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Chapter XVII

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Myra faces Morinth in what could be their last fight, but who will come out victorious? Will the Rogue Spectre come out on top, or will the Ardat-Yakshi finish what Inferno could not.

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Morinth lunged at Myra with a biotic-blade, making the Rogue Spectre create a shield with her own biotics and bring it up to clash with her opponent's weapon, which made blue sparks fly out in all directions before the pair pulled away.

"Give up Morinth, there is no way out of this for you." the young Darby tried to reason as the Ardat-Yakshi attacked again, clashing her blade with the other's construct once again as she stared back with a hateful look.

"Never! I'll die first, but I'll be sure to take you with me!" she spat before pulling back from Myra and quickly following through by creating what looked like biotic-tentacles. The Rogue Spectre's eyes widened in surprise at Morinth's creations which then thrust towards her and attempted to immobilise the Asari by wrapping themselves around her. But the young Darby instinctively re-created her own biotic-blades and cut them down, but the Ardat-Yakshi simply created more and unleashed them upon her enemy. Myra though dodged the attack and spun around before firing a biotic blast which hit Morinth and knocked her to the ground.


But the Ardat-Yakshi quickly recovered as she used her biotics to spring herself back on her feet, which surprised the Rogue Spectre in return.

"I say when it is enough…" she replied defiantly as Sharptooth and his team-mates joined them in the shuttle-bay, making her look over the Myra's shoulder which gained her attention.

"…and the more the merrier." Morinth added as an evil grin appeared on her face, while the Dinobots stood took positions either side of the Myra and readied themselves for a fight.

"Looks like you could use our help after all." the lead-Terracon said, which made her shrug her shoulders while never taking her eyes of their enemy.

"Okay, we take this 'scum' together then." Strafe said with relief in her voice, gaining nods from both Slash and Scorn as they activated their holo-claws which extended over their own already sharp ones.

"…This should be interesting…" Morinth then said as her biotics began rippling over her body, which made Myra clench her fists and make her own energies show up visually around them as she knew what was about to happen.

"…COME ON THEN!" the Ardat-Yakshi then screamed as she fired a blast of blue energy at the group, but before the Dinobots even had to dive out of it's way, it was suddenly stopped in it's tracks by a similar energy blast. Sharptooth and his friends eyes widened as they stared looked on with impressed expressions, for Myra stood before them and was firing mirroring their enemy. She was focusing her biotic energies back and holding Morinth's at bay, creating a ball of bright blue light in the center of their attacks.

"I've got this, now get her!" the Rogue Spectre shouted, gaining nods from the Dinobots who then launched themselves at the Ardat-Yakshi.

But as the Elite-Terracons lunged at her, Morinth broke off her energy blast and performed a boitic charge out of harm's way, letting Myra's own attack carry on and impact the force-field protecting the interior from the space beyond it.

"Oh...scra..." Slash began to say, before noticing it's red-light absorbing the blue energy and for a moment, had a purple glow to it before returning to normal.

"...never mind." he added before turning his attention to Morinth, who created an energy wave and launched it in his and his team-mates direction.

"Get out of it's way!" Myra shouted, but the Dinobots had been wrong footed by their previous charge, and were unable to dodge the energy wave which hit them and slammed them into the wall. This gained a worried look from the Rogue Spectre as she was the only one left standing at this moment, which made the Ardat-Yakshi smirk in return.

"These 'Dinobots' are no challenge for me, so I will easily kill them once I am done with you." she said before firing another several energy blasts, all which Myra dodged by using quick bursts of her biotic charge which made her look like a blue-blur between the biotic blasts that were fired at her.

"Stay still, bitch!" the Ardat-Yakshi spat before suddenly felt her face come into contact with a blue fist, which knocked her back onto her arse.

"Like that is going to happen..." the Rogue Spectre replied as the Dinobots recovered, joining her side once more. And despite being in their beast-modes, Sharptooth and his team-mates had this time equipped their rifles and trained their sights on Morinth.

"She tries anything or even looks at us funny, pump her full of bullets." the Lead-Bot said, gaining a unified nod from the others as Morinth looked up at the group.

"You should kill me, considering all that I have done." she said at them with an almost goading-like tone, which made Myra narrow her eyes as she stared back at her.

