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Chapter XVIII

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As the Morning Hope's crew deal with the aftermath of Leviathan's sneak attack, Tolae and Evac bond in the Medical bay as Myra and Vraz discuss what the Autobots next move will be against Leviathan.

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It did not take long to reach the Medical Bay as Tolae was guided there by both Strafe and Slash, as the trio walked down one of the many identical corridors that ran through the length of the Morning Hope like a circulatory system. But as they reached the entrance, the young Asari looked at it with a confused expression, one that was noticed by the Dinobots.

"Tolae, what is it?" the Femme asked with a curious tone, gaining the Ardat-Yakshi's attention as she pointed at the door.

"This isn't the main Medical Bay." she said back, earning a nod from Slash.

"No, that was heavily damaged during Myra's fight with the rest of Leviathan's hit-squad, plus most of it's staff were killed as well. So this secondary Med-bay will take over the other's role as the ship's main Infirmary, once the rest of the equipment needed for it has been transferred and installed."

"I see. Well thank you for the help, but I can take it from..." Tolae began to say as she reached with her left hand for the control panel on her side of the door. But as her finger came within an inch of it's large white button, the Asari's strength suddenly left her body, which caused her to keel over.

"Tolae!" both Dinobots said in unison, quickly grabbing the Ardat-Yakshi and stopped her from falling over.

"I think your fight took more out of you than you realise." Strafe said back, gaining a nod from Slash in return.

"Good thing Myra asked us to come too, or you would have had a close encounter with the floor." he added before tapping the button on the door panel, which opened the Infirmary's doors and allowed them access.

"What's the situation?" one of the nurses then spoke as she approached the trio, noticing that hey were carrying the nearly unconscious Asari between them.

"We think she is just exhausted, but it would probably be a good idea to give her a full medical scan, just to be on the safe side." the Dinobot-Femme replied, which made the Nurse point to the berth just aways from her.

"Get her on that bed over there and will see to her in a moment..." she started to say, gaining a concerned look from Slash as he and the Femme did just that.

"Why can't you help her now?"

"Because if you haven't noticed, we are kind of understaffed right now. Ever since some maniacs murdered our friends in the main Medical-Bay, it's taken the rest of us just to stabilise the man lying over there." the nurse spat back whilst pointing to her four friends, who were standing around another man lying on the berth next to them. Both Dinobots went quiet as they looked at what remained of the ship's medical staff, while Tolae looked over to man lying on the berth similar to her own, her eyes widening as she recognised him.

"Evac! Is he okay, is he alright?" she asked with a worried tone to her voice, gaining the Nurse's attention as she turned away from the two Elite-Terracons and joined her side.

"You know this man?"

"Yes, his name is Evac and he is..." the Ardat-Yakshi began to say before stopping as her face relaxed a little, looking directly at the Pilot with a caring expression.

" best friend." she added, which brought an encouraging smile to the Nurse's face as she could see what the other patient meant to her.

"Well, you should know that your friend is going to be fine. All he has is a broken hand and leg, as well as some bruises heavy bruising over his body. But he will be fine, we just have to take him into surgery to work on his broken appendage and limb first." she said back whilst activating her holo-tool and giving the Asari a quick scan, while the patient then lied back down and closed her eyes, just as Strafe and Slash walked up to the Nurse.

"I didn't mean to cause offence, I am sorry for your loss." the Bot said back in an apologetic tone, which made the Nurse look back to him while her scan was still going on.

"I am sorry too. It's just...Minerva was a close friend of mine, and those bastards killed her along with most of my colleagues." she replied, before Slash put his hand on her shoulder in a supportive gesture.

"We will get them and they will pay for what happened here, I know we will." he said back in a soft tone, gaining a slight smile from the Nurse in return.

"Thank you..."

"The name's Slash, I'm a Dinobot." he replied, while Strafe just rolled her eyes and looked back at Evac.

"My name is Beta..." the Nurse began to reply, before her holo-tool beeped and regained her attention.

"By the All-Spark..." she started to say as her eyes went wide in shock, earning similar reactions from the pair of Terracons.

"What is it" Strafe asked, beating Slash to the question as Beta looked back to her colleagues.

"This Asari needs a neural stimulator, right now!" she shouted to her colleagues, ignoring the two Dinobots as one of the other Nurses left Evac's side and picked up a device shaped like a halo off the table next to them and brought to Beta.

"What's going on?" Slash asked as the two Nurses placed the item on Tolae's head and activated it, which began to bleep a soft sound and blink with yellow and blue lights.

"My scans showed that your friend's entire nervous system was under a great amount of stress, with her brain on the verge of shutting down…" she started to say before gesturing to the device.

"…so this Neural Stimulator should now stop that and give it the time to recover, but she will require a number of synaptic injections at key points on her body over the next several hours to ensure her nervous system makes a complete recovery." Beta replied before looking back at her colleague.

