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Chapter XXI

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Leviathan's true form is revealed as Vasir's plan to commit genocide against the Cybertronians continues despite hitting a snag, which means Myra will have to board the behemoth in hopes of ending ...

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Meanwhile just south-west of Las Vegas, in the town of Enterprise. The Autobots were shepherding the civilian population through a number of ground-bridges that had been opened throughout the town. One group was herding people on West Mountains Edge Parkway towards their nearest portal.

"Rewind.." one of the Turian Autobots shouted to a ginger-haired Man wearing black, white and yellow armour who looked over to him.

"What…we have a tight schedule to keep too, don't want these Civvies around should Leviathan appear." he said back, earning a nod from his colleague who walked over to him.

"I know, but there are a group near Nathan Jones Park who are refusing to leave their homes."

This made the Bot shake his head as a disgusted look appeared on his face, before looking over at the civilians to his left as they walked into the green portals.

"Okay…" Rewind started to say as he looked back at the Turian.

"…Let me go talk some sense into them, and you stay here and maintain this evacuation." he added, gaining a nod from the soldier.

"Yes sir."

With that the Bot turned away and tapped his com-link, while the Turian took over his post.

"Central, this is Rewind. I need a Ground-Bridge to Nathan Jones Park, there are civilians there refusing to leave."

"This is Mercury, I read you loud and clear Rewind. Opening a portal for you now." a female voice spoke from the other end, earning a smile from the Autobot.

"Thanks Mercury, I owe you one." he replied as another green vortex opened up before him, with the Bot walking towards it in turn.

"More than one…" she said back as he walked through the portal, feeling a rush of energy flow past him before finding himself standing in front of the entrance to the park as a large grouping of civilians looked over to him.

"Oh look, another Autobot here to tell us what to do." a rather heavily-built Man said with angry tone, gaining nods and cheers from the other people around him as Rewind walked over to them.

"You're wasting your time, we are not abandoning our homes." Another shouted as several held up baseball bats and other objects like weapons, which made the Bot equip his pistol and activate his holo-blade.

"Now look here…" Rewind started to say as the people noticed this, looks of concern and uneasiness appearing on the faces of many as they looked at him.

"…There is a ninety nine percent chance of a large scale battle occurring in this area at any moment now, so we are evacuating everyone in Las Vegas…which includes all sub-districts. Now you will get yourselves into this Ground-Bridge or…." the Bot started to say before being cut off mid-sentence by the first Man again, who started to walk over to him.

"Or what? What are you going to do…" he began to say, making Rewind look him up and down with a disinterested stare.

"…there has not been an attack here on Earth in over five hundred years, so all that is left for us to think is that this is just some stupid drill." he carried on saying, earning further nods from those now standing behind him.

"…So we are not going anywhere and you can't make us…" he spat while stopping right in front of the Bot and looking down at him with an angry glare as he towered over the soldier. But if Rewind was bothered by this, he certainly did not show it as he simply narrowed his eyes while staring right back at this loud mouthed civilian.

"I can and I will if you won't listen to reason." he replied with a calm tone, which made the Man smile broadly as though he was about to laugh out loud.

"Really, you're just a small Autobot. I am not taking any crap from the likes of you."

"You talk big, how about actually showing it." Rewind then said with a slight smirk, which made the Man's eyes widen in shock before rage took over.

"I'll show you, you cockily little…" he started to say while throwing a punch at the Bot's face, but Rewind quickly ducked under the attack and swiped his holo-blade at the knees of his attacker, slicing the skin open as blood began to squirt out.

"Arrrgh!" the Man cried out loud as he stumbled back, before the Bot then followed though by hitting his adversary with the but of his gun in an uppercut. This sent the Man flying onto his back, gaining gasps from the crowd as the Autobot simply regained his composure and looked over at them.

"You two…" he then said while pointing over to a pair of Men in the crowd, earning worried looks back in return.

"…pick this idiot up and take him through the portal…now!" he ordered, gaining panicky nods back from them as they then followed Rewind's orders to the letter.

"And as for the rest of you…." the Bot then said before his attention was caught by one of the Women looking up above everyone else.

