful tone, before the pain in his hand and leg caught up with him.


Meanwhile moments earlier on the other side of the Autobot ship, everything looked nice and quiet outside the Medical Bay as two crew-members walked past it's closed entrance. But suddenly an explosion ripped open the doors, flinging the two people against the nearby wall like rag-dolls as the alarms began blaring and sprinkler system activated, raining water down on the fires that had erupted due to the blast.

"What….the hell…was…" the Man said as he slowly recovered, only to but cut off by a bullet to the head. His female companion screamed out loud as she saw his body go limp as it fell to the ground, which was when her attention turned to who had fired the shot.

"Stinking Autobots!" spoke an angry voice from a Man that looked an awful lot like a Terracon, until a grey-skinned Turian gained his attention while firing back into the heavily damaged Infirmary.

"Inferno, we have to fall back. That alarm is going to bring more Autobots down upon us." he said, while the Destron Leader turned his attention back to his comrade and the purple Asari who were firing their rifle and biotics respectively at the Human Woman and Asari, who were protected by the latter's blue energy barrier.

"You leaving so soon, I thought you were here to kill us, or does Vasir only want you to test us?" Myra asked back in a sarcastic tone, earning a narrowed eyed stare from Inferno in return as he took a step toward the pair. But he was suddenly stopped as the Turian turned and held his hand out at the Destron, stopping him.

"No, there is no need for you to stay and get caught. We will cover your withdrawal, now go!" he said, which regained the soldier's attention as he nodded back.

"Kill at least one of them, good luck." Inferno replied before making a run for it down the corridor.

"We have to stop him." the Rogue Spectre then said, while she and Kat watched their adversary disappear out of view.

"Yeah, so go and get him." the Human Woman replied, which made the Asari look back at her lover with a concerned expression while she continued to keep the barrier up between them and the other two enemies.

"You can handle the Turian, but not a biotic, Kat." she said back with a worried tone, but Kat merely smirked as she switched her pistol to her left hand while then equipping her combat knife with her right.

"I can handle myself, you know that Myra."

"But…" Myra found herself replying, before her Human lover cut her off.

"He has to pay for all of this…" she started to say before gesturing to all the dead lying before them, including Doctor Minerva. This made Myra glance back behind them to see her Aunt still sleeping peacefully on her berth, having been protected this entire time by the younger Darby and her friend during this fight.

"Okay, but I am not leaving you without at least a chance against her." the Asari replied before reaching with her free hand and touching Kat on the shoulder, which made the Human Woman gasp as she felt a sudden shock pass over her body. It felt like static electricity on her skin as she found her entire being covered in the same blue biotic energy that her lover could control at will, it had even covered both her rifle and combat knife.

"Wow…" she said in return while looking down at her body, which glowed a shimmering blue.

Even the Turian and his Asari partner could not help but look surprised at what had just happened before them, while Kat then looked back up to Myra, their eyes meeting as the Rogue Spectre gave her a caring look.

"Kick their asses." she said with an affectionate tone, which made her lover smile back confidently.

"You know I will."

Myra then nodded back before turning her attention towards the two enemies, who took notice of this and readied themselves. But the Asari merely smirked back before flexing her hand in a stretched out way, which made the biotic barrier expand outwards and hit the Turian and his comrade. The former was knocked against the wall behind him, while the purple Asari was simply made to stumble a little as she had erected a similar energy field around her body just a split second before the barrier had reached her.

But before anything else could be done, Myra suddenly performed a biotic charge and disappeared in a blue flash as she left the war-torn room, leaving Kat with the two Leviathan Agents.

"Alright then, whose first?" the Human Woman said as she pointed her rifle at the pair while holding her knife in a defensive pose, earning unsure looks from the enemies before they then attacked her. The Asari fired a biotic blast at Kat from her glowing fists which made the Human dive out of the way, going into a forward roll as the energy projectile exploded harmlessly against the wall. But just as she came out of the roll, ending up in a kneeling position, Kat's eyes widened as she noticed that the Turian had kept his aim on her the entire time, making him smirk as he began tightening his finger around the weapon's trigger.

