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Chapter 6

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Gavin and Swindle found Thunderhoof. The problem is, so did Cyclonus.

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The room was filled with groans and gags as two shuffling people slowly got to their feet.
Swindle started swearing and grunting in his native language while Gavin peered painfully around the room. It was indeed a reflection of the room they were just in but it was rather… wobbly.
Without thinking about it Gavin whacked Swindle on the back
“Ahhh!” He whined in mock pain “What is it with people and hitting me today!?”
“Dick” Gavin grunted
“What? I doubt that is a reason to go hitting me?” Swindle motored on only to be stopped when the room jerked to the side sending both sliding a few feet. Wavering on the spot they both looked back to the mirror through which they entered, the room was moving, or more accurately the mirror was being moved.
“That idiot! What’s he doing!? Let us out!” Swindle shrieked and made a dive for the portal only to be slid backwards when Cyclonus moved the mirror again.
Gavin ignored the crustacean and exited through the rooms only doors, seeing the only other inhabitant move away Swindle seemed to lose all interest in the mirror and dived after him.
“Where are you going? Don’t you want to get out you foolish human?”
“Yeah I’m really gonna jump out a moving portal, why don’t you try it and see how it goes?”Gavin shrugged. The doors to the blurry office were cold and a gentle gust of icy air could be felt coming from them “Dunno about you but I’m just gonna head out of here before this place changes, it is a mirror after all and it’ll reflect whatever Cyclonus aims it at and quite frankly I don’t want to be here when that happens”
Swindle murmured in agreement as they spoke the room shuddered and buzzed between blurry and normal as Cyclonus moved it around, what would happen to the only non-reflected beings in this place when it changed was something that didn’t sound fun to either of them.The two pushed at the doors and scrambled through shutting the doors behind them, leaving the room to shift on it’s own.
“Well I didn’t know about this…” Swindle muttered
“You don’t know an awful lot it seems” Gavin muttered under his breath. Turning away from the doors he got to see what Swindle was referring to.

From the small cushy office the doors lead to a wide ornate castle hallway the pale grey stone walls were littered with paintings of aliens and large cupboards lined the pathway, each presumably filled with objects of high value to be in such a place.
“Damn” Gavin uttered a little impressed.
“Oh yes!” Swindle grinned elated at the sight. Without a moment's notice he’d bounded over to the first cupboard and flung it’s doors wide open to reveal nothing. Swindle scowled before opening the chest next to it. Judging by his expression he found nothing in there either. He proceeded to rummage through every storage container in the hallway
“I don’t believe it!” He flung his arms up “We’re in a castle and none of these chests have anything sellable in them! They don’t have anything in them!”

Gavin proceeded to wonder why he had stood there doing nothing, watching Swindle as if he was going to do something actually productive. Swindle carried on ranting as Gavin meandered down the hallway, it was furnished with a gold-rimmed mauve rug and the paintings depicted bald buck-toothed humanoids, with dog-like legs and three large eyes.
“So ‘Big-hoof’ doesn’t look like this right?”
“What? No! Thunderhoof is Seibertronian like me!”
“Huh, so that’s where you come from…” Gavin watched Swindle’s tail twitch like a curious bird’s as he forgot about the lack of ‘sellable’ items and stared at the human. Gavin instantly pulled away from his sight, hopped over to the door they did not enter through and kicked it
Swindle squawked in a panic
“No no! Don’t do that! You don’t know what else is in here!” he scrambled over.
“Your missing friend? A herd of elephants? My ass? I don’t know what else is in here! Ain’t you meant to be the technologically advanced species?”
“Well we are!” Swindle huffed and Gavin threatened him with a fist and Swindle backed down.
“Whatever help me open these doors” Gavin grasped the stubby handle and proceeded to pull on it, the door made a low grinding noise as it dragged against the floor, the heavy door opened fully when Swindle helped pull on the large object.
The doors lead to an adjacent hallway, matching the one they were just in.
“Oh great, I bet all these chests are empty too” Swindle moaned
“Oh whatever” Gavin slouched into the hallway “Maybe if we start smashing stuff Hoofsie will show up” He grabbed the corner of one of the paintings, shoving it to try and dislodge it from the wall
“No no no!” Swindle pulled Gavin back by his jumper’s collar “There might be other things in here!”
“‘Might’? You’re the fucker that sold this mirror, shouldn’t you know what it does and what’s in it? You’re kinda meant to know the shit you’re selling?”
“Yes, well I was never informed of an entire castle being tucked away in here!” Swindle squawked.
“Oh for the love of- Look that door there, it’s different! Let’s go down there” Gavin hooked one hand under the rim of Swindle’s outer plates and gestured with the other while he simultaneously dragged the Seibertronian along with him.
The door was nestled between two picture frames and perfectly rectangular. This one had a metal ring for a handle and Gavin gave it a pull. It creaked loudly and both of them winced at the noise
“AHT!” was a somewhat accurate representation of the gasping noise Gavin just made.
“What!? Whaat?” Swindle half motioned to stand behind Gavin while trying to peer into the room.
“There are things in there!” He gasped
“Wait, what? I was just nervous earlier, there can’t be anything in here! This mirror is ancient! Is it Thunderhoof!?”
“Not unless there’s more than one” Gavin let go of the door handle.
In the room it lead to several figures lay under blankets, the noise from the door had made them start shuffling about as if they were waking up from a long sleep. The more they shuffled about the more of these blanketed figures became visible, they covered every available space in the room. Slowly a couple started moving the blankets off themselves, the light barely illuminated the features of the mouth that poked out from under one
“Uhdoo kjuuva hanfo?” It mouthed and Swindle bolted.