"Please prepare the first set of injections." she then said, gaining a nod from the other Nurse who then left their side and walked over to the far side of the Infirmary. But before anything else could happen, everyone's attention was caught by a Bot in gold and green light-armour entered the room.

"Doctor Kaput!" Beta said aloud with a relieved tone as the Doctor looked between both berths, before turning his attention to her.

"Nurse Beta, what is the situation?"

"We have a man with a broken leg and hand, as well as multiple bruises over his body…" Beta began to say as she gestured to the Man, gaining a nod from Kaput as he then looked at the Asari.

"And what about her?"

"…this Asari's nervous system was on the verge of total neural collapse, so we using a Neural Stimulator to stabilise her brain and were about to start administering the synaptic injections…" she started to continue, only for the Doctor to cut her off.

"…yes I know why, alright then. Since your attention is now on this Woman, I will instead perform the surgery for this Man."

"Very well Doctor." the Nurse replied before looking back at the two Dinobots, who both looked a little out of place as the Infirmary began to look very busy since Kaput had entered the room.

"It is probably best for you two to leave for now, we will keep you and anyone else these two patients know apprised of their situation." she said, gaining a nod from the Bot as he gestured to unconscious Tolae and Crosscut.

"Okay, we will inform their Commander as well as Vraz. Thanks for helping us with this, I know it's tough with what's just happened. But I know they will appreciate what you're doing." Slash then said with a slight smile, gaining a similar look from the Femme in return.

"Your welcome Slash." Beta replied before both Dinobots then turned around and left the room, allowing the Nurse to return her attention to her patient.


Meanwhile Myra was walking alongside two Terracons, who were carrying a full body-bag between them as the trio walked down on of the Autobot cruiser's corridors.

"Myra, there you are." a familiar voice spoke from behind which made the Rogue Spectre stop and turn round, only to find Commander Vraz walking over to her from the nearby elevator as it's doors closed.

"I take it that's Morinth's body." the Autobot Leader added, gaining a nod from the Asari in return.

"Yes, these men are taking it to the Morgue back at the main Medical-bay and I am heading there to see Kat and my Aunt."

"Well I just received a message from there telling me that both are fine, your Aunt is currently being moved to the secondary Infirmary as we speak and Kat is with her, so you should probably head the other way." he replied before gesturing to the two Terracons to continue, while he and the Asari stopped.

"Alright, thank you for letting me know." she said back.

"Look, I am going to be in a meeting with Autobot Command inside the next thirty minutes, reporting to them about everything that has happened recently..." Vraz said back, before the young Darby cut him off.

"Okay, what does this have to do with me?" she asked back with a curious tone, which brought a knowing look to the Commander's face.

"...I want you at my side when I do, so that you can inform them about everything you saw back at the Leviathan base. We need to be prepared for when Vasir makes her next move, but I think Command will need a push in the right direction and that is where you come in." the Bot replied, which made the Woman shake her head in return.

"Last time I tried such a thing, they never even gave me a chance to take a breath before speaking. So I have a hard time believing that this time will be any different..."

"But this time you won't have the other Senate Members there pressuring to silence you, and I will be there to back you up one hundred and ten percent." the Commander said back with a confident tone, which brought a thoughtful expression to Myra's face as she looked away for a moment.

"Well..." she began to say before returning her attention to the Bot, while numerous crew-members continued to walk past the pair in the corridor.

"...alright, I will be there. But they better listen this time, because I will not do this a third time." she then added with a stern and honest tone, earning a nod from Vraz.

"They will listen, I will make sure of it. I will be in the Conference room , see you there." he said before walking away from the Asari, who in turn moved to the nearest elevator whose doors opened and allowed her to enter.

"Infirmary." she then spoke out loud, which made it's doors close again before moving to the deck of her choice as her thoughtful look returned.

'They had better listen to me this time.'

A few minutes later and Myra entered the Infirmary to find Kat waiting for her, a relieved look on the Human's face as her eyes met the Asari's.

"There you are..." she started to say before the Rogue Spectre pulled her into a warm embrace, which she returned in kind.

"...nice, I could get used to that." she added with a coy tone, while Myra simply sighed.

"I'm just glad you're alright..." she started to say before pulling away just enough to look into her lover's face.

"...and my Aunt?"

"Ser-Ket is fine, the Nurses have already moved her into a private room over here." Kat replied as she pointed to the door behind her, so the young Darby walked over to it and looked through it's window.

"That's good to know, I didn't like leaving the two of you like I did." she said while staring at the peaceful looking Ser-Ket through the glass, noticing how peaceful her Aunt looked as she slept.

"I know, but that biotic upgrade you gave me did the trick." the Human replied with a smirk, regaining Myra's attention as she looked back to her friend.

"I wasn't entirely sure that would work, but I wanted to give you something to tip the balance more in your favour."

"Well I am glad you did, thank you." she said back while taking the Asari's hand in her own in a caring gesture, which made the other Woman smile.

"Your welcome Kat…" she began to reply before looking back at her sleeping Aunt.

