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Chapter 3

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Thunderhoof isn't in his office, but someone else is.

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Cyclonus didn’t visibly seem to be enjoying what was happening before him, but he wasn’t exactly rushing to stop it.
Gavin had vaulted up onto the chair yelling several profanities most of them revolving around not being ‘no animal’ or ‘pet’ and that he’ll give Swindle ‘untrained’.
Swindle clearly hadn’t expected the human to put on such a burst of energy and when Gavin yanked on the plating around the base of his neck Swindle had lurched forwards to the movement and tumbled to the floor. The humans relatively soft fists only did real damage when hitting into the softer plates of the face, Swindle’s only saving grace was managing to curl up and get a hand in front of his face steadily deflecting any further attacks but he still squawked miserably.
Cyclonus eventually pulled Gavin out of his mini-rage by picking him up via his jumper and dropping him onto the now empty chair.
Swindle shuffled into a seated position on the floor burbling cautiously and rubbing at his sore face. Gavin crossed his arms and glared at him. Cyclonus made a few clicks and Swindle gladly rushed over to where he was rather than remain in front of Gavin. Looking over the back of the chair Gavin watched as Cyclonus handed Swindle the disk-with-a-handle only this time it had a different card in the handle, Gavin managed to catch Cyclonus tucking away his mini-arms again as Swindle held the device to his throat and activated it while Gavin looked at two parts of him in particular.
Swindle indeed had a tail and two small arms as well. His tail seemed to be held in a slightly more pert and upright position than Cyclonus’s and he did not curl his small arms against himself merely had them hang at his sides like normal arms would. Swindle also lacked horns and quills.
“Ugh... Ack” Swindle started coughing a little, his mouth flapping open and closed “You’ve been speaking this primitive language?”
“Oi mate, still here” Gavin looked over the tip of the chair
“Yes I have, It’s fine though, it does not require much effort, it doesn’t reach the same amount of vocal pitches as were used to” Cyclonus responded.
“And you’re the ‘not pet’ then? What are you doing here? Earth isn’t a space-travelling planet? Besides what Earthly item did you think I had for you to buy?” Swindle walked back to the chair purposely as if he wasn’t whimpering on the floor not too long ago.
“He’s a stowaway. And that was an excuse to grab your attention.” Cyclonus cast the duo a glare before Gavin could answer.
“Oh so you don’t want it? I could take it off your hands, though it keeps hiding it’s face in it’s clothing, is there a defect” Swindle suddenly grinned and Gavin turned away quickly. He hadn’t realised he had been hiding his face.
“I won’t sell him to you Swindle” Cyclonus ignored the following ‘Hey!’ from Gavin “You forget I actually know you, why would I sell to you unless I had to?”
“But you buy from me!” Swindle protested
“Hah! Knew it!” Gavin laughed, Cyclonus tsk’d and turned back to his chair
“I don’t care, what the hell were you doing with Thunderhoof’s lot Swindle? I like pretending the people I know at least have some scrap of intelligence yet here you are getting in trouble with the likes of him!”
“Oh my god, Thunderhoof? That’s an actual name?” Gavin interjected
“It’s not like I sold him anything bad” Swindle shrugged trying to look innocent
“They’re following us!” Cyclonus wasn’t buying it.
“OH BY THE PITS!” Swindle panicked “I didn’t do anything this time!” He went into a whine “They just won’t believe me!”
“What’s going on Swindle!?” Cyclonus grabbed him by the shoulder with one hand while keeping the other on the steering. Gavin looked out the windows as if expecting to see the ship he saw on the planetoid next to them. It must’ve taken them a little while to all clamber back onto their craft.
“None of my business, I had nothing to do with it this time! Honest!” Swindle protested “Take me back to my craft, I refuse to be too far away from my wares!”
“Then what DO you know?!” Cyclonus pushed him roughly to the floor snarling, Gavin wondered if they were going to fight again, not that that went well for Swindle.
“I did sell ol’ hoofy a quality item quite recently, absolutely premium it was! Now he’s gone and vanished and they think I did it! Me!? As if I’d get rid of a paying customer without any valid reason!”
“That’s the most sense you’ve made since we met today” Cyclonus sighed his whole body drooping in the chair “Now you’ve got us into this!” He returned to being snappy.
“Wait, us? So you include me when you feel like it?” Gavin put in between the aliens back-and-forth snapping and was ignored.
“Well you’re such a good customer” Swindle purred “And you do know how to handle yourself”
Cyclonus hissed.
“I thought you’d be able to handle a bunch of short mammals! Though you seem to be having trouble with just the one right now”
Gavin held up his fist as a warning.
“Look look look! I just thought you wouldn’t mind helping a pal out a bit”
“Since when were we ever ‘pals’?”
“Okay, ‘associate’ then” Swindle rolled his eyes to such a degree Gavin thought he heard a small wet noise accompany them.
“Tell me how to get rid of them, I don’t want to be involved in this right now!” Cyclonus groaned, trying to get away from Swindles pointless chit-chat.
“Oh my god Steeljaw? Really? Who names you guys?” Gavin tried to cut in
“What’s Steeljaw got to do with this?”
“Did you two really fall out that bad or did you just get fed up of each other? You used to be friends if I recall...”
“Shut up Swindle and answer me”
Gavin was being left in the sidelines about this but it seemed as if Swindle knew a fair bit about Cyclonus and bit by bit he was finding out some things now.
“Didn’t you hear? Steeljaw and Thunderhoof have been a bit ‘buddy-buddy’ lately If anyone could convince Thunderhoofs mob I’m innocent! Or at least call them off, It’s him!”
“Agh! Fine! Where is he now?”
“Ugh, Morgar V if I remember rightly, you might want to double back to that space bridge if I were you”
“I hate you Swindle”
“I know”

