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Chapter XIX

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Myra and her friends discover what the Autobot Command's decision will be regarding Leviathan, but will it be in time as Vasir prepares to launch her attack against the Autobots.

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Myra felt so relaxed as she lied on the bed beside a still fast-asleep Kat, who was gently snoring away to herself. The Asari had woken up just a few minutes earlier and had just been watching her lover, noticing how cute she looked while curled up next to her.

'Kat looks so peaceful, I know how she feels.' the young Darby thought as a smile appeared on her face, making her sigh quietly in return.

'It's been so long, so very long since I have felt like this. And now Kat has twice made me...'almost' forget our troubles and simply...relax, I wasn't even sure I could still do that.' she added before looking over to the holo-image of a clock on the wall to her right.

'It's Seven Thirty AM.' she thought before turning her attention to the window, which revealed nothing but the star-blanketed void beyond it.

'If it was not for that clock, you wouldn't even know that it is was already morning. I certainly miss having the Sun let me know when that is, perhaps Kat and I can do something about that together once…' she started to think before stopping as her eyes widened, earning a surprised expression from the young Darby as she lied back and looked up at the ceiling. She had never thought about the future beyond Vasir, not since her fateful Wedding Day two and a half centuries ago. A day that blanketed her life in darkness, where the idea of a hopeful future was all but gone.

'I can't believe it. Has my recent experiences with Kat, our growing relationship really opened my eyes to the possibility of a future with her beyond now. It has been so long that I had long given up on the idea of such a , since I had to remain focused on Vasir.' she thought with a disbelieving look before her attention was caught by the sound of Kat stirring from her restful sleep, so Myra quickly put those thoughts behind her as she turned back to her lover who slowly opened her eyes and gave the young Darby a loving smile.

"Hey you." she said in a soft voice, gaining a mirrored expression from the Asari as she smiled back.

"Hey." she said back in a loving tone, which made the Human Woman's smile grow wider as they looked into each others eyes.

"Sleep well?" the Asari added, earning a nod from her lover who began running her finger over the soft blue skin of the other's hand.

"Yes I did, though that maybe because I am sharing a bed with you." she replied with a coy tone, one that made Myra's cheeks redden slightly in response.

"…I slept well too, which I believe was down to you." the young Darby said with a mirrored tone as she reached over and ran her other hand through Kat's chocolate-brown hair, making her close her eyes and sigh as she enjoyed the Asari's touch.

"Mmm…that feels nice, brings back a memory which I find most welcome." she replied, which made Myra repeat her previous action, taking comfort in the reaction of her lover.

"I know what you mean, after all what we shared together still resonates strongly with me." she said with a warm tone, gaining a star-eyed look from the Human Woman.

"So I am very much looking forward to us sharing many more moments like that in the future..." Myra began to say, noticing the sparkle in the other Woman's eyes as she spoke.

"...but there is just one thing that needs to be done first." she added, earning a nod from Kat.

"I know, we have to stop Vasir...and we will together. You're not alone in this Myra, you have me, Evac and Tolae with you. And we will make Vasir pay for the part she played in Crosscut's death, as well as the murders of both your Mother and my Ancestor."

This brought a slight smile to the young Darby's face, taking note of the confident expression on her Lover's face.

"Listening to you say it all like that, makes me feel like we have a strong chance." she replied, with the Asari remembering all the times Leviathan's Leader had slipped though her grasp.

"Well it's because we do..." Kat began to reply as a curious expression then appeared on her face, gaining a similar one from the Rogue Spectre.

"What is it?" she asked as the Human Woman then sat up a little, while continuing to rest her head on her arm.

"You've been thinking about the future haven't you...our future?" she asked with a hint of hope in her voice, gaining a nod from Myra who breathed a sigh.

"I have..." she began to reply before her expression slowly changed to one with a small amount of guilt visible for her lover to see.

"...but I can't help but feel..." she added with a worried tone, only for the other Woman to cut her off.

" feel that your betraying my Ancestor by doing so." Kat said back with a knowing tone, but also with a sympathetic look which made the Asari nod back before sitting up and looking away from her.

