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Chapter 1

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Cyclonus sets off to find Swindle.

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Despite the intense annoyance radiating off the large guy, Cyclonus had left the control room a mere few minutes after he had finished talking. His undamaged arm easily pushed Gavin from the room and before he knew it he was back in his 'room'.

One of the crates of Oranges had already been placed in the corner of the room.
The pile of blankets he had slept in was still bundled up in it's messy 'nest' formation in the middle of the floor but the bag with the alien food in had been pushed into the corner. At the very least he had something safe to eat now.
Poking at the blanket pile with his foot he glanced up to the stone-like structure that made a bed for this species, the box-step rose him up enough to look the whole thing over. It didn't look too comfortable then again Gavin had spent more than enough nights sleeping on the floor in various places to truthfully be put off by such a notion.
Pressing down on it the bed felt warm and tough, choosing to hit it now Gavin gave it a few cautionary smacks to see if it did anything, which it did actually.
A lid slid away from under his hand revealing something far more bed-like beneath. It dipped down a little like a coffin inside and was covered in a pale green jelly-like substance with a thin layer of fluid resting in it.
Certainly better looking than a rock to sleep on.
Dipping his hand in, the jelly-like base was not as soft or malleable as actual jelly but somewhat close. The fluid was barely an inch deep, it was cold, felt like water and gave the freakish sensation of actually hugging onto Gavin's hand. Gavin snapped his hand back out, not quite enjoying that sensation, to find that none of the fluid was still on his hand.
Still not trusting it Gavin began peeling off his clothes, the trousers in particular still had sand coating the edges. Dropping them to the side Gavin looked rather lame as he slouched in his boxers, taking a trip to the bathroom before bed.
The mirror told him that he did indeed still have some blue around his face but it was significantly paler now. It also showed him that all of his make up had washed away.
He had to look at it now, that part of him going from one side of his face to the other.
Gavin snapped his head down quick and looked for anything remotely like a toothbrush instead.
Nothing on or around the sink. He figured it may have to be something to ask about in the morning, his teeth could go another night without brushing he supposed.
A hairbrush would also be something he should look for, running his fingers through his dyed mop he didn't encounter a lot of tangles so he guessed that was okay for now too.
Returning to the main room Gavin brought one of the blankets up to the box-step with him. It would have to serve as a pillow, it would be enough to make sure he didn't sink below the fluid in his sleep he folded up into an adequate pillow-substitute and placed it at one end.
Gavin awkwardly sidled over the edge of this bed and slowly began placing his feet into it. Just like before it was damn cold and hugged his body. The mere sensation alone made him shiver intensely. The gel cushioned him nicely however and if he kicked out in his sleep the padding on the sides wouldn't hurt too bad, probably not the worst sleeping arrangements he could have ended up with.

Despite the relative comfort of the bed gave him that 'night' it did not give him the best of sleep. Too 'huggy', felt like hands everywhere it was strange, felt strange, made a few old memories poke around at the surface again. Like memories of large hands holding him still while pretending to be nice.
Getting out of it was the hard part, the room felt intensely hot now he was not in the cool fluid, and after sleeping in it Gavin's body may as well have been made of stone with wooden hinges for joints. He felt as if he could feel his own bones moving against each other.
Never again. Not that bed.
With the kind of awkward gait one would usually attain if they had had a giant boar sat on their pelvis for an entire day Gavin stumbled about the room in circles trying to get a sense of normality in his body, by the time his legs started feeling like legs again whatever fluid that was left on his boxers had dried to a thin flaky cover and brushed off easily. Even then Gavin kept wandering around in circles rolling his arms and shoulders around. The morning lag was gripping him tightly, refusing to let go.
In the end by the time he had replaced his clothes this time with the addition of his jumper it must have been about midday. Well if this ship ran by Earth time, which it probably didn't, and if Gavin was even able to accurately guess how much time had passed on Earth. Which he probably hadn't.

