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Chapter XXVI

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It is final battle as the Primes come face to face with the Darkness, but who will emerge the victor?

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The conditions had become horrendous as the storm continued to batter the crystalline environment below it, hitting it with heavy rain, blinding lightning and deafening roars of thunder. But suddenly there was an explosion, a massive ball of dark-energy that spread out in all directions and fried everything within it's blast radius. It even managed to cancel out the effects of the storm, leaving a giant hole in the dark-clouds that gathered overhead, pushed aside by a cloud that had a familiar mushroom-shape to it. And once the energy blast had subsided, the area no longer looked like the shimmering crystal landscape it once had. For it was now burnt into a black, desolate wasteland.

Orion came too and found himself lying on the ash-covered ground, the blue-haired Bot's entire body ached and his Prime-Armor was steaming. Despite the pain the Darby was currently feeling, he managed to look around him and see that Jack, Myra and the Thirteen were all in similar conditions as they were lying unconscious about the area.

'What in the All-spark was that?' Orion thought as he tried to ignore the pain he kept feeling pulsing through his body each and every time he tried to move, managing to get onto his hands and knees.

'That's it...come on.' he thought before noticing the others slowly coming too, but before he could say anything, the Bot noticed the giant circular hold in the storm and the calm atmosphere surrounding him and his allies.

'Looks like we are in the eye of the storm.' he thought before a dark shadow was cast over him all of a sudden, making him look around.

'Oh Scrap!'

For standing over him and the other Primes was the Darkness, glaring down at them with it's glowing purple eyes.

"This is all that stands before me, six of Primus's children and three primitives that are carry his remaining essence..." it started to say, with his voice echoing around the area.

"...I am not impressed."

"I know my Master, these Primes are nothing like Primus." Unicron replied, while slowly everyone else came too and began to recover.

"Myra, you alright?" Orion asked as he looked over at his Daughter, who grimaced and breathed heavily as she got back to her feet.

"I'll be okay, just need a moment." she replied, while Nexus, Jack and Optimus looked up at their enemy.

"I don't think you are going to get one." the Human Prime said back as everyone's attention was brought to the behemoth in their midst, as Unicron stood between them and his Master.

"What you just faced was but just one drop of the power that my Master has at his disposal after absorbing the majority of the sparks in this realm, including that of your Beast-friend. Do you not see that you are greatly outmatched by my Master?" the Chaos bringer asked, which made Optimus step before the group.

"It matters not Unicron, for freedom is the right of all sentient beings. So we fight for them against any and all threats, including the Darkness that stands before us."

"...The Darkness! That is a very theatrical name, but that is not my Master's name." the Wraith-clone replied, gaining an uncooperative stare from Orion as he took a step in front of his Daughter.

"Then what is it's name?"

This suddenly made the giant's attention drift to the blue-haired Bot, with it's eyes focusing on him as he tightened his fists while never taking his focus from it.

"My name is Xakron...the Bringer of Death." it's voice boomed, which was followed by a roar of thunder and flashes of lightning as Unicron smirked.

"…which also includes your own." he added whilst pointing at the group, but this made Orion grit his teeth as he tightened his grip on the hilt of the Star-Saber.

"We'll see about that…let's get them!" he then shouted before lunging at the Chaos Bringer, followed by Myra and Jack as the Thirteen attacked his Master.

"You have no idea who you are dealing with…" Xakron replied as Nexus jumped onto it's right arm and ran up towards it's shoulder, while Optimus and Vector leapt at it's legs. Micronus meanwhile transformed back into his powering form and attached himself to Solus's hammer, before the femme swung it down onto the Bringer of Death's left foot, making it explode into black liquid.

"Arrgh!" the Darkness cried out before quickly reforming it's foot in time to kick the hammer welding Prime, while the former Autobot Leader and the holder of the blades of time stabbed their melee weapons into it's knees, making black ooze leak out.


Meanwhile Unicron ducked under Orion's attack, with the Prime's saber narrowly missing the Aeon's head as it swung over him before then countering with an uppercut, one that sent the Darby flying onto his back.

"Dad!" Myra called out in a panicked tone before firing several biotic projectiles at their common enemy, only for the Wraith to evade them by disappearing into the ground.

"Where did he go?" her Grandfather asked in a worried tone as the Asari ran to her Father's side, helping him to his feet.

"I don't see him." she said back as she looked around the area, only for her eyes to widen as the Chaos Bringer materialized behind Jack.

"Look out!" she shouted, which made him spin around just in time to block the Wraith's fists with his sky-boom shield.

"You are only delaying the inevitable." Unicron said back as he pressed his fists down on the holo-shield, but Jackson Prime managed to push back and knock their adversary away just enough to unleash an energy wave with his saber which hit the enemy directly in his chest, slicing his body in half. Both all three Primes watched as both halves of the Wraith's body hit the ground and turned into liquid.

