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Chapter XXIV

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The Trinity of Primes faces off against the forces of 'the Darkness' on the plains of the Matrix, but can they defeat such an overwhelming force on their own.

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The rain had pretty much stopped as the three Primes traversed the crystalline environment, though the thunder and lightning of the overhead storm continued without an end in sight as they headed in the direction that Vok had pointed them in. Jack was leading the way, keeping his holo-weapons powered and ready as Myra and Orion followed close behind. But the blue-haired Bot could not help but look over to his Daughter with a concerned look on his face, which earned a sigh from the Asari in return as she stopped.

"Dad, you're staring again." she replied with a slightly aggravated tone while glancing over to him, making the Bot shake his head in return.

"I'm sorry, it's just knowing that you have suffered a lot during your life without knowing exactly what happened..." he started to reply, only for the Female-Prime to cut him off mid-sentence.

"I know Dad, but we have been going over this for the last hour of this trek. And I still can't tell you what happens to me or..." she nearly let slip, but her Father caught the last few words and made him look back at her.

'I nearly said it! Damn it Dad, why did you have to keep pushing?' she thought with a worried look, one that her Grandfather saw as he looked back at his Family.

"Who else were you about to mention then Myra?" he asked with a curious tone before noticing the sadness in the Youngest Darby's eyes, making his own widen in shock.

"...It's your Mother, isn't it...?" he started to ask, only for Jack to catch his attention by grabbing the shoulder-plate of his armour.

"Orion, that's enough...!" he said back with a commanding tone, one that made his Son look back at him. And the oldest Darby could see the worry written all over his face, which made him sympathise with the blue-haired Bot.

"I understand your worried about Myra's future, I am too..." he began to say, glancing to see the Asari taking a deep breath while looking away from the pair.

"...but we can't afford to be sidetracked right now, as we have a mission to complete. And since you are a Prime, I can only assume that you understand that." the older Man said, earning a nod from Orion.

"Yes, I do understand that. But I can't help feeling that if I know what is going to happen, perhaps we could change it if we knew the details of what happened. I mean we have both been here before Dad and we remembered what we saw here, so it is possible." he replied while glancing over to his Daughter, but Jack shook his head in return with a serious expression on his face.

"No Son, it's not and even if it was…I wouldn't allow it."

This made the blue-haired Bot's eyes widen as he stared back in shock, while Myra also looked back after hearing her Grandfather's words.

"What…!" Orion started to say back.

"…But...if you knew that something was going to happen to the people you care about, wouldn't you want to do whatever you could to help or protect them?" he replied with a worried tone, one that had a slither of hope in it. But the older Prime simply looked back with a sympathetic yet still serious expression.

"Not when it could change the events that have lead us to this point, no I wouldn't..." Jack said back, before looking at the sky while thinking of a way to explain his point to the younger Darby. But before he could say anymore, Myra jumped in with her turn.

"Dad, I'm sure you don't want to give Grandfather a full history lesson of everything that has happened from the last moment he saw you until now..." she started to reply, gaining both Men's attention as they looked back to her, as Orion's face changed to a thoughtful one.

'She means the Autobot/Predacon War, so she knows what happened to us all during those events.' he thought as she stared back with a knowing look.

"...I can't help but agree that everything we have been through in our lives, has helped shape us into who Primus wanted us to be now." she said, gaining a nod from Jackson Prime.

"Exactly my thoughts too..." he answered while looking at his Granddaughter, before returning his attention to his Son.

"… since we just don't have the right to change the past, no matter how good and pure our reasons are."

"I…understand, we would be guilty of a similar crime to what the Aeons did if we attempted to change anything that has already happened…" the blue-haired Bot began to reply before looking over at Myra with a concerned but no less loving stare, who meanwhile had turned away and was staring out to the dark horizon.

"…but just knowing that my Daughter has been in such darkness, I can't help but want to help her someway."

This made Jack place a hand supportively on his Son's shoulder as he looked at Myra too, gaining the Prime's attention.

"I know exactly…" he started to say, before the Asari suddenly clenched her fists and made them glow light-blue with biotic energy.

"We've got trouble!" she shouted as both Men looked past her to see what looked like a black mist rapidly approaching them, moving like swirling gas through the air.

"What is that, another storm-front?" Jack replied, gaining a shoulder shrug from the blue-haired Bot as he instinctively equipped his Star-Saber.