"Well you know 'he' would want you to be happy in the end right..." she started to say while sitting up and placing her hand on the Rogue Spectre's bare shoulder, making the blue Woman look back and nod.

" stop punishing yourself for wanting some happiness in your life, because you deserve some just like all the rest of us."

"I's just...hard for me to get used to it because of how long I have gone on without it, you know. I keep thinking that if I start to accept it, then fate or whatever will just come down and snatch it from me again." Myra replied as a slight smile began to grace her face as she stared back at Kat, who mirrored her smile.

"Well you needn't worry, because I am not going anywhere. I am here for long haul Myra, no matter how long it takes." she said back in a supportive and caring tone, one that made the Asari's smile widen.

"Thanks for understanding Kat." she replied with a relieved tone as the atmosphere between the two lovers began to lighten again, only for the Rogue Spectre's expression to change to a more curious look.

" never did answer my question." she said with a similar tone, gaining a coy look from the young Human Woman in return.

"And which question may that be?" she asked, feigning a unsure tone as she smiled back.

"When did you start calling yourself Shepard?" Myra then asked, which made Kat reach over to the chair that was sitting beside her side of the bed and grabbing her utility belt which was lying on it.

"Well..." she started to say before bringing her attention back to her lover, holding her belt in her hands for both to see.

"...don't remember this don't you?" she said while unsheathing her combat knife, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"Yes, it's your favourite blade." Myra replied while looking down at the weapon.

"Well I never told you this, but I was given this knife by my Mother. She told me that it was a family tradition to pass this blade to the next generation of Masons who would serve in the Military, and so handed it to me on the day I earned my insignia for the Autobots and joined the

"The Wreckers." Kat said back, earning a surprised look from the young Darby.

"I didn't know that, I mean I kind of guessed that you were an Autobot, I mean who from Earth wasn't as they pretty much took over as Humanity and Cybertronians only military after the Reaper War."

"Yes, that is true and I had some good times working alongside the likes of Broadside, Whirl, Carlo, Roadbuster and Topspin, just to name a few..." the Human Woman replied with a nostalgic smile as she remembered those times.

"...But that all changed when the ISF Senate decided to take a more active roll in monitoring the Wreckers activities, as they had done with the Autobot Spectres over a century before..." she added with a slightly saddened expression, earning an understanding nod from Myra.

"The Senate were trying to do the same thing before I went Rogue to pursue Vasir, I guessed the Autobots would eventually cave in to their pressure, like they did with everything else that the Alliance wanted."

"Yes, so I left...and that's when I met you and the others, which is something I don't regret." Kat then added with a smile as she placed her hand on the bed between her and the Asari, with her lover placing her hand on top in a caring gesture.

"Me neither." she replied as they looked into each other eyes once more, before the Human then shook her head and gave the Rogue Spectre a slightly annoyed stare.

"Getting back to this..." she began to say while gesturing to the knife, regaining Myra's attention to it.

"...can you see the engraving on the blade?" she added while pointing at the intended spot on the weapon, gaining a nod from the young Darby.

"Yes but I can't make it out, too much of it has been worn off." she replied, earning a knowing look from Kat who then activated her holo-tool.

"That's what I thought, but then I took a scan of the knife and using it's programming to clean up and recreate what the engraving looked like before...which is this." the Human added before an image of the blade appeared with it's carving completely new looking weapon, which made Myra's eyes widen a little as she read the engraving.

"J. Shepard." she said in a slightly disbelieving tone, which made her lover nod back in return.

"Yes, this combat knife used to belong to my great, great, great Grandfather and has been passed down through my family and is now in my hands."

This gained a thoughtful look from the Asari, who continued to look down at the blade.

"I remember John telling me about a knife he lost, which came as a real disappointment to him due to it once belonging to an ancestor of his before being passed down through his family."

"Really? So this doesn't mean John but another Shepard from long before him, kind of makes it interesting that my great, great, great Grandfather once held this knife in a similar way to how I do now." Kat replied, which earned a nod from Myra in return.

"Yes and he must of misplaced it while he was still married to your great, great, great Grandmother. He must have meant a great deal to her since she kept the knife and continued to pass it down through her lineage, ending with it in your possession. I mean for the blade to be as old as this now appears to be, it is still in excellent condition considering."