"You got him?" Orion replied as he readied his Star-Saber again, making Jack shake his head in return while keeping an eye on his surroundings.

"I don't think so, be ready."

This gained nods from both his Son and his Granddaughter as they prepared themselves for another attack, with all three of them going back to back as the battle between their friends and the Darkness unfolded just aways from them. But as the Trinity kept their attention on the area around them, waiting for Unicron's next attack. None of the Darbys noticed as a black liquid began bubbling through a crack on the ground behind their backs, gaining a puzzled look from Orion.

"Anybody hear…?" he started to ask before being cut off as the liquid suddenly shot up out of the ground like a geyser, completely enveloping the trio.

"gah!" Myra spat as she and the others felt a tentacle-like grip wrap itself around their bodies, incapacitating them as it held them there in place. The Primes tried to free themselves, struggling against the iron-like grip as Unicron reformed himself and looked at them with an evil smirk.

"I've got you now…." he began to say as he held out his arms, which had taken on the look of the very tentacles that now had captured the group.

As this was happening, Xakron managed to knock both Optimus and Vector from his body with similar-looking tentacles growing from his black liquid-like skin while Nexus slashed his way through the same growths with his Omni-Saber as he got onto the behemoth's shoulder, gaining it's attention as it's eyes narrowed at him.

"I am growing tired of you…" it's voice boomed, while the Bot smirked as he rushed toward it's head.

"Let's cut you down to size." he jumped in while slicing down the last of the tentacles, with only the Darkness's face left before him. But just as he pulled his blade back for the killing blow, another tentacle grew out of Darkness's skin behind him and swiped the Prime off himself.

"No!" Solus shouted as she saw her friend fall to the ground, having finally recovered herself.

"Enough!" Xakron then shouted, with his voice echoing around the entire area as the Thirteen suddenly found themselves frozen to the spot as more black liquid appeared around their feet and held them in place.

"I can't move my legs." Vector said with frustration tingeing his words as he struggled against the liquid's hold, while Nexus was quickly stopped from getting to his feet as his arms and legs were pinned down by the same substance.

"Scrap, neither can I." he replied, which made Optimus look back at his siblings as their hands were bound by more of the tentacles.

"None of us can, save your strength." he said in both a commanding and understanding tone, which gained Xakron's attention as the Darkness looked down at the former-Autobot Leader.

"Yes, do not struggle. For it only weakens you and I do desire to taste the strength of your sparks."

"Master, did I not tell you that they would fall to us." Unicron then said, making Optimus and the others look down to see that Jack and his family had also been captured.

"You did my servant. You continue to serve me well, even after your original demise."

"That isn't Unicron, we finished him off back on Virmire." Orion replied with a defiant tone, earning the pair's stare as their purple eyes focused on him.

"Indeed you did, thus bringing us all to this moment." Xakron answered, which brought a questioning look to Optimus's face.

"What do you mean, what are you exactly?" he asked, regaining the Darkness's stare in return.

"You wish to know what I am…follower of Primus? This has to be a first amongst the inhabitants of this plain of existence…" he started to say as what looked like a smile appeared on his face, making him look at all of his enemies as they remained incapacitated before him.

"…very well, you wish to know of me…then learn." he added as more jet-black tentacles grew out of the ground, one for each of the captive Primes.

"Where is that going to go?" Orion asked with a worried look as he watched the appendage before him slowly slither and stretch up towards his body, while Unicron simply smirked as he bare witness.

"Wait and see Prime." he replied with a teasing tone, as the tentacles then touched the front of the heroes chests and slithered up their armor towards their faces before pulling back enough to look at their faces.

"You have got to be joking." Myra then said with a hint of disgust in her voice, having noticed the tip of the tentacle pointing towards her mouth as it remained directly before her face. But suddenly each black growth then surged at each Primes forehead and burrowed in, with black veins growing over the surrounding skin as it penetrated their minds.

"Think happy thoughts." Jack replied under gritted teeth as he felt his tentacle wriggling through his head before his eyes suddenly began glowing purple, with all of his friends and allies reacting the same way as Xakron connected to them.


It was then that a mist suddenly descended before the Primes, with each of them looking deeply into it as it swirled and took on the form of an image of a vast emptiness.

"I am a entity beyond your comprehension, one that comes from a universe so very similar to your own, though one that was unable to sustain it's balance between light and darkness…" Xakron began to say as the image changed to show alien beings continuously fighting with one another in bloody conflicts, conflicts that spanned their entire universe.

"…until a group came together with a plan to end all conflict, by purging all negative energy from their realm."

The mist then shifted to show the group in question, made up of various bipedal and quadruped beings as they stood around a spherical device.

