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Chapter 3

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Bumblebee's warning falls on deaf ears.

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It certainly wasn’t something any of them expected.
The two Decepticon symbols stared back at the three faces.
Sideswipe continued to stare at the insignia’s with morbid interest as Bumblebee turned away.
“Grimlock, start following the tracks, Sideswipe and I will collect the insignia’s and follow you shortly” He motioned to the Dinobot who nodded then, with a little difficulty, pulled his head from the small gap he looked through.

“Why do we get the gross job?” Sideswipe side-glanced Bumblebee as he wavered his hand above one of the insignia’s almost eager to pick it up but rightfully pensive about touching it.
“We don’t want any humans to find this stuff” He went to join Sideswipe but stopped.
Sideswipe had already shrugged and grabbed one of the insignia’s with the same glimmer of glee in his optics that a youngling would have when it knew it was doing something wrong but fun.
The piece removed itself from the ground with a sticky pop and Sideswipe laughed
“Gross” he grinned.

The underside of it was indeed gross.
Lumpy, the part was removed with little care, like they had just grabbed at their own bodies and pulled a chunk out. It was glistening with a film of blue Energon, a few drops, shielded from the sun clung stubbornly to the underside and the disgusting smell reeked stronger than ever now it had been moved.
“Ew, gross what was this guy doing?” Sideswipe pointed at the underside, or more particularly a spot where the blue Energon ended and a patch of dim glowing purple began.
The dull purple Energon snaked across the entire underside of the plating in a veined web pattern as if had been flowing within the original entity.

Bumlebee stared.

It really was there.

It was real.

It was here.

Sideswipe seemed oblivious to ‘Bee’s horrified expression and held the piece closer to his faceplates
“Hey, dare me touch it?” He raised his other hand
“Sideswipe don’t be gross” Russell answered him, Bumblebee had forgotten the comm line was still open but it pulled him out of his daze.
“Don’t touch it” He spoke in more of a whisper than a voice.
“Ah, it’s just some Energon” Sideswipe laughed more to Russell than ‘Bee, his hand went nearer to the plate.
“DON’T TOUCH IT!” Without a second thought, or even time to react, Bumblebee hurled himself at Sideswipe. The unexpecting mech crumpled under him collapsing into the ground, releasing the Decepticon plate.

The flat wet spat of it hitting the ground filled the next few moments of silence.

Sideswipe looked like a stunned Earth mammal as he processed what just happened.
Concerned voices on the other end of the communication line asked what happened and if they were in danger, while assuring them that Strongarm was but a few moments away from arriving.
Bumblebee wasn’t quite sure what to do next either, he didn’t mean to ram his teammate into the ground but at the same time could not risk him making any contact with the Energon.

“I…” He started off trying to explain himself but didn’t finish “Did you actually touch any of it Sideswipe!?”
“What?” Sideswipe still seemed a little lost in the situation.
“Did you touch it!?” Bumblebee was aware of his voice raising in pitch as the question went on but couldn’t control his emotions long enough to stop it.
“No! You tackled me into the ground before I even did anything! Honestly at least Strongarm waits until I’ve done something to start being such a stickler!” he gasped back trying to get his words out as fast as he could.
“Oh…” Bumblebee slowly let go of Sideswipe “Good… Good… Don’t touch it, right?” he breathed as he completely got off Sideswipe allowing him to stand up again.
“Bumblebee! Strongarms braining, piping, bridging to you now, what happened!?” Fixit stammered down the comms line with worry.

“STEELJAW!” Rang out loudly at the exact same time the ground bridge hummed into life followed by loud thumping and a few yelps. Dropping everything that had just happened and cutting communications Bumblebee and Sideswipe clambered out of the small crevice to find the ground bridge had barely faded away while Strongarm attempted to pin Steejaw to the ground.

“Argh! No they were trapped!” He growled furiously as he saw Bumblebee and Sideswipe come to Strongarms aid. Strongarm was being flipped onto her back just as much as Steeljaw was the two rolling around in the dust endlessly.
“Well it wasn’t a total failure!” Sideswipe grinned with glee waiting for Steeljaw to roll on top of Strongarm again, before bounding forwards and fly-kicking him off with a painful thud.
Strongarm was up in moments holding her weapon out in front of her
“You’re outnumbered Steeljaw! Give up and no one gets hurt!” She commanded
“Forget that! Let’s teach this mutt a lesson now” Sideswipe had his battle mask and weapons out.
“As if I’ll just hand myself over the likes of you!” Steeljaw snarled keeping himself low to the ground, he was sniffing the air cautiously “What have you done here!?” He reeled back the scent of the Energon reaching him.