"I know, I made sure to keep it sharp and battle-ready. When my Mother gave it to me, she said that this knife had been passed down through our family and every member who used it made sure to look after it, so I did the same." Kat said back, bringing a slight smile to the Rogue Spectre's face as she gave her lover a proud look.

"John would be proud to know that his favourite knife was still being used within the family, and that it is still an effective weapon now as it was all the way back then."

"Thanks Myra, I really appreciate that. And anyway back to your question 'why am I using the Shepard name, well that is because John Shepard was family and I want to honour his name by carrying it alongside my own..." the Human Woman replied, before the young Darby then handed her back the combat-knife.

"…So I will now be known as Katrina 'Kat' Shepard Mason, I mean as long as you don't have any problem with it of course." she then added, an unsure look appearing on her face as she looked at Myra. But the Asari merely smiled back with a caring expression, placing her hand on her lover's shoulder in a supportive gesture.

"Why would I have a problem with that? You're John's family and are more than worthy of carrying his name, so I have absolutely no problem with that….Shepard." she said back in a loving tone, which brought a smile to Kat's face in return.

"Thank you Myra." she replied before the pair began to lean in for a kiss, only to have their moment broken by the sound of the inter-com activating.

"Myra Darby, this is Beta. Do you read me?" the voice of the Autobot Nurse spoke, gaining the two lovers attention as the Asari tapped her com-link.

"This is Myra, what is it Beta?"

"I think you should come to the Infirmary, we have a problem." the Femme replied in a worried tone, which immediately brought a fearful look from the Rogue Spectre.

"What! Is it my Aunt?" she asked back with a similar tone.

"No, your Aunt is still in a coma but is otherwise doing well." Beta replied, which made both Women stare back at each other in confusion

"So what is it then?" Kat asked, beating her Rogue Spectre to the question.

"It's Evac and Tolae."


A few minutes earlier and Beta was walking down the corridor towards the Secondary Infirmary so that she could start her shift for the day, before her eyes suddenly fell upon a familiar person standing by the entrance to her work which brought a slight smile to her face.

"Hi." Slash said with a welcoming smile as the Femme walked up to him with a curious expression, having noticed that the Dinobot was holding his right arm with his left and looking a little uncomfortable.

"Hi, so what did you do?" she asked, feigning ignorance despite having a good idea of what he had done.

"I was just doing my early morning workout with Grimlock and Scorn, with the three of us sparring in two on one bouts…" he started to explain, before the Nurse then cut him off.

"I thought there were four of you., isn't there a Femme in your team as well?"

"Yes, you mean Strafe. She is always supposed to train with us, but she is not what you would call a Morning person." he replied with a disappointed tone, while the Femme looked at his arm.

"I see, well as far as your arm goes, I think you have basically dislocated it, but I will need to run a scan to be sure." she replied while tapping the doors control panel, which opened them and allowed the pair to enter.

"Well I think you're right there Beta, since Sharptooth can be a little to hard on us during training…" the Bot replied as he stayed at the Femme's side as they walked over to her desk and watched as she activated her holo-tool and ran a scan of his injury.

"…as this time while we grappled, he pulled on my arm a little too strongly and then I swore I heard a loud pop and that was when the pain started. But that was then followed by a lot of laughter, as both Sharptooth and Scorn were nearly rolling on the floor while as I was on my

knees and gritting my teeth as a white hot pain throbbed between my arm and shoulder."

This earned a worried expression from Beta as she looked up from her holo-display, looking directly at Slash.

"They laughed at you?" she asked with a slightly disbelieving tone, which made the Dinobot offer a lopsided grin in return.

"Yeah, but I have laughed at them both too in the past." he then replied, which made the Femme roll her eyes in response.

"Men!" she sighed before returning her attention to her holo-tool, which brought about a coy smile from Slash in return.

"...and your right, your arm is dislocated. But this won't be a problem, I can pop it back into place." she then said with a professional tone, gaining a nod from the Bot in return as she then took his dislocated arm in her hands.