"...but now that I know that you are both alright, I guess I should get going." the Rogue Spectre replied, gaining a confused look from Kat as she turned away.

"Where are you going?" she asked, mirroring her lover.

"Commander Vraz has asked me to join him when he debriefs for Autobot Command, he believes that they should finally listen to what I have to say." Myra answered, though the tone of her voice did not sound very confident and Kat could not help but pick up on this.

"Well, I hope they do. I mean I saw your memories too Myra, I know exactly what you went through the last time you tried to get through to them about Vasir."

"Yes, well maybe this time things will go better, I mean I do have the current Leader of the Autobots at my side." the young Darby replied, earning a nod from Kat in return who had a knowing look on her face.

"I guess, but Vraz is only in that position because Ser-Ket is currently unable too."

"I'm not going to lie to you, I would rather face those Admirals with my Aunt by my side..." Myra said back, taking one last glance at her only remaining family.

"But unfortunately that isn't possible, so I will take what I can get."

"I can come with you, if you want?" the young Mason replied, only for the Rogue Spectre to shake her head in return with a slight smile.

"I really appreciate that Kat, but I need you to find out where Evac and Tolae are and if they are okay since I have heard nothing since I had Slash and Strafe take her for medical treatment."

"Alright, I can do that..." the Human Woman began to say, only for a Nurse to look in their direction with a curious expression, gaining the pair's attention.

"Can we help you?" Myra then asked, trying to hide her annoyance with a calm tone.

"I apologise but I could not help but overhear your conversation, mentioning the names Evac and Tolae?" the Nurse replied in a professional tone, making both Asari and Human look at her with a surprised expression.

"You know them, where are they? Are they alright?" the young Darby then asked with a worried tone, but the Medical-Femme looked back with a calm expression.

"Before I answer your questions, I need to know what your relationship is to both patients?"

"They are our friends and team-mates." Kat then replied.

"Yes and I am their Commander, Myra Darby." the Asari added, earning a nod from the Nurse in return before she turned her attention back to the other's friend.

"I see...and you are?"

"Katrina, Katrina…Shepard, but my birth-name is Mason." Kat replied which gained a surprised look from her lover that did not go unnoticed by her, while the Nurse nodded in return.

"Okay then, in that case I can tell you that both Crosscut and Tolae will be fine. The former is still in surgery, though Doctor Kaput has informed me that they are nearly done. I meanwhile have been treating Tolae who is making a good recovery as well, though both will need at least twenty four hours to recuperate." she said back, earning a relieved look from the two Women.

"That's good to know, thank you..." Myra began to ask as she looked at the Medical-Femme with a curious expression, which made her smile back.

"Beta, my name is Beta."

"Thank you Nurse Beta." Kat then said, while the Asari nodded and smiled in return.

"Yes, thank you."

"I am just doing my job but you are welcome, I will notify you when your friends are ready to leave." Beta replied before turning around and heading to another side of the Infirmary, leaving the pair to their own company as they began to move towards the exit.

"So since we know where Evac and Tolae are now and their current condition, Is there anything else I can..." the Human Woman started to say, only for the Rogue Spectre to cut her off as they entered the corridor.

"When did you start using the name Shepard?" she asked with a curious smile, which only made Kat mirror the Asari with a grin of her own.

"Don't you have a meeting you need to get to?" she asked back with a coy tone, making Myra's smile widen a little more in return.

"Don't change the subject, I'll go in...a moment." she said back, trying to sound commanding. But this only made her Lover's stare all the more coy-like.

"You are so cute, but you have to go and meet up with Vraz for the talk with Autobot Command. But when you are finished, meet me in your quarters and I'll tell you..." she started to say before planting a soft kiss on the Asari's left cheek, which earned a sigh from her in return.

"Okay, you win." she said back whilst not attempting to hide the warmth she felt from that kiss, making Kat cock her head in response whilst remaining coy.

"I know, so go and show those Admirals whose boss."

"Yes sir." the young Asari replied with a half-hearted salute before she then walked away from her Lover, who watched her go as she stood there.

'I hope they actually listen to Myra this time.' she thought before turning around, walking away in the opposite direction.


Several minutes later and the Rogue Spectre walked up to a medium set of double-doors at the end of yet another similar looking corridor, which was located near the center of the Morning Hope. She held her hand up to the control panel beside the door, though only enough for her fingers to be just a few millimetres from the buttons as she took a deep breath.

'Okay, here goes.' she thought before sighing and pressing the button which opened the door and revealed the room's interior to her, which looked much larger than the doorway she was standing in would let on from the outside, it had a circular shape to it with ten circular pads around one and a half metres in diameter stationed on the floor in a formation that followed the shape of the room.

"Good, you made it just in time." Vraz then said, gaining the Asari's attention as she entered the room and walked up to the Commander who was standing in the room's central point.

"Well I just hope that this actually counts for something this time." she replied with an unsure tone, which brought a supportive look from the Autobot Leader as he could read that in the expression on her face.

