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Chapter XX

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Leviathan launches it's attack against Earth, with Vasir revealing her Battleship's true purpose. But the Planet is not undefended as Myra and the Autobots arrive to protect their world, hoping to ...

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The Infirmary had gotten just a little bit more busy as the rest of it's staff had arrived and begun work, while Doctor Kaput and Nurse Beta were doing final checks on Evac and Tolae.

"Okay, the results for both you and your friend are coming through now..." the Femme said as she looked at the holo-interface beside the Asari's bed, earning a curious expression from her as she saw the Nurse's eyes widen in return.

"...that's impossible." she then stated in surprise.

"What is?" Tolae asked with a knowing tone, already aware what the results would likely say.

"The scans say that you are both are completely fine and that both your nervous systems show no signs of damage or strain."

"Believe me now?" the Asari asked, regaining the Femme's attention.

"I have just never heard of such an occurrence happening with an Ardat-Yakshi...but yes, I believe you. I apologise." Beta replied with a empathetic tone, earning a nod from her patient.

"I don't blame you for your reaction, my people are not very forth coming with the fact that most Ardat-Yakshi choose to live in seclusion rather than act on their instincts to mate, sacrificing their freedom for the safety of everyone else. There is only a small percentage that do prey on others, mating with no regards or care that their actions kill and they are the ones that everyone remembers." she said back, gaining a look of understanding from the Nurse.

"I guess it is easier to remember the bad rather than the good, which is why history always remembers the wars and not the times of peace that separated them..." the Femme replied, which made Tolae nod back in return as the former looked back at the latter's scan results.

"...You must have a strong will to be able to keep your mating-instincts in check, especially while you and Evac were having intercourse."

"Well there is nothing that would make me want to hurt Evac in any way, nothing whatsoever." the Ardat-Yakshi answered, bringing a smile to Beta's face in return.

"He must really mean a lot to you."

"Yes he does, Evac means more to me than anyone I have ever known." Tolae then said with a smile, making the Nurse's own widen a little more in response.

"Then you are very lucky to have found someone like that, one that can inspire you to do what the rest of us would think impossible."

"Everyone has it in them to achieve the impossible, no matter what their background is."

"Very true, and perhaps what you have proven here will one day help other Ardat-Yakshi live beyond the walls of the Lesuss Monastery." the Femme replied, which gained a surprised yet appreciative smile from the Asari.

"I hope so too, thank you."

"You're welcome." Beta added before the pair were joined by Evac, who was walking with the aid of a holo-walking stick.

"So how is my girl doing?" the Bot asked, gaining their attention as the Ardat-Yakshi gave him a loving smile in response.

"Hey." she replied, while the Nurse stepped away and deactivated the holo-interface.

"Tolae is fully healed and ready to go, as are you by the look of it." the Femme replied, while he took his lover's hand in his own and mirrored her expression.

"That's great. The Doctor just gave me the go-ahead too, though I can't get into any fights for a while...except those that require the Eudora of course." the Pilot said back, earning a nod from Beta as she started to back away from the couple.

"Okay, well you can both leave at your leisure. I wish you both well." she said, earning smiles from the pair in return.

"Thank you Beta." Tolae replied before then turned away and walked to the other side of the Infirmary, leaving the two lovers alone.

"So are you alright? I mean Beta was a little tough on you earlier on." the Bot then asked with a slightly worried expression, which made the Asari smile as his concern only made him look cuter in her eyes.

"I'm fine and Beta was only concerned for the well-being and safety of everyone on the Morning Hope, since the idea of a well behaved Ardat-Yakshi must have sounded like a fairy-tale to her. But we talked and she understands the truth about those who share my condition, and even thinks now that what we did could one day help others that suffer with it in the future." Tolae replied, which gained an understanding smile from the Pilot.

"That sounds like a good cause to get behind, one that I would be more than happy fo help with once this conflict with Vasir is over." he replied, which made the Asari look back with a curious expression.