"What is that?" she asked in a loud tone while pointing up into the sky, which made the Autobot look up to see what looked like a giant metallic figure falling down towards the ground as it continued to shift and change.

"That's not possible..." Rewind began to say as he appeared to recognise it somewhat before it hit the ground about a mile outside of the town. The object hit the ground so hard that it brought up a dust cloud around it's position as the area shook like it was experiencing an earthquake, making everyone practically lose their footing as the vehicles and buildings appeared to tremble around them. But then all of a sudden it stopped as silence fell upon the town, with everyone simply staring at the shadowy silhouette that was concealed behind the dust that had been thrown up high into the sky around it.

"Come on, everyone into the ground-bridges." the Autobot then said, trying to regain the attention of the civilians. But they all just looked on as the dust started to dissipate, slowly revealing the giant robot to them all. This even made Rewind's eyes widen as he could now see the new arrival more clearly.

"It can't be..." he said as he saw the giant's colour scheme which was severely faded, but still recognisable for it had red arms and a grey and white chest, along with a pair pf blue legs and a blue helmet around it's white face.

"...It's one of the legendary City-Bots." he added before looking back at the large crowd that around him, who were frozen to the spot as they stared at the behemoth. So he then equipped his pistol and pointed up into the air and pulled the trigger, firing a shot which snapped everyone's attention back to him.

"Everyone get into the Ground-bridge!" he spat, earning shaken nods from the civilians before they then did as they were told and walked into the glowing green vortex.

Meanwhile Myra and her friends stared in complete disbelief at the image of the City-Bot on the holo-screen in front of them, for their ship and the Supreme were still up amongst the clouds.

"Tell me that isn't what I think it is?" The Pilot said with a worried tone, which gained a nod from the Asari.

"If your thinking City-Bot, then you would be correct." she replied, making him look down and shake his head in return.

"That's what I was afraid of."

"Myra, your acting like you have seen one before." Tolae then asked with a curious tone, while placing a comforting hand on her lover's shoulder.

"I personally haven't, but my Father told me how my Grandfather fought alongside one during the Reaper War, it's name was Metro-Titan." the Spectre explained.

"You wouldn't happen to know which one this is?" Kat asked as she looked to the Blue Woman, taking her attention from the Holo-screen.

"Sorry, I have no idea which this one is..." she started to reply, only for Vraz to speak up over the Inter-com.

"Eudora come in."

"We read you Supreme." the Spectre then said back, while Evac piloted the ship down below the clouds, bringing the City-Bot into view as it stood in their in the desert.

"Using a combination of our sensors and data-banks, we have identified the Leviathan as the long lost Autobot City-Bot called 'Grand Maximus'. It was recorded lost during the battle of Chaar back in the Great War, having been killed by the Decepticon's version called 'Metro-Titan' before it was transferred to Tuchunka." the Commander replied, while Kat looked out of the Cockpit's canopy at the behemoth.

"Looks like Vasir found what was left and rebuilt the Bot for her own purposes, which was why she was so interested in getting her hands on the Synthetic Energon formula." she said while noticing the Autobot Insignia of the City-Bot, which lied on it's chest and was rusted and scratched out. This gained a nod from Myra in return, before the Asari turned her attention to Evac, who the spoke up.

"So what's the plan? Have our fleet come down and bomb this old Bot out of existence?" he asked.

"Unfortunately no, our cruisers are incapable of atmospheric flight. Plus they have their hands full with the rest of Vasir's fleet, also we can't simply destroy Maximus..." he began to say, only for Myra to jump in.

"Because we may accidentally release the plague as we destroy the target." she said while looking down at her Pilot, who then nodded back reluctantly.

"I forgot about that." he replied, while Kat's widened a little as something sprang to mind.

"Then we board Leviathan and disable it's power core, that would certainly stop it from launching the plague." she said, gaining the others attention.

"Now that's a good idea, we could also find where the plague is stockpiled and destroy it with an incendiary bomb." Myra replied.

"Meanwhile I'll have Omega Supreme here keep Leviathan busy, taking Vasir's attention from what is happening inside." Vraz added, earning a concerned look from the Spectre.

"Omega may be powerful Vraz, but he still is not much of a threat to a City-Bot."