"Don't worry, this time they will listen." he replied before looking down at his fore-arm as his holo-tool activated and surrounded it, glowing orange as he typed a sequence into it's keypad. And suddenly the room went dark as it's overhead lights dimmed and the circular pads began to activate, a light-blue glow emanating from the edges of each pad as a holo-image appeared over them.

"Here they come…" Vraz then said as he and Myra watched as the Autobot Admirals all appear around them, dressed in the armour and looking at the pair with stern expressions.

"…Welcome to the Morning Hope." the Commander then said while the Rogue Spectre looked around the room, only recognising a handful of the new arrivals.

"Enough with the pleasantries Vraz, why have you summoned this meeting?" a black haired Man with a pale complexion replied as he stood in his orange and green armour, earning the attention of both the Bot and Asari.

"I am the acting Leader of the Autobots, Admiral Bludgeon. You would do well to remember that as you speak to me." The Commander spoke with a stern expression, though the older Man simply shrugged back in response.

"And…'acting' is the appropriate word, because you certainly are not Ser-Ket. I would much rather speak with our 'actual' Commander….and what is she doing here?" he then said while pointing a finger at Myra, who just copied the Admiral's previous look as she stared back at him with an unimpressed expression, while another Asari standing to Bludgeon's left spoke up.

Admiral please, restrain yourself…" she started to say before looking back at the Commander, a questioning expression appearing on her face.

'Never met a Bot with a more appropriate name.' Myra thought while the other Admiral continued.

"…Despite Bludgeon's behaviour, I find that he does have a point. Commander Vraz, care to explain why you have this Rogue Spectre in your midst?" the Asari Admiral asked with a curious tone, while the others remained quiet.

"Admiral Nuwani and fellow Admirals of Autobot Command, I have called this meeting today because of a very real threat that is in our midst. Not one that is focused solely on our own civilisation, but to the whole galaxy in general." Vraz said, which made the Turian Admiral standing behind him speak up.

"And what threat would that be? Because the only news that is of relevance right now, is that the Autobots have been relieved of their duties as the protectors of the Inter-Stellar Federation."

"Yes and it cannot be mere coincidence that the ISF Senate sped up our exit due to the fact that we discovered a Leviathan Base on Unity Station, one that…." the Commander began to say, only for Bludgeon to roll his eyes in response.

"So that is why this Rogue Spectre is standing in our presence, because she has you believing in her Leviathan theory now. You know we should be focusing on the fact that we are no longer part of the ISF, not on this. Would you not agree, Xaaron?" he then said, looking over to the blonde Bot in gold and blue armour standing on the other side of the room opposite him.

"That would be a more appropriate subject for this meeting, now that we are all here." he replied, only for the Nuwani to shake her head in return.

"Despite that making sense, I do find myself intrigued to know what Myra Darby has now which would bring her back to us after so long in exile."

This gained a nod from both Male and Female Human Admirals, who stood beside each other to the left of her.

"Both Admiral Jones and I wish to hear out Miss Darby too." the Man said, gaining a sigh from Bludgeon in return.

"Admiral Lennox, you and Jones are here because you replaced Ahern and Goldfire just a few months ago, what makes you think you can dictate how this meeting plays out?"

"In that case we should vote on if we should hear out or Rogue Spectre here. So far it is Nuwani, Lennox and myself for..." Admiral Jones then said, before Xaaron then cut her off.

"...and Bludgeon and myself against, with only Abrudas left to vote." he said before gesturing to the Turian Admiral, who had kept quiet throughout the exchange as he stood there and listened.

As the Admirals stood there and looked over to their colleague, looking at him with curious expressions as they awaited his vote. Myra just watched them all as they bickered between themselves, her anger was building up to exploding point as she clenched her fist and made it glow blue with biotic energy.

"I believe we should arrest this Rogue Spectre and get back to the matters at hand." the Turian then said, made the young Darby grit her teeth.

'This is getting us nowhere.' she thought, while Vraz took a step in front of her.

"Myra is here as my guest, so there will be no arresting her. Not since her crimes were against the ISF, not against us."

"It does not matter, she is an enemy of the state and so will be held accountable for the crimes against her name." Bludgeon spoke up, but before anyone else could say anything, the young Asari's biotics flared up and illuminated the entire room as her entire person began to shine.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" she cried out loud, making everyone stop and look at her in shock as she glowed brightly with her power.

"Wow..." Commander Vraz whispered under his breath as his friend slowly calmed down, with her biotics fading as the audience just watched while she stared back with an angry expression.

"Now I came here because Commander Vraz invited me, so that I can share my Intel and experiences in investigating Leviathan while I was chasing Tela Vasir across the galaxy. As you are well aware, she was responsible for the murders of my Mother Liara T'Soni and my fiancée and fellow Spectre John Shepard. Now all I ask is that you allow me to show you what I have and then once I am finished, you can then choose to either help me or not. So what will it be, because I am frankly running out patience?"

Everyone just stared back at the Asari with shocked looks, especially Bludgeon before Nuwani then spoke.

