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Chapter 2

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Gavin doesn't have a good first impression of Swindle.

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Cyclonus looked awfully confused.
Gavin looked awfully angry.
There was a silent mutual agreement that the noise, that apparently was meant to be a small shriek but didn't quite make it, would not be mentioned again.

Even so a different set of stars confronted them now. A misty blue galaxy was even visible in the distance now
"Right. Planetoid. Below the bridge." Cyclonus made a series of small statements to himself as the now much slower ship cruised down towards the bottom of the ring. The angling of the ship had shown the still a little startled Gavin that the Space bridge they had just passed through was a giant ring suspended in space with colour on the inner side, the rest was a pale stone-y grey.
Despite the massive ring and Gavin's leaning in an attempt to see more of it the space ship sailed right past the lower portion before speeding up again towards a belt of rocks. The particular belt the ship headed to grew exponentially in size as the ship closed in, about three of the shapes in particular seemed more spherical than the rest, one even having different colours across it's surface other than rock-colour.
"Sphere ones are the- ?" Gavin tried redeeming himself a little from his earlier shriek
"Yes" Cyclonus was able to cut him off before the question finished.
The ship plunged back into it's inevitable pit of silence as it cruised at a faster-than-normal pace towards the central planetoid, presumably the one where Swindle's signal came from.
"There's another ship here..." Cyclonus murmured
"Yeah, isn't that how Swindle got here too?"
"Not his ship!" Cyclonus sharply spat in annoyance.
"Alright alright man! All you had to do was say so!" Gavin added a 'damn' under his breath at the end of that but Cyclonus didn't hear. Cyclonus was leaning forwards, quills upright and twitching, as if on alert, while he read the readings the controls before him gave out in alien code. The ships lighting dimmed as it reached the surface gently and silently. As soon as it landed doors leading to the outside opened automatically
"Wait if I'm coming with you, is the air safe out there?" Gavin paused half-way through getting off his chair.
"That didn't bother you before when you followed me" Cyclonus pointed out.
"Oh aye, fair point" Gavin shrugged, couldn't quite argue with that.
Gavin let Cyclonus lead the way, even if the route to the door was not hard to follow.

The planetoid was dusty and meek, utterly plain and unnoticeable. If you were going to be a bit of a crooked businessman this would be a good spot to hide at Gavin supposed. Looking about the deserted surface, his distraction led to him stumbling over a few rocks and earning several agitated hisses from Cyclonus, he wanted to argue his case but Cyclonus suddenly knelt down and hopped forwards before disappearing downwards. The pose looked horrifically awkward on someone of his stature but looking at the sloped ledge he was now sliding down it seemed the best posture. Taking up a similar crouched pose Gavin shuffled forwards, the dirt on the slope was fine and loose and the pull of gravity started sliding him down towards where Cyclonus was stood near the bottom.
The dirt was far too loose and Gavin stood up as he slid trying to get a better position, legs spreading out he instantly regretted that as each foot decided it wanted to go a different direction than the other. Gavin's arms flailed as he panicked
"EH! EEHP!" Came out in short yelps instead of anything constructive as he tried breaking out into a run to gain some control. That didn't work and the bottom of the slope came ever closer "AH! HEY HEY! CATCH ME!" Gavin called out automatically as he saw Cyclonus cast a lazy glance at the flailing human.
Nothing happened as Gavin went face-first into the ground spewing up a cloud of dust. Gavin resigned to lie there for a few seconds not doing a thing before the dust that had inevitably entered his mouth became too much and he started coughing. Sore all down his front and shaking with coughing fits, he turned a not-so-lazy glance to Cyclonus. Cyclonus proceeded to put his hand out right above where Gavin fell
"A bit late for that now ass" Gavin hissed and Cyclonus wordlessly turned away and headed down the gulley seemingly happy with his display of indifference.

At the end of the gulley sat two space crafts, one a dull blue the other a kind of muddy green-ish brown, possibly a muddy yellow? Gavin squinted at it, trying to figure out that colour but he recognised the other parts of the ship to be decorated purple.
"That's his ship" Cyclonus said as if aware of which ship Gavin was staring at.
"Oh aye, okay... So it's a go in and punch him for selling bad shit?"
"Then it'd be no different from eighty percent of his other customers..."
"... No, I will demand to know if he knowingly sold those O-raynge-es to those thugs or if he knows who did sell them" And that was the entire conversation they held before Cyclonus strode on a good few steps ahead, taking three long steps to get up the ramp and into the ship.
It took Gavin a fair few more steps to get there.

The inside of the ship was a pale grey, nothing too fancy. Or at least the halls they were walking down weren't.
On either side of the walkway there were rooms filled with various items, but predominantly packing crates, each room was sealed off by a translucent blue barrier. Gavin noticed that on various surfaces there was a purple triangle symbol. It was different to the 'call' sign but still purple and triangular, it appeared to have eyes in it and a crest. It was a curious mark but now Gavin thought about it, there was a symbol just like it on Cyclonus's ship.
Some angry voices caught their attention
"He was hiding from someone" Cyclonus remarked as if backing himself up. Cautiously they approached the door, Gavin went to go knock on it as hard as he could to get the attention of whoever was yelling inside but Cyclonus pressed a panel and opened it before he had the chance.