"What are you saying?" she asked though in her heart, Tolae knew what he was saying, but needed to hear it to truly believe it.

"When all this is done, I am prepared to leave the Eudora so that we can have a life together...perhaps travel the galaxy so that you can see everything you have missed." he said in a caring tone, which made her eyes widen as she smiled back at him.

"You would do that...for me?" she replied, which made him smile back lovingly.

"There is nothing I would not do for you Tolae. And I want to spend the rest of our lives showing long as you do as well?" Evac replied, quickly bringing a smile to the Asari's face as she looked back at him.

"Of course I would!" she said back in a joyous tone while pouncing the Bot and surprising him, which made him fall back against the wall as they embraced and kissed, gaining the attention of Beta and the Medical staff who turned and looked back in surprise. But the Nurse could only smile in return before she started to clap, which was the copied by everyone else as the sound of applause caught the lovers attention and pulled them out of the moment, staring back with embarrassed smiles as they acknowledged them.

Myra and Kat then entered the Infirmary, equally surprised expressions appeared on their faces at the sight that welcomed them. But as they looked around the room at the applauding and smiling staff and saw the direction that they were all looking, before following their stares until their eyes fell upon their two friends.

"Evac and..." the Spectre then said.

"...Tolae." the young Shepard added as they smiled back, which was then noticed by both the Ardat-Yakshi and the Pilot who mirrored their expressions as they fully separated and walked over to them, while still holding hands.

"Hey guys." the Bot said in return as the pair joined their Asari and Human friends.

"You two alright?" Myra asked, earning a united nod from the two lovers.

"We are better than alright." Evac then added before looking back at Tolae with a loving stare, which made her smile widen as she did the same.

"We really are."

"That's great news..." Kat started to say back, gaining the pair's attention.

"...and we have some more." she added before gesturing to the young Darby, which made them look back to their leader.

"Yes, we now have the backing of Autobot Command and they have also reactivated our previous titles in their ranks, as we all can bring the fight to Vasir." she replied, which brought a wide grin to Evac's face.

"So that means I am a member of the Aerial-Bots again..." he started to say, only for Kat to cut him off.

"Yes, I am a member of the Wreckers once more and Myra has her Spectre status again."

"Congratulations." Tolae replied as she looked around the group, her stare stopping at her lover as they smiled at each other once again.

" I want us onboard on the Eudora now, because Vraz and I want to be ready for when Leviathan makes their move, will you be alright to pilot?" the Spectre then asked, gaining a nod from Evac.

"Sure, my leg and arm are virtually one hundred percent healed. Not that I need them to fly the ship, mind you." he replied.

"Okay, then lets get going then." the Asari said back, before she and her friends the left the busy Infirmary, with it's staff already back to work.


Meanwhile Vasir stood before the massive view-screen in the CIC of the Leviathan, watching as it showed the positions of her forces as they began their attack on the colony of New Cybertron. A smirk was present pn her face as her attention was purely on what was happening on the holo-screen, while Inferno walked up behind her.

"Vasir, I hope I am not interrupting." he asked with a worried tone, but the Leviathan Leader did not even look in his direction as she remained focused on the screen.

"That depends, do you have what I requested?" she asked with a flat tone as her smirk faded, which made the Con's spark beat a little faster in fear.

"Yes, the lab has managed to synthesise this one injection of Project: Crimson Rage for use during this campaign." he stated while holding it out before the Asari, whose eyes widened in response.

"Just one injection, that is all?" she said back on disbelief as she looked down at the injection-device.

"Well the formula is highly unstable and difficult to create, I am surprised the Labs even managed to make this one in the time they had." he replied with bated breath, wondering what her next action would be.

"How will Leviathan's troops use enhanced biotics with just one injection, what am I supposed to do with that?" Vasir spat back.

"I am sorry but that was all that could be produced at this moment, besides you still your mass-produced army of Mechs to bolster your ground-forces." he replied, which made her stare back silently. This made the Destron Leader gulp as he suddenly felt that his life was now in danger of being cut unceremoniously short, while Vasir narrowed her eyes at him.