"Nice try…" he started to say before then emptying his gun's clip and sending a barrage of bullets at the Human, which made her close her eyes and exhale as she waited for death to take her. But suddenly she felt the bullets impact harmlessly against the biotic energy that encompassed her being, making her open her eyes and look down at the flattened bullets lying at her feet.

'Okay, that is cool.' she thought before then instinctively firing her rifle back at the enemy, making him dive out of the way as the glowing blue bullets hit the area behind him. Kat then kept her finger on the trigger and turned her weapon in the direction of the Asari, who created another barrier between herself and the Human. But the purple-skinned Woman suddenly gasped in shock before looking down at her armoured torso at what looked like three bullet holes, which gained a confused expression as she placed her left hand over them.

Both Kat and the Turian both watched with curious looks as the Asari then pulled her hand back to reveal that it was soaked with her blood, making the enemy's eyes widen more before turning her attention back to the Human Woman as her biotic barrier faded away. Then the Asari fell to her knees as blood began to pour from her wounds, which made the Turian hold his hand up to her.

"No!" he shouted as his comrade's body fell to the ground, while Kat looked back at her rifle.

'Myra charged my bullets with biotic energy too.' she thought, before her attention was caught by the Turian looking back at her with a hateful stare.

"You are going to pay for that." he said with a poisonous tone before activating his holo-blade on one hand, while dropping his gun from his other. Kat followed his lead, throwing her rifle aside before switching her glowing combat knife to that hand as she took a defensive stance. But just as she did that, the grey-skinned Turian charged at her and swung his holo-blade at her.

This made the Human Woman dodge the attack and counter, which gained a similar reaction from her enemy as he stepped to the side as the blue-lit blade narrowly missed his body. So he then followed through with a thrust of his melee-weapon, cutting through the air as it moved for Kat's stomach.

But she brought her combat-knife down and sliced through the holo-blade, it's biotic energy cancelling out the glowing orange as she then grabbed the adversary's arm with her right hand. The Turian's eyes widened as the Female Soldier then while holding on to his arm, moved under it and twisted it behind his back before stabbing him in the chest with her combat knife.

"Wha…." he managed to say as Kat held the blade deep in his chest, before his eyes then closed and his body became limp. So she then dropped his corpse to the floor and looked down at her free hand and combat knife, which slowly went back to normal as the biotic energy dissipated.

'Doesn't last forever then.' she thought before tapping her com-link, turning her attention back to the matter at hand.

"Vraz, this is Kat. Please respond?" she said, before the familiar voice of the Morning Hope's Commander spoke back.

"Kat, what the hell's going on down there?"

"We are under attack by Leviathan Agents masquerading as Autobots, please send troops and a medical team to this location."

"Will do and I am also locking down the ship, but what about Myra?" the Commander replied.

"Myra will be fine, just tell your men to stay out of her way." Kat said back before deactivating her com-link and looking back at the unconscious Ser-Ket, a slight smile appearing on her face.

"Don't worry, I will stay with you until the medics get here." she said before picking up her rifle and reloading it, dropping the empty shells to the ground as she then stood beside the comatose patient and waited for help to arrive.


As the alarms blared all over the ship, Inferno bolted down one of it's corridors as he made his way back to the shuttle-bay. He turned a corner and came upon a group of Autobots and by the looks of them, hlad been ordered to patrol the area.

"Halt or we will kill you where you stand!" one called out as the rest of the group aimed their rifles at the Destron Leader, who ignored them and looked back down the corridor he had just ran through.

'No sign of that Asari Bitch...yet.' he thought before turning his attention back to the Autobots, with their guns trained on him.

"Drop your weapon." the lead Bot said along with a gesture, which made Inferno glance down at his rifle.

