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Chapter 4

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Steeljaw isn't right.

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Angry babbling grew ever louder only to be interrupted by a squeak, Cyclonus had opened the window and looked out at the alley.
He barely had the chance to say it was clear before Swindle barrelled out of the opening and turned tail down the alley. With a snarling hiss Cyclonus bolted after him leaving Gavin to catch the window before it shut on him, and prevented him from escaping with them.
Moaning, Gavin wished he didn’t have to go through another chase again, but ran down in the direction the two went nonetheless. He didn’t have a difficult time spotting where they went, Cyclonus was a good deal taller than everyone else and his horns only helped.
Just follow the bobbing horns.

It didn’t take long for Cyclonus to have caught up to the smaller Swindle. He had body slammed the latter into another alley and had a knee in his back by the time Gavin arrived.
“Were you followed?” Cyclonus didn’t even look up from Swindle to visually acknowledge him.
“I ‘unno f-following you guys weren’t I?” Gavin gave a sarcastic pant “Don’t think so”
“Where do you think you were off to?” Cyclonus had already lost interest before Gavin had finished and was leaning in on Swindle who laughed nervously.
“Wee-he-helll I thought it would be better if I got as far away as possible! They are after mee” He squawked a little as Cyclonus dug his knee in.
“What happened to Steeljaw? Those wounds were still weeping!” Cyclonus barked
“Oh!” Swindle sounded offended “I was with you the whole time! How would I know what got him!?”
“If it was fresh, why not follow the blood?”
“Yes! Yes! Listen to the Earth mammal! You used to do a lot of hunting when you were younger as I recall you saying” Swindle whined into the ground. Cyclonus eventually pulled his knee off his back and let him scramble to his feet.
“Not much point, that place will be crawling with goons now they’ve seen Steeljaw’s been injured” He said cooly to accompany a rather cold glare he was giving the world.
“Not entirely, no Thunderhoof and now no Steeljaw, they’re pretty much leaderless!” Swindle waggled a finger as if he were giving a lesson “Besides we don’t have to go too close to the building do we? Who’d stay in the same area after attacking someone like that! Besides can’t you just… sniff out the blood or something?”
Gavin watched both their reactions as it fell fairly silent after that. Cyclonus slowly turned to glare at Swindle, the quills at his side wavering as if they couldn’t decide if they wanted to flare up or not.
He eventually conceded and backed off to stalk down the alleyway in a huff. Swindle gave his front a light brush down and turned around, seeing Gavin at the other end of the alley and went back to where he was.
“Why not send the runt here to go look for blood spots?” He waved his hands lackadaisically. Gavin kicked him in the ankle-area and Swindle hopped back with a small yelp.
“Call me ‘runt’ or ‘pet’ again and your head’s going up someone’s arse” Gavin threatened.
“No. If anything he’s more recognisable than us because he is the only human in this galaxy” Cyclonus stepped towards the two “If Swindle is anywhere near accurate then the goons will be predominately focusing on getting Steeljaw medical attention while a group of them scouts out the attacker”
Swindle put on his good ‘pout’
“If? Only if? Sounds as if you have no faith in me Cyclonus! I talk with Thunderhoof regularly, I know just how much he complains about the ‘obedient’ nature of these goons he has right now. They’re obedient to the point where they’ll wait for their masters to come back before doing much else! Either that or they fear Thunderhoofs reaction if they do something he didn’t want”

Cyclonus was already rubbing his eyes out of frustration
“I’m in charge of the idiot parade” He muttered quietly to himself as Gavin made a remark about the goons sounding ‘as useful as a condom dispenser in the Vatican’, not that either he or Swindle understood.
Ignoring the duo who had started bickering Cyclonus stared at his hand. It still had some of Steeljaw’s blood on it. Swindle wasn’t lying when he had told of Cyclonus hunting at a young age.
Granted he didn’t start doing it entirely of his own choice but he had learnt the basics of hunting and tracking prey. Specifically if it were bleeding.
Blood, specifically that of their own held a particular scent. It was odd and always made the direct centre of his tongue tingle, he glanced around the corners of the alleyway seeing if there was any kind of trail, scent or otherwise.
“SMEG!?” The word yelled by Swindle snapped Cyclonus out of his focus “What does that even mean!?”
“It means you’re a Smeghead!” Gavin chimed back.
The phrase ‘idiot parade’ crawled back into Cyclonus’s head as he watched them.