The purple jumper was comfy and something Gavin doubted he'd ever let go of. Wearing it relaxed him from the oddity of the morning, he walked to the control room to see if they were any closer to this 'mystery sleezebag' Cyclonus believes to have sold the Oranges to those lizard guys.
Cyclonus was already awake and sat back in the pilot's chair lounging in what seemed like an uncharacteristically laid-back fashion. In front of him a wide panel emerged from the control sector it had a symbol that looked like a funny triangle with spikes and a circle. The symbol flashed repeatedly before the screen cut to black. Cyclonus made a groaning noise with an underlying whirring sound before he tapped at the screen again making several chunks of what Gavin assumed to be his native writing flash up. He recognised the triangular symbol as Cyclonus pressed it again making it take up the entire screen once more.
Cyclonus reasserted himself in the chair sitting upright again as Gavin climbed back onto the second seat, Cyclonus didn't take his eyes off the screen. In the arm that had been broken, but now looked significantly better, Cyclonus twiddled a actual broken bone in the damaged arms hand, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger he paused only to look at the broken end of the hollow bone before slipping it into a pocket on his chair's side.
Broken bones wasn't quite what Gavin had thought would be on this guys menu.
The flashing symbol cut to black again and Cyclonus made a jittering hiss before cutting back into something Gavin could understand.
"Stupid, stupid..." he uttered "Never picks up"
"Well I guess if you call him 'slimy' a lot he probably doesn't want to talk to you" Gavin made himself known. Cyclonus huffed.
"Everyone calls that sleeze 'slimy' usually to his face, he doesn't care he'll still sell to them, he knows he's a dirty underhanded crook"
"Oh alright then, at least he's honest with that then" Gavin smirked.
"There is nothing that honest about Swindle" Cyclonus sneered, his lip curling with disgust
"Swindle? You're going after someone named Swindle whose a 'dirty underhanded con'? Geez with that name and attitude he sounds like he crawled out of a 80's cartoon show!"
"It is a rather fitting name" Cyclonus breathed out before tapping at the same 'call' symbol on his screen again. It was of no surprise there was no answer.
"If this guy is not answering the phone, why not go where you last met him?" Gavin suggested.
"No" Cyclonus made a half-sigh, half-huff "He moves about"
"Must have to if he 'swindles' people out of their cash" Gavin bit his lip and pulled a stupid grin entirely too pleased with himself.
"Yes, he tries to live up to his name it seems." any humour made a audible 'wooshing' noise as it sailed over Cyclonus's head.
"Great" Gavin's disappointment was obvious "Why not just pretend you want to buy something off him then genius? I'm sure waving some space-cash at him would do it."
"But I am not buying anything" Cyclonus said in a rather genuinely innocent manner.
"Oh my god, of course you're not buying anything shit-stick! It's a lie!" Some of Gavin's sentence was drowned out with a deep warning-growl and flash of arching quills as Cyclonus cast him an angry glance.
"He won't fall for that. If he's not answering a call he must be lying low, he can't be that stupid that he'd break silence just for some 'cash'" Cyclonus leant back in his chair his arms crossed angrily as he returned to staring at the blank screen.
They let a few moments silence pass before Cyclonus rubbed his eyes and sighed
"He is that stupid"
With a resigned slump in his shoulders Cyclonus leant forwards as if he was twice as heavy. With a set of disgruntled clicking sounds he tapped away at the screen with his claws, this time bringing up a empty screen with a series of on-screen buttons beneath it. Instead of trying to call Cyclonus proceeded to send something Gavin would call an 'e-mail' but a little different.
Once the text box vanished from the screen Cyclonus leant back in his chair with a thoroughly displeased look making something close to a hiss ending in a click.
"Will he get that soon?" Gavin asked, pondering if space e-mails were faster than Earthly ones.
"Yes it's his private line" Cyclonus mumbled more into the finger he had near his face than to Gavin.
Gavin tuned to watch the screen like Cyclonus was.
"Wait if you have his private line... That means you buy off this sleazebag!" Gavin's mind made the eventual realisation, Cyconus didn't answer but quickly turned to look at the floor "Oh my god" Gavin laughed.
Their attentions were returned to the screen when it began strangling an eagle.
Or at least making that kind of noise.
"Uuuuuuuuugh damn it Swindle" Cyclonus groaned and slumped down in his seat.
"He fell for it didn't he?" Gavin arched an eyebrow as Cyclonus cast a glare at him but not at him in particular more a glare that probably wont leave his face until he slaps Swindle.
"He's stationed himself on a planetoid nearby a Space Bridge, a typical place for him to... 'set up shop' I think?" Cyclonus tapped his chin a little as he thought over the last line, trying to assure himself he used the phrase in the right context. Gavin didn't correct him so he stopped thinking about it and removed the communications panel in order to grasp the flight controls and push the ship onwards.
Gavin shuffled about in his chair, a little excited, another crab-guy like Cyclonus! He wondered if Swindle would have the mini-arms too, or a tail!
"What amount of... G... force can your species survive without protection?" Cyclonus leaned over to be looking Gavin in the eyes. The sharp glare stopped Gavin's somewhat excited shuffling and replaced it with nervous stillness.
"Uuuh" He gaped "I... I don't know?" He shrugged, fiddling with his sleeves.
"That is not an suitable answer"
"Well shit man I don't know! I have no idea how much we can handle even with protection!"
Cyclonus made a tsk-ing chirp before tightening his grip on the piloting controls and jarring the steering device forwards sharply.
The entire ship lurched painfully before humming more intensely at a higher pitch. Stars outside began blurring as Gavin was squished into the back of the chair, his whole body under pressure, his eyes streaming as it became tougher to breathe.

Cyclonus turned a dial and Gavin slumped forwards as most of the pressure lifted within the ship. It still kept Gavin firmly in place, but more comfortably so while maintaining it's prior speed.
It was hard but Gavin turned to Cyclonus for an answer, he rolled his eyes at the human
"Gravity stabilisers, You hardly managed to stay breathing under pressure"
"Yeah well I don't have a shell like you" Gavin protested
"Evolutionary disadvantage it seems" Gavin was sure a small smirk emanated from Cyclonus
"Wow" he huffed in turn.
"Keep your mood to yourself, we're here" Cyclonus silenced any further conversation.
Gavin looked up out the viewing ports, to more space.
"There isn't anything" He gestured to the space before them.
"Look to the sides" Cyclonus let out a heavy sigh.
On either side of the ship he could see two strips of pale green. The size was clearly immense for Gavin to only he able to see a strip of colour on either side of the ship with little detail on either part.
"So this space bridge thing is big then?" Was all he came out with.
"Immense" Cyclonus breathed, looking at the visible parts of the space bridge with a glimmer of happiness visible on his face "Scientists from my world helped build these" his quills twitched upright will a small bolt of pride.
Gavin was debating on saying something when he noticed the room had gone a blue-ish green. He spun around in time to witness something rush towards the ship and for him to let out a tiny shriek.
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