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Chapter 2

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Torn insignia's and interrupted movies.

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Grimlock’s return was just as uneventful as the rest of the day, he reported absolutely nothing.
‘Not a sausage’ as he put it, not that Bumblebee understood where he got that expression from or why that was even an expression in the first place.

Grimlock had rushed back to the Scrap yard in record timing however.
Russell was apparently getting a movie set up that was specially picked just for Grimlock and the Dinobot just couldn’t wait.
After explaining the vast amounts of uneventful non-Decepticon related happenings on his patrol, which could be summarised with ‘I saw a few Earth animals nothing else’ he zoomed over to the small human, barely waiting to hear if Bumblebee had anything to say to him and began fussing over the ‘surprise film’.

Drift had yet to move, Sideswipe had taken up juggling with a few poles and Strongarm was setting out on her patrol which would take place around the local city.
Bumblebee spied Denny and Fixit still at the control centre. Fixit was holding a few wires that needed reconnection but seemed distracted by talking and Denny looked like he was desperate for a break from said aforementioned talking.
Bumblebee stepped in.
“And then I went to the corridors on floor twelve of the ship! Twelve!” he caught Fixit explaining
“Um, Fixit?” Bumblebee stopped the Mini-Cons motor-mouth “Are those wires important to something?” he gestured at what Fixit was holding reminding him of what he was originally meant to be doing.
Denny cast him a ‘thank you’ glance as Fixit quietened down to reconnect the wires. He meant well, but sometimes when he got talking he just seemed to lose track of time and go on and on.

“Still nothing from you?” Bumblebee craned his neck upwards to Drift
“Okay then” Bee looked back down to Fixit and Denny who shrugged at him.

“DINOSAAAUUURSSS!” was suddenly yelled loudly and triumphantly from the humans main living area. Grimlock came bounding around the corner and grabbed Bumblebee by the shoulders and began pulling him back with him “You gotta see this ‘Bee!” He grinned enthusiastically
“Yeah, I’ll see, but you can put me down first!” Bee struggled to not to trip and fall as Grimlock practically dragged him across the Scrap yard.

Russell’s little ‘movie theatre’ was composed of one small tv facing outwards into a small clearing enough for all of them to sit comfortably in.
The tv displayed a DVD menu which was titled “JURASSIC PARK: THE TRILOGY” while blaring the film's musical score through tiny speakers making the sounds dull and tinny.
“I don’t have a copy of Jurassic World yet” Russell smiled as Grimlock dropped Bumblebee next to Sideswipe who had already given up his juggling. Jetstorm and Slipstream were also present but made a ‘shushing’ motion to Bee when they saw him, clearly having decided to slope off from their own patrol duties to watch the film.
“I can’t believe Earth had its very own Dinobots!” Grimlock had seated himself but shuffled around excitedly as Russell made a last minute edit to the television's sound system, so it didn’t sound so bad, before his father could try. Once Denny sat down next to the Mini’s Russell decided to perform an introduction.
“What you’re about to see is an adventure 65 million years in the making!” He said dramatically
“Yeah that’s what the case said” Sideswipe butted in.
“That’s the movie’s tagline, I was just trying to be dramatic” Russell huffed
“Yeah, yeah when to the dinosaurs show up!” Grimlock butted in
“It’s not started yet” Denny said
“Aren't we going to wait so Strongarm can watch it with us?” Bumblebee asked
“Yeah, why isn’t she here?” Denny turned to Russell
“Once he found out what the films were about I don’t think I could’ve convinced Grimlock to wait to watch them” Russell folded his arms at the now whining Dinobot
“I really wanna see the dinosaurs” he practically bobbed up and down on the spot “Press play! Play play play!”.