"So they created the Terminus Matrix, a device that could bring their chaotic universe the peace they craved for themselves and future generations. And once activated, it did just that and drawn all of the negative energy of their realm within it."

Everyone watched as they saw the device power up and the fighting that had consumed all of creation for that reality slowly stopped until everything was peaceful.

"In the span of a century, their worlds had changed from being ravaged by war to paradises that shared peace with one another…it was sickening."

None of the Primes could speak as their eyes remained focused on the images created by the mist before them, which then changed again to show the Terminus Matrix once more.

"With their plan an apparent success, the group had started to plan of how they would dispose of all the negative energy that the Matrix had collected, as it was nothing more than a repository…" the Death Bringer then started to say as the image then spread out to show the group talking as they stood around the device, with time passing to reveal new members of the group taking place of the old ones.

"…but as the years went by and their work past down to their descendants, tasked to complete the disposal of this Dark Essence…"

The images changed to show the group disbanding and leaving the device on it's own in the now dark room where it lay.

"…one by one, they all left to live their lives in the utopias that their ancestors had made possible. Leaving the Terminus Matrix to gain dust in a tomb of their own making."

But then the mist swirled again to now show purplish streaks of light being emanated from the device, lighting up the room.

"But in all that time, the energy that device stored began to slowly change and evolve until finally it achieved sentience, in other words… became…me!" Xakron explained as the images then revealed a black liquid-like substance breaching the walls of the Terminus Matrix and escaping into the room.

"You see, you cannot simply bottle up all evil and darkness in the universe for it breaks the very balance that it exists on…you cannot have light without dark."

It was then that the Thirteen and the Trinity of Primes watched as the images changed to show the more familiar black liquid-like form of the Darkness then escaping from the group's laboratory and spreading out over the planet, consuming all life on it.

"I was free and angry for my forced captivity and as I fed on all those that came into my path, I realized what my role was…which was to purge all sentient life from creation itself. I was the very embodiment of Darkness and this universe was going to pay for their arrogance in trying to hold me…" he added with anger underling his words as the images changed to show a great war enveloping that universe, with armies fighting against Xakron and his growing hordes.

"The inhabitants of this paradise were at first overwhelmed by my presence, but they quickly regained the will to fight as their ancestors once possessed. And fought me they did as I spread myself across the cosmos, but they did not realize that as they battled to save their utopia, fighting with ever ounce of hate they had for me. They were only making me stronger…"

The images then showed the Darkness consuming all those that fought against it, moving like a wave through the masses of soldiers.

"…and it was not long until I had eradicated all sentient beings from the universe, though my powers continued to evolve and I then consumed all life itself…leaving a dead cosmos in my wake." Xakron continued as the mist then revealed his black and purplish energy-form passing through the void of space, surrounded by stars and dead planets.

"After I had consumed all life in my reality, feasting on their very essence and absorbing their combined knowledge. The very fabric of that realm began to unravel as though the universe knew that life was no longer possible within it's boundaries and that it's balance had been completely torn apart. So I found myself baring witness to the end of the very universe that had given me life as every star exploded into what you call supernovae…"

The stars in the image then did as the Darkness described, decimating themselves into energy-waves that destroyed everything in their paths while the entity watched, completely unharmed by the destruction happening around it.

"…I had become impervious to the wrath of a collapsing universe and waited to see what would become of me in whatever creation itself had in mind next, but instead I found myself trapped in what could only be described as a void…"

The mist then showed Xakron surrounded by what looked like spherical images, showing different forms of life forms living their lives.

"…and I could see into the very universal streams of entire universes that mine had been unaware of, a multiverse made up of either very different or very similar realities with only slight changes to them." the Darkness explained as the Primes then saw the images in the mist more clearly, which made their eyes and optics widen.

'That looks like our reality, but I am still a teenager and Optimus looks a little different.' Jack thought as he stared at one, while Myra stared at one showing someone who looked very familiar to her fighting the Reapers.

'That can't be….John?' she thought as more images appeared showing numerous versions of Optimus and Megatron battling alongside their comrades.

"I watched all of these realities as I waited in the limbo that kept them all separate, until one 'window' appeared to me. After all of the universes that I had witnessed, this one felt newer like it had only just been created. It also had what looked like a crack running through itself…"

The group could only watch as they saw what the entity was describing happening before them in the mist, witnessing it's energy slithering into the cracked window-like aperture.

"…and it was something that I could pass through and so I left the nothingness of the void and entered this new universe, finding myself in a plain of existence that ran parallel with the world of the living, something that the other realities all had differing names for."

'The Allspark…' the Primes all thought in unison as Xakron spoke once more.

"I found new life there to feed upon as the ones called Aeonians had begun exploring this realm, looking for the very power they sought to make them gods…but they found me instead."

