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Chapter XXIII

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The pieces are coming together as the Darkness rises, for it is now the time of the...'Trinity of Primes'.

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A sudden roar of thunder awoke Myra as the Asari rose up into a sitting position, her breathing fast-paced the same as the beat of her heart as the deafening sound echoed around her and out into the distance,

'What in the All-spark happen….?' she started to think before her eyes widened as her surroundings came to her attention, taking her thoughts from her as the Spectre found herself staring at an environment made up entirely of crystal.

'Why does this look familiar to me?' she then thought before noticing that her body was no longer suffering the effects of the Cybonic Plague, which made her hold her hands up to see the condition of her skin, but this made her eyes widen even more.

'What the?'

For Myra found that she was wearing a completely different armour to what she had been previously, one that looked very familiar and yet new at the same time.

'This looks like a cross between the Prime Armours of both my Father and Grandfather.' she thought while looking at the new outfit as like their own, hers had the red and silver stripes running down both arms and was lightweight, but her silver Autobot insignia with it's red outline was now on the left-side of her chest-plate, which was completely different to the others as it had appeared either on the center or the right-side of theirs respectively. The armour itself was also silver and black and far more sleeker, which brought a smirk to the Asari's face as she admired it.

'It does look really good...but I still don't get what the Matrix saw in me, since I am far from Prime material.' she thought before returning her attention back to her surroundings, looking at the storm-clouds that filled the entire sky and hence dimmed the sparkling view of the crystal landscape.

'So where am I...?' she thought while staring around her before the center of her chest-plate suddenly opened up enough to reveal the Matrix, which was firmly in place and began to glow as the young Darby turned towards a certain direction.

'Okay...' she started to think before turning away slightly which made the crystal's brightness dim, only to then turn back and make the relic grow brighter again.

' I guess I have to go this way.' she added while beginning to walk in that direction, with the Prime Armour then activating her breather- helmet which grew around her head as a downpour of rain hit the area, leaving only a blue tinted visor for her to see out of.

Nearby, an orange and black robed man watched the Asari from on top of a cliff-face, his face was obscured by the hood he was wearing as he stood there in the rain.

"At long last, it has begun..." he started to say while keeping his attention on the young Darby.

"...the Trinity is coming together."

Meanwhile, north of Myra stood an helmeted man in a navy blue coloured Prime Armour with a sword attached to his back. He held his hand to the matrix that was visible in the chest-plate of his armour, just under a similar silver Autobot insignia which too had started to glow, so he began walking as well. While south-west of this new arrival, another helmeted Man in a dark-grey coloured Prime Armour had started to walking along the crystalline environment, following the glow of a similar matrix that too was visible inside his own chest-plate as the rain-water ran down his being.


After walking across the lifeless crystalline landscape for what felt like an hour through the heavy downpour, though it was finally beginning to subside as Myra spotted saw the silhouette of another person walking towards her in the distance.

'Wait, who is that?' she thought while instinctively readying herself for a fight by clenching her fists, which began to glow with biotic energy. The other person, who looked like a man from his build mirrored her actions, equipping a blade from a sheath on his back and holding beside him.

"Who goes there?" he called over to the Asari, which made her eyes widen in return.

'That voice sounds so familiar to me?' she thought, but it was slightly disguised by the breather-helmet that he was wearing, and the rainfall was still obscuring her vision as it ran down the visor of her own helmet.

"How about you tell me who you are first?" she said back as they slowly closed the distance between each other, making the other person raise the blade toward her.

"I am not playing games here. Tell me who you are, this is your last chance." he said back as the rain subsided a little, but it was enough for Myra to recognise the stranger's outfit, for it was a navy-blue coloured Prime armour and the sword in his possession was almost certainly the Star-Saber.

"...Dad?" she then replied with a soft, warm tone that was underlined with confusion. This made the other armoured Man hesitate slightly, lowering his weapon a little.

"...what did you call me?" he asked back with confused tone of his own, making Myra respond by deactivating the breather-section of her helmet, which then folded back into armour and revealed the Asari to Man.

"It's me Dad, it's Myra." she replied before his visor and face plate separated and slid back into his helmet, showing her that he was Orion Darby, though he looked more younger than she was expecting.