"You mean this?..." he began to say with a smirk, which earned confused looks from the soldiers.

"...okay." he added before then opening fire on the enemies, tearing through the group with a hailstorm of bullets.

"Stupid Autobots." he then said with a slither of satisfaction in his voice as their bodies fell to the ground in a heal before him, before the Destron tapped his com-link as he continued past them.

"Is the shuttle still secure, we are going to need to leave very soon?" he asked.

"The entire ship has gone into lock-down, but we have managed to keep this shuttle-bay free from the protocol so far, though there is no guarantee that it will stay that way for long." one of the Leviathan Agents spoke back, gaining a nod from Inferno in return.

"Just be ready, I will be there shortly..." he began to say before going quiet.

"Sir, what about Morinth? Sir, Sir?" the Agent replied with a more heightened tone, but the Destron Leader had already come to yet another stop. A surprised expression appeared on his face as he came face to face with four Terracons that he had not expected, with them looking back in a mirrored way.

"Sharptooth, that's Inferno!" the yellow and light blue armoured Bot, gaining a nod back from the Leader as his eyes narrowed in return while the Femme in the light and dark blue armour sniffed at the air.

"Yeah, that's the traitor alright...I can smell Ser-Ket's scent coming from him."

This made the Destron Leader grit his teeth and activate his beast-mode, making his body alter itself and become more feral.

"Get out of my way!" he spat, showing his sharp teeth whilst doing so.

"I don't think so, Dinobots maximize!" Sharptooth then roared before activating his own beast-mode, with the others doing the same.

"You think the four of you stand a chance against me? You never had one in the past, what do you think has changed?" Inferno asked, which gained what looked like a smirk from Sharptooth in return.

"No...just her!" the Dinobot Leader replied as he pointed behind the rogue-Terracon, making him turn around just in time to see an Asari appear at the far side of the corridor from him.

'Shit, it's Darby!' he thought before looking back at the Autobots, who all readied themselves for a fight.

"Alright, let's do this." he growled while gritting his teeth, before launching himself at the group with his claws bared. This made Sharptooth, Slash, Strafe and Scorn all dive out of the way as the Destron Leader landed between them and smashed his fist into the deck, crushing the floor panel beneath him. But before he had a chance to recover, Scorn roared and slashed at the Con's back.

This gained a loud hiss of pain from Inferno who quickly turned around and backhanded the Dinobot in the face, knocking him to the ground. Slash then charged in and swing his clawed hands at the enemy, hoping to get his attention as the Destron loomed over his team mate. But Inferno suddenly spun around and caught both the Bot's hands in his own, which made the enemy smile as he looked at the surprised Slash.

"I think not." he said before pulling the Bot into the air and swinging him into Sharptooth, knocking them both against the nearby wall.

"Ugh!" they both grunted before falling back to the ground, which just made Inferno's smile even wider as he looked down at them.

"You bring shame to the Dinobot name, I always knew Ser-Ket had bad taste." he gloated before noticing that Myra was almost on top of him, but just as he was then getting ready to face the Rogue Spectre, someone else caught his attention.

"It's not over yet!" Strafe cried out before launching herself at the Destron Leader, activating her jetpack to give her extra power.

"Strafe….No!" the Asari shouted, but the Dinobot-Femme had already collided with her enemy and digging her claws in his sides, gaining another grimace from him as she carried him through the air to the other side of the corridor, smashing them both into the wall of a T-junction.

"Errrgh." the Femme spluttered as she tried to get back to her feet, but Inferno was already back on his and grabbed her by the throat and pulled the Dinobot into the air before ripping some parts out of her jetpack.

"That hurt…" he said with an annoyed tone while looking at Strafe, before noticing Myra and the other members of the Terracon Team recovered and heading his way.

"Hey, Sharptooth…..catch!" Inferno then shouted before hurling the Femme at the group, gaining shocked looks from them all. But Myra reached out with her hand, which began to glow as her biotics then surrounded Strafe and brought her momentum to a standstill.