Grimlock practically howled with frustration when instead of the play button being pressed Fixit yelled “Decepticon signals!” and caused everyone to rush over to him instead.
“Excellent! Where have you found it Fixit?” Bumblebee lead the group.
“Two signals this time! Both very close together too! They sear, seam, SEEM to be staying where they are though, I can’t detect any movement from them!” Fixit explained
“Maybe they’re still in their stasis pods” Sideswipe suggested, the thought of a quick pod-grab without any hassle seemed favourable to him.
“Hopefully, then we can finish this quickly and get back to the good stuff” Grimlock grinned, Bumblebee felt that if they were out of their pods Grimlock would have a fair few fist-based words for them regarding their timing.
“I’ve picked up their signals in… Oregon, the southeast area, luckily in a large uninhabited area”
“We wait for Strongarm to return before going to them” Bumblebee thought aloud
“What?” Sideswipe moved into view “Two Decepticons in their pods and you’re just gonna wait about? What if they get out?”
“That’s a potential risk, but if we wait a short while we can capture three Decepticons!” Bumblebee answered
“There’s only two there ‘bee” Grimlock grumbled irritated by the further delay in dinosaur-movies.
“Yes, there is now, but if we wait Steeljaw will certainly show up to free them and try rebuilding his ‘pack’ we wait and then we can bring him in along with the other two! I’ll message Strongarm to return immediately” Bumblebee grinned before stepping to the side
“And if Steeljaw frees them before we get there?” Sideswipe seemed skeptical.
“We could set up a trap and hide, waiting for Steeljaw while keeping an optic on the pods!” Jetstorm suggested.
“No, we remain and patrol, the base should not be left unguarded at this time” Drift quietened his student
“Oh, yes Master Drift”
“That would be hard, the area is lacking in many hiding spaces I believe some locals even refer to it as ‘the big empty’?” Fixit interjected
“Southeast Oregon?” Denny jogged up the slope to look at Fixits map “There is a whole load of wide open spaces there but it’s not without its share of hills and mountains, I’m sure there’s a place to hide out”
“It’s a good idea Sideswipe but Steeljaw may already be there, he’s too good at tracking for us to wait much longer. Strongarm is on her way back, we’ll go on ahead. Drift?” Bumblebee came back into the conversation.
“We remain here” he kept his answer short and sweet.
“Alright then. Uh, one Space bridge to Oregon then Fixit”

The familiar green flowing glow of the Space Bridge comfortably wrapped around the trio as they stepped through from Scrap Yard to a vast desert-like area.
Bushes were scarce and the horizon foretold of nothing but more nothing. Behind them however was a medium sized stone plateau.
“The Decepticons should behind you.” Fixit Commed “The stones behind you ring around a small opening, the signals are from there”
“Guess the pods made a bit of a crater then!” Sideswipe grinned, donning his battlemask already and hopping up to the top of the stones.
“Sideswipe wait!” Bumblebee failed to halt Sideswipe but continued on “If the pods crashed here and remained unopen why isn't their any debris?” He shrugged looking at the untouched native scenery.
Grimlock looked around too.
Bee was right.
If a pod, and two at that, had crashed here, there would be debris, wires, some chunks of metal, displaced Earth and depending on how recently smoke.
There was none of that.
Grimlock made a low growl and kept to his alt-mode. The large green form skulked ungracefully around the rim of the rocks.
“There's nothing here! It's bogus!” They heard Sideswipe yell
“Nah, Sideswipe's bait” Grimlock grunted.
“What?” Bumblebee scurried over to the Dinobots side to look at what he saw.
There was a small pathway leading to the small opening the signals were coming from and around it there were tracks. The Earth was scratched and clawed in areas, some parts had foot-like patches of compacted dirt and it all followed a trail that looked as if something heavy had been dragged along the ground.
“They must be burrowers” Grimlock glanced at Bee
“Sideswipe be on your guard!” Bumblebee yelled to the red bot before opening up communications with Fixit “Any 'cons on your record with burrowing abilities? Quite large and heavy ones too from the looks of it”
Well I have plenty of prisoners on record who burrow, or have tried to burrow away!”
“EUGH!” Sideswipe gagged loudly
“Sideswipe!” Bumblebee vaulted over Grimlock and through the small opening, whipping out his Decepticon Hunter he thrust it in front of him, ready for any attack.

Instead Sideswipe was completely fine but had his face scrunched up in disgust as he pointed to a rather meek looking tree growing out the sides of one of the rocks,
Beneath it Bumblebee saw the sight that made Sideswipe recoil.
Two Decepticon insignia's lay beneath it, with plenty of the original owners plating with it.
The discarded plates still held chunks of soft inner mechanics on them with dried crusted Energon caking the rims, as a testimony to how long they had been left there.
“Aurgh, that's not pleasant” Bumblebee found himself pulling back from the mess and the unsavoury smell that reached him
“What? What is it?” Grimlock poked his head through the gap, deciding his frame was too large to actually enter.
Bumblebee reopened his communication with Fixit
“We have a problem here, the prisoners are not in their pods and they knew of the tracking devices placed in their insignia's... They ripped them off, plates and all”

Collective noises of disgust joined Grimlock's 'ew' from the listeners down Fixit's end, well until Russell decided to whisper
“Clever girl”.
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