'Dad looks like he did in those photos with me when I was barely a year old.' she thought to herself as a slight smile appeared on her face while feeling her eyes slowly well up, since it had been so long since she last stood before her Father.

"...Myra, but the last time I saw could fit in my hands..." he started to say back, before really looking at this Woman claiming to be an older version of his baby daughter. But then he recognised her smile and saw the young Asari adult for who she was, mirroring her smile.

", you're the spitting image of your Mother." he added, only to notice a tear run down her cheek as his maternal instincts kicked in.

"What's wrong?" he asked while closing the distance between them, making the Spectre wipe the tear away as he stopped directly in front of her.

"Nothing, I am just happy to see you. You don't realise how long it's been since I last saw you." she said back, which brought a curious look to his face as Orion remembered.

'That's right, as an Asari, Myra would have a thousand years to live.' he thought while looking back at his daughter.

"How old are you now?" the Prime asked, making the Asari look at the floor in return.

"Nearly five hundred years old." she replied, which brought a look of surprise to the Bot's face before he then smiled back in a more calmer fashion.

"Well you don't look a day over twenty years old, let alone a hundred. He said back, which made his Daughter's smile widen as she looked back at him, recognising her Father's charm and wit as he looked at her armour.

"...and you're a Prime" he started to say before she then cut him off mid-sentence.

"And I am also an Autobot Spectre." she replied, which brought a loving and caring expression to Orion's face as he looked back at her.

"It's not every day that you get to meet the grown-up version of your child, but standing here in front of the fine young Woman that you have become and hearing what you have achieved...I am very proud of you Myra. It's good to know that your Mother and I have done right by you..." he started to say before looking away for a moment.

"...and I can guess it wouldn't have been easy when I eventually passed away..."

This brought an understanding look from the young Asari, bringing back memories of that day as she nodded back in return.

"...but I know you would still have your Mother to call upon, even now..." he continued as he looked at the crystalline mountains in the distance, a slight smile reappearing on his face.

"...I bet she still looks as beautiful as she did the day we met too." the Bot then finished before returning his attention to his Daughter, noticing another tear running down her other cheek as she glanced at the ground.

"What did I say?" he started to ask, while Myra remembered the day she lost her Mother, the love of Orion's life.

'I can't tell him, I can't tell my Father what happened to my Mother.' the Spectre thought before she was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of steps approaching them from behind, which Orion had heard too as both Primes spun around with him readying the Star-Saber while she held up a glowing biotic hand up at the new arrival, only for both their eyes to widen in disbelief at who they saw before them.

For standing there was another person in dark-grey Prime Armour and breather-helmet, holding holo-versions of both the Star-Saber and the Sky-Boom Shield. The new-comer saw the blue-haired Bot's face and hesitated, making him deactivate both weapons as his helmet folded back into his suit, revealing him to be an older, more greyer Jackson Prime.

"Orion?" he said back with a confused tone, earning a soft smile from his Son in return.

"Yes Dad, it's me." the Bot said back. noticing that his predecessor was looking at his armour.

"And you're a Prime?" Jack asked, gaining a nod from the younger Darby as he realised something.

"So this is the moment that he found out that I became a Prime, I mean he looks about the right age to when he started treating me different…all those years ago.' Orion thought as Jack just looked back at his Son with an expression that was both confused and yet proud at the same time.

"Yes, I succeeded you as Leader of the Autobots once the conflict with the…." the Bot started to say, only to stop short as his Father held his hand in gesture.

"Don't say anymore, no one should know too much about their future." the older Man replied, which gained a knowing smile from his Son in return.

"You won't hear any argument from me, I completely agree with you there."

Jack then turned his attention to the Asari standing with them, noticing the Prime-Armour she was wearing.

"So who is this?" he asked, but before she or Orion could answer. Another voice spoke, one that the former and latter both recognised.

"Her name is Mira Prime…" the voice spoke from behind the trio, making them turn around to see a hooded Man in orange and black robes standing before them.