"Oh believe me, I would like nothing better than to end your life Morinth..." she replied as she held a glowing fist at the Ardat-Yakshi, who could smirked as she could see the conflict on her adversary's face.

"...but you will tell us everything you know about Leviathan first." the Rogue Spectre added, before looking over at Sharptooth.

"Any chance you have a biotic-inhibitor on you, or do we have to wait for security?"

This gained a smile from the Dinobot Leader, who then unclipped a small rectangular device from his utility belt and held it out to Myra.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do." he replied in a gratified tone, which made Morinth's smirk grow wider.

"You think that thing scares me, because no matter what you do to me. I'll never betray Vasir to you!" Morinth spat back, gaining a knowing look from the Rogue Spectre in return as the Dinobot Leader placed it on her arm, which made it activate with a pulsing light in it's center as it connected to her skin.

"Really? After your friends left you behind like that, probably by her orders too." Myra then said, which made the other Asari narrow her eyes in return.

"No! Vasir would not have given that order, this was Inferno acting alone." the Murderer replied, which made Scorn smirk as he looked at Strafe and Slash.

"I think I can understand why he did that..." he started to say, earning a curious look from Sharptooth as he looked back to Myra.

"Look, if Morinth isn't going to tell us anything, then I can't see any reason for keeping her alive any..." he began to say before he was cut off by another female voice, coming from behind them.

"I have to agree with that." she said as the Ardat-Yakshi was suddenly enveloped in biotic energy, making her float off the ground as she tried to struggle against it. This made everyone look back to see Tolae standing at the entrance, with her right hand glowing as she held it out before her.

"Tolae...what are you doing?" Myra asked, gaining the other Woman's attention.

"I am ending this, especially after everything she has done, everyone she has killed. I know you understand me with this, so why keep her alive?" she said with a conviction to her voice, one that the Rogue Spectre recognised all too easily, for she had heard herself speak the same way about Vasir.

'Tolae means Samara, her daughters and Matriarch Jethra. People who were very close toher, I can certainly understand that.' she thought before nodding back, as a supportive expression appeared on her face.

"Your right..." the young Darby replied as she stepped out of Tolae's way, but everything was cut short as everyone's com-links activated.

"This is Commander Vras, I have it on the ship's internal sensors that you have Morinth contained. I mean her life-signs say that it is someone completely different, but since you are all surrounding her then I can take it that you have the right person right?" he asked, gaining a nod from Myra as she tapped her com-link.

"That is correct, we have her contained."

"Then in that case, I want Morinth taken to the brig and held there until I can question her." the Commander said back, which earned a wide-eyed look of shock from Tolae as she turned her attention to the Rogue Spectre.

"We can't, Morinth deserves to die." she replied, making Myra stare back at her with an understanding expression.

"Vraz, Morinth won't tell us anything. She has already said as much to us..." she began to explain, before the Morning Hope's Captain cut her off.

"And you're just going to take her word for that, I want her under lock and key."

"Vraz, I know you are following the rules here. But those were written by the Alliance, the same one that kicked the Autobots out. I don't think we should be following those any more, and I can tell you for certain..." she started to say before looking over at Morinth, who stared back with a knowing look on her face.

"...Morinth will not betray Vasir to us, so there is no point in keeping a dangerous Murderer among us..." she carried on saying, gaining a relieved nod from Tolae in return.

"...especially one that should have been killed already for the crimes she has committed. So we should carry that sentence out now." Myra then finished, before everything went quiet as they waited for the Commander's answer.

"…Okay, you're right Darby. I will leave it up to you then." Vraz then replied a little hesitantly, gaining a nod from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"Thank you Commander and besides, I doubt Morinth knows as much as I do about Vasir's plans."

This made the Ardat-Yakshi look down at her with an expression that was both confused and annoyed, but Myra ignored her and turned to Tolae in return.

"If anyone deserves to do this, it is you Tolae." she then said, which made the other Asari stare back with an appreciative look before returning her attention to her quarry.

"Thank you Myra."

"So how you going to do this?" the young Darby asked as she gestured to their prisoner, while the Dinobots stood around them with their weapons pointed at her. But Tolae just kept her focus on Morinth, not even looking at her friend as she spoke.