"Thanks." the Femme replied with an appreciative tone as the Asari then gently let go and allowed the Dinobot to land on her feet beside her.

"Your welcome…" the young Darby began to say, before turning her attention to Sharptooth and the others.

"...I'll handle Inferno."

This gained a nod from the Dinobot Leader who then stepped back from Myra, with the Asari looking back at Inferno who was about to run again.

"Oh no you don't!" she said before waving her left glowing-hand in front of her, which suddenly fixed the Destron to where he stood as biotic energy pinned his feet to the floor.

"What the….!" he spat, gaining a smirk from the Darby in return.

"Your mine." she said with a finality to her words before performing a biotic charge, slamming into Inferno while his attention was elsewhere. At the same time, his feet were released and so the force of Myra's hit sent him back into the wall and created a large dent where he hit it.

"That's got to hurt." Sharptooth joked as he and the other Dinobots joined the Asari as she stood over Inferno, with the latter staring down at the defeated Destron Leader.

"Inferno, you are not going anywhere. Because you are going to pay for the part you played in what happened to my Aunt." she said in a stern tone, which earned a smile from Inferno as he looked up at her.

"Ser-Ket got what was coming to her, I just wish I could have finished the job." he replied with a poisonous sting to his voice, which made the Rogue Spectre clench her first so tight that the biotic energy that began surrounding it began to glow very brightly.

"Speak again and I will do more than dislodge a couple of your ribs, I swear I will." she said back, which just made Inferno sigh in return.

"You promise…"

This made the blue-skinned Woman grit her teeth and raise her glowing fist in the air, readying to strike her enemy where he sat. But suddenly she and the Dinobots were suddenly hit by corridor-wide biotic blast, knocking them all to the ground and gaining a surprised look from Destron Leader as he looked in the direction that the attack had come from.

"Can't be?" he said with a disbelieving tone as he looked upon Morinth who stood just aways from him, looking a little worse for wear herself.

"What are you waiting for, run!" she spat, gaining a surprised nod from Inferno before he climbed to his feet and ran in the opposite direction towards the tertiary shuttle-bay. The Ardat-Yakshi then performed a biotic charge and sped past Myra and the Dinobots as they recovered, but the young Darby was the first to get back to her feet and spotted the blue blur as it passed her.

'Morinth!' she thought before giving chase, just as Sharptooth recovered and looked over to her.

"Myra, wait up!" he shouted as his team-mates got onto their feet, but the Asari was already on her way.

Back in the shuttle-bay, the two other Leviathan Agents were already aboard the shuttle and warming it's engines as Inferno entered the large room and ran towards the shuttle.

"Get us in the air!" he spat as he climbed into the hatch, making the two soldiers almost jump out of their seats before nodding back and began interacting with their holo-interfaces. This made the engines fire as the shuttle left the ground and began turning around, just as Morinth entered the area.

"Hey, wait for me!" she shouted, but Inferno merely smirked and gave her a wave before closing the hatch, making the Ardat-Yakshi's eyes widen in shock as she watched the shuttle then fly through the force-field separating the ship from the void outside and out of the Morning Hope, before disappearing out of sight.

'That bastard left me, I should've left him to die.' she thought before her attention was caught by the sound of footsteps getting closer, so the Asari turned back to the door and readied herself for battle, making her entire body glow with biotic energy.

'If I am going down, I am going to take as many of those **ers with me!'

Suddenly Myra ran through the doorway, only to come to a stop as she was surprised by what was waiting for her. For there was no shuttle in here or Inferno, only a glowing Morinth who was staring back at her with a hateful look .

'She has been left behind!' the young Darby quickly thought, before her attention was caught by the other Asari.

"Come on then you Bitch!" the Ardat-Yakshi then spat with her venomous tongue as she charged at the Rogue Spectre, who took up at defensive stance and prepared to face her enemy.
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