"Thanks Beta..." he started to say as the Nurse lifted it into a horizontal position, readying to pull.

"...perhaps you let me thank you by having a drink with me...some time." he then asked, earning a surprised look from the Femme as she stopped what she was about to do.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" she then asked, which made the Dinobot look back with a hopeful look, despite the pain he was still in.

"Yes I am, so can I buy you a drink some time." he asked again, which brought a thoughtful expression to the Nurse's face.

"Well..." she started to say, noting that Slash's full attention was now on her before suddenly pulling his arm back sharply, gaining a painful grimace from the Bot as his arm was put back in place.

"Sweet Jesus...that hurt, but thanks Beta." he said back with a pained but appreciative tone, earning a smile from the Femme in return.

"You're welcome, this should help with any further discomfort..." she began to reply before injecting a dose of Medi-gel into his arm, which brought a more relaxed look to the Dinobot's face.

"...and yes..." she added, which snapped Slash's attention right back to her, as though he was hanging on every word she said.

"yes?" he repeated with a curious tone.

"...yes. When we get a free moment, I will have a drink with you." Beta replied with a smile, which brought a mirrored expression from the Bot.

"Great, okay. So when do you think..." he started to say in an enthusiastic tone, which only made the Nurse's smile widen as she was about to answer. But her attention was caught by her holo-tool bleeping, making her look down as the device appeared around her fore-arm once again.

"Wait a second, I am just getting the results for scans I took of Tolae yesterday evening before my shift ended." she replied, gaining a nod from the Dinobot in return as she brought up the data and began to read it.

"Oh yeah, the Asari friend of Myra that Strafe and I brought in yesterday Morning. How is she doing now?" he asked.

"Tolae is doing fine now, in fact..." she started to reply before her eyes suddenly widened as a shocked look appeared on her face, one that was noticed by Slash.

"What is it...?" he started to ask, only for Nurse to leave his side and rush towards the patient resting rooms just away from them.

"We need to quarantine her right now." Beta stated in an alert tone as she reached the door, and she was about to open it before her eyes caught the sight of it's interior through it's small window.

"By the Allspark..." she gasped, gaining a similar surprised look from the Bot as he joined her side and looked through the window.

"Oh my..." he said as the two of them could see quite clearly that Tolae was lying with Evac on his berth, with the pair in each others arms.

A few moments later and both the Pilot and his Asari lover were sitting up on the berth with the latter covering her chest with some of the blanket, while the rest of it covered the former's privates as they found themselves staring back at Beta and Slash, with the Dinobot aiming his pistol at Tolae just as Myra and Kat entered the area.

"Okay what's going" the Rogue Spectre said as her eyes widened once they fell upon the pair, with a similar look appearing on the Human Woman's face too.

"Why didn't you tell me you had brought an Ardat-Yakshi on board." Beta then said in a slightly volatile tone, gaining the Asari's attention though her eyes remained pinned on her two friends sitting on the berth.

"Well I didn't think I needed to say anything, especially since Tolae was vouched for by the Lesuss Monastery because she could control herself." Myra replied, before giving Evac a questioning look as he simply shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Well this is a very serious matter as it appears that Tolae here cannot control herself, so I will looking to have Doctor Kaput's authorisation to have her put in quarantine immediately…" she started to say before looking back at the Pilot.

"…and how are you still alive, since Asari records made available when we were members of the ISF do state that anyone who mates with an Ardat-Yakshi will be killed?"

The room then went quiet as everyone stared at both Evac and the Ardat-Yakshi, who just glanced at each other with affectionate stare before the latter turned her attention back to the Nurse.

"That is not entirely true evidently, since Evac and I just spent the night together." Tolae said, which only made the Nurse's expression.

"But how?" she replied, which made Myra's eyes widen as she had then figured it out.

"You didn't meld with Evac did you, the two of you just had sex?" she asked, gaining a nod from both of them.

"I never put any thought into whether that was possible or not, probably because it is such a natural part of how we Asari mate." she said with a surprised tone, which made the Ardat-Yakshi look back with an understanding expression.

"I would be lying if I said it was easy, as there was a temptation to meld…" she began to say, before looking over to Evac with a loving expression.