"I'm going to make her suffer in the same way that most of her victims died, which will require her to be held down." the Asari replied before letting go of the Murderer, who fell back to the ground.

"Slash, Scorn, hold her down." Sharptooth then said while pointing at Morinth, gaining a nod from both Bots as they then grabbed the Ardat-Yakshi's arms and held her in a kneeling position as Tolae walked up to her and knelt in front of her, making the other Asari smirk as she looked at her enemy.

"Aww, you want revenge for what I did to Jethra, Samara and her daughters, that is sweet…" she started to say, which gained a hateful stare from Tolae who clenched her fists tightly and gritted her teeth as she listened.

"…but you are nowhere near as strong as I am in that respect, because unlike you. I have been killing using my mind for centuries and you, you only did it once. I revelled in the deaths of those I killed, while you were scared of what you could become…you sicken me." Morinth spat, gaining a smirk from Tolae in return.

"Enough talk, let's get started." she replied before closing her eyes and focusing, making the Murderer start to laugh.

"…You want to try this? Okay then, I'll play along." she then said before closing her eyes to and mirroring Tolae, before both Asari then opened their eyes and revealed them to be pure black.

"So now what do we do?" Strafe then asked with a confused look on her face, gaining similar looks from the other Dinobots as they watched the two Asari staring into each other's eyes.

"Now we wait." Myra replied as they stood there, waiting to see which one would be the first and only one to reawaken.


Tolae opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by darkness, which completely blacked out the area around her.

'Okay…wasn't expecting this.' she thought as flashes of light suddenly appeared in the sky some distance away, revealing the barren and simplistic surroundings for a split seconds at a time.

"What else could you possible of expected then?" a familiar feminine voice spoke from behind the Asari, making her turn around to see Morinth standing there with an evil smirk on her face.

"What? How did you know what?" Tolae asked with a shocked expression, making the other Ardat-Yakshi chuckle in response.

"Are you serious? Do you not know how our people's ability to meld works?"

This made the younger Asari narrow her eyes as she stared back at her adversary, earning a wider grin from Morinth as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, then I will share some knowledge with you…" she said back while beginning to walk around a confused and angry looking Tolae, like a predator with it's prey.

"…Our minds are currently joined, yours and mine. This environment…" she added while gesturing to blackness that surrounded them.

"…this is just a representation of the limbo that our thoughts exists in, a bridge…of sorts between our consciousnesses."

Suddenly the ground began to shake with the strength of a severe earthquake, like something beneath the ground that they were standing on was awakening. This made both Asari stumble a little as thunder boomed and lightning scorched the sky over head, illuminating their surroundings with each and every flash which brought a shocked look to Tolae's face.

"What in the Goddess's name is happening?"

"We are Ardat-Yakshi Tolae, what do you think our poisoned minds are doing right now to this environment?" Morinth replied in a worryingly calm voice as she stood there and gestured around them, regaining the younger Asari's attention as her eyes widened in recognition of what her foe meant.

'We are destroying each other's bodies via our meld.' she thought as the lightning and thunder became continuous along with the earthquake-like shaking of the ground beneath their feet, before noticing the Murderer nodding back at her.

"Yes, that's it, ." the Murderer added with a gleeful tone as she nodded back, earning a slightly fearful look from Tolae.

"Stop reading my thoughts." she spat back.

"Then speak freely, we can't hide anything from each other in here…" the older Asari said back while pointing at her temple.

"…and it's not like we have a lot of time."

"Because our meld is slowly killing us, is that it?" Tolae replied, clenching her hands into fists as she stare at her enemy.

"Exactly. Time runs at a slower rate in this limbo, but in the real world our bodies are dying." Morinth answered, still with that calm demeanour to her voice and actions.

"Then I guess we should waste no more time then!" the younger Asari then spat back before thrust her fist forward at her fellow Ardat-Yakshi, only for nothing to happen as Morinth began to laugh hysterically in return.

"…Oh…my, that was…priceless…" she tried to say between her laughing, while Tolae looked first at her fist and then back at the Murderer with a confused expression.


"Our biotics are useless here, since we are in each other's minds and not in the real world. So the only option for us is the old fashioned way..." she started to say, clenching her own hands into fists and taking a defensive stance as she spoke, earning a mirrored reaction from Tolae.