Gavin wasn’t really saying anything to Swindle but it was fun watching the alien get frustrated trying to wrap his head around whether he was being insulted or not. Just like Cyclonus he had only learned a somewhat basic vocabulary from the disk-with-a-handle (Something he now learned was called a ‘Data Injector’)
“Ugh fuck mothering toaster strudel” He uttered at the irritable alien with a little grin
“What? I’m pretty sure that was insulting!” Swindle snapped “What even is a toss-tehr stroo-dell? Is it something sellable?”
Credit where credit’s due this guy didn’t want to miss a chance at earning more money or it’s equivalent.
Cyclonus came over to the two of them, he didn’t say a word or make a sound. His mere presence shut the two up and made them look to him.
“Good I’m not interrupting anything, I was worried that sorting out Swindle’s mess with Thunderhoof was not a priority”
“Misunderstanding!” Swindle hastened to ‘correct’ him.
“Whatever” Gavin chose to shut him up, this guy was okay at first but hanging around him for too long was beginning to feel like a chore.
“I’m following the blood trail. Right now you two can either choose to follow me or fuck off and I don’t particularly care which you choose”
“Alright! A blood trail! I can punch something else in the face!” Gavin celebrated while Swindle looked increasingly worried.
“I doubt you’d be able to do anything” Cyclonus muttered.
“I got him one din’ I?” Gavin jutted a finger at Swindle who curled his lip in return.
Cyclonus didn’t even reply he seemed to have become lost in some mental escape for a few moments. He still didn’t say anything as he marched off in the opposite direction.
Clearly time was being wasted, and with such fresh wounds clearly their attacker wasn’t far off or at least that’s exactly what Gavin thought as he trotted off after Cyclonus, Swindle following after Gavin gave him a jab in the side. Without looking back Cyclonus suddenly broke out into a jogging run
“Try keeping together” he suddenly called back as if only just remembering them as large legs had easily propelled him far down the street leaving them behind.
Gavin moved over to Swindle who had watched Cyclonus bound away undoubtedly thinking of some sort of escape route, standing right next to the alien he reached up and grabbed Swindle’s sore shoulder
“Ah!” He suddenly gasped before beeping irritably as he leant into Gavin’s tight grip.
“Ah, just keeping together like the big guy said, ay ‘pal’?” Gavin whispered near where he assumed his ear would be “Wouldn’t want to get lost now huh?” Swindle shuddered and nodded.
Keeping a firm grip on Swindle Gavin set off running, this time it would be at his own pace, Swindle was awkward to drag the pull on his shoulder made him stumble and the two of them trying to weave through the other aliens milling around the streets lead to a few collisions between them. Knocking into others seemed only to yield angry snapping thankfully and the two carried on.
“Let go!” Swindle whined
“No!” Gavin snapped
“Let go!” Swindle merely repeated himself.
“I’m not repeating myself!” Gavin gave a firm yank on Swindles arm as they closed in on Cyclonus.
Cyclonus had started pausing every few moments to make sure he was following the right path.
The scent got weird.
He took off as Gavin and Swindle arrived making Swindle groan. Gavin elbowed him again.
At least at a slow jogging pace it wasn’t too hard to keep a relatively close distance, Cyclonus seemed to be following a pattern before performing a U-turn, then another. He seemed to be going around in circles
“My, someone’s a little rusty, aren't they? What would the fami-”
“Steeljaw!?” Cyclonus cut Swindle off with a snapping yell.
Gavin skidded to the floor as he failed to keep his balance like the others did while stopping dead in their tracks.
“Oh by the pits it IS Steeljaw!” Swindle echoed. Gavin got up to peer down the alley they had stopped near.
Down the dim patch of paving the large steel-blue shape of Steeljaw could be made out, he was making a slow and awkward path towards a power station and payed no heed to his name being called. Cyclonus took over and grabbed Swindle’s arm
“He was barely breathing when we saw him back there” He hissed suddenly putting his face very close to Swindle’s
“Wh-wha? Well, looks like he made a speedy recovery!” Swindle laughed a little
“He couldn’t be up this quickly!” Cyclonus hissed his voice going quiet in that my-calm-is-covering-a-massive-shitstorm-of-anger manner.
“You did recover from a broken arm pretty quick” Gavin decided to put in, he hadn’t looked too closely at Steeljaw when they were in the room. He had just seen enough to know he was struggling to breathe “But he did seem to be having problems breathing”
“Exactly” Cyclonus shook Swindle a little and he made a panicked burble in response.
“Yeah!... Okay then” Gavin said as if he was to begin another sentence but instead Gavin ran down the alley way towards the power station “Steeljaw! Ey! Ey! Steely!” He yelled.
“GAVIN NO” Cyclonus bellowed after the jaunty human, Cyclonus yelling got Steeljaws attention more so than Gavin calling his actual name. Steeljaw turned his muzzled face round and saw the human advancing on him at it’s top speed

“Steeeeeeeljaw! Lookie here! A little alien wants to talk to your ugly mug!” Gavin hollered joyfully despite not remembering that Steeljaw probably couldn’t understand him.
Steeljaw’s yellow eyes grew wider in panic as Gavin approached, he began shuddering in confusion, the human was almost on him it’s new words confusing and shrill.
Without a moment’s notice Steeljaw dropped to all fours, pushing outwards he headbutted Gavin in the gut sending him toppling backwards to the floor with a garbled yelp of agony. Steeljaw roared angrily as he got back up and bared his claws as two new enemies approached him.

“Stupid fuck motherer” Cyclonus hissed to himself as the small shell-less human was sent tumbling by Steeljaw. Still pulling Swindle with him Cyclonus ran to confront Steeljaw, switching back to his mother tongue
“What are you playing at? Look at that thing, it’s harmless!” He snapped at him
Steeljaw snarled back wincing.
“Aren't you even going to see if he’s still alive?” Swindle uttered from behind Cyclonus not wanting to be in Steeljaws line of sight.
“No. Steeljaw, you don’t attack things on sight, what’s gotten into you?” Cyclonus went to grab Steeljaws hand but the latter stumbled backwards quickly avoiding him and giving another snarl.
“I don’t think I should call you Steeljaw, you’re not are you?” Cyclonus uttered
“Looks like him to me” Swindle hissed.
“No, Steeljaw’s no animal and he doesn’t have a scratch on him. He is not Steeljaw”
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