"That's for me to worry about..." he started to reply back, while Tolae looked up from her holo-Interface at both Kat and Myra.

"I just took a scan of the Leviathan and the area it's power-core resides is shielded against ground-bridges, I an also picking up traces of the Plague's signature but I cannot lock it down to a specific location."

"Just find us an spot nearby while Kat and I suit up..." she said before Vraz's voice spoke over the Inter-com once more.

"And I will have the Dinobots join the two of you there." he said, gaining an appreciative smile from the young Darby.

"Okay, thanks Vraz." she replied before gesturing to her Lover to follow, gaining a nod from the Human Wrecker in return as they then left the cockpit.


Vasir looked out from her spot in Leviathan's CIC, noticing the outskirts of Las Vegas in the distance on the secondary holo-screen.

"Report our status." she said while turning her attention to the crewmen around her, earning their attention as they looked up from their stations.

"Leviathan's City-Bot mode is working perfectly, all systems are still green." one said from behind the Leviathan Leader, who then looked over to the weapons station while ignoring Inferno, who was still on his knees nearby.

"Can we launch the torpedo from here?" she asked, which made the crewman nod back in return.

"Yes, but I will have to recalculate the coordinates for dispersal again as we are now at ground-level..." he started to say back, only for Vasir to cut him off with a stern look.

"How long?" she asked, making the crewman's heart best faster as he started to worry for his life, considering how he saw her treat the Destron Leader only a few minutes earlier.

"...Ten...ten minutes at...most, but several at...least." he replied with a shaky tone, which made the Asari look away from him and back at the holo-screen detailing the battle continuing in orbit at this moment.

"Well, considering our fleet is still keeping the Autobots busy and with the fact that they will need time to build up an effective ground-force to combat us. I think we still have the upper hand here..." she began to say before returning her attention to the Weapons station.

"Start your calculations and inform me when we are ready..." she said before looking over to the Helm station.

"Meanwhile take us to Las Vegas, let's do sone damage while we wait."

The crewman manning the station nodded back before typing onto is holo-interface, which then made the behemoth lift it's right leg as it began to move.

"Look!" Inferno then spat as he pointed at the other screen, gaining Vasir's attention as they saw the Supreme fly down and block their path.

"Autobots, they try so hard...shoot that ship down!" she commanded, but before anything could be done, the Supreme suddenly began to shift and change which made the Leviathan leader's eyes widen in response.

"What in the..." she started to say as the Autobot Dreadnought transformed into Omega Supreme, before landing on the ground in front of the larger City-Bot and pointing it's cannons at it.

"Omega Supreme online, power - optimal, mission - terminate Leviathan." it's voice boomed, which brought a slight smile to Vasir's face as Leviathan looked down at the Autobot Guardian.

"That's their big plan, use that out-dated Bot against me. I want that thing ripped apart!" she then shouted, earning nods from around the CIC before the giant behemoth kicked out at Omega with it's right leg which the smaller Bot evaded by jumping to it's left. Once Omega landed, it immediately countered by firing it's cannon-arm at the Behemoth's chest. The energy blast hit Leviathan and made it stumble back a little, with the ground shaking as a tremor passed throgh with each and every footfall. Then as soon as the City-Bot had regained it's balance, the two Titans squared off for another round.

Meanwhile somewhere onboard Leviathan, two ground-bridge portals opened on either side of a large corridor. Their green energy illuminating the area as Myra and Kat exited one, while the Dinobots walked out of the other and immediately looked around with their weapons ready, only to see that there were no enemies in sight. The Spectre tapped her com-link while Strafe activated her holo-tool, as the others maintained their attention on the area around the group.

"Okay we are onboard, you can close the ground-bridges." the Asari said, earning a nod from the Femme in return as she looked at the readings on her device.

"And it looks like we have not set off any internal security, I guess Vasir isn't expecting any guests."

"Well good luck with your mission, let us know once you are done and we will extract you. But it will have to be from the spot you are now in, because there is some strong interference which is blocking our ground-bridges from locking on." the Commander added, gaining a nod from Myra in return.

"Alright, good luck with your distraction."

"Good luck to you too, Vraz out." he said back before the com-link went silent, making the Asari turn her attention back to the group.