"…and she is a Prime, just like you." he added, earning surprised looks from Father and Daughter,

"Your name is Vok isn't it, I remember you from Virmire." he said, gaining a nod from the Man as he pulled back the hood and revealed himself to the three Primes.

"Yes, we met on the day you were chosen to succeed your Father as the Matrix of Leadership was passed to you." he said before looking over to Myra, who stared back with a curious expression.

"You were in my dreams, correct? And that was your voice I heard earlier, right?" she asked, gaining a nod from robed Man.

"That is correct Mira Prime, and it does my spark good to see that you came through that final battle unscathed." Vok said back, earning a now confused look from the Asari.

"Wait, why do you keep calling me Mira, my name is Myra." she replied with a slightly annoyed tone, which gained a slightly worried look from her Father.

"Show some respect Myra, he doesn't take kindly to that tone of voice." he said back, as Vok narrowed his eyes at the youngest Darby.

"I see that you are just like him. But to answer your question Myra, I am not entirely sure why the names of some newly made Primes are changed, only that it is a necessary step, as it was when Orion Pax was renamed Optimus Prime for example. All I know for sure is that your name is Mira Prime now." he replied with a slight cryptic undertone to his voice, which made the Asari shake her head in response.

"That doesn't really answer my question." she said back in a slightly annoyed tone, gaining a shrug from Orion.

"I don't get it either…" he said back, before turning his attention back to Vok.

"…but I guess you are still using the knowledge and memories you received from the piece of Primus all three of us each carry now." the Prime said, making the robed Man nod back.

"Yes, indeed…" he started to say, but was cut off by a confused looking Jackson Prime.

"I apologise, but can someone explain to me what is going on here. I mean the last time I was here, I was told that there was going to be another crisis some time down the line. But Primus's echo gave me no indication that I was going to be a part of it." he said, which gained a knowing look from Vok in return.

"Remember your own words Jackson Prime, 'one should not know too much about their own future'…" he began to say, which made the oldest Darby sigh and nod back in return.

"…but you should know that my name is Vok and I like Primus and Unicron am a member of the Aeons, the first sentient species to evolve in the Universe as you know it."

"I see. And what are the three of us doing here?" Jack continued to ask.

"We do not have much time, but I will explain everything to you?" the Aeon replied, earning a nod from the Prime as both Orion and Myra stood beside him.

"This is about the 'Trinity' right?" the blue-haired Bot asked, gaining a nod from Vok as Myra looked back with a knowing expression.

"You mentioned that to me as well, but what is it?" she added.

"What you speak of is the 'Trinity of Primes' and that…is the three of you." he said back, making the trio look at each other with confused expressions before returning their attention to the Aeon.

"The three of us, but what does that mean?" Jack asked.

"After Primus and Unicron defeated the Darkness that we Aeons unintentionally unleashed upon the Universe during our ill-fated search to become Gods, Primus soon came to believe that our greatest enemy may one day return. Because it was not destroyed, only banish back into the dark corners of this realm. And because like all balances that exist in our Universe, where there is Light, there will always be Darkness and so Primus knew that it would one day return." he began to explain before waving his hand before him, which brought up images of the war fought between the Aeons and the Darkness. As the three Primes watched, Myra could not help but feel that this looked familiar to her.

"I saw this all in my dreams.' she thought, before the Aeon spoke again and regained her attention.

"So he secretly began preparing for the Darkness's return, which unfortunately was cut short by Unicron's betrayal which unbeknownst to either was because of the Darkness."

"Your talking about Unicron's conquest to destroy all organic life right, which then lead to the creation of the Reapers." Jack replied, which gained a nod from Vok as the images changed to show the creation of Harbinger, Sovereign and Lucifer and the following cycles of harvesting that they and the rest of the Reapers did in the eons that followed.

"Yes, it was not until much later that the truth about Unicron's shift in loyalties came to Primus. But by that time, it was far too late. As his Brother had been corrupted by the Darkness during their last battle, which was what led to the balance between the siblings shifting. But Primus had hoped that his own creations…the Thirteen Primes, would be not only the ones to defeat the Chaos Bringer, but also the ones to defeat the Darkness on it's return." the Aeon said as the images then showed the Thirteen defeating Unicron, before then showing the corruption of one of their own.