"Just give it to me..." she started to say whilst holding her right hand before her, to which the Con then placed the injection-device as he tried not to show how fearful he was at that moment.

"...and get out of..." she began to add once the device was in her hands, only for the view-screen to beep and regain her attention.

"What is it?" the Asari asked, making the Krogan working at the Communication-station look over to her.

"The fleet attacking New Cybertron reports that the Autobots have responded by calling for reinforcements, which should be jumping in momentarily." he said, making the Leviathan Leader glance over to the Salarian at the Sensors-station, but keeping her main attention on the view-screen as Inferno watched from behind her.

"Show me."

Then suddenly the view of the battle, which was from a top-down angle zoomed out to show more of the surrounding space as space-bridge portals appeared all over the area, and this was quickly followed by many scores of Autobot Cruisers entering the fight.

"How many ships have the Autobots brought into the battle?" Vasir then asked with a tone to her voice that was both curious and knowing.

"Over six hundred ships are present Sir, they outnumber the five hundred and fifty five that was sent to attack the planet." the Salarian replied, gaining a nod from the Asari as she smiled.

"That is half of their overall fleet, excellent..." she started to say before turning her attention to the Comms-Station once again.

"Send word to at least half of the Third Fleet and have them divert to New Cybertron to bolster of our forces there, while everyone else jump to Earth right now." she added, gaining the attention of the Helm.

"Very well, this one is setting space-bridge coordinates for orbit of Earth." the Hanar then replied as it began to type a it's holo-interface with it's tentacles.

"...and prepare the Leviathan's alternate mode..." Vasir added, gaining nods from the crew around her as Inferno decided to speak up as a confused expression appeared on his face.

"What is it with this ship of yours?" the Destron Leader asked, which brought a thoughtful look to Vasir.

"We are attacking that particular area as it currently has a weather system over it with the conditions for perfect dispersal of the plague over the entirety of planet Earth..." she then started to say while activating her holo-tool, bringing up an image of that area of the planet.

"Leviathan was once a wreck of an old ship that was found on the planet Chaar , a relic of the Cybertronian Civil War. But we managed to rebuild and retro-fit it and thanks to it's Synthetic Energon Core, we cannot only power it but also use it's alternate mode." she explained, earning an inquisitive expression from the Con.

"So what is Leviathan's alternate mode?" he asked, which brought a knowing look to Vasir's face.

"I suppose you can stay and watch, because I am sure we will need it at some point." she replied before turning her attention back to the helm.

"Open a Space-Bridge vortex and take us to Earth."

And then green swirling portals opened up before each and every ship who then flew into them, leaving the black void of space behind them as the same portals closed seconds after.


Meanwhile back at the Autobot fleet, both the Eudora and Vraz's shuttle left the Morning Hope's Shuttle-Bay as both flew towards the Supreme, whose main hull had a large rectangular hull that ended in a cone-like shape with a large cylinder like engine connected either side of it,The latter docked with the large warship while the former stopped ahead of it, giving Myra and her friends a good view of the new Autobot ship.

"That's a hell of a ship you've got there Commander." Evac said as he looked up at it through the canopy of the Eudora's cockpit as he sat in the pilot's seat, tapping at the holo-controls around him.

"It really is, but if the Leviathan's schematics are as accurate as they appeared back at Unity, then the Supreme is still dwarfed by it." Myra added as she stood just behind her Pilot with Kat at her side, while Tolae sat at the station on their left.

"I will be arriving at the CIC momentarily, but I have already received word that Vasir's forces begun their attack by laying siege to New Cybertron. Autobot Command responded by sending a larger fleet to defend it." Vraz replied over the Inter-com, gaining a worried look from the Autobot Spectre.

"New Cybertron isn't exactly a big target, I'm sure that will only be a distraction from Vasir's real one."

"I thought the same thing and recommended only the necessary amount of ships to be sent to defend the Colony, while the rest of our forces wait for the main attack to begin." the Commander said back, which made the Asari nod back in agreement.