"Okay, we have two targets and so will be splitting into two three-person teams..." she started to say, earning a nod from Sharptooth and his team-mates.

"...Team one will be Sharptooth, Scorn with Kat in charge. Your objective is to find where the Plague is being stored…" she started to say before the Dinobot Leader cut her off as he showed off the explosive device in his hands.

"And take out that area with this beauty." he said with a encouraging tone, which made the Spectre nod back with a smile before noticing the concerned look on Kat's face.

"…Team two will be myself, Slash and Strafe. Our target is the power-core."

The Dinobot-Femme nodded back before looking at her holo-screen, which also earned her team-mate's attention.

"I already have the Synthetic-Energon signature locked in, we need to head down this corridor first." she said in return.

"Good luck you guys." Slash then said to his friends as Myra walked over to her Human-Lover, who simply stared back with a confused look.

"Why are we not on the same team Myra?" she asked, which brought a serious yet understanding look to her lover's face.

"Kat, I want nothing more than to have you by my side in this fight. But I need you to keep an eye on the Dinobots for me, because your the only one I trust to make sure that their mission is pulled off without a hitch..." she began to say in a confident tone, while the young Shepard just stared back in surprise.

"...there is too much at stake if something were to go wrong and we can't afford mistakes." the Asari added, while Kat glanced back at the Elite-Terracons who were talking amongst themselves.

"Wait, you don't trust them do you." she then said in a quiet tone as she returned her attention to the Spectre, who nodded back in return.

"No, no I don't..." she began to say, while remembering the Dinobots fights with both Morinth and Inferno.

"...but I do trust you, more than anyone I have known for a long time..." she carried on saying with a slight smile, as Kat's eyes widened at her words.

" please lead them, for me."

This made the Wrecker mirror her expression as she nodded back in response, though her cheeks had redden slightly as she did so.

"Alright, you can count on me...Myra." she replied with a serious yet affectionate tone, which made the Asari's smile widen.

"I know I can." she said back whilst looking at the Human Woman, like she was taking a mental picture of her. The young Darby then sighed before beginning to turn round and face the Dinobots, but she was stopped as Kat grabbed her hand and made her look back.

"Wait...I want you to have this..." she started to say, with the Asari feeling something being placed into her hand. This made Myra look down at the object as her Lover continued to talk.

"...because I think you might need it more than I."

The Autobot Spectre's eyes widened as she looked at what was in her grasp, completely surprised at what Kat had done.

'John's Combat-knife!' she thought while staring down at the blade.

"...But this is yours, I shouldn't..." she started to say back, only for the Wrecker to cut her off with a warm and disarming smile.

"Since finding out whose Knife this really was, I have come to believe that my Family and I have just been safeguarding it. Because this is the last part of my Great, great, great Grandfather and you should be the one to keep it...I feel that he would want that." she said, which made Myra's eyes begin to well up as she slowly clenched onto the knife's hilt while looking at it.

"Thank you…" She replied while sheathing the blade in a small utility belt on her left thigh, before returning her attention to Kat as the interior of the Leviathan shook as if something had hit it hard on it's exterior.

"…now you be careful." she added, gaining a nod from her lover in return.

"You too, Good luck." she said back while looking into the Asari's eyes, which Myra could not help but smile at.

"and you." she said before turning around and walking back to Strafe and Slash, while Sharp-tooth and Scorn joined the Human's side. They then all gave each other one final look before heading off in opposite directions down the corridors.


Meanwhile the fight between Omega Supreme and Leviathan was heating up as the smaller Guardian fired yet another energy blast at it's far larger opponent, hitting it's chest once more, burning the armour there somewhat. This though caused one of the stations in the CIC to explode, throwing it's crewman to the floor which made Vasir grit her teeth in response.

"Goddess! Why is that damn Bot still standing in our way?" she spat to the others, who simply kept their heads down and focused on their duties.

"…I want that Autobot scrap-heap out of my sight" she then added, gaining a nod from the helmsman who then typed in a number of commands into his holo-interface. This suddenly made several small openings appear in City-Bot's chest, revealing large cannons which fired a barrage of blaster-fire at Omega, which made him dive to his right and out of their fire. But Leviathan seemed to be anticipating that move as it then threw a punch down at it's rival, hitting the back of the Guardian and slamming him into the ground.