The images in the mist changed to show the war between the Aeons and the Darkness, something that the Asari Prime recognized from her dreams. For she saw Primus and Unicron fighting alongside their fellow Aeonians against their common Adversary.

"I quickly found a way out into the living realm of this universe and began spreading my influence amongst it's inhabitants, feeding on their aggressive and dark natures as I fought against those that freed me…" he added before the mist showed the world of Scissio and the final battle raging upon it's surface.

"…but my enemies made a final desperate push to force me back into what you call the All-spark, but I was too much for their forces…until two brothers stood against me."

'Primus and Unicron…" Optimus and the other members of the Thirteen thought as they saw their Creator and his brother fighting against Xakron, before plunging their sabers into it's heart.

"They managed to defeat me, sealing my essence back into the plains of the All-spark, into the very cracks that I had used to enter this universe. But I was not destroyed and I had left my mark…"

The images then showed Unicron's eyes glowing purple as he, Primus and the survivors of the Aeonian species conferred after the Darkness's defeat.

"…for during our battle, I sensed the darkness in Unicron's spark. It was something that I could corrupt and control, so I infected him with a piece of myself. A piece that would grow and slowly reverse the connection that the brothers shared in their united stand that had trapped me in limbo once more. All I had to do was be patient and bide my time and if there had been anything that I had become good at while stuck between realities for what felt like an eternity, it was waiting." the entity said with a sly and hopeful tone to his voice as the mist then showed his trapped form slowly becoming free of it's cage during the passing years.

"First I felt Primus's life-force fade away, which could only have occurred with his death. And then a short time later, I felt Unicron's essence disappear and the bonds that had held me in place were gone…"

'That was after the Primus-wave that ended the Reaper War…' Jack thought, while a knowing look appeared on his Son's face.

'…And after Galvatron and Unicron were defeated on Virmire.'

"…and I went back into the All-spark and began feeding on the sparks that resided there so that I could regain my strength, while also reaching out with my mind out into the realm of the living, influencing it's sentient life-forms into conflict." he said, which made Myra's face take on a shocked look.

'Xakron is responsible for the rise in distrust, hate and violence that slowly took hold over the galactic community over the last five hundred years.' she thought before suddenly the mist disappeared and everyone found themselves back on the barren wilderness of the All-spark with both the Darkness and Unicron stand before them.

"And that brings us to this moment, where I will now consume you all and continue with my purpose…" Xakron then said as the tentacles left the foreheads of all the Primes, slowly retracting back towards the ground from which they appeared. All but the one that had connected to Myra, which just remained eye-level with her as the entity turned his attention to the Asari.

"...wait, what is this I can feel from this one." Xakron then said as his attention turned to the Asari, which made Orion's eyes widen as his gritted his teeth.

"Leave her alone!" he spat, the Darkness ignored him as it closed in on his daughter.

"You have darkness in your heart, I could not sense it until now...but you are just like Unicron here." it said while gesturing to the Wraith standing beside her.

"It's see just how far that darkness goes..." the entity then said before the tentacle suddenly latched onto the Asari's chest-plate and leaked inside, making her thrash about and struggle as it connected with her spark.

"Myra!" Orion then shouted as he fought back against the black-liquid that was holding him down, gaining a similiar reaction from his Father in return.

"No!" Jack spat as they and the Thirteen watched while Xakron probed Myra's soul, with her eyes glowing purple as thunder and lightning continued to crackle and flash in the storm-clouds overhead.

"This one has seen much darkness in her life, starting with when her Father died..." it began to say, glancing over to Orion with a knowing look, gaining a shocked expression from the blue-haired Bot.

"...watching him lying in his death-bed and passing away pained the Asari, for she had always had her Father in her life before then..." the entity continued before looking back into Myra's memories, with the young Prime now completely still as she was now completely under it's control.

"...then came a time when light reappeared in her heart, when she met her first Love. But that did not last as On their 'Wedding' day, her Mother was murdered and Myra here was forced to end her fiancée's life due to his fatal injuries."

Everyone there went deathly quiet as they listened to the Darkness as it spouted Myra's painful memories, Solus was the only one among the Thirteen who looked down to the ground with a pained and understanding expression. But the look on Orion's face was one of complete shock and horror as Xakron's words sunk in, for he had heard that his Daughter had gone through times in her life, but he had no idea how bad it really had been.

'...Myra.' he thought as a single tear running his cheek, while his attention remained focused on his 'little girl'.

"It was this event that poisoned the Asari's heart, making her thirst for vengeance and forcing Myra away from her friends and remaining family. Because she then spent the next few centuries alone in her pursuit of the one responsible, with only her pain and hate to sustain her." Xakron added with a gleeful tone as large smile appeared on it's face, which made Jack's blood run cold as he helplessly watched. But Orion meanwhile was more focused on the gut-wrenching revelations that had been dropped on him from the Darkness about his Daughter's life.