"I don't think so." he said back as the mist suddenly began to split and circle the trio, making the oldest Prime activate his own holo-saber as it fully surrounded them.

"Well this is new, I have never seen fog act like this before."

"I would say that none of us have, and I think we should ready ourselves." Myra added as everything went dark around them as the mist rose up and started to block out the light, making the Primes ready themselves in return.

"Yeah, I agree." Orion replied with a serious tone, raising his own weapon as his Father did the same. But before any of the trio could say anything else, several jet-black figures leaped out of the mist at them, making the Primes defend themselves as they stood back to back. Myra instinctively caught her enemy in a biotic field, making it hover before her as Orion sliced the figure attacking him in half as she threw hers back into the blackness surrounding them. Meanwhile Jack had activated his Sky-boom shield, making his adversary slam into it before then slicing it's head off with his holo-saber.

"What the hell are these things?" he said back as the figure turned to black dust before him, gaining a dumbfounded looks from his family.

"No cl…" the Asari started to say before several more black-figures leapt out of the mist and attacked, making the Primes defend themselves once more as they took down their attackers with ease. Orion knocked his off it's feet and then brought his Star-Saber down on it, making the enemy crumble to dust as it was quickly followed by the others.

"Whatever they are, they are certainly easy to beat." Orion replied with a confident tone, gaining a knowing glance from his Father in return as they all kept their attention on the mist that surrounded them.

"Don't get cocky Orion, we don't…" he began to reply, only for his voice to fail him as the mist suddenly descend back down to their level and spread out around them on the floor.

"Okay…this looks no less creepy." Myra observed with a unnerved tone as she looked around at the ground, seeing only the black fog covering the area around her.

"No scrap…" the blue-haired Bot replied before looking over at Jack.

"…looks like a setting from one of those old horror movies you and Mom enjoyed watching." he added as everything went deathly quiet.

"Right…now keep your focus Son, I don't think this over yet." the oldest Prime replied before the ground started to tremble as though an earthquake had hit the area, making Myra clench her fists tighter as her Father tightened his grip around the Star-Saber's hilt and Jack tightened his fist, making his holo-version of that same saber glow somewhat brighter.

"Get ready." she said before an entire army of jet-black figures suddenly rose out of the mist and surrounded them, earning wide-eyed reactions from the trio in response.

"So this has become more interesting…" Orion said, making Myra narrow her eyes at the enemy as Jack gritted his teeth.

"Indeed." he replied while looking at their enemy, whose glowing-purple eyes were their only visible detail.

"Vok said that our matrices would increase the strength of our weapons and abilities, I think now is as good a time to find out if he was telling the truth." the Human Prime added while glancing to his partners, who nodded back in return.

"Gotcha." the blue-haired Bot replied, spinning the hilt of his Star-Saber in his hand as he stared back at the enemies.

"Let's do this." Myra added, with her biotic energy starting to glow a near-white light as she focused a little more.

"Take these wraiths down!" Jack then commanded as he and the others launched themselves into the mass of bodies surrounding them, cutting or knocking down as many as they could with each and every attack.

Jack slammed his holo-shield into one of the jet-black figures, while slicing another in half before he then performed a spin kick and sent a third toppling into several more. Orion meanwhile spun his glowing Star-Saber around, creating a cyclone of white energy around him which sucked up dozens of Wraiths into it, before finishing the move by swinging his blade into the floor and unleashing an energy-wave that tore the ground up as it moved away and decimated many of the enemies in it's path. The Bot then began slicing up any stragglers who were still standing while the cyclone dissipated and it rained Wraith down on the area around him.

"Nice move Dad." Myra shouted back as she punched and kicked several foes into dust with her biotically-enhanced moves, gaining a smirk from the Prime as he looked back at her while running his Saber through the chest of another Wraith.

"Thanks Myra." he replied before she then raised her clenched fists over her head, making two giant glowing fists of energy appear before her and gained a surprised look from her Father.

"Wow…" he started to say before the Asari then pulled her fists down in front of her, making the two energy constructs slam down into the masses of wraiths, obliterating many.

"…I think you topped mine." he said back in a proud tone as she then created two exotic looking biotic blades and began slicing up several more enemies who charged at her, making moving toward the blue-haired Prime as he was forced to defend himself against several more of his own foes.

"Thanks." she said back while impaling a wraith in the face with one blade, before slicing the head off another. But this gained a concerned look from Orion as he noticed the blank look on his Daughter's face as she worked her way through the hordes.