"Good call."

"Well it was the most logical choice...and I have just entered the CIC..." he started to say, only for Kat to cut him off.

"So what does the Supreme have that can help it stand up to the Leviathan?" she asked with a curious tone.

"Very well, I will show you what the Supreme can do while we wait for news of Vasir's actual attack...activate 'Guardian Mode'!" Vraz answered as the Eudora's crew watched as the Supreme suddenly began to change it's form with parts shifting and folding in on itself, making the dreadnought's shape take on a body-like appearance as it's right arm took the shape of a three pronged claw, while it's left arm looked like a giant laser cannon.

"It can't be?" Myra said in fa faint voice as she watched as the Autobot-ship before them transformed into a large yellow and red Cybertronian, with it's head rising up out of it's torso last with it's blue optics glowing once it was in position.

"Omega activated!" a mechanised voice then boomed via the Inter-com, while surprised expressions befell the Asari and her friends at the sight before them.

"I give you Omega Supreme, the last Guardian of Cybertron." the Commander then stated as Myra and the others stared open-mouthed at the gigantic Autobot floating in the void of space ahead of them.

"Omega Supreme has been brought back to life, thanks to the completed Synthetic Energon which now powers him." Vraz continued to say over the Inter-Com, but this earned a confused look from Tolae as she looked up at the Guardian from her station.

"Is it me or is Omega staring at us?" she asked, gaining nods from both Kat and Evac in return.

"Yeah, it certainly looks like that." the Human Wrecker replied, but Myra gently shook her head ever so slightly.

'No, he's not looking at us. Omega is looking at me, why?' she thought as she felt the blue optics of the giant staring back at her, like he could sense something about the Asari who looked back with a confused expression. But before anything else could be said, Commander Vraz's voice spoke over the Inter-Com once again and caught everyone's attention.

"Space-bridge portals has been detected in orbit around Earth, looks like Vasir is making her move." he said, making the Autobot Spectre nod back as her face became serious again.

"Then we know where to go Commander..." she started to reply, only for Vraz to cut her off.

"Way ahead of you Myra, I've just sent word for every ship in the fleet which is able to plot a course for the Home-world...Omega Supreme, revert to Dreadnought mode!" he then said, which made the Autobot Guardian transform back into it's vehicle mode.

"How does it's transformation not kill everyone onboard it?" Tolae asked as she witnessed it's changing, earning a knowing look from the Pilot.

"I took a scan of the Supreme, it has a small crew which is located in both Main Engineering and the CIC. Now both these sections are unaffected by the transformation as that happens around them, so as long as the crew remain in either area, then they are safe from the ship shifting between modes." he replied.

"That is interesting, but let's keep our minds on the task at hand." The young Darby then said, earning nods from the pair before turning her attention back to the Supreme which was once more in it's Dreadnought mode.

"All ships to Earth!" the Commander then said over the Inter-Com as every ship in the immediate area, the Eudora included opened a space-bridge vortex before them and prepared to enter.

Meanwhile a fierce battle had erupted over the Earth as the forces of Vasir and the Autobots clashed, the ships of both sides firing everything they had at each in a barrage of cannon and torpedo fire.

The Battle-ship Leviathan was in the midst of the action, dwarfing all the other ships around it as it slowly moved through the fighting towards the blue planet.

"Vasir to all ships, I want you to cover us as we descend into Earth's atmosphere in preparation of releasing the Plague, keep the Autobots attention on you and away from us...make it so." the Leviathan Leader said as she watched the battle unfold on the massive holo-screen.

"All ships have acknowledged your orders." the crewman at the Communication station replied, earning a nod from the Asari while Inferno stood behind her and looked up at the screen.

"The Autobot Fleet defending Earth is not large enough to cause us problems." he observed, which made Vasir look back at him.

"I expect the enemy to be sending reinforcements momentarily, not that it will do then much good..." she began to say before turning her attention to the crewman manning the Helm station.