'Myra lost her first love, Liara murdered…I don't kn…' he started to think before his attention was once again brought back to what was happening in front of him, as the Entity's eyes glowed even more as it stare down at the Asari.

"Her inner turmoil and darkness will make her a fine servant for my purpose…" he said while shrinking down to their height, looking into the Prime's eyes as he did so.

"…accept the Darkness in your heart…accept me."

Then before anyone could say or do anything, Xakron shifted into a black and purple glowing mist and entered Myra through her mouth and nose, making her eyes turn to black as she stood there in a paralyzed state.


Myra found herself standing in what could only be described as a complete void, nothing but darkness surrounding her as she looked at her empty surroundings.

"What's going on?" she said aloud, her voice echoing into the distance as she immediately clenched her fists and took a defensive stance, as though feeling that something was a miss.

"We are inside your mind, you and I." Xakron's voice replied, making the Asari look behind her and see only nothing but blackness at her back.

"Get out of my head." she shouted back defiantly as her fists glowed blueish/white with biotic energy as she continued to look around, hoping to see a target that she could attack..

"Why would I leave when we have a lot in common, since you have spent the majority of your long life embracing the darkness in your heart." he then replied as he materialized behind the Prime, making her spin around and through a biotic punch at his face. But Xakron simply blocked it with one hand, before grabbing her throat with the other and lifting the Asari off the ground.

"Ugh…fu…you." she managed to reply between gasps for air as the vice-like grip around her neck tightened, as the Entity's eyes narrowed at her.

"Perhaps you need a little reminder of what you are capable of…" he started to say while dropping her to her knees making her breathing became heavy, while he stretched his arms out to the sides.

"…very well, remember these moments and let their pain fuel your anger." the Darkness added as their surroundings began to change and take on a new form. Myra's eyes then widened in response as she found herself observing her Wedding Day once more, showing Vasir's attack on the Church which ended with her Mother's murder. This brought tears to the Prime's eyes, for she witnessed the Leviathan Leader shooting Liara in the head in what appeared to be slow-motion.

"No, why are you doing this to me?" Myra pleaded as she could not take her attention from what was happening before her, with the scene shifting to her kneeling over Shepard's critically injured body.

"I am trying to make you see your true potential, to free you from the shackles of light that are holding you back." Xakron replied as they watched her younger-self euthanising Shepard, but the Asari shook her head in return.

"You're wrong because I may have been driven by grief and anger originally, but I then had friends who helped me see beyond my need for vengeance." she replied as Kat, Evac, Crosscut and Tolae appeared around the pair, earning an angry stare from the Entity as it noticed how Myra was focusing on the Human Woman.

"Very well..." he spat back while reasserting his grip around her throat and lifting the blue-Female off the ground once more, looking into her eyes as his glowed brighter.

"...if you will not see sense, then I will force you to change. Because deep down, you wanted to kill the one called Vasir, you wanted her to drown in her own blood. And unlike Unicron, who I had to corrupt through the darkness in his spark. You already embraced it once, so do so again!" she spat as purple energy glowed around his hand and then enveloped the Asari, making her grit her teeth as she felt it burn through her entire being.

"No...I...I will...not..." Myra tried to say through the pain, as she suddenly witnessed herself murdering Vasir in cold blood at the foot of Leviathan back on Earth time and again. She could feel the euphoria and elation that came with this moment...and it felt good.

"...No...I...I..." she continued to reply as she felt her dark feelings bubbling to the surface, until a sinister smirk appeared on her face.

"...that Bitch deserved nothing less than to die at my hands."

"Excellent." Xakron said back with a smile of his own as he let go of the Asari, who stared back with glowing purple eyes as she and the Darkness stood beside the limp body of Vasir, before the darkness that surrounded them suddenly enveloped the pair.

"Myra...?" Orion then called out in a confused and worried tone as he saw Xakron release the other Prime, who dropped to her knees for a moment.


Everyone remained quiet and simply watches with bated breath as the Asari slowly got back to her feet, though keeping her back to them all.

"Myra!" the blue-haired Prime then called out, making her turn to face him.

"What in the All-spark...?" he quickly added as his eyes widened in shock, for his daughter's eyes were now permanently glowing purple and her skin was covered in black and purple veins. The Matrix stored in her chest-plate was now flickering as well, like it was struggling against whatever had taken a hold over her.

"Your Daughter has accepted the darkness in her heart Orion Prime, she is now mine." Xakron said with a smug grin, gaining shocked looks from everyone there.

"No." Jack replied.

"This can't be." Nexus added as the Asari joined Unicron's side while they stood beside their Master, who then grew back to his original towering size.

"Once again, Primus has failed. He chose to put his faith in imperfect sentient beings, just like those who created me. And now the Trinity has been broken, leaving this universe at my mercy."

