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Chapter 5

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Entering the Mirror.

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The not-Steeljaw roared angrily, rooted in it’s spot.
Here was the battlefield, the mystery-attacker is going down and it had chosen the backyard of a power plant to fight at. Nothing around them but the plant’s damaged fence and parts of unneeded machinery shoved in the corners, or dumped anywhere they fitted.
“You can’t even roar properly!” Cyclonus mocked his foe.
The not-Steeljaw bounded forwards with it’s claws glinting in the light, familiar blue blood coated them. Swindle squeaked and bolted for the power station’s fence as Steeljaw went flying into the air, Cyclonus grabbed at it’s chest and flipped the not-Steeljaw over his head. Not-Steeljaw splayed out mid-air and landed on it’s feet with a bit of a crunch. Facing down the imitation all of Cyclonus’s quills snapped to attention, each one twitching with anticipation, the not-Steeljaw didn’t move.
It started glancing around, panicked. It grabbed a rock and lobbed it at Cyclonus, the not-Steeljaw’s aim wasn’t amazing, as the rock went sailing over Cyclonus’s head. Cyclonus charged the not-Steeljaw, who twittered in panic as it dropped to all fours again, swerving past the charging Cyclonus. Angrily, Cyclonus tried to swing at him as he went past but to no avail.
Safely on the other side of Cyclonus the not-Steeljaw began throwing rocks, pipes and whatever else it could grab from the dumped discarded parts.
Cyclonus hissed as he batted the makeshift ammunition away and glared at Swindle who was pressed up against the fence. Swindle immediately shook his head at Cyclonus, unwilling to have random assortments of junk tossed at him.
Cyclonus grunted as a rock hit him above the eye, he then launched himself at not-Steeljaw with an angry bellow
“FIGHT ME YOU COWARD!” he demanded. Not-Steeljaw didn’t comply as once again he bolted away from Cyclonus, essentially trading places again. This time, Cyclonus didn’t stop and used his hands to help him spin back around on not-Steeljaw and charge him once again. Not-Steeljaw yelped in panic as it tried to scurry away again. Ready for it’s repeat tactic, Cyclonus watched for which side it would run to. The moment the imitation moved Cyclonus copied it. Mid-run Cyclonus stamped down with his left foot and threw himself right at the fleeing copy. Not ready for his change in motion, the not-Steeljaw squealed as it dropped to the floor desperate to avoid the angry blur of purple sailing towards it.
Said blur of purple was not going to let it get away this time and grasped a hold of the not-Steeljaw’s shoulders, and brought it crunching down with him. The panicked not-Steeljaw did not stop moving and continued flailing as it hit the ground. It’s joints made the most awful grinding noise as it struggled against the floor.
“Oh well I guess it didn’t need our help” Swindle was barely audible over not-Steeljaws pathetic squirming
Gavin had recovered from whatever state he was in after being headbutted and had grabbed one of the pipes not-Steeljaw had thrown at Cyclonus. With an angry yell he slammed the pipe vertically into not-Steeljaw’s elbow, as it laid back startled from his yelling. Upon colliding with the joint the pipe created possibly one of the worst high pitched screeching-crash of a noise ever heard. The joint shattered into several glittering pieces and not-Steeljaw gasped in pain. Gavin hadn’t finished yet and drew the pipe back up, this time swinging it down on not-Steeljaw’s head snapping it off it’s phoney body and shattering the jaw. The rest of the head followed when it collided with the wall, sending thousands of shining shards everywhere.
Not-Steeljaw’s body froze, stiff and thoroughly dead, with three pairs of eyes watching it in bemusement.
“Glass?” Cyclonus was the first to speak.
“Well y’know, thinking about it, that’d explain why it didn’t go hand-to-hand with you” Swindle chimed.
“Tosspot” Gavin swore.
The glass Steeljaws body slowly started resembling glass more and more as time passed after it’s ‘death’ it didn’t take long before it merely resembled a twisted lump of glass with two shattered parts.
“Shame it broke, you could’ve added it to your collection” Swindle smirked.
Cyclonus backhanded him and Swindle dropped with a squawk.
“What do you know about this?” Cyclonus slammed his foot onto Swindle’s stomach making the smaller one heave.
“Nothing!” He shrieked with the sort of speed one only gets from learning to do such a thing reflexively so many times before “I just sold a mirror it’s all I did! Honest”
“Honest!? Can you even spell such a word!?” Cyclonus barked in his face, his quills upright and quivering.
Gavin coughed and spluttered. A big glass alien headbutting him in the gut was a 100 percent-guaranteed way to make you want to vomit while simultaneously gaining severe sympathy for crash test dummies.
“Hey... yer mate’s a fake” He wheezed. Both of the angrily chirping aliens turned to look at him then remembered to talk in a manner he understood.
“We’re going back to the office and he’s going to show me exactly what that mirror does!” Cyclonus hefted Swindle off the floor
“How do you know the mirror did it? Why are you blaming me!? I just sold it! I just sold it!” He babbled digging his heels into the ground. It wasn’t very effective, as Cyclonus simply lifted him off the ground with one arm and tossed him forwards. Swindle managed to prevent a face first with an awkward landing run. Grunting he righted himself and glared at Cyclonus
“Yes Sir!” He barked back at him standing rigidly to attention in some form of mock-military display before stomping off towards the buildings leaving Cyclonus to growl at an empty space.
“You guys are fucking weird...” Gavin gasped out as he dropped the pipe he had been using as support.
“He is just a… A-hole?” Cyclonus huffed despite his own uncertainty at the insult.
“So am I, so are you. Now where is the fucker going?” Gavin rubbed away at his chest.
“Report any broken bones” Cyclonus stormed off after Swindle the moment his ‘order’ left his mouth. Gavin sagged and hoped the other caught sight of his irritated glare, but he probably didn’t.
Thunderhoof, Steeljaw and then a glass Steeljaw and Cyclonus was blaming it all on Swindle and this mirror. Whether it was wrongly or rightly was to be discovered, Cyclonus just seemed angry at Swindle and wanted to yell. Which eventually clicked Gavin’s mind back into some form of remembrance, Oranges. Perhaps this was all residue irritation from the orange-incident.
Well it was residue something Gavin kept thinking. Though by the time he had caught up with Cyclonus’s slow lumbering pace the only word in his head was ‘residue’ and he couldn’t remember what it was a residue of.
“Fuck” He uttered to himself. Cyclonus remained silent and steady in his motions, while they were following Swindle it was at a distance. Gavin noticed Cyclonus seemed to have completely zoned out, his eyes were nowhere near focused as he kept a flat, blank face on almost as if he had decided to stare into bleak void one would call life or death.
“With a face like that you wouldn’t have needed that hologram thingy you’d’ve fit right in in Scotland” Gavin laughed “It was a land of the moody shits! Guess we liked to match the bleak weather!” Gavin’s giggles did nothing more than rouse Cyclonus from his daydream and put his focus back into reality. Where, if he even heard, he ignored everything Gavin just said and caught up to Swindle.
Swindle himself had already settled at the window to the Office where they found the real Steeljaw.
“After you” He gestured half-mockingly to the window.
Cyclonus grabbed the window, opened it and stared at Swindle until he crawled into the room. Gavin quickly scrambled through straight after the alien on the off chance Cyclonus would leave him outside.