The room was filled with tall pale green armadillo-type people, all wearing a collar in a similar shade of blue to the other ship and were a good head shorter than Cyclonus. They were angrily yelling at someone at the other end of the room, said someone was making panicked trash-can noises, before a sudden squawk took over and all of the armadillo's turned to look at Gavin and Cyclonus.
"Oh that fuck motherer" Cyclonus swore in a disjointed manner, the armadillo's hissed. Gavin was ready to put his fists to an armadillo's face when he felt Cyclonus's large hand wrap around his shoulder a thumb underneath his arm and then an awkward weightless feeling as he was yanked into the air as Cyclonus turned and ran out the ship.
Gavin squawked and wailed as he desperately tried to grasp onto the hand around his shoulder, while getting a great view of a small group of angry armadillo-men running after them. Just above their heads he saw a figure, a similar greenish-yellow to the ship, duck down and disappear behind a panel in the wall.
“Ey I think we’re being used as a distraction while he escapes!” Gavin gasped while managing to grasp onto one of Cyclonus’s large claws with one hand and getting the other around his spiked forearm. The motion thankfully turned him away from the angry stubby-faced armadillo’s.
“Not a very good one, they have people in his flight deck preventing him from escaping” Cyclonus seemed barely phased. When they came up to the door Cyclonus pounded the panel before literally going flying with a massive bound out the ship’s door, which started folding back and closed down on their pursuers who slid to a halt, not wanting to risk running through the closing door.

They now had a temporary respite while the followers proceeded to try and figure out the doors release code, which anyone not of Swindle and Cyclonus’s species needed to use.
Gavin was dropped unceremoniously back to the dirt, face first again. His spluttering dirt-stained profanities went unheard as Cyclonus had already taken off in large bounding leaps, he made a shrieking noise that sounded awfully like a blender with a rodent inside as he seemed to home in on something. Gavin was wobbly but hastily did his best to catch up.

Someone squealed like a trapped pig as a knee was pressed into the base of their neck making them gag loudly.
Cyclonus had pinned down Swindle who squirmed beneath him making panicked chirping noises while a wobbly smiled struggled to stay visible on his face.
The two seemed to be squawking at each other in what must’ve been their native language, with no idea what they were saying Gavin decided to look over this Swindle guy.
His face was a dark grey which contrasted with his large purple eyes, his body was predominantly a similar yellow-ish brown type colour like his ship, complete with purple patches on him.
Was it a theme on their planet to have vehicles in the same colours as themselves?

The armadillo’s cut their angry conversation off as they opened Swindles door, pointed and yelled. Cyclonus had his hand wrapped around Swindle’s throat and hoisted the smaller guy up with him, looked like Swindle was coming too.
Cyclonus refused to let go of the squirming crab-person as he ran on ahead, long legs easily outrunning Gavin’s short ones despite the latter's attempts to keep close. It was only thanks to Swindle’s squirming slowing him down that Gavin was able to keep relatively close-by.
The trio hurried down the gully until Cyclonus spotted a part of it that felt adequate to him and he charged up it. Gavin felt several curses and irritable responses to the climbing situation arise but by now was too out of breath to use them and merely scrambled up the slope after them.
Now they were up top, much to Gavin’s enjoyment it was another run back the way they came to return to Cyclonus’s ship. This time Gavin did manage something akin to a swear and hobbled after them, legs burning.
Below a few of the armadillo’s tried climbing up the sides of the gully, a good handful of them found the loose dirt to be too awkward for them to handle, while a good portion managed a slow ascent up the sides.
Gavin cursed the many nights of inactivity before this.

Cyclonus’s ship was a welcome sight as the three advanced upon it. Cyclonus threw Swindle on first, managing to toss the shorter fellow onto the ramp with enough force he rolled forwards to the top of it. Cyclonus jumped on after him and Gavin barely managed to cling to the edge of the ramp before Cyclonus started withdrawing it, disregarding the human tumbling in with it. Gavin hadn’t even stood up and both aliens had already sped off to the control room and started the ships take-off procedures. Gavin wheezed a ‘fuck it’ and inched closer to the wall and sat down until the craft had actually taken off.
The ship eventually stopped shuddering as it entered a smoother more stable flight, the pitch of the engines whirred a little higher than usual as the ship kept to a high speed and Gavin wobbled to his feet before staggering down to the control room.

He could see Cyclonus in the pilots chair, one clawed hand kept snapping out as he gestured angrily along with even angirer speech. Swindle moved a lot less but still argued back sat in the second chair.
The argument was strange to listen to.
It was like listening to a seal in a trashcan being thrown down a flight of stairs combined with whirs, clicks and hissing. It slowed down to a stop and Gavin stood between them.
He glared at Swindle
“Hey!” He snapped at the alien. Both Swindle and Cyclonus shot him a glare and the silence happened again, although every few moments a click or a hiss came from either one of them.
“Don’t glare at me I want a word with you!” Gavin snapped again pointing at Swindle who looked back down at him a little offended.
“Gavin don’t interrupt us!” Cyclonus switched back to something he could understand “We’re still talking you just can’t hear” He explained the patches of silence.
Gavin turned to huff at Cyclonus
“He’s in my spot”
“That is no ones spot” Cyclonus pointed out, but Gavin didn’t listen and tugged Swindles leg
“Oi, get out! I’ve been here a few days longer than you, I sit there!” Gavin grunted at Swindle who stared at him with large confused eyes before pointing at him and turning to Cyclonus.
Walrus noises came off him and Cyclonus shuddered with a little laugh.
“He called me a ‘pet’ didn’t he?” Gavin hissed. Cyclonus didn’t answer but chuckled quietly again “He did didn’t he!?”
“A untrained one” Cyclonus cast him an amused glance.
And Gavin did.
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