"…but I controlled it, because I deeply care for Evac and would never hurt him." the Asari added as she looked back at the others, gaining a knowing smile from Kat as the Pilot then spoke up.

"I too knew the risks, but I trust Tolae with my life and knew that we would both be alright." he said, gaining a nod from the Rogue Spectre in return.

"I'm happy for you both, though you did take a considerable risk with this. But since nothing bad came of this, I don't see any reason to quarantine Tolae. So you can lower your weapon Slash." she said while looking over to the Dinobot who complied, but Beta did not look happy.

"But…" she started to say, only for the young Darby to cut her off.

"The law only applies to Ardat-Yakshi who murder those they mate with. But since that did not happen, then there is no problem. And I am sure Doctor Kaput will agree with my assessment too." she said back, which made the Nurse nod back reluctantly.

"Very well, but I request that both Tolae and Evac are given a medical scan to be absolutely sure that there are and will not be any further complications."

"I see no problem there, Evac, Tolae?" Myra then asked, looking over to the two lovers who shook their heads in unison.

"No, we are fine with that."

"Good, so now that…" the young Darby started to say, when the inter-com suddenly activated as Vraz's voice spoke up.

"Could Myra Darby please meet me in the Conference Room, Autobot Command are ready to give their answer." he said, earning a sigh from the Asari as she tapped her com-link.

"I am on my way." she said before looking back at her two friends as they sat on the berth, with both of them nodding back. So the Rogue Spectre turned around and began to walk out of the Infirmary, while Kat gave the two lovers a supportive smile before following.

"I knew there was something between Evac and Tolae." she then said as the pair left the room and began walking down the corridor towards one of the elevators, earning a slight smile from Myra.

"Yes you did, so you want to come and see how this goes?" she replied, which brought a smile to Kat's face.

"Of course, I've got your back." she said back as they stopped outside of the elevator, with the Asari tapping the control panel beside it.

"I know." she answered back with an affectionate tone as the doors then opened, which allowed the pair to enter before they closed behind them.


A moment later, Myra and Kat entered the Conference Room to find the holo-forms of the various Autobot Admirals standing around the room with Vraz standing in it's center. They all turned and looked at the new arrivals as the Commander beckoned them to him, with Kat feeling a little overwhelmed at the audience.

"Welcome back Myra, we are ready to conclude…" he started to say, only for Bludgeon to cut him off.

"Who is that and why is she here?" he asked in his usual brazen tone, which brought a not so friendly stare from the Asari.

"Kat 'Shepard' Mason is my XO..." the Asari started to say as she looked back at her lover with a proud expression, earning an appreciative and loving smile back before returning her attention back to the Admirals.

"...and so has every right to be here for this." she added while giving Bludgeon a dagger-like stare, which made the Admiral look away.

"Very well. So now that everyone is here, we can now move ahead with the matter at hand..." Nuwani then said, gaining a nod from her colleagues around the room.

"...Myra Darby, for the longest time you have been pushing for this Command as well as the ISF Senate to to take seriously the threat posed by Vasir and her Leviathan Organisation. But we turned our backs on you, because the Senate did not believe what you had to say and thus this forced you to leave our ranks and pursue this on your own..." she started to say, gaining a thoughtful look from the Rogue Spectre as she looked to the ground and remembered that time.

"...but with the evidence that you have brought to our attention, coupled with the facts that we Autobots are no longer affiliated with the ISF and that a number of it's members are with Leviathan itself..." she continued, which brought a slight smile to Kat's face as she could see the way this was going, before looking over at her lover and noticing the hesitant expression on her face as she waited with baited breath for the rest of what Nuwani was about to say.

"...Myra Darby, Autobot Command stands with you and shall take action against Leviathan. For it poses a real threat to not only our interests, but also the entire Galaxy and we will respond to it." the Asari Admiral finished, which brought thankful smiles from both Kat and Vraz as Myra simply sighed and nodded in return, a slightly disbelieving look on her face before Admiral Lennox then spoke up.