Onboard Omega, the bridge shook violently and sent everyone falling off their seats as that last hit was felt across the entire Bot.

"Damage report!" Vraz shouted as numerous stations blew sparks from them, with the crewman manning the Engineering station getting back to his feet and looking at his holo-interface.

"Sir that last hit caused structural damage across the back of Omega, we can't take too much damage in that area again." he reported, earning a nod from the Commander before another crewman caught his attention.

"Leviathan's attacking again!" they cried out, making the Autobot Leader look back at the screen and see the Behemoth lifting it's foot into the air, getting ready to crush the Bot's back more.

"Roll us out of the way!" he then commanded to the Helmsman, which then made Omega do just that as the Guardian rolled onto it's back.

"Return fire now!" Vraz quickly added, which made two gun-ports open on either side of it's chest armour before firing two torpedoes at the enemy-Bot's leg, causing a large explosion where they hit and making Leviathan struggle to remain balanced on it's one leg. This brought a smile to the Commander's face as he watched it on the holo-screen.

"Fire again!"

Omega Supreme then lifted it's cannon-arm and fired another energy-blast which hit the City-Bot and sent it flying onto it's back, causing a strong tremor to rock the area as a dust cloud was formed around it.

"Get us back up NOW!" Vasir screamed at her crew as smoke billowed from broken pipes overhead as she got back to her feet, earning fearful but acknowledged looks from them as they got back to their stations and worked.

"I think we have a problem…" the crewman manning the sensors then said, gaining a narrow stare from the Asari as her attention was drawn to him.

"Oh…really, you think?" she replied in a sarcastic tone, one layered in a building anger which made the crewman gulp in return before pointing at his holo-interface.

"No…I mean yes, we already do. But…" he started to ramble, which made the Asari glow with biotic energy as she clenched her fists.

"Just spit it out!" she shouted, which almost made him jump out of his skin.

"…Internal…sensors have picked up movement in the lower levels, nearing the Plague containment tanks." he replied, making the Leviathan Leader's eyes widen as a realisation came over her.

"So, that was the Autobots plan…" she muttered before looking back at Inferno, who just stared back with a dumbfounded expression.

"Make yourself useful and intercept our unwanted guests, and take your Destrons with you." she commanded, gaining a nod from the Con who began to turn around and head out of the CIC.

"I will see it done." he replied, which made the Asari narrow her eyes in return as she watched him leave.

"Don't fail me again." she said back, which made the Destron Leader's spark go cold, for he knew what would await him if he did so while Vasir then returned her attention to the CIC crew as she noticed that Leviathan had returned to it's feet as shown on the massive holo-screen.

"Now take that scrap-heap down!" she spat as Omega Supreme was seen to have recovered as well.

A few minutes later Kat, Sharp-tooth and Scorn were running down one the identical corridors that flowed through Leviathan like a nerve system, listening intensively to the quickening beeps of the latter's holo-tool as they closed in on their target.

"How many times have we had to climb and drop down into one of these corridors, surely this would be easier if we had boarded this City-Bot when it was still in Battle-ship mode?" he asked, earning a grunt from his Leader in return.

"I am just wondering why we haven't come across any enemy troops yet, surely this place would be filled with them?" he replied.

"Be glad that wasn't the case Sharp-tooth, as it means that we are still undetected by Vasir and her crew." the Human Wrecker said back just as they reached a T-Junction, taking a right turn before stopping dead in their tracks as a familiar voice spoke up.

"That's as far as you go Autobots."

This made Kat's and the Dinobots eyes widen as they found themselves standing opposite Inferno and his Destrons, who had their weapons trained on them.

"Inferno, I was hoping to see you again…traitor." Sharp-tooth replied as he clenched his fists tightly, while Kat activated her holo-blades and Slash mirrored his team-mate. But Inferno simply ignored the Dinobot Leader and looked at the group before a slight smile appeared on his face.

"And where is Myra, I thought if anyone would be leading this then it would be her?" he asked, which made the young Shepard sigh slightly with relief.