"Myra Darby, you were one of our best Spectres before your self imposed exile from the Autobots and the crimes you committed against the ISF after that. But as we are no longer a part of the Alliance, I see no reason to adhere to their rules. So if no one else feels the need to speak up..." she started to say before looking around the room, noting that the Admirals just remained quiet and nodded back.

...we will hear out your evidence, so please begin." the Asari Admiral added as she looked back at Myra, who merely nodded back and activated her holo-tool.

"Thank you." she replied before bringing up a large amount of holo-images and in Intel reports, which floated around the Rogue Spectre as she began.


At this moment, on other side of the galaxy. The Leviathan floated in the middle of it's ever growing fleet, with more ships joining their ranks with each passing hour. On board the massive battleship, Vasir stood in the center of her large ready-room and looked at the large image being emitted from a holo-emitter in it's center.

"So how is the synthetic-energon core, everything running smoothly?" she asked while looking at it's holo-image, before a voice spoke from the speakers in the ceiling.

"The core is running at one hundred and ten percent, more than enough to run every system on this impressive ship of ours." a male voice replied, gaining a nod from the Leviathan leader.

"That's good and what about Leviathan's speciality, can the core handle that too?"

"It will handle that and everything else asked of it, in fact the entire ship is now fully functional." the voice replied, which brought a smile to Vasir's face.

"Excellent, keep me apprised to any further developments. Vasir out." she said back before tapping a button on the holo-image, ending the call and making the hologram change into an interface with several smaller screens hovering around it.

'Everything is coming together nicely, all there is to do is make sure all my fleets are ready.' the Asari thought before having her attention drawn to the door behind her opening up, making her turn around to see Inferno enter.

"You're back, I hope your mission was a success?" she began to say before noticing that the Con was on his own, which made her look back with a confused expression.

"…Where is Morinth?"

This made the Destron Leader stare to the ground as a worried look appeared on his face while sighing in response.

"Vasir…" he began to say before turning his attention to the Asari, who just stood there and looked back at him.

"…I am sorry to say that Morinth did not make it." Inferno added with as much of a sincere tone as he could muster, since in reality the Con had left the Ardat-Yakshi behind. But Vasir just looked back at him and narrowed her eyes before tapping her com-link, turning away from him as she did so.

"Communications, this is Vasir. Patch me through to one of my operatives onboard the Morning Hope, if there are any left of course."

As the Leviathan Leader stood there and waited, the Terracon could feel himself getting nervous as he watched her.

'Oh scrap, please tell me there were no other operatives on board.' he thought, before the Asari began speaking again.

"Yes, this is Vasir. Can you give me a report on our strike against Eudora's crew that just occurred….." she then said as the room remained deathly quiet, with Inferno feeling his spark beginning to feel cold as he awaited his Boss's next move.

"…I see, thank you." she then answered with a toneless voice, making it hard for the Destron Leader to guess her next move. But the Asari just stayed quiet for a moment after deactivating her com-link, which made Inferno feel even worse as that short passage of time felt like an eternity.

'Well, what is she going to…' he began to think before Vasir suddenly spun round and grabbed him by the throat with her biotics, pulling him into the air as the blue energy glowed around her hand and his neck.

"Did you think I would not find out?" she asked with a venomous tone, while the Destron Leader dangled before her and grasped at his neck frantically.

"I…gh.." he tried to say back as he felt his throat slowly be crushed which only made the furious Asari to squeeze her fist a little more, making him splutter and gasp for air.

"I knew the two of you didn't see eye to eye, but why in Goddess's name did you leave her behind?" she spat while Inferno's face started to turn a light shade of blue, which made her release him from her biotic grasp. The Destron fell to the ground and collapsed as he took several deep breaths, trying to recover as Vasir stood over him.

"Are you going to keep me waiting Inferno, because you know I don't like that?" she added as the Con slowly got onto his knees and looked up at her.

"…Your right, I…didn't like her…but she wouldn't…follow orders…and was…never much…of a team player. She…went after three…of Myra's friends…on her own." he said back between deep breathes, earning a nod from the Leviathan Leader as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Yes and managed to kill one whilst injuring the other two, which puts her in a better position than you doesn't it. Since you failed to kill Darby, her friend Mason….or even her comatose Aunt. How do you even explain yourself there?" she shouted at him, making the Terracon feel very small in her presence as her eyes glowed with biotic energy as she stared daggers at him as he raised his hands in a submissive gesture.

"It was…my plan to take…Darby out first, in a coordinated attack. Once she was dead, the others would be easy targets as they would come to assist her. But Morinth and her loose cannon-like ways ruined that option, Leviathan is better without her…" he answered, feeling his breathing come back into control as he was almost grovelling to the Asari.

"…you know this too. Our operation will go much more smoothly without her ruining it all with her Ardat-Yakshi ways…" he said which made Vasir grab his throat with her biotics once again, though only with half the strength she used before.

"Maybe you're right, but I make the decision to cut people from 'my' operation…" she began to reply, kneeling down in front of him so that she could look him in the eyes.