"Myra, look at me." Orion said, trying to get his Daughter's attention. But the corrupted Asari simply stared coldly out at the other Primes, while the Darkness returned it's attention to him.

"There is only one task remaining that will forever stain this Asari's heart, ensuring that she always remains this way…" it started to say as a sinister smile appeared on it's face while pointing it's finger at the blue-haired Bot.

"…Mira Prime, this Man is the very beginning of your pain and needs to be eradicated…kill him!" Xakron then commanded, earning a nod from the Prime's Daughter as she clenched her fists and focused her biotics into them, making her body glow with a purplish light.

"As you wish, my Master." she replied in a blank, emotionless tone.

"Myra don't…" Jack tried to say back, trying to catch his Granddaughter's attention. But the Asari merely walked past and up to her bound Father, while the other members of the Thirteen watched in shock.

"Myra, stop!" Solus shouted, only for Optimus to notice that his Sister was still gripping her Hammer, taking notice of the green block-like object connected to it.

"Micronus…Now!" the Big-Bot shouted, which made his Minicon-Brother suddenly disconnect and shift back into his Robot-form.

"Forgot about me, didn't you." he said, gaining a surprised look from the Entity before it turned it's attention to it's Wraith-servant.

"Unicron, crush that Minicon!"

But before the Chaos Bringer even had a chance to move, the smallest of the Thirteen jumped towards the former-Autobot Leader and shifted back into it's alternate mode and connected to his right arm.

"That's more like it." the Bot replied as he felt a surge of power run through his body, enabling him to break his arm free from the tentacles and shift it into his arm-cannon.

"Take this Xakron!" he said as he aimed his weapon at the Darkness and fired off several energy blasts, each on hitting it's target directly in the face.

"Arragh!" it cried out as it's concentration was broken enough for the Primes to free themselves from their bonds, which for Orion was just in time, for his Daughter was about to strike him with a biotic punch.

"Myra, stop this." he said as brought up his hands to block her attack and grab her wrist, which made the Asari narrow her eyes in return.

"No, you have to die." she spat back before kicking him in the chest, sending the Prime onto his back.

"Orion!" Jack then shouted as he darted to his Son's side, but he was suddenly attacked by Unicron.

"Stay out of it, this is for them to work out. You though…are mine." The Chaos Bringer then said as he raised his arms over his head, which began to shift into blades as he readied to strike the Human Prime. But the older Darby managed to activate his holo-Star Saber and deflect the attack, following through with an elbow to the face that made the Wraith stumble backwards.

"I don't think so." he replied as he then lunged at his enemy, making it go on the defensive.

Meanwhile Optimus managed to fire off several more shots at the Entity as the remaining members of the Thirteen freed themselves, joining his side as they readied their weapons.

"Orion…" the Autobot called back to the blue-haired Bot, gaining his attention as he glanced to his Father's former-mentor while preparing for Myra's coming attack.

"…keep your Daughter at bay for as long as you can, while we will distract Xakron and give you the opportunity to get through to her."

Orion nodded back as the Asari launched herself at the Prime, making him fall on his back and catch her with his feet, using her momentum to then throw her over him and onto the ground behind him. Optimus then turned back to his siblings as Micronus transformed back into his robot-mode, looking at them with a serious and stoic expression.

"Xakron must keep his attention on us, no matter the cost." he then said before charging forward at the towering Behemoth, firing his arm-cannons at it as they joined his side.

"I'll power up your blades Vector." the Minicon then said as he power-linked with his brother, making the Prime's blades glow extra strong.

"Thank you for the boost, my Brother." he replied before swinging his left blade towards the Entity's right arm, which was lunging down toward Nexus and Solus, only to stop it in it's tracks as though it had been frozen.

"Arrgh…what…" Xakron spat as he fought to control his arm, which gave the Bot and Femme enough time to get out of the way.

"…Raaagh!" he continued as his arm then suddenly moved and slammed into the ground, before they both then turned around and attacked it, slicing and hammering away.

"Damn you!" the Darkness cried out as he pulled the arm back, while Optimus continued to fire a barrage of weapons fire at his face.


As this was happening, Orion and Myra circled each other as the Bot gave his Daughter a worried and caring look.

"I don't want to hurt you Myra, please snap out of it."he pleaded, which made the Asari grit her teeth in return.

"Too late, you already did that when you died…" she spat before creating a giant biotic-fist and smacking it directly into his face, sending him tumbling back onto the ground.

"…and now I am going to make you pay for leaving us." she continued while creating a energy-blade in her left and lunging at him with it, but Orion quickly rolled out of the way and got back to his feet as she landed next to him.

"I'm sorry for what happened, but Myra please think. I would never want any harm to come to either you or your Mother, I love you both too much." he replied as she attacked again, throwing a punch and then a side-kick his way, only for the blue-haired Bot to block both and push her back once more.