The room had been relatively fixed up. Steeljaw had been taken away to receive medical attention while the chair and desk were rearranged into a more orderly fashion. The mirror was still innocently hung up on the wall.
“Why’d you sell the mirror to Thunderhoof? And where did that glass replica come from?” Cyclonus gripped the edge of the mirror gently examining it.
“Well Thunderhoof’s just setting himself up here, a uh new branch of his enterprise so to say. A mirror would look so, uh, suave and professional?” Swindle chimed as if nothing strange had happened.
Gavin started to examine the mirror too his eyes tracing over the reflection of the room while avoiding his own. Large, reflective. Seemed to be doing a good job of being a mirror.
“I don’t give two shits what Thunderhoofs doing” Cyclonus batted the rim of the mirror and pressed it against the wall as if applying pressure would do anything. “Why did he want it and why do I think it had something to do with the false Steeljaw?” His voice rose louder the longer his question went on. Swindle squeaked
“I don’t know why you think it had anything to do with the glass Steeljaw it can’t do anything like that!”
Gavin found himself grinning, his breath fogging up the mirror, he watched in the reflection as Cyclonus closed the gap between himself and Swindle, towering over the salesman.
“So tell me dear Swindle. What does the mirror do?” Cyclonus wrapped a hand around Swindle’s shoulder and squeezed
“It doesn’t create clones!” Swindle instantly squawked “It’s not meant to do that! It’s just a small miniature portal! It uses up so much energy! It has to be small! As if it could ever make a duplicate of someone! Just let go of me!”
“That thing is a portal?”
“Yes! Yes! Thunderhoof wanted it so that if he had anything he needed to hide from authorities in a rush or or or things that, uh, were too valuable you know, he had somewhere to stash them quickly! No one would ever check inside a mirror!”
“That’s smart” Gavin whispered to himself before grinning, an actual interdimensional portal. Sweet. In the reflection however he could see Cyclonus lifting the squeaking Swindle off the ground by his shoulder while looking as if he really was holding back a shitstorm of anger.
“Well I think you just answered the DAMNED ISSUE WITH MISSING THUNDERHOOF DIDN’T YOU!” He practically screamed in Swindle’s face “WHERE ELSE COULD HE HAVE VANISHED TO!? Now how about you be useful AND FIND HIM!”
Gavin didn’t have long to process the speeding mass of dirty-yellow that slammed into his back flinging him straight into, and through the mirror.

Panting roughly all of Cyclonus’s quills twitched and shuddered irritably. Stupid Swindle, getting them chased halfway across the galaxy because he sold some stupid portal to another stupid asshole.
Swindle was right about the portal using a good deal of energy as the lights flickered when he sailed into it and onto the other side.
Though now he was alone in the office. Cyclonus groaned loudly not caring if anyone outside heard him, although if they hadn’t heard him yelling they wouldn’t have heard that.
He managed to throw the human through too. He hadn’t meant to do that. He scratched irritably at his own face in frustration. He wasn’t going to go into the mirror after them, someone had to stay on the outside at least, then again the human seemed to have little to no survival instincts and Swindle was Swindle. They could surely manage themselves while he did something about the mirror he lied to himself. One of those morons would probably die. He sighed.
Returning to the mirror’s side Cyclonus thought about it’s energy usage, it seemed like it would cause a blackout if too much came through at once, unless he got it a better energy source.
Morgar V was littered with power stations, all he had to do was move it to one of those and it would automatically start drawing power from there. Well he guessed it would do. It had no power cord but needed to get it’s power from somewhere.
Angrily he shuffled the item away from the wall, it wasn’t fantastically heavy, he could carry it on his back easily. And that was what he opted to do. He got increasingly angrier at himself for doing so, this predicament was all Swindle’s fault anyway, he should just leave him to sort it out himself but no here he was lumbering out the door with a mirror on his back.
Cyclonus lost all anger in a wave of cold panic however, when someone behind him called out.
“Eeyyy yo!”
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