"Also when it comes to Vasir herself, we will leave her fate for you to decide. Because she has gone on for far too long without facing justice for what she has done to your family, so allowing you the opportunity to decide it is the least we can do." he said, earning an appreciative smile from the young Asari in return.

"Thank you." she said with a slightly shaky tone to her voice, for Myra was still finding that this all felt a little to good to be true which could be seen all over her face.

"That is not all Myra..." Admiral Jones then added, gaining their attention as they looked over to her.

"…as the Commander has something else for you too."

So the Rogue Spectre turned to Vraz, who smiled at her.

"The Admirals have given me their backing to reinstate your Autobot Spectre status, which is something your Aunt had always planned for you if the Senate ever listened. But since we are no longer a part of the ISF then we will just go ahead with it, that is if you will accept it?" the Bot said while extending his hand to her, which made the Asari look over to Kat who nodded back to her.

"Alright, I accept." she said whilst turning back to him and shaking his hand, which brought smiles to most of the Admirals around them bar Bludgeon who simply shrugged.

"And of course those under your command can also reclaim their former ranks, if they were Autobots previously of course." Lennox said, making Myra look over to him.

"Yes that is a good idea, as Kat was once a Wrecker and Evac a member of the Aerial-bots."

"We will sort out those details as soon as this meeting has been concluded, but first we need to know where Leviathan will strike. Because your Intel stated that Vasir will attack us Autobots before making a move on the rest of the Galaxy, but where will that be?" Nuwani then said, which made Abrudas speak up.

"We have our fleet split up into groups that are positioned at all of our colonies and outposts, but if Leviathan's fleet is really the size that Myra's Intel says and it attacks any one of them. Then our forces will not be enough to protect them…" he started to say, only for Vraz to cut him off.

"Then in that case, we should have a fleet on standby and the Supreme should lead it. Now way that our newest Destroyer should be left out of this fight." he said, which gained a nod from Nuwani.

"Agreed and I think we should end this meeting and get on with preparing our forces for the coming attack, because who knows when Vasir will make her move." she said which made the other Admirals nod back before their holo-forms faded to nothing along which hers, leaving Myra, Kat and Vraz standing alone in the room.

"Alright, I will have the Morning Hope set course for the Supreme's current co-ordinates and have the Seventh Fleet meet us there too." he said.

"Alright, Kat and I will see if Evac and Tolae are ready to leave the Infirmary and then prepare the Eudora for launch…" she started to say, only to stop as the Commander held out something in his hand.

"Very well, but don't forget this." he said as the two Women recognised the Autobot insignia that he was holding, which made the young Darby smile back and take it.

"Thank you." she replied.

"Okay then, let's get moving." Vraz then added, earning a nod from both Myra and Kat as the trio then walked out of the Conference Room and back into the corridor outside, with the doors closing behind them as the lights turned off and shrouded the room in darkness.

Meanwhile across the galaxy, Vasir walked into the Leviathan's CIC and looked around at the crew who stopped whatever tasks they were doing and gave her their full attention.

"I have just received word from our other fleets positioned at spots around the galaxy, they are ready for the attack…" she said with a slight smile, gaining enthusiastic stares from the various crewmen around her.

"…so the time for us to strike is now." she added, before looking over to the Salarian manning the Communications station.

"Patch me in to our entire fleet, all groups across the galaxy." she then said, gaining a nod from the crewman who then turned to his station and typed onto it's holo-interface.

"You are on Commander." he then said, which the Asari then acknowledged before looking back around the room.

"Men and Women of Leviathan, this is Tela Vasir. Today is a momentous day, a day when we finally step out from the shadows and put an end to our enemies. Take heart in knowing that when this day is done, the Cybertronian threat will finally be over and the Galaxy will once more belong to us…"she said, gaining a confident expressions from everyone around her.

"…So I want the Third Fleet to jump to the New Cybertron colony and begin it's attack, destroying everyone and everything in it's sights. And while that distracts the Autobots, our remaining fleets will set course for the Planet that has been their adopted home ever since they destroyed their own World eons before…" she added as a serious and hateful expression appeared on her face while she looked ahead at the main holo-view screen.

"…Set course for Earth, it's time to wipe the Cybertronians from the face of the Galaxy."
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