"…not you. So if you dare do something like this again…I will cut out you from Leviathan myself, do we understand each other?" she asked with an ice-cold tone, which made Inferno nod frantically in return.

"…yes…yes, I understand." he replied, before the Leviathan Leader let go of his neck and turned away from him as he fell back on to his hands and knees.

"Good, now get out of my sight and see if Project: Crimson Rage is ready." she ordered, gaining another nod from him as he got to his feet and began to back away from her.

"Yes Vasir, it will be done." he added while keeping his eyes on her as she looked at her holo-interface.

"Then get out of here." Vasir spat, making the Con turn around and leave the room at a brisk pace, leaving her on her own once more.

'If I did not need the help of him and his Terracons, I would kill him right now.' the Asari thought as she looked over the reports and Intel appearing in the smaller holo-screens.

'I really hate Cybertronians.'


Several hours had passed before the meeting with Autobot Command had come to a close, with Myra feeling as tired mentally as she did physically while walking down the corridor towards her quarters.

'Well that went as well as expected, I only hope that they take it seriously.' she thought as walked past two crewmen, who were heading in the opposite direction. But she found a smile slowly gracing her face as her eyes fell upon Kat, who was waiting outside of her door.

"There you are, I was beginning to wonder if you were coming back?" the Human Woman said with a relieved tone as the Asari approached, reaching for the door control panel as she stopped beside her lover.

"You haven't been standing here all this time have you?" she asked as a slightly worried look appeared on her face, though Kat simply shook her head in response.

"No, I have been waiting in my own quarters. I just came and checked to see if you were back every other hour, so how did it go?"

"Well…" the Rogue Spectre began to say as she tapped the door control, opening the door and allowing the pair access as they then walked into the room.

"…the reason I was gone so long is because the Admirals wanted to know everything."

"Everything? You mean the entire time you were working in exile." the young Shepard replied with a confused look, while her blue lover sat down on the edge of the bed and nodded as the door closed behind them.

"Yes, everything to do with my pursuit of Vasir…for the past two hundred and fifty years."

"But that's good isn't it…" Kat then asked as she sat down beside Myra, placing her hand on the Asari's in a supportive and caring manner.

"…it means that they are taking it seriously, doesn't it?" she added with a glimmer of hope to her voice, though the young Darby merely looked away for a second and sighed.

"I hope so. I mean I have a feeling that Nuwani believes me, as well as Lennox and Jones, but I am not sure about the others."

"Wasn't Nuwani a member of Autobot Command back when you first approached them about Vasir, after what happened at your wedding?…" Kat then asked, gaining a nod from the other Woman.

"…Yes, she was and I had a feeling that she believed me back then too. I mean she was friends with my Mother and I had worked alongside her at one point during my early Autobot career, but she like Ser-Ket must have been overruled by the Senate." she said before giving off a yawn as her eyes-lids started to feel heavy, something did not go unnoticed by Kat.

"I have a feeling that things will be different this time, but right now you could do with some rest." the young Woman replied while gently helping the Asari to lie down, earning a nod from her in return.

"Yeah…your right there…" she said back with yet another yawn, which made Kat smile at how cute her lover looked as she began to curl up on the bed.

"…will you stay?" Myra then asked while looking up at the Human, whose smile widened.

"With you, of course. There is nothing that would pry me from your side." she answered in a soft tone, which made the Rogue Spectre smile back as she fought to keep her eyes open, something that had become that much harder the moment her head had come in contact with the soft and comfortable pillow of her bed.

"Hold me." she replied, earning a loving stare from Kat, who then climbed onto the bed and lied next to her Lover. The pair then wrapped their arms around each other as the young Darby rested her head on the other's shoulder, slowly allowing themselves to fall asleep as they both enjoyed their warm embrace.

Meanwhile in the Infirmary, Tolae awoke to find herself lying in one of the private patient rooms. The lights were dimly-lit and only offered a little illumination to her surroundings, but it was enough for to see that she was lying on a Medical berth with a light-weight sheet covering her body, while dimly-lit holo-screens either side of her pillow showed her heart rate and current condition of her health.

'Well I am feeling much better.' she thought while glancing at the second screen, before noticing that another bed was just away from her.

'Is that who I think it is?' the Ardat-Yakshi added as she sat up and looked over to the other bed, seeing another person lying on top of it. So she got off the bed and was about to walk over to the other berth, but not before noticing that all she was wearing was a white hospital gown that was open at the back and giving her a slight chill.

'I don't think so.' she thought before taking the sheet off her berth and wrapping it around her, covering up the gap.

'That's better.'

So with that done, the Asari began to walk over to the other patient's berth. Though as she got halfway between her bed and the other one, her eyes widened as she recognised the person lying on it.

'Evac!' she thought before finding herself rushing to his side, only to see that he was comfortably asleep with his own bed-sheet covering his body. This made Tolae smile as she looked down at him, taking note of his calm and relaxed expression as he lied there.