'She is simply on auto-pilot, not even looking back at me.' he thought with a pained spark, before grabbing the arm of a enemy who tried to strangle him from behind, pulling the said-figure off him and slamming it into the ground.

'What kind of things happened to my Daughter to make her disconnect like that?' he added while burying his Star-Saber in the enemy's head.


As this was happening, Jack had started unleashing energy-waves at the Wraiths surrounding him, cutting down many as the projectiles sliced through them as they expanded in all directions.

'Performing this attack isn't exhausting me like it used to, Vok was certainly correct about our matrices enhancing us.' he thought as one Wraith managed to dodge the attacks and launch itself at him, making the Human Prime perform a forward roll. This made his attacker fly over him as both ended up facing away from each other as they recovered, gaining their attention as they turned back round. But Jack lunged his Sky-boom Shield horizontally at the enemy, slicing at the Wraith's throat with it's sharp edge as he then followed through with his holo-saber and ran it through with it, making the sword's edge break through the enemy's back before it burst into black dust as he charged through it and attacked several more.

With their enhanced abilities and weapons, it was not long before the three Primes had more than halved the amount of Wraiths that were still attacking them. Myra slid along the ground and sliced with her biotic blades at several before stopping and then throwing the weapons at another bunch of enemies, which then exploded into biotic-flares and devastated another dozen. As she was doing this, Jack and Orion had gone back to back and were unleashing energy waves, obliterating even more with each and every projectile.

"This is getting too easy Dad." the blue-haired Bot said, which gained a nod from his Father as he drove his own weapon through the head of the Wraith in front of him, spilling out more dust as glanced over to his Son.

"Even so, we shouldn't get over-confident. Who knows what…" he started to reply, only for the ground to shake once more and cut him off mid-sentence.

"I think you spoke too soon." the younger Bot replied as Myra joined them after slaughtering her final few enemies, giving them both a curious and yet stern look.

"What happened?"

"We don't know…" Jack replied with a confused tone before several giant versions of the wraiths suddenly burst out of the mist and towered over them, gaining wide-eyed looks of surprise from the Primes in return.

"Okay…I would rather face the smaller ones again." Orion said as he looked up at one of the giants, who stood at least thirty feet tall as they looked down at the trio with their glowing purple eyes.

"They are about the same size as the original Cybertronians were, right Grandfather?" Myra asked, earning a nod from the oldest Prime as he held up his holo-saber.

"Yes, not that it matters though, since we still have to beat them." Jack replied. But suddenly the closest giant suddenly clenched it's right fist and punched down at them, making the Primes dive out of the way as it's slammed into the ground. Both Men landed on their fronts while the Asari Began glowing with biotic energy, which allowed her to perform a perfect somersault before gracefully landing back on her feet. Orion was the first to recover as his Father was still getting back to his feet, so he turned to see his Daughter looking up at the giant that had attacked them as it slowly lifted it's fist and exposing the cracked crystalline floor underneath.

"Myra?" the blue-haired Bot called out in a curious tone, while the newest Prime narrowed her eyes and began to squat as her biotics began to glow even more.

'What is she doing?' her Father thought as Jack stood back up and looked around to see the other giants closing in. But before either Man could say or do something, Myra suddenly launched herself into the air with a near-vertical biotic-charge aimed directly at the larger enemy's head.

Both Jack and Orion could only watch as their descendent became a white/bluish blur of light as she soared up towards the giant's head, but their attention was suddenly caught by the ground shaking as another large Wraith ran jumped over them and caught the Asari in it's hands.

"MYRA!" the blue-haired Bot shouted as the Giant landed beside it's comrade, holding his daughter in it's closed fist.

"Orion, watch out!" the Human Prime suddenly called out as another enemy reached down for his Son, making the blue-haired Bot spin around and swing his Star-Saber and slice the creature's hand in two.

"Arrragh!" the Giant-Wraith screamed as it pulled away and held it's injured hand in it's other, while Jack then unleashed a energy-wave with his holo-Saber that hit another giant directly in it's chest and sent it flying onto it's back, causing the ground to shake. But as Orion turned to see his Daughter still in the grasps of one of the Wraiths, his Father noticed that several more thirty-foot tall Wraiths had appeared from with into the ground-high mist.