“No! No one’s fighting here!” Bumblebee pushed himself in front of Sideswipe and Strongarm, placing himself between them and Steeljaw.
“Lieutenant?” Strongarm hissed quizzically, only to be silenced with a small wave of ‘bees hand.
“Steeljaw I know we’ve never seen optic-to-optic” He tried to start
“Hardly! You continue to ensnare and trap my Decepticon brethren!” Steeljaw spat “I was close to trapping two of you in that small gap if it wasn’t for her barging in”
Bumblebee had to hold his hand out again as Strongarm snarled back at his insult
“Regardless of what’s happened!” He silenced any response “There’s a problem now and it affects both of us!”
“Why should I listen to you?” Steeljaws optics narrowed and his ears perked up, gauging the Autobots response.
“Yeah ‘Bee why are you acting so weird let’s just bag this creep!” Sideswipe grunted.

“You’re after the Decepticons that were here, but I’m telling you to forget them” Bumblebee carried on “Like I said we’ve never seen optic-to-optic but I don’t want anyone getting seriously hurt”
“Say all you want, you can’t deter me from finding my fellow captives! Nothing you say will-” Steeljaw scoffed.
“Dark Energon” Bumblebee interrupted him.
The words heralded with them a moment’s silence.
“Oh please” Steeljaw sneered “How ridiculous”
“Sir?” Strongarm inquired, still unaware of their find.
“I’m serious, whoever these Decepticons are they have Dark Energon! I’ve seen what it can do, regardless of sides I don’t want to see anyone fall to it’s effects!” Bumblebee pleaded, echoes of his nightmare poking at his processor.

Steeljaw sniffed the air again.
“You really have some pathetic excuses Autobot” he smirked
“STEELJAAAAWWW!” Grimlock bellowed suddenly the Dinobot charging over the horizon
“No Grim’ wai-” Bumblebee barely had time to try and stop off the Dinobot’s charge before he was plastered against him. Both ‘bots went tumbling down Grimlock’s flailing tail sending Strongarms weapon and feet flying and a sailing foot caught Sideswipe round the head.
All four Autobots rolling into an awkward pile.
“Grim’ get off me!” Bumblebee yelled, somehow stuck between the other’s foot and back with Sideswipes arm pressed into his face.
“Y’ crushing me!” Wheezed Sideswipe.
“Stop moving!” Was all Grimlock growled as he struggled to untangle himself.
“Sir, the Decepticon!” Was all Strongarm gasped as she had better luck prying herself from the mess of metal.

The distant sound of a fading engine was all that told tale of Steeljaw’s presence as he left, no doubt in search of these new Decepticons, picking up and following their scent trail.
Bumblebee sighed.
“What was that Grim’?!” Sideswipe squawked as his last trapped limb popped audibly out from under the aforementioned Dinobot.
“You guys were in trouble! No way would Steeljaw stand about in the open like that without some goons ready to strike!” Grimlock defended his actions
“Look around Grimlock, where would the troops be hiding?” Bumblebee gestured to the largely flat and uninteresting scenery.
“Oh” Grimlock shuffled on the spot a little “Well he definitely had something planned!”
“Sir, request to be brought up to speed on current events?” Strongarm reached out to help the still stiff Bumblebee off the ground.
“No ‘cons, just their trackers, they ripped it outta themselves. Looks hella gross in there, and Bumblebee’s talking about Dark Energon” Sideswipe condensed everything that just happened.
Strongarm gave him an unimpressed look but accepted it when Bumblebee nodded
“Pretty much” He agreed with Sideswipe.
“Well let’s get after that ‘con!” Grimlock jumped up in the rough direction Steeljaw went.

“No” Bumblebee stopped him “First we clear up everything in there” He nodded to where the torn insignias were before re-opening his comm unit “Fixit we need containers, disinfectants, gloves and anything else we could use to clear up hazardous materials”
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