" let's just get this over with, face me!" Morinth then spat, making the younger Asari snapped, gritting her teeth as she lunged at the Murderer with a punch. But the older of the two Women blocked the punch and countered with a jab to Tolae's face, which disorientated Tolae, so Morinth then followed that with second punch to her side.

"Arrgh!" the younger Ardat-Yakshi yelped, while the thunder and lightning continued to crack and flash across the sky, while the earthquakes forced the two to separate and give Tolae a chance to recover. So she took a deep breath and ignored the pain pulsing from her side, while Morinth just smirked back.

'Forget the pain, it isn't real.' she thought, earning another chuckle from her adversary.

"Oh I will make it real." she said back before rushing at the younger Asari, throwing several punches and kicks. Tolae even managed to block the first few, but before she could counter, Morinth hit her in the stomach with a punch. This caused the better Ardat-Yakshi to grunt as she felt sick in her stomach, but then she felt another fist hit her face and send her to the ground.

"You are not much of a threat to me, are you..." Morinth then said aloud, which made Tolae look back up at her as a small trickle of blood ran down her face from her nose.

'I hate you!' she thought, knowing full well that the older Ardat-Yakshi would hear her. In fact this made her Adversary's smirk grow into a wider as she watched Tolae try to get back to her feet, though her side, stomach and face felt awful.

"That's it, come on now, you can do it." Morinth said in a goading-like tone, gesturing at the younger Woman as she watched.

"Shut your mouth!" Tolae spat back, making the Murderer feign fear as she took a step back from her.

"Oh I am so scared..." she said back, whilst the pair's surroundings continued to be devastated by the storms around them.

" about you get off the ground and make me." she added, which made Tolae's eyes narrow as she pulled herself of the floor and then instantly attacked again. This time with a left hand punch that Morinth immediately blocked with her right, only for the younger Asari to swing her right arm at her enemy who thn ducked under it and followed thay with an uppercut, which connected with the other Ardat-Yakshi's jaw and sent her back onto her back.

"So this was your plan, a one on one fight with me inside our joined heads with the Winner taking all...?" Morinth said with a unbelieving tone, shaking her head as she did so while Tolae rolled onto her side and spat a little more blood onto the rocklike ground.

"...because I think I would have rather faced Myra, for she can fight." she added while the younger Asari recovered and got back to her feet, though she was aching in several spots all over her body now.

"But you know what, I have a better idea for you." Morinth then added with a completely casual expression on her face, but Tolae ignored this and lunged at her with another punch.

But this time a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed her arm, stopping the young Asari's attack and making her look in that direction.

"No, it can't be..." she began to say as her eyes widened, for standing there with her arm in his grip was a Krogan she recognised almost instantly.

"Krayal!" she said, her voice breaking slightly as he looked back at her.

"Tolae." he said back, before releasing her arm from his grip as he looked at the surprised and confused Asari.

" you here?" she asked with a shaken tone to her voice, completely forgetting that Morinth was standing just away from her, as her attention was now completely on her lost Lover.

"I have always been here..." Krayal started to say, before his eyes narrowed as he stared at the Asari.

"...ever since you killed me."

This made Tolae's eyes widen as she looked at him with a horrified expression, making her step back in response.

", it was an accident, I didn't..." the young Woman began to say back, only to be cut off by the Krogan.

"If We had not met, then I would still be alive. Do you not agree?" he said back, his voice becoming more venomous with every word spoken.

"...I...I don't..." she stammered as her eyes began to well up, for she was in complete shock at what was happening and was at a loss for words.

"You should face facts Tolae, you are a killer. one that should have been put down the moment you murdered me, ripping me away from my friends and family."

It was at this point that three more Krogan appeared at either side of her former-lover, all giving her a hateful stare which made tears run freely down her face as the storm continued around them. But it no longer mattered for Tolae, as the thunder-claps and quakes had been drowned out by what was happening to her now, since she recognised these new arrivals as Krayal's Parents and younger Brother.

"You stole our Son away from us, from his rightful place with his own people. And then you took his life, like some parasite." the Father said in a angry tone, while the Mother gritted her teeth while staring at Tolae with a hateful glare.