"We have to free Myra and retreat." he said, gaining a nod from the younger Prime as he saw the Asari struggling to free herself.

"Agreed…" he began to say, only to be cut short as a large shadow was cast over both of them. This made the pair turn to see a giant-wraith standing directly over them, raising it's right foot as it readied to crush them.

Suddenly though, a ground-bridge-like vortex opened up behind the looming figure and three Cybertronians of similar size leapt through and started combating the giant-Wraiths, followed by a jet-black metallic Dragon which flew over the two Primes and their immediate threat as it began breathing fire down upon the other enemies.

"Wait…that's Onyx Primal…" Orion said before his attention was brought back to the vortex as a red semi-truck flew out of it as it closed and smashed through the chest of the Giant, making it turn to dust before the vehicle then shifted into it's robot form and landed behind the two Men, immediately firing his cannons at the Wraith holding Myra..

"Optimus!" Jack stated with a surprised and relieved tone as he and his Son watched as the enemy took several direct hits, just as the Asari started to glow with her biotics which suddenly exploded and destroyed the hand that was holding her, allowing the new Prime to safely land beside her family as Optimus then shifted his left arm-cannon into a blade and sliced the Wraith in half. Meanwhile the other new arrivals were busy slaying the rest of the jet-black giants as Jack, Orion and Myra watched.

First there was a bearded-Bot in golden armour impaling a Wraith with one of two golden blades, which had a blue-like glow to them as the enemy suddenly froze to the spot and gave Bot enough time to decapitate with the other. Then to the trio's left there was a purplish-steel Femme swinging a large hammer into the face of another enemy, knocking it's head clear off it's shoulders in the process. On the far right was a bronze-coloured Bot deflecting the punch of a Wraith with his jet-black sword, before then slicing off said arm and punching through it's chest, causing it to fall part in front of him.

"That's the Thirteen." Jack then stated gaining a nod from Optimus who looked down at him, his face-shield retracting as he did so.

"That's correct Jack, but now is not the time for talk." he replied before his attention was brought back as the metallic Dragon swooped down and transformed into the recognisable form of Onyx Primal.

"There are more Tyrants on the way." he said in an alert tone, earning a nod from the Autobot as the Femme joined them.

"We have taken care of the immediate danger, but the Darkness will soon be upon us if we do not withdraw right now."

"Then we should fall back Solus…" Optimus began to reply before looking over at the golden-Bot.

"We are retreating Vector, open us another portal." he said, gaining a nod from the Cybertronian in return, while Onyx looked over to see the Bronze-Bot finishing off another Wraith with his blade.

"Nexus, time to go."

As this was happening, Jack gave his former Mentor a questioning look as did his Son and Granddaughter.

"Optimus…" he started to say before the Bot shifted back into his vehicle form, opening his passenger doors to them.

"Get in, we can talk once we are safely out of here." he replied, earning a nod from Jack and the others as they climbed into the semi-Truck, while Vector Prime pointed his blade at the at an open area and made another portal appear and open.

"Alright, let's move." he said, which Optimus then drive through while Solus, Onyx and Nexus followed close behind. This left Vector on his own as he took one final look at his surroundings, noticing more Tyrants and wraiths approaching in the distance.

"I hope this is going to be worth it." he muttered to himself before entering the portal, which then closed and left the barren, crystalline environment to the Darkness's drones.


Elsewhere in the extra-dimension of the All-spark, a green armoured Cybertronian stood on his own and looked out at the dark horizon as if waiting for something. Suddenly though a vortex opened up behind the him, making the Bot spin round and activate an energy shield around his person, thinking that a fight was about to begin. But then a red-semi truck and a few Cybertronians exited the aperture, gaining a relieved look from the Bot.

"I am glad to see it is you guys, though you took long enough." he said, gaining a look from Solus as Nexus, Onyx Primal and Vector Prime exited the portal.

"Micronus, we were only gone a few moments at best." she replied, with the green-Prime watching the portal close before turning away from her.

"Well…it felt longer than that." he replied with a slightly apprehensive tone while crossing his arms, which gained Nexus's attention as he joined the Femme's side.

"I think Micronus simply misses Onyx." he observed, earning a nod from Solus as she gave the smaller Bot a sympathetic look.

"We all miss him Micronus, and the others too." she said, making the Minicon look at the rest of the Thirteen, who all nodded back whilst Jack, Myra and Orion exited Optimus's truck-form, who then shifted back to his robot-mode straight after.