"Unfortunately, history would repeat itself and Primus's own warriors would fall into the same trap. Which started when Megatronus was corrupted by Unicron, who then became the Fallen and destabilised the balance of the Thirteen."

As Jack. Orion and Myra watched, the images then shifted to show the evolution of the Cybertronian species and the Golden Age that followed.

"But there still appeared to be hope, as Primus's creations then went on to spawn a civilisation of their own. And for a time, it looked like they may yet become the Protectors that he envisioned for all creation…" he continued, before the images then shifted to show the Great Cybertronian War.

"[b]…and again, failure appeared to be the only answer for the Aeon as his creations fell into an eons-long civil war, one that would spread out beyond the borders of Cybertron and reach out into the galaxy surrounding it.b]"

'[/I remember a lot of what he is speaking about, having seen this the last time I was here…
' Jack thought before glancing over to his Son and the Asari, noticing that the pair were fully invested in what they were witnessing.

'...but I guess that this show and tell is not for my benefit, but for theirs.' he added before Vok then carried on, whilst the images then changes to show Earth and the final years of the war.

"And as the conflict escalated and continued over the eons, Primus nearly lost all hope in his creations. But that was until their war was brought to a small planet called Earth, for it's indigenous sentient species...the Human race turned out to be the catalyst that would bring lasting change to the Cybertronians, returning hope to Primus's spark as he watched the two different yet similar forms of life work together for the betterment of all."

And it was then that the images changed to show the Reapers return to the galaxy, as well as the rise of Jackson Prime.

"After seeing how Humanity had such a positive effect on his children, Primus came to the conclusion that they were a part of the solution he had been searching for in terms of confronting the returning Darkness, and so chose the Human that was a true Paragon of his people as the next Prime, ending the old lineage while also starting a new one, one that would grow to not only continue to ensure the balance between light and dark, order and chaos. But also combat the Darkness when it makes it's return from the far corners of the All-spark. That Human was you Jackson Prime, entrusting you with the new Matrix of Leadership that would later be the key to the survival of everything..." the Aeon continued, before the images changed to show Unicron's defeat and the destruction of the Reapers.

"...but with the Reapers return, Primus soon came to realise that his Brother would arise again and the only way to truly defeat him was to end his life as well. So he did just that, wiping out the creations of the Chaos Bringer while also giving his children the chance to become a truly alive civilisation as they were all but that already thanks to the influence of their Human allies."


Then as the Primes continued to watch the images, they changed to show Orion and glimpses of the conflicts he was involved with. This gained a curious look from Jack, as he could not make out what was happening or who his Son was fighting, but he could not help but feel proud pf what Orion had achieved before the Aeon regained his attention.

"Before he sacrificed himself to protect the galaxy from his Brother's wrath, Primus came to conclusion that it would take more than just the Human/Cybertronian alliance to safeguard creation from the Darkness. He knew that only a fully united galaxy could possibly withstand it's corrupting and damaging influence, and having seen how Jackson Prime had brought everyone together during the Reaper War. He realised that his preparations would have to reflect this, while also keeping with the aspects that had been so pivotal in the Darkness's original defeat..." Vok added before the images showed both Primus and Unicron facing off with the unknown enemy alongside further images of Orion, showing him reading from the Covenant of Primus.

"...which was family, as it was two siblings, each representing both the light and dark sides of the great balance that exists in creation. And this brings us to Orion Darby, the son of both Jackson Prime and his Spark-mate Arcee." the Aeon added, before looking directly at the blue-haired Bot.

"You were not only a child of Earth and of Cybertron, but also a hybrid of both the light and dark sides of the balance as you walk the line between the two, due to you sharing the defining aspects of both your Parents. So Primus created a paragraph in his covenant, knowing that one day you would look upon it and be pushed to accept the destiny that he wanted for you." Vok said, before the images then changed to reveal the young Asari.

"And that finally brings us to Mira Prime, the final part of this Trinity. You are the daughter of Orion Darby and the Asari, Liara T'Soni..." He continued to say, earning a surprised expression from Jack as he looked between both his Son and blue Woman.