Not too far away, Jack and Unicron clashed their melee weapons together, causing blue and purple sparks to fly off as they dueled.

"You are weak Prime, just like the rest of your lineage. My Master will defeat and consume you before making your universe suffer the same fate." the Wraith said with a venomous and gloating tone, only to be met with a punch to the face which made him stumble back, which Jack then followed through with a back kick that knocked the enemy onto his backside.

"You're very confident in your Master aren't you…" he started to reply as the Chaos Bringer quickly reformed himself and attacked, only for the Human Prime to dodge and slash at his back.

"…though you never talk about what you're going to do." he added as the Wraith grimaced and spun around with a hateful stare.

"I guess that's because I am going to kill you." the Darby finished as he spun around and unleashed an energy-wave at Unicron.

The battle between the Thirteen and Xakron continued to rage on as the Entity struggled to hit each of the attacking Primes, due to his strikes passing through portals not unlike ground-bridges which were being created by Vector Prime.

"Nice assist Brother." Solus said in an appreciative tone as she dodged yet another attack from the Darkness, one that passed through another portal and exited on the other side of battlefield.

"I do what I a can, my Sister." he replied while pointing one of his blades at the black limb and freezing it in time before the portal closed and cut it off from Death Bringer's body.

"Arrrgh!" he cried out in pain as he pulled back, allowing his limb to grow back while he looked down at the Cybertronian responsible.

"I have had enough of this trickery…" he began to say before punching down at the ground with his other arm, causing a shockwave that knocked Optimus, Nexus and Solus to the ground.

"…you die now!" the Entity spat as he shifted into a black liquid-like mass that swirled through the air towards Vector Prime, surrounding him in what looked like a tornado.

"Not today Xakron..." he replied before creating a portal and diving through, just in time to escape and reappear several feet away as the Entity reformed himself and looked over at him.

"…because we will have this…" the Prime then continued to say, only to be cut off as he found his feet stuck in a familiar black liquid.

"…what in the All-spark?"

This gained a smile from the Darkness as he gestured down to his left foot, making the Bot look there and see that Xakron's foot had merged with the floor.

"You forget 'Guardian of Time and Space' that I can be everywhere…" he started to say as black hands appeared out of the liquid that was holding Vector in place, quickly latching onto him and pulling him down into it.

"No…No…No" the Bot shouted, gaining the others attention as he started to sink into the Entity's liquid mass.

"…now you and will be consumed!" Xakron added, gaining horrified looks from the other Thirteen as they watched their Brother pulled down into the darkness below him, though not before Micronus managed to detach and fall to the ground beside them.

"Vector, No!" Solus screamed as he disappeared from sight while the Death Bringer's purple eyes glow extra bright, like the consumption of the Prime strengthened him somewhat more.

"You piece of Scrap, I will kill you!" the Femme then roared as she turned and launched herself at the enemy's knee caps, swinging her hammer as she did so. But before she could make contact, several tentacles lunged out from the limb and quickly wrapped themselves around her, making Solus drop her weapon as she became entangled in them.

"Solus, we'll get you out." Optimus shouted as he and Nexus ran toward her, gaining the Darkness's attention as he looked down at them.

"Wait your turn…" Xakron then began to say as he swung his left arm and knocked the pair flying, before looking back at the trapped Femme and smiled.

"…I wonder what your spark will taste like." he then added before Solus was suddenly pulled into his leg, leaving no trace that she was ever there as the Femme was absorbed into it's form.

"SOLUS!" Nexus and Micronus both cried out before the former started to charge at the Entity, only for Optimus to grab him by the shoulder and stop the Bot in his tracks.

"Nexus wait, we cannot simply charge him or we will suffer the same fate as our comrades." the Autobot said, gaining a angered but understanding look from the other Prime.

"Then what is our plan of attack." he replied while the Big-Bot glanced over to see that Jack and Orion's fights were not fairing any better, as Myra was slowly breaking down her Father's defenses with hit after hit from her biotics, while Jack was now in a stalemate with Unicron's clone.

"There is only one path that remains for us Brothers, we must combine our power." Optimus replied as Xakron turned his attention to the trio, his eyes glowing even brighter as his smile widened.

"I have tasted the sparks of your siblings, now you will join them!" he said with a victorious tone, which made the Prime shake his head in return as he clenched his fists.

"I think not Xakron, for we will now make you pay for our fallen." the Bot replied before looking at both Nexus and Micronus, who nodded back.

"Combine!" the three then shouted out loud as both the Bot and Minicon leapt into the air over Optimus, which caused the three to emit a bright white light that almost blinded Xakron as he shielded his eyes.

"What…" his voice boomed, gaining the looks of Unicron, Jack, Myra and Orion, who stopped mid-fight to see what was happening as the explosion of light continued to glow.