"Indeed, but now is not the time to grieve. For we still have a job to do, which is now possible due to our friends here." the Autobot said, gaining everyone's attention as he gestured to the Darbys standing at their feet as the Asari looked at each of the larger Cybertronians.

"So that is Nexus Prime, Vector Prime, Micronus Prime, Solus Prime and Optimus Prime…" she started to say while standing next to her Father, gaining a nod from the latter.

"Yes Mira Prime, we are all that remains of the Thirteen." he replied, making Jack look back with a confused expression.

"Why? Where are the others?" the oldest Darby asked, which brought looks of pain and regret to the faces looking down at them.

"Jack, our comrades were defeated and consumed by what the Aeons call the Darkness." Optimus replied grimly, earning a look of shock from his friend.

"No, that's imposs…" the Human Prime started to say before stopping as a thoughtful look appeared on his face, but Vector then stepped toward him and caught his attention.

"Well it is! Prima, Alpha Trion, Alchemist, Quintus, Liege Maximo, Amalgamous and Onyx are all gone…" he said in a angered tone, surprising everyone as he glared down at Jack and his family.

"…and for what, for the three of you…this so called Trinity of Primes, our apparent salvation against the Darkness. I have seen nothing from you to give me hope against what is coming for us." the Golden-Bot continued, until he was stopped as Optimus placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Easy Brother, I know how difficult this is for you…" he began to say, before looking at the rest of the Thirteen standing around them.

"…for all of you. It feels as though we have been fighting this Darkness for as long as any of us can remember, but there is still hope and that is with our successors here…" the Autobot continued as he pointed down at the Darbys.

"…for they were chosen by Primus, not created as was the case with us. We were designed by our creator to defeat Unicron, which we did. But it is not for us to defeat the force that corrupted our Creator's Brother, that lies with them…"

The other Cybertronians simply looked down at their Humanoid companions, thoughtful expressions on their faces as they listened to Optimus.

"…for Primus saw that they possessed within themselves what was necessary to truly combat the Darkness, so I ask you to put your faith in them…as I do…" he added, before looking down at Jack, Orion and Myra with a warm and proud smile.

"…for they are Primes, just like us."

"I will fight beside you in the coming battle." Solus then said as she stepped toward the trio, who was then followed by Nexus.

"As will I."

"Well I don't know how I can help, since all I can do is power-linx with my Brothers and Sister here. But I will fight the Darkness with you all the same." Micronus then said as he too stepped forward, before a thoughtful looking Vector sighed.

"Perhaps I have seen too much darkness in those that I call family, perhaps I have become too cynical in my view of the world around me. But Optimus always had a way with words, he always manages to inspire those around him. I forgot about that, but if he truly believes in you then who am I to argue." he replied while taking a step forward as well. This gained slightly embarrassed looks from the Darbys, before Jack composed himself and looked up at their new allies.

"Thank you, it means a lot to the three of us to hear that. And I don't know what we can do against this Darkness or if we can defeat it, but Primus once did with his Brother before his Fall. And the three of us now carry the last embers of your creator with us…" the Human Prime added as he gestured to the glowing Matrices in his and their chest-plates, which appeared to shine a little brighter as he spoke.

"…but we will fight to our dying breath to end this threat and bring balance back to the All-spark." he finished, earning a nod from everyone there.

"Well said Jack. Now if you will follow me, I can explain our situation, since we should still have some time to rest, before the Darkness realises where we are." Optimus replied as he gestured to the three Primes, who started to follow before Orion stopped.

"You guys go on ahead, I want to catch up with Onyx first if that's alright?" the blue-haired Bot asked, making his Father nod back.

"Okay, we will be over there." he replied before following the Autobot away with Myra, leaving the younger Darby as he walked over to the Maximal who was now standing with Nexus and Micronus. But as the group separated into smaller gatherings, Solus watched the Asari with a thoughtful expression.

Meanwhile at the center of the Crystalline world that the Allspark was made up of, where the once shining mountains and landscape now looked dark and lifeless. The storm-clouds suddenly raged with thunder booming across the sky along with streaks of lightning as a black liquid began to seep out of the ground.

"I…can…sense a presence…one that I have not felt…in the longest…times." faceless entity spoke as it's body started to take shape out of the jet-black fluid.

"Primus! He has returned…and I will destroy him…once and for all!"
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