'He looks so cute like that.' she thought before her attention was caught by the two holo-screens that surrounded the back part of his bed, much like her own.

'His heart-rate is steady and his injuries are virtually healed, that's a relief.' she thought with a sigh, before reaching down and placing her hand on his in a caring gesture. But then as if sensing her touch, the Bot opened his eyes and looked up at her with a warm smile appearing on his face.

"Hi." he said in soft tone, which made her smile back in return.

"Hi." she said back, unsure of what else to say as the Pilot took her hand in his own and gently squeezed it.

"I'm alright Tolae, the Doctors repaired the damage done to my leg and hand." he said while holding up his once broken hand for her to see, which gained a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi as a look of worry and relief appeared on her face.

"I'm a so relieved to hear that…" she started to say as her eyes began to well up, which did not go unnoticed by the Bot.

"…because when Morinth attacked you and hurt the way she did….I nearly…" she started to say before looking down at the edge of the berth, which made Evac take her hand in both of his like it was the most precious thing in the world.

"I know, I thought I was a goner too…" he started to say while gently caressing her hand, making the Asari look back up to him as a single tear ran down her cheek.

"…I shouldn't have gone at Morinth like that, but…" he added, only for the Ardat-Yakshi to nod and cut him off mid-sentence.

"I know why you did what you did Evac, and you were right too. Crosscut deserved justice for what she did to him, not only with enthralling him against his will and have him kill us, but also in killing him." she replied.

"He did break free of it, I knew that bitch could not make him hurt us, he was our friend after all." the Pilot said back with pride in his voice, earning a nod from the blue woman as she looked down to see that he was still holding her hand in his own.

"…So I guess since we are both here and Morinth isn't because you caught up to her and made her pay." Evac then said with a knowing look, which brought a slight smile to the Asari's face.

"Yes…yes I made sure that Crosscut was avenged, as well as everyone else that monster had killed during her lifetime."

"That's my girl." the Bot then said with a sparkle in his eyes, one that nearly took the Ardat-Yakshi's breath away as she blushed in response while coyly looking away as a smile graced her face, which only made his smile widen.

"…What?" she said back, trying to sound surprised by his admission. But he simply replied by gently pulling the Asari closer to him, making her lean over the bed as her face was drawn closer to his.

"You know I mean that right? You are my girl." he replied as he looked upon her beautiful face, taking note of her blushing cheeks as she stared back at him.

"…I know, and despite what I said before…I have come to care for you just as much, which is why I was afraid to…" she said back, her eyes still welled up as more tears threatened to be unleashed upon her blue skin.

"It doesn't matter, none of it does…" he started to say as he leaned in close towards her, with the pair feeling each others breath on their skin.

"…I know there is a reason that we shouldn't be together, but I don't care about it. And neither should you. Because I know we can make this work." he added while Tolae simply continued to look into his eyes, seeing his resolve and his passion in his stare and hearing it in his words as he brushed his fingers against her cheek.

'Evac, he has such belief in me. It makes me feel like I can do anything…and I want him just as much as he wants me.' she thought as she closed her eyes and enjoyed his fingers on her skin, which felt like tingles of electricity with each and every touch.

"I want that too…" she began to say, which made the Bot cup her face in his hands despite the slight throbbing he felt in his still-recovering hand, earning a slight moan from the Asari as she enjoyed his touch. So he closed the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers with a gentle and caring kiss, which felt like an explosion of electricity between the two for what felt like a long moment as Tolae closed her eyes and melted into the kiss. Evac then pulled away just enough to look the Ardat-Yakshi in the eyes as the need for air surfaced between them.

"I trust you with my life Tolae, you are everything to me." he then said with utter clarity to his words and his expression as he stared into her eyes, making them widen in surprise momentarily before she suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a passionate embrace, pressing her lips against his with enough force to make him moan into the kiss. But he returned the favour before putting his hands on either side of her slim athletic figure, before lifting her onto the bed to straddle him. This gained a cry of surprise from the Asari before they resumed kissing, while letting their hands explore their upper bodies, feeling every inch of each other through their gowns. They never stopped their kissing as they did this, not until the Bot had his hands around the Asari's back and under the open end of her gown, feeling her bare back against his hands which made her gasp in surprise. The pair then looked into each others eyes as Evac took hold of each end of the open back of the gown before she then nodded, which made him rip off the gown in one move, exposing the Asari's blue body to him and earning a surprised yet loving smile in response.

"Nice." she replied as he then kissed her on her bare neck, earning a soft moan from the Asari while he then made a trail of kisses down her collar bone, towards her breasts which he then took in his hands. This gained a shiver of delight from the Ardat-Yakshi as he then kissed and licked her left nipple while gently fondling the right, making Tolae almost bite her lip as she was awash in the sensations this created.

'By the Goddess, this is amazing...' she thought before managing to regain some control, focusing her biotics on the Bot's gown and making it glow a light blue before ripping it off in a similar fashion to how her lover had, which made him look back with a mirrored reaction.