'Myra is Orion's Daughter...she is my Granddaughter!' he thought before Vok brought him back from his thoughts as he carried on speaking, the images changing to show parts of the Spectre/Prime's life, though only going so far in revealing events.

"...And if he was the bridge between Humanity and Cybertron, then you were the one to link them and the rest of the galaxy together, ensuring the unity of the galactic community and one day passing the matrix on to it's next recipient. And just as your predecessors were physical representations of the great balance, you were one as well, representing the dark side of that balance."

This gained a look of shock from Orion as he took a step toward the Aeon, while his Daughter simply looked to the floor with a look that could only be described as shame.

"Are you saying my Daughter is evil? Because I do not believe that, not for one moment!" he spat back defensively, only for Vok to give him a sympathetic look.

"No Orion Prime, that is not what I mean. But your Daughter has seen much in her long life…and suffered through most of it…"

This made the blue-haired Bot look over to Myra, who slowly shook her head while staring back at the Aeon.

'Don't tell him, please don't?' she thought as her Father gave her a concerned look, which she felt and so looked down at the crystalline ground beneath her feet.

"Myra, what is it? What happened to you? He asked, before he felt a hand on his shoulder and so looked over to see his old Man staring back with a sympathetic expression.

"Orion, what was it you said to me very recently…about not knowing the future. Now, I can't say that I know Myra. But I am guessing that as she is my future grand-daughter that I will eventually and if she is not in the mind of telling us what has happened in her life, then she must have a good reason for that." he said back, but Orion just looked back at his Daughter. The worry was written all over his face as he kept his attention on his Daughter, who in turn looked away. Jack though stood his ground as he kept his hand on the younger Man's shoulder, while Vok remained quiet and watched the three Primes before him.

"Orion, I know what you are feeling right now. As a Parent myself, you want to be there for your child and be sure that everything will be alright for them. But the truth is, you can't be and there comes a time when they have to face the world alone. That is a terrifying thought for any Parent to bare, but all you can do is hope that everything you have taught your child about life as you raised them will be enough to help them." he continued as he let go of his Son and walked in front of both Bot and Asari, with Myra slowly looking up at her Grandfather as did Orion.

"Now from what I have seen of Myra right now, I cannot see anything but a strong young Woman who it turns out, has lived through some unknown events that could have broken anybody else. But here she stands, and as a Prime too. I am guessing that this is partly down to the influence both you and…Liara…" Jack started to say, before giving his Son a curious expression.

"…is this the same Liara that your Mother and I met on Thessia during the Reaper War?" he asked, gaining a nod from Orion in return.

"Yes Dad, that's my Liara." he replied, earning a slight smile from the older Prime.

"Okay, good….now where was I?"

"You were in the middle of a very good explanation about your Granddaughter Jackson Prime…" he started to say, gaining the trio's attention as he spoke.

"…Because Mira Prime has been through a lot in her life and if it had happened to anyone else, they would have either let their lives be ruled by the darkness that had ruined theirs or given up entirely. And even though she has done questionable things in her life, Mira Prime has never let herself be drawn completely into the darkness. And I do believe that is in part because of you and her Mother…" the Aeon explained as he pointed at Orion, who put his hand on his Daughter's shoulder before the Primes attention were brought back to the images as they changed and showed Ser-ket, Crosscut, Evac, Tolae and Kat, bringing a slight smile to the Asari's face as she watched.

"…and these individuals, people who helped shape Mira Prime into the person she is today. She is fearlessly loyal to those she cares about, willing to put her own life on the line to do the right thing while not endangering the lives of others. But it was a very recent moment where Mira proved that despite her spark being shrouded in darkness for a very long time, that it had ultimately not been consumed by it…" he said before looking directly at the youngest Prime, making her mirror his actions as she listened.

"…and that is why you are a Prime." Vok added, earning a nod from the Asari as she sighed in return while the Aeon looked back at the three of them together.

"And that is why you are the Trinity of Primes, because you represent the balance between the light and the dark. Also you make up the very time-line of the Darby blood-line that has carried the Human Matrix of Leadership, starting with it's past…" the orange and black robed man said as he first pointed at Jack.