"…Impossible!" the Entity continued to say as it then died down and revealed a larger and more aggressive looking Bot, instead of the three that had stood before him.

"…Optimus?" Jack muttered as he recognized the face of his friend and former-Mentor, but his body was now larger and more armored than before, with a mixture of red and bronze color to his new mold and with a green gem-like shape in the center of his chest-plate, one that fueled glowing green power through the grooves and joints of his armor.

"We are now Ultra Prime, Xakron and you will fall before us." the Bot said with a voice that was a mixture of all three Primes at once, before he suddenly launched himself into the air at the Entity and swung a now larger version of Solus's hammer directly into the enemy's face.

"Arrrgh!" Xakron cried out as he stumbled back a little, but Ultra Prime did not stop as he continued his advantage and swung the hammer once more and hit the Darkness again and again.

As this was happening, Orion moved quickly and grabbed the distracted Myra and threw her down to the ground, gaining a grimace from the Asari as she rolled to a stop just aways from him.

"I will get through to you Myra, you are my Daughter after all." he said with a hopeful tone as he walked over to his brainwashed opponent, who slowly recovered as she got onto her hands and knees.

"You can say nothing that I will believe, for you have been dead to me for centuries now. My life has been one of hate and anger, and now Xakron has simply reminded me that it is my true path to follow." she said back as he then stopped and stood looking down at her, which made him shake his head in return.

"You have no idea how wrong you are…" he started to say, giving her a compassionate stare. But the Asari suddenly shone brightly with biotic power and lunged up at her Father, hitting him directly under his chin and sending him flying across the area and landing several feet away.

'Damn it, I should have seen that coming.' he thought with gritted teeth as he struggled against the pain of that hit while lying on the ground, before suddenly his Daughter pinned him in place by placing her armored boot on his chest and holding her left glowing hand in the air.

"I have had enough of your bullshit, you are nothing but a painful memory to me…Father…" she began to say while forming a biotic projection of a boulder directly over him, making his eyes widen as he looked into hers as they narrowed at him.

"…and I will make sure you stay that way."

Meanwhile Ultra Prime managed slam his hammer into Xakron's face again, sending the Entity falling onto it's back and causing a small earthquake to shake the ground as he landed on it's chest.

"You will pay for the deaths of our brethren." he said with his unified voice while raising the weapon over his head, preparing to bring it down on the Darkness's face as it lied there with an unconscious look. But just as the big-Bot was about to strike, the Death Bringer's eyes shot open and caused a large tentacle to rise up behind the Prime and latch onto the hammer, stopping the attack in it's tracks.

"I am not defeated so easily…Primes..!" Xakron's voice boomed as another tentacle suddenly rose up out of his chest and latched onto the green gem-like form on the Bot's chest.

"…and I will feast on your sparks." he added before the tentacle ripped the gem away, which transformed back into Micronus.

"Nooooo!" he cried out before being pulled into the jet-black surface of the entity's body, leaving the remainder of Ultra Prime to fall off the body and land on the ground beside it.

'[i]We've lost Micronus…what do we…i]' Nexus began to think, before being cut off as the Darkness quickly reformed himself and knelt down beside the Bot and then began to tear the armor from him with tentacles formed from his own fingers.

"Gaah, No!" the Prime cried out as this happened, feeling excruciating pain as he was torn apart until only Optimus remained. The broken off parts were then absorbed into the Darkness as it looked down with a gleeful expression at the fallen Autobot, who could barely move his gravely injured form.

"Optimus!" Jack shouted as he saw this, taking his attention away from Unicron who was currently recovering from a blow to the head as he lay on the floor. Even Orion managed a glance, his eyes widening as he saw the Entity then pick up the former Autobot-Leader in his hand.

"[/You fought well, but now it is over.
" Xakron said as he looked at the defeated Prime.

"You may have defeated us, but…" the Bot started to say, only for the Death Bringer to grit his teeth and swipe a finger-like tentacle at the his face.

"I will hear no more prattle from you..!" he jumped in as the appendage tore off the Bot's jaw, gaining a painful sound as energon leaked out from the wound.

"…you will be silent as I devour you Prime." the Darkness added as his clenched hand began to envelope the Cybertronian. But Optimus managed to look over at his fellow Primes, his optics conveying his sadness at failing his friends.

'I am sorry, we have failed you. And now this fight must be your own.' he thought before completely disappearing into the Entity's fist, making Jack's and Orion's eyes widen in horror as they then saw Xakron reopen his fist and reveal that their friend was now gone.

"At long last, the Thirteen are mine…" he said with a relieved tone, before turning his attention back to the others and smiling, as Unicron rose up behind Jack and Orion found himself at Myra's mercy.

"…now, where were we?"
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