"Wow." he said in response as he also noticed that the bed-sheet too had left the berth, leaving the pair completely naked with the Asari on his lap.

"You like?" she asked in a coy tone as he looked her up and down, letting his eyes drink in as much of her natural beauty as he could before looking back into her own, only to notice that she was eyeing up his own toned body in return with a big smile on her face.

"You bet I do." he replied eagerly, to which she wrapped her arms around him.

"Kiss me then." she said in what might have sounded like an order, but it something he could do without any persuasion as he pulled her back into a passionate embrace and kiss, pressing their bodies together as their tongues playfully wrestled in their joined mouths. But as the pair were fixed in this moment of bliss, the Ardat-Yakshi felt not only her own building desires as her body reacted to all his touches and kisses, but also the need to bond was slowly coming over her.

'No, Evac is right. I can hold this back...for him...for us.' she thought wile pushing that feeling back and focused instead on the pleasures that the pair were experiencing at this second. But this did not last long as the Asari was pulled out of the moment by something else, making her pull away just enough to look back at her lover.

"What is it?" he asked with a slightly confused tone while she looked down at his crotch, which instantly made Evac blush in return as Tolae stared down at his nearly erect member.

"Oh...yeah, well you do have that affect on me." he added with a smile, gaining a coy look from the Asari as she reached down with her left hand towards it.

"Let's see if I can really get it going, because you have already got me going." she said gently while suddenly teased him by stroking her index finger from the base of his member, all the way to it's tip and all while it was glowing with biotic energy, which felt something like static electricity to the Pilot, making his member go fully erect in a second.

"Oh my god!" he almost cried out in surprise, letting go of his lover and using his hands to steady himself on the berth as the sensation travelled through his body. But suddenly Tolae was pulled out of the moment as she witnessed Evac grimace a little as he looked down to his recovering hand, having put a little too much pressure on it and this made her remember his other injury too as she glanced over her shoulder in the direction of his leg. But the Pilot noticed this and gently cupped the left hand side of her face with his hand, bringing her attention back to him as they looked into each others eyes.

"It's okay, I can handle it. I don't need my legs right now anyway." he said with a light tone, disarming Tolae with his smile as she found herself smiling back.

"Okay." she replied before suddenly surprising him by lifting herself onto him, letting his member enter her sex which was already very wet.

This action brought on the most surprised reaction from Tolae as she looked into Evac's eyes and moaned out loud, gaining a similar if more controlled look from him.

"This is your first time?" he asked, knowing fully well what her answer would be. Tolae though merely nodded as her body shivered in his lap, which made the Bot wrap his arms around her in a secure yet gentle embrace.

"It's alright, I'm here...I've got you." he said back gently, before slowly raising his lover up and then back down on his member, earning another more softer moan from her in return. So Evac then continued to do this, giving the Ardat-Yakshi time to get used to what she was feeling as they made love.

'By...the...Godess, this is...I want more.' she thought before placing her hands on his shoulders and taking control of the movement, which made the Bot's smile widen as he too enjoyed the sensations and building feelings that they were creating together.

The two lovers continued with this several minutes, getting heavy breaths from both as neither wanted to stop while their skin started to sweat as their bodies tried to keep up with their actions. Also their heart-beat monitors were sounding far less calm, with the pair's pulses speeding up as they closed in on their respective orgasms, like two volcanoes readying to erupt. Tolae suddenly let go of her lover's tightly toned shoulders and put her hands behind her, letting her arch her back and make the thrusts quicker and more pleasurable. But she could also feel the need to bond coming back to her and at this point, she was close to exploding as exhaustion was ready to take her.

'I can't any...longer, I have to...let it happen!' she thought as she came to the brink of orgasm, as both that need and her instincts became entangled and hard to separate. So just as she dropped down onto Evac's pulsing member one last time, which made her whole body shiver as her orgasm ruptured throughout it. This made Tolae throw her head back and cry out loud in pleasure as she stared up at the ceiling, her eyes going black for an instant as she tore her focus away from her lover and concentrated on her own body. Then a second later, Evac followed suit as his own orgasm took hold, closing his eyes as he moaned out loud before the Asari pulled herself back to him and the pair embraced again, both panting heavily and visibly shaking from their climax. The Bot then opened his eyes and looked back at his lover as they held each other, noticing the surprised look on her face.

"What's wrong?" he asked with a curious tone, which made the Ardat-Yakshi smile a little as she looked into his eyes.

"You're…okay." she replied with a surprised tone, making Evac smile back with a bemused expression before pulling her closer to him as he kissed her cheek.

"Of course…I'm okay, that…was…amazing." he replied with a breathless tone before resting his head on her shoulder, with the Woman following suit as they embraced each other's sweaty and still slightly shivering bodies.

"…Yes…yes it was." she replied with a relieved yet loving tone before letting out a sigh as the pair sat on the bed in each others arms, just listening to each others breathing and the sounds of the holo-screens around them.
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