"…it's present…" he then said while gesturing to Orion, before finally looking at Myra.

"…and it's future."

The three Primes then looked down at their individual Matrices, which began to glow while visible in the chest-plates of their armour.

"Your family bond and the experiences that each of you have lived through has strengthened the last remaining piece of Primus's spark and by bringing you all here at our most darkest hour, the three of you are his last best hope of once again defeating the Darkness before it can finally cross back into your Universe. This is why Primus chose you to become his disciples, to continue what he and his Brother tried to do and defeat the Darkness."

"But as you said earlier, Primus and Unicron could only defeat this Darkness but not destroy it. So if we are successful here, we will still have the same resolution...the Darkness will still come back once more." Jackson Prime then said, which made Vok nod back.

"That is true but as far as we Aeons were able to determine, the Darkness appears to be a manifestation of the evil in the universe. Because before we fought against it, our enemy had already begun influencing the younger races, making them distrust each other. Making them all go to war with each other, and it was something that we Aeons were unable to prevent." he said back, gaining a knowing look from Orion.

"I remember you telling me that the last time I was here." he replied, earning a nod from the Aeon as he looked at Myra.

"That is correct and it has started influencing the galaxy once more in your own time-line, hasn't it Mira Prime."

"Yes, fighting has broken out between most of the members of the galactic community. But I originally thought that was because of Leviathan's infiltration and espionage..." she started to say back, only for the robed Man to cut her off.

"That is true to a point, but it's leader was slowly being corrupted by the Darkness too. As it gets stronger and closer to becoming free, then it's ability to influence the younger races and feed of their own inner darkness gains strength as well, which is why it is paramount that you...the trinity of Primes do not fail in silencing it once gain on this day..." he began to say, while the three disciples of Primus listened.

"...or else it will escape into your Universe and spread throughout it, corrupting and consuming everything until only darkness remains." he continued while Orion then glanced at both his Daughter and Father, before looking back at Vok.

"I think I can safely say that we understand the stakes and will do everything we can to stop this threat..." he said, gaining nods from the others.

" where do we find it?" the Blue-haired Bot added, which brought a slight smile to the Aeon's face.

"Head that way..." he started to say, raising his arm and pointing towards the darkest storm-clouds in the east.

"...that is where the Darkness resides, feeding on the remaining sparks that dwell here in the All-spark..." he continued before Myra then spoke, for she saw that his arm looked rusted and frail.

"What's wrong with your arm?" she asked, gaining the others attention as they all stared at the Aeon.

"As I said, the Darkness has been feeding on those who reside here. Garuda and I were the only Aeons that were willing to try and stop the threat it possessed, and so entered the All-spark in hopes of slowing it down. But she was captured and killed by the Darkness, while I was severally weakened by it's feeding off my energies..." he explained while opening his robes to reveal that his body was just as rusted and damaged as his arm.

" I will be unable to assist you in this fight." he added.

"What stops this Darkness from feeding off us in the same way?" Jackson Prime then asked, making the Aeon point at the glowing crystal relic in each of their chest-plates.

"Your Matrices will protect you from it and as you are here in the All-spark, they will also enhance your Prime-armour, weapons and natural abilities." the Aeon replied while gesturing to Orion's Star-Saber and Myra herself.

"Well, I am thankful for small blessings. But we will still be fighting an entity from the beginning of time by ourselves." the oldest Prime replied, gaining a knowing look from Vok as he slowly began to disappear.

"I cannot say whether that is true or not Jackson Prime, since I am unsure if there are any other individuals still here in the All-spark that can help. But I have faith in Primus's designs and in the three of you. Together you can defeat the Darkness and spare the universe from our mistakes, good luck." he then said before completely disappearing and leaving the trio standing there on their own as they all looked to the east, toward what looked like the source of the storm-clouds that were currently spreading out in all directions.

"Okay, we know what we need to do..." Jack then said as he activated his holo Star-saber, gaining his Son and Granddaughter's attention.

"So let's roll out." he added with a confident tone, earning nods from the pair as they then started to make their way towards the storm's center as thunder boomed and lightening flashed across the sky overhead.
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