"...take us down to at least fifty kilometres above Earth's ground level, let's put an end to the Cybertronians at their source."

Then as the battle continued with cruiser firing on cruiser, torpedoes and cannon fire impacting on each and tearing their hulls apart as the massive Behemoth started to leave it's chaotic surroundings. But it was quickly intercepted by three Autobot ships who opened fire with their pulse-cannons, showering the Leviathan with gunfire. But it's shields held firmly against the barrage as it's particle bean cannons turned and targeted them, making the three attackers turn away as they started evasive manoeuvres. But the Autobot ships were too slow as the Leviathan opened fire with red energy beams that cut through each ship, slicing them into bits that floated away and leaving the way clear for the Battleship to continue it's descent.

But as this was happening, several large Space-bridge vortices opened up as the Autobot reinforcements arrived, being led by both the Supreme and the Eudora as they all opened fire on the enemy fleet and took some of the heat of the remaining ships of the Earth fleet.

"This is Vraz to all ships, keep these Leviathan cruisers busy as we and the Eudora take the fight to Leviathan itself." he said from his seat in the center of the CIC as the crewmen stationed around him worked frantically at their posts.

"Sir, the fleet acknowledged you and will see it done...we are receiving a hail from the Eudora." the Turian manning the Com-station then said, earning a nod from the Commander.

"Put it through."

"Vraz, this is Myra. Looks like the Leviathan is making it's move…" the Autobot Spectre said, while the Fleet's leader watched the unfolding battle take place on his holo-screen as the ship shook from an impact with a torpedo.

"Yes, I can see it from here. I have already told the rest of the fleet to contain Vasir's forces up here and that we would take care of her ourselves, so shall we?" he then replied.

"Ready when you." the Asari said back, earning a slight smirk from the Commander in return as he returned his attention to the holo-screen.

Meanwhile Evac was now in full pilot mode with a holo-visor covering his eyes as he flew the Eudora between two enemy cruisers, who were caught in their own crossfire as they tried to shoot the smaller ship down. They were both heavily damaged and started to drift as Pilot pulled away from the pair and started to head after the Supreme.

"We read you Vraz, joining you now." Myra said as she stood behind Evac's chair and held onto the back of it, while Tolae smiled over to her Lover from her station.

"Nice flying." she said with an impressed and caring tone, which made his cheeks redden slightly in return.

"Thanks, but you haven't seen anything yet." he replied as the Guardian Dreadnought appeared on their right side as they began their joint descent into Earth's atmosphere.

"We should be in range of the Leviathan in twenty seconds." The Commander said back over the Inter-com, while Evac squinted at the clouded view on their other side of the glass canopy ahead of him.

"My sensors agree with yours Supreme. But it's so damn cloudy, I have no visual." he said back.

"I don't see how any cloud cover could hide a ship the size of the Leviathan, it's the largest ship I have ever seen." the Autobot Spectre added as she looked out at the heavy cloud cover that the Eudora was passing through.

"I am transferring my sensor readings to my holo-visor." Evac then stated as he typed on the holo-interface in front of him, making the holo-device covering his eyes to change from yellow to green, bringing up a tiny HUD over his eyes as data started scrolling down either side of his eyes.

"Evac, what do you see?" Kat asked as she joined Myra's side, just as the Pilot's eyes widened in response.

"Pull up Supreme, pull up!" he shouted while making the Eudora pull a hard-right, while the Dreadnought went the other way. Both ships then narrowly missed the Leviathan as they breached the last cloud, revealing that the behemoth was moving toward them.

"It's targeting us both, evasive manoeuvres." Vraz then shouted back as Vasir's flagship opened fire with it's cannons at them, with the Eudora pulling a barrel roll as the cannon fire flew past. Meanwhile the Supreme's shields took a beating from the incoming fire as it turned away, firing back with it's own in return.