The ship spun around and sunk in a tight dipping U-turn, dipping below the following ‘mob’ which were indeed behind them just as Cyclonus told.
The ships bulkier build wasn’t able to swerve fast enough to follow Cyclonus’s through the Space bridge and this time Gavin did not accompany it with a squeal.
Later he would have to ask how the bridge knew where to spit people out.

Morgar V was a grubby little planet. Half of it was missing and the rest was covered in metal shacks all built on top of each other and loads of power lines webbed through the skies.
A ship like their pursuers would have to land on the outskirts of town not to be caught up in the massive electrified webbing. This ship however could, with some smartly done twists, slide under the wires and cruise down towards a wide open area also inhabited by some small crafts.
Once the three stepped out Cyclonus shoved Swindle on the shoulder
“Move, now” He ordered and Swindle muttered angrily rolling his shoulder but didn’t argue back and started off towards the thick city.
The air matched the thickness of the city and it stank of burnt out lights.
At least now the two were walking at a slow enough pace that Gavin could stay by their sides.
The journey was made even slower by Swindle who kept getting side tracked by various items being bought and sold between different entities they past. None of which looked very shop-like, they even had to stop for a while when he attempted to try and sell something called a ‘Inverse catapulmp’ to someone they passed for no real reason other than ‘he wanted to’. He didn’t get far into his ‘sale’ before Cyclonus pried him away.

Before long Swindle led them to a building that was ‘thoroughly inconspicuous’. Mainly because the hooded guy sat out front, who was clearly meant to be a ‘homeless’ person of sorts but had a gun under his rags and was wearing a collar similar to the ones the armadillo’s had on. He eyed everyone nearing the door suspiciously clutching his weapon, noticing this Cyclonus grabbed hold of Swindle’s shoulder despite his protests and announced something in a loud shrill chirp that seemed to satisfy the ‘innocent homeless person’ into letting them pass.
“What’dya say?” Gavin poked the back of his leg and Cyclonus took a half step away from him.
“I claimed him as my prisoner and I was bringing him in for Steeljaw to interrogate”
“Didn’t have to grip me so hard though you tinfoil turkey!” Swindle hissed and Gavin snorted
“Hehe tinfoil turkey…”
“Sshh, Steeljaw can probably hear you laughing away like that!” Swindle silenced Gavin with a hand that Gavin angrily slapped at “The guy’s got hearing like a turbo fox!”
“Oh my god, please direct me to whoever named you guys and your animals, I can’t decide whether I want to high five them or punch them in the face”
“Huh you seemed to have picked up a human a bit like yourself huh Cyclonus” Swindle chimed in his smarmy manner.
“Well I’m thinking the same about you right now, only there’s no high five option” Gavin said in a correcting manner. Cyclonus huffed at the two of them making a sharp noise as if trying to silence them.
“Well I always encounter you in such odd corners of space, you seem a bit tentative about going into homeland territory. I don’t exactly think Megatron’s that mad at you, I mean he puts up with Starscream” Swindle continued Regardless
“What’s a Megatron when it’s at home then?” Gavin asked. The expression made the aliens give him an odd glance.
“Who he is is of no importance to you, were here” Cyclonus prevented any answer.

The entrance to the office was large and very wide needing two doors to cover it.
Swindle rapped the door happily as if he were heading in to make a sale. Cyclonus grabbed the shoulder he had previously gripped, stopping Swindle dead, he proceeded to push past Swindle and go through the doors pulling him along without a knocking, letting Gavin trail behind.
The room was wide, very wide. Clearly it was rather new or at least being refurbished as there were a fair few boxes lying around and scattered papers. Just as Swindle said earlier one side of the room had a massive mirror hung up, it’s metal frame decorated with several dancing animals at the top and paw-like feet at the bottom standing it up.

It was not the most noticeable thing in the room however as the toppled desk and battered chair framed a limp figure. Bigger than Swindle, smaller than Cyclonus but a little wider. A steel-blue creature lay panting, it’s chest swelling with each deep laborious breath as a grey-blue liquid streamed out from several lacerations across it’s body.
“Steeljaw!” Cyclonus identified the crumpled mass as he jumped over to him and put his hands to the barely conscious being “He’s alive, the bleeding might be slowing down but the cuts are deep”
“What did this to him?” Swindle glanced around nervously
Something thudded outside and an angry voice barked something before being joined by several other angry voices, getting louder as they neared the office.
“Not our main concern right now” Cyclonus grimly cast a glance to Steeljaw.
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