"We will never see our Son become his own Krogan, or have a family of his own. You ripped out the heart from our family and tore it to shreds, we hate you for what you did to us!" she said to the crying Asari, who fell to her knees and sobbed while the little Krogan just stared at her with a fearful expression.

"Where is my Brother, why did you kill him?" he said back in an innocent and confused tone, which only made Tolae's guilt and pain pile on her soul even more.

"I didn't mean too, was an accident, I didn't know...didn't know what would happen. I wish I could take it back..." she tried to say back, before crying some more and looking at the ground as she hung her head.

"...I am...sorry."

But as she openly sobbed there on her knees while the drowned out storm continued to ravage the limbo around her, the young Asari felt someone touch the bottom of her chin and raise her face up. So Tolae opened her eyes and found herself looking directly into Krayal's own, with the Krogan cupping her face in his hands.

"That's not good enough, I want you to mean see it all again." he then said before the Ardat-Yakshi suddenly found those terrible moments playing out before her eyes once again, making her feel every emotion leading up to that one mistake that defined her life. From her first meeting with Krayal, to their courtship and the moment hey fell in love, all the way to the moment she killed him. The young Asari experienced it all in it's raw and uncompromising form, making her break down even more.

"By the Goddess, I am sorry, I very sorry." she cried, her tears running freely down her cheeks and dripping onto the ground beneath her as she looked at the dead-Krogan's face.

"I know...there is nothing...I can do to make it...right..." she began to say, only for Krayal to cut her off.

"But there is..." he said back, making Tolae's eyes widen a little in response.

"What...what can I do?" she asked, a tiny glimmer of hope in her voice. Hope that she could still repent, that she could make up for what she had done.

" can die!" Krayal then said just a second before the Asari suddenly felt a blow to the back of her head, with the force of the hit knocking her onto the ground on her side.

'What…the…hell…was that?' she thought as her vision blurred, while the back of her head ached with a sharp throbbing pain.

"Seriously, just say your thoughts out loud…" Morinth then answered, making Tolae look up to see the murderous Ardat-Yakshi standing with Krayal and his family around her.

"…by the way, it was me."

"Get away from them!" the younger Asari spat, while trying to shake off the concussion she was currently feeling.

'It's not real pain, ignore it.' she thought while slowly getting back to her feet, much to her adversary's surprise.

"You can stay down, there is no more need to fight me…" she replied before gesturing to their immediate surroundings, which were completely and totally devastated by the storm and quakes.

"…as your time is now over." the Murderer added, which brought a worried look to Tolae's face as she looked over at the ravaged and desolate environment.

"No, I will not quit." she replied in a defiant tone, making Morinth shake her head in response.

"But you've got nothing left, even those you cared about want you dead."

"No, that is not true…" the other Ardat-Yakshi began to say, before looking over to Krayal and the other Krogan.

"…I don't know what you have done, but I do know that Krayal and his family did not act like this to me. I certainly do not remember it like that, so I will not accept it now." she added, making the Murderer smirk somewhat as she stepped away from the Krogan.

"Oh yes, that…" she started to say before waving her left hand before Krayal and his kin, making them fade away. This earned a look of sadness from Tolae as she watched them disappear for a moment, for even though they were now gone, her guilt would always remain.

"…I kind of tampered with your memories of that pathetic Krogan and his family, because it is quite easy to do…if you know how of course."

"Why! Why did you put me through that?" the younger Asari spat, the tone of her voice filled with anger and grief which made Morinth's smirk grow into a full fledged smile.

"Why? Why not, It was so easy to do since your memories are falling apart as we speak, plus it made for a good distraction."

Tolae's eyes suddenly narrowed at that comment, making her stare back at her adversary with an inquisitive and knowing expression.

"You were distracting me, making me drown in my own pain and grief so that I would no longer have the strength to fight you. Just as a way to waste time, so that we both die in here."

"You have to admit, it was a good plan. And it has worked a treat, since the hour is now nigh. So just accept that it is over, and let oblivion take you." Morinth replied, but Tolae just clenched her fists and gritted her teeth in return.

"No, I will not. Because I am not going to give you the satisfaction of taking me with you." she started to say, before suddenly Myra, Crosscut and Evac appeared and joined her side, with the Pilot taking her hand in his.