"Eudora, our sensors read that the Leviathan is at the correct altitude to launch the plague. We need to stop it now." Vraz stated over the inter-com, which made Tolae look over at her own holo-interface as Evac pulled a loop de loop and a barrel roll at the same time, evading the enemy cannon-fire once more.

"It's weapon platforms and turrets are too well shielded, neither ship has the fire-power to knock them out." the Ardat-Yakshi said, which brought a slight smirk to Myra's face in return as she saw the Supreme continuing to fire on the giant Behemoth.

"Then we just have to knock them out of the sky, target the Leviathan's thruster ports and knock them out..." she started to reply, only for the Autobot Commander to cut her off.

"...Yes, we will disable it's main engines as they are not as well protected."

"Then watch as it plummets to the ground below." Kat added, gaining a nod from her Asari Lover in return.

"Exactly..." she started to say before turning her attention to Evac.

"You'll have to get in close to properly target them." the Spectre continued, earning a thumbs up from the Pilot.

"Just watch me." he replied before making the Eudora dive down and spin back around before firing it's boosters and hurtle back toward the Leviathan.

Meanwhile Vasir could not believe her eyes as she watched the action continuing to unfold on the large holo-screen before her, as both Autobot ships were still in the fight despite the firepower being used against them.

"Can someone tell me why that ship and Darby's are still in my sky?" she spat, gaining worried glances from the crewmen around her while Inferno stepped to her side.

"If I recall the last time I saw our Intel on the Autobots, that large ship is their newest Dreadnought…" he started to say, taking the angered Asari's attention away from the others as the Sensors crewman nodded back while looking back at his screen.

"…Yes, it's called the Supreme and is heavily armoured compared to the rest of the fleet that is engaging our own, but I have no other information on it as the rest of it's file is classified at the highest levels."

"That's impossible, my Moles in the Senate had access to all Autobot Intel." Vasir spat back as Inferno walked over to the Sensors station and looked at it's holo-screen.

"…Not this particular one, they didn't. As it was controlled by Ser-Ket and Vraz." he said back, which made the Leviathan Leader narrow her eyes and return her attention to the massive holo-screen as it focused on the Autobot Dreadnought.

"Target out particle beam cannons and fire at both of them, take it out and Darby."

"We can target the Supreme but not the Eudora…" the weapons crewman replied, making the Asari glare at him.

"Why in the Goddess's name not!"

"It's flying extremely close to our hull…" he began to say before the ship was suddenly shook by external explosions, making them all look around with confused expressions.

"What in the Allspark was that?" Inferno asked.

"It's the Eudora, it's firing at our thrusters and disabling them." the crewman at the Sensors station reported with a worried tone, making the Leviathan Leader clench her fists which began to glow with biotic energy.

"They are trying to cripple us."

"We should launch our fighters and have them protect us." the Destron Leader replied, which made Vasir spin round and encase his throat in a biotic clamp as she stared at him with an enraged look as he gasped for air.

"NO! This is Leviathan and it can destroy entire fleets by itself. It will not be defeated by two ships…" she spat before releasing him, making the Con fall to his knees and breath in heavily as she looked back at the Weapons station.

"Fire our Flack turrets in a defensive pattern, that should deal with Darby's ship….and fire our particle cannons at the Supreme."


"We got another one, great shooting Tolae." Evac said with a joyous tone as he brought the Eudora into another barrel roll and pulled away from the smouldering ruin that was one of the Leviathan's thrusters, though not far enough to allow the vessel's turrets to get a lock on it.

"Thanks, I am already locking on to the next one." the Asari replied as she typed away at her holo-interface. Myra and Kat meanwhile looked out of the cockpit's canopy to see the Supreme coming around for another assault at the enemy Battleship before suddenly two bright red particle beams fired at the Autobot Dreadnought, hitting it's shields hard as everyone watched in wide-eyed shock.

"Supreme report, you alright over there Vraz?" the Spectre asked.

"Our shields are holding, thankfully we have much stronger defences than the standard cruiser. Just keep your attention on the task at hand, we can handle whatever Vasir throws at us. Vraz out." the Commander replied before the Eudora suddenly made a sharp turn away as an explosion erupted beside them.