'They still don't know about Myra and her team, that's good to hear. Means we can keep them busy while she shuts this Goliath down.' she thought, before her attention was caught by Sharp-tooth who lunged at the Destron Leader.

"You should worry about us!" he spat while shifting into his Beast-mode, tackling his adversary to the ground as Scylla, Hardhead and Devron could only watch in shock before remembering that the Dinobot was not alone, returning their attention to both Kat and Scorn.

"Scylla, help the Commander. Hardhead, let's finish these two." the latter said, gaining a nod from the Femme who changed form and headed for the two Bots currently grappling on the floor just away. Both the other Destrons followed suit and shifted to their own Beast-modes, revealing their sharp claws, beast-like eyes and more built bodies.

"Die!" Devron then cried out as he and his team-mate charged at the two Autobots, bringing down his claws upon Kat. But the Human-Wrecker quickly spun around, making him miss her as his inertia took him forward. She then quickly brought her holo-blades round as she spun and drove them into the Con's back, making him scream out in pain as she pulled the blades up and out of his back, leaving a large bloody wound running down the back of his torso.

"Devron!" Hardhead shouted back in a panicked tone as he grappled with a too changed Scorn, being unable to help as his friend bled heavily from his wound and fell to his knees as Kat then swung her left blade through the Destron's neck, separating his head from his body as more blood shot out into the air like a geyser.

"No!" the other Con shouted before breaking free of his enemy's grip and then following through by throwing Scorn over his shoulder and into a nearby wall.

"You are going to die bitch!" he roared while charging down Kat.

Meanwhile Sharp-tooth and Inferno were still locked in a standstill on the floor, with the Destron Leader now changed into his own form and growled at his adversary who bore down upon him.

"I am going to rip your throat out..." the Dinobot said with gritted teeth, before he was suddenly cut off by a sharp pain in his back as Scylla clawed into his back with her sharp claws.

"Arrrrgh!" he cried out as she then bit into his neck and started to chew away, making the Bot climb off Inferno while trying to get the Femme off him. This gained Inferno enough time to recover as he got back to his feet and activate his holo-claws, which grew over his hand and increased the size of his own.

"Hold that pathetic excuse for a Dinobot right there Scylla, so that I can gut him where he stands." he said in an angered yet relished tone while flexing his claws as he approached the pair.

As this was happening, Scorn found himself torn between who he should help as he saw what his team-mate was up against. So he looked back at Kat, who managed to evade another attack from Hardhead.

"Go help Sharp-tooth, I've got this." the Human Wrecker said in a confident tone, which made the Bot nod and turn around, leaving her to face the enraged Destron.

'I saw what she did to Devron, so she can easily handle Hardhead.' he thought whilst charging back to Sharp-tooth, meanwhile Kat dodged yet another swipe from Hardhead by ducking under his strike. She could feel his claws cut through the air like a blade as they passed overhead, before performing a forward roll and returning to her feet.

"How…? How did you dodge that?" the Con spat back as he turned around and faced his opponent, but was met with a kick to the face as Kat quickly countered, knocking him backwards as she readied her holo-blades.

'I learnt so from Myra, from our meld. Seeing the Asari's memories of her time learning from her Aunt Ser-Ket.' she thought as she sliced at the enemy's shoulder, earning a yelp from him before he swung his claws at her once more, making the Wrecker dodge his attack once more.

'…For there were those who relied too much on their brute strength and rage, making them easy to take down for anyone who remained calm and collected.' she continued while performing an uppercut with her right holo-blade, just as the Destron clenched a fist and punched at her side. But even though her strike caught the side of the Con's face, his strike hit her dead in her side and winded the Woman the force of it sent her flying into the wall behind her.

'Damn it!' she thought while hitting the ground and slouching against it, feeling pain aching through her entire body as Hardhead wiped the blood from the cut on his face and licked it.

"That smarted you little Bitch…" he started to say before walking over to her slowly, taking note that the Wrecker was physically stunned.

"…I had better finish you off before you get the chance to recover." The Con added as he then towered over the femme, reaching down at her with his claws while opening his mouth wide which revealed all of his razor sharp teeth as he closed in to kill her.
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