"What's this? Bringing in some memories to help you fight me?" the Murderous Adrat-Yakshi replied with a unimpressed tone, which brought a smile to Tolae's face.

"Yes, because my friends give me strength." she said back, which only made Morinth burst out into laughter.

"Seriously…you're using the power of love against me, that is so pathetic." she said back whilst trying to control her laughter, but the younger Asari merely continued to smile as she looked at her enemy.

"No, not just that. Because have you forgot, our minds are joined and you gave me an idea." she said back before looking over Morinth's shoulder, making the Murderer's eyes widen in shock as she looked behind her and saw Samara, Rila, Falere and Jethra appear and walk towards them.

"You murdered my friends, people I cared about….but there are so many others…" Tolae continued as even more people, made up of nearly ever species in the galaxy appeared and joined the Superintendent, the Justicar and her daughters as they stared at their killer.

"…and they want justice." the younger Asari then finished, which made the memories then rush at Morinth and beat her down. The Ardat-Yakshi tried to fight back, but could not defend against so many as everyone crowded around her and punched, kicked and hit her body. Tolae simply watched for a moment before the massive angry-mob of memories then stopped and took several steps back, revealing the Murderer to be bloody and beaten as she lied on the floor. This made Tolae walk over and kneel down beside her as Samara, Myra and the others watched while the overhead storm and quakes suddenly stopped.

"You…can't…beat…me." Morinth said through the pain and agony she was feeling throughout her body as blood trickled from her mouth and dripped down onto the ground. But Tolae just looked down at the Murderer with a blank expression, taking in how bloodied and bruised her face was.

"I already have…" the young Asari then started to say while grabbing the sides of Morinth's head, moving her thumbs over the other Ardat-Yakshi's eyes while her own turned black.

"…now die!" she then added before pushing her thumbs into her adversary's eyes, making her enemy scream out loud in agony. Everybody just stood and watched as Tolae gouged her Enemy's eyes, with blood gushing out from between her thumbs as she pushed them in further when suddenly Morinth's body began to glow with a bright blue light which blinded the young Asari as she continued. Samara, Jethra, Rila, Falere and the other many victims of Morinth all began to glow too as the light touched them, before suddenly they disappeared along with the Murderer's body. This left Tolae on her own with just Evac, Crosscut and Myra standing around her in the empty limbo.

"It is finally over, she is dead." the young Asari then said before looking up at Crosscut, who simply smiled back before he too then faded away. This made Tolae smile as a white light then appeared and enveloped her, making everything else disappear.

"Tolae?" a familiar female voice suddenly spoke, making the young Asari open her eyes and finding herself standing over Morinth's body as it lied on the floor before her.

"Tolae, are you alright?" the voice spoke again, making Tolae look to her right and see Myra staring back with a worried expression, so she nodded back in return.

"Yes, I am alright, just a little light-headed." she replied, gaining a sigh of relief from the Rogue Spectre.

"Thank the goddess. When Morinth died, we thought she had taken you with her." she said back before gesturing to Strafe and Slash to her side, with the two Dinobots quickly doing so.

"Strafe and Slash will escort you to the Medical Bay for a check-up."

"That won't be necessary, I said I am okay." Tolae quickly replied as she shook her head, but Myra simply stared back with a friendly smile.

"I could order you too, but I would rather not do that to one of my friends, so please go as a favour to me."

"Okay, I will go." the young Ardat-Yakshi then replied with a sigh.

"Thanks…" the Rogue Spectre began to reply, before her smile faded.

"…I heard about Crosscut." she added as a look of sadness and regret appeared on her face. This gained a mirrored expression from Tolae, who nodded back in return.

"Yes, I am sorry that I could not stop Morinth from killing him. But I did make sure that she paid for that, along with everyone else that died at her hands."

"Good, I appreciate that. Now you better get to the Medical Bay, Evac is waiting there for you." the Rogue Spectre then said with a slight smile, which made the younger Asari's eyes widen as she nodded back before leaving her Leader's side and exiting the Shuttle-bay along with Slash and Strafe at her sides. Myra meanwhile turned back and looked down at Morinth's corpse, her slight smile still present.

'That's another failure Vasir, what's next your move.'
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