"What the hell?" Kat asked before another exploded in front of the ship, making the Pilot veer the ship out of it's way.

"Flack turrets. Vasir means business." he said as even more rounds were exploded in their path, making him evade each and every one of them while Myra looked over to him as she held on to the back of his chair.

"Will this be a problem?" she asked, making him smirk in return.

"You know me..." he simply said in return before pulling a double barrel roll as two more rounds exploded either side of their ship.

"…Get ready to fire at our next target Tolae." he added, gaining a nod from the Ardat-Yakshi.

"Locked and loaded." she replied as the target came into range.

Meanwhile onboard the Supreme, Vraz had gotten up from his seat while watching as the Eudora continued to run rings around the Leviathan's defences, with it's flack turrets proving to be ineffective against the smaller vessel's manoeuvrability and it's Pilot's skill.

"Sir, the Eudora has disabled most of the Leviathan's thrusters…" the crewman manning the Sensors station began to report, before being cut off as the ship shook from another impact from the enemy's particle beams, making the interior lights blink on and off for a second.

"Shields still holding, though another few hits and that will be the least of our worries." Another crewman said from his station, earning a nod from the Commander in return.

"Then let's finish this, Helm take us to the Leviathan's main engines…" he started to say before turning to the Weapons station.

"…target everything we have on them."

The crewman manning that station nodded back before returning his attention to his work, as the Supreme then evaded another particle beam blast as it flew towards the larger Behemoth's aft section just as the Eudora took out the last thrusters.

"That's it Supreme, all thrusters down. It's now or never." Myra then said over the Inter-com as the target appeared on the main view-screen just as Vraz looked back at it, gaining a look from the Weapons crewman once more.

"Target's locked." he said, making the Commander smile in return.


With that, the Supreme opened up with all of it's cannons and torpedo-launchers as it sent a barrage of weapons-fire at the Leviathan's engines. All of which impacted against their target and caused a massive explosion that shook the entire ship, making Vasir's eyes widen in shock.

"What the…?" she started to say, before being cut off by one of her crewmen.

"Our engines have been disabled, we are losing altitude." he said with a fearful tone, which made Inferno look around in a panic.

"What about the thrusters…?" he started to ask as his attention was caught by the sight of the Eudora pulling away on the holo-screen.

"They have all been disabled too, we are in free fall…" the helmsman began to reply as he typed away at his holo-interface.

"At this rate and direction we will crash land on the continent called North America, south west of the city of Las Vegas. I can do nothing else to alter or slow our descent." the Pilot replied, which made the Asari Leader bite her lip in frustration as Inferno spoke up.

"We should transfer all power to the structure integrity and inertial dampeners." he said, making her look back at him with narrowed eyes.

"No, we can do better than that…" she said before looking back at the Weapons station.

"…Activate Leviathan's alternate mode, this day is still ours to take." she said, gaining a nod from the crewman in return.

"They are going down." Evac said with a joyous tone, gaining happy faces from Myra, Kat and Tolae as they watched the Leviathan begin to fall on the other side of the Cockpit's canopy.

"We did it." Kat replied before looking back at her lover, who nodded back.

"Myra, our sensors show Vasir's ship will crash land just south west of Las Vegas and I have already sent a message for the city to go to high alert." Vraz then said over the Inter-com, while the Asari looked at her Pilot's holo-interface.

"We can confirm that, once the Leviathan has come to a stop, I will then board her and make sure Vasir is dead." she replied.

"Roger that." the Commander replied as the Spectre looked back at Kat and smiled, but before either could say anything, Evac's voice caught their attention.

"Uh guys, what is the Leviathan doing?" he asked, making the pair and his Ardat-Yakshi lover look out to see the giant Behemoth begin to shift and change form as it fell, which made the young Darby's eyes widen in response.

"No, it can't be…." she replied in a faint and worried tone.
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