Gavin practically slammed the door shut as he scrambled to follow after Swindle. He almost yelled out to him to stop but a potentially mean room full of he-didn’t-know-what’s shut his mouth.
Swindle half-aimed himself back towards the mirror-portal but ended up diving down a set of stairs. A far less graceful Gavin trundled after him giving up his run after a while. At the top of the stairs he heard Swindle babbling in a rushed manner, Must be more of them down there.
With a grunt Gavin grasped the lid of one of the empty chests, kicking at the join the wood buckled and started splintering away until the lid itself came off.
A crude weapon but it was enough for Gavin.
Sighing Gavin headed below, looked as if he was gonna have to help Swindle’s greasy ass.

The room below was the kitchen, but with no food, it did however have a variety of metal food-preparation tools and it also had Swindle being throttled against a table.
What he was being throttled by however was hilarious and Gavin laughed.
His loud guffaws brought both being’s attention to him. Both of them Seibertronian only the one throttling Swindle was blue and angry, that just wasn’t what Gavin was finding hilarious.
It’s head was adorned with a pair of horns with many layers, the horns were wide and curled up into points along it’s length and it’s feet well they did honestly look like hooves.
The guy looked like some kind of deer-moose-crab-person and Gavin could not stop laughing
“Oh gooooood! You’re Thunderhoof arn’t you? You have to be! You have HOOVES! Ahahaha and those horns! God they’re so wide! You have to sleep on your back don’t you? No no wait! What if you try to roll over in your sleep? Can you even do that!?” Gavin wheezed out between laughs.
Thunderhoof’s hold on Swindle loosened enough for the other to roll off the table and put it between him and Thunderhoof. The former stared at Gavin thoroughly confused at the small alien, he turned to glare at Swindle who had gained a smile on his face now that he had put something between them. It didn’t work as Thunderhoof grabbed his throat from across the table and pulled him close making a type of noise that Gavin thought would probably be the sound a Shark would make if it could. Swindle choked trying to grasp at the hands around his throat and Gavin wondered if he should let Thunderhoof choke him a little longer, it was somewhat amusing to even watch this big-horned guy just doing things. Eventually Swindle produced a Data Injector and practically threw it in Thunderhoof’s face. The ‘offering’ seemed enough for him to be dropped unceremoniously onto the floor, Swindle coughed and choked barely pulling himself upright
“Guess he ain’t happy about the castle then?” Gavin mockingly tapped Swindle on the head with the crate lid. Swindle scuttle backwards from him and glared “Hold on, where were you keeping that?” Gavin pointed at the Data Injector which Thunderhoof was putting to his throat.
“Aah haha! A tradesman has to keep his secrets!” He grinned, his smarmy charm sneaking it’s way back onto his face.
“That’s Cyclonus’s isn’t it?” Gavin squinted as Thunderhoof started making more human-sounding ‘ugh’ noises, in a similar manner to how Swindle had when he put it to it’s throat. Swindle froze but kept staring at Gavin without answering.
“Eeyy yo!” Thunderhoof suddenly announced loudly “Yous finally show up with somes lil’ fella followin’ ya and ye’ ain’t got an answer to this!?” He advanced on the two
“Oh my god” was all Gavin could muster upon hearing the Seibertronians thick accent.
“And yous make me take this jus’ so some lil’ fella can understands?” Thunderhoof didn’t seem to pay him much mind
“I ain’t little on my planet! Probably!” Gavin snapped back at him
“Oh we wouldn’t know” Swindle sighed as if nothing were wrong
“Ey, I’m still a ‘lil fella’ who put you on the ground!” Gavin growled and shuffled closer, he wasn’t sure if it was the atmosphere or the feeling of having two hard shelled aliens towering over him but Gavin’s chest felt tight and each beat of his heart felt like a thump to the chest.
“Clearly it ain’t ‘dat hard then” Thunderhoof sniffed his body turning more against Swindle now and Gavin felt a slight tug of a grin at the corners of his mouth. Swindle was still the one in trouble here.

“So yous think yous can take a little somethin’ from me?” A thick accented voice chimed angrily at him in Seibertronian. Cyclonus coughed a little and gripped the mirror tighter before turning to look at the one behind him.
Thunderhoof had returned with a large group of his mob behind him, he seemed rather cool for someone who had just found a ‘theif’ and wore a cape over his right side.
“So yous gonna tell me jus’ what makes you think yous can get away with my things?”
“Ah” Cyclonus switched back to his native tongue to talk to him “Well how about we just use the word ‘borrowing’ and call it a day?”
That was weak even for him and without waiting for a response Cyclonus turned tail and ran down the street.
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