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Chapter XXVII

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Jack and Orion have their backs to the wall as Xakron has consumed their friends and turned Myra against them, with all hope seemingly as lost as she is to them. Is this the end of the Trinity of P...

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"Where were we?" Xakron asked with a knowing smile as he looked down at the Primes, with one of them already at the mercy of another that was under the Darkness's control. And the Entity's smile grew a little wider as he looked at Jack, who activated both his holo Star-Saber and Skyboom Shield as he looked at his Son and Granddaughter, failing to notice that Unicron had recovered and was preparing to attack from behind.

"Let your Father go Myra, this isn't you." he warned, earning a disinterested glance from the corrupted Asari as she readied to drop a biotic boulder construct on Orion.

"Stay out of this, or I will rob Unicron of his prize as well." she replied, which made Jack suddenly spin around and shield him-self from the Choas Bringer's attack, with his arm-blades slamming down on the Prime's shield.

"Thought I forgot about you, didn't you Unicron." he replied, earning an aggravated look from the Wraith as the two were locked together.

"It matters not, you and your Son will die today regardless." he replied with a hateful tone, pushing his blades down on the Skyboom shield in an attempt to break through. But Jackson Prime simply smirked as he held his ground, readying his holo-saber.

"Not while I still have a say on the matter."

The Human then put his strength into his shield and pushed back against his opponent, forcing Unicron to break off and stumble back slightly. But before the Chaos Bringer could recover his balance, Jack followed through by swiping his Star-saber at the enemy's chest and slicing it open, which caused black liquid to spill out as the Wraith grimaced.

"Gah!" he cried out in pain with a shocked look on his face, with his arm-blades shifting back into hands as he went to cover the wound. But the Human-Prime then deactivated his weapons and grabbed the Wraith, using all his strength to pull Unicron with him as he performed a ground throw and launched his adversary into the air.

"What!" Myra quickly replied with a shocked expression before the Chaos Bringer then collided with her, sending them both crashing to the floor as Jack recovered and reached his Son's side.

"You alright Orion?" Jack asked as he helped the blue-haired Bot to his feet, earning an appreciative nod in return.

"Yeah thanks Dad, but we need to free Myra of Xakron's influence."

"I agree, so I am going to keep Unicron busy so that you can concentrate on my Granddaughter..." the older Prime started to say, only for a more serious expression to appear on his face as he looked at his younger successor.

"...but you can't play it nice with her now, understand? If you drop your guard again, Myra will kill you." he warned, gaining a nod from Orion in return as he looked at their two enemies who were getting back to their feet.

"I know and I have a plan, but..." he started to say, making his Father look back with a curious expression.


"...why is Xakron simply watching, he could sweep us aside with a snap of his fingers if he wanted to right now?" the younger Prime asked, making them both glance up at the entity who was merely watching them.

"I guess he wants his two disciples to finish us while he digests what's left of our friends."

The Darkness's purple eyes narrowed as it looked down at the pair, the grin never leaving it's face as it towered over them.

"Then let's free Myra and kill Unicron, so we can finally wipe that smug look of Xakron's face." Orion said in a confident tone, which brought a smile to his Father's face.

"Let's roll!" he said back before the pair separated and charged at their targets, who had finally got back to their feet and turned to face the two Men.

The young blue-haired Bot equipped his Star-Saber, making it glow with blue/white light as he spun around and unleashed an energy-wave towards his Daughter. Only for the Asari to leap up and over it, performing a perfect somersault as the attack past under her before stopping in mid-air as her body glowed with purple biotic light before unleashing an energy attack of her own at the Bot.

'Oh scrap!' Orion thought as he was forced to dive to the right, narrowly missing the projectile which hit the ground beside him. But the impact caused a shockwave to expand from the spot, which then hit the Prime and knocked him back to the ground as the Asari landed on her feet before him.

"So you now take the gloves off with me Father, I should have known that you would finally reveal your true colors." she said with a spiteful tone, before throwing another projectile at the blue-haired Bot as he recovered. But Orion quickly swung his Saber down before him just as the energy-ball was about to hit him, slicing it in half And making the attack pass him by.

"You're not giving me much choice Myra, please think about what it is you're doing." he said back, hoping once more to get through to his Daughter. But the Asari merely gritted her teeth as she created a bioitc blade in both her hands and charged towards him, her purple eyes glowing brightly.

"This will end with your death!" she spat while swinging her blades down upon her Father, making Orion bring up the Star-Saber and block the attack, causing purple and blue energy to erupt from the clash of weapons.


Meanwhile Jack was in the middle of another duel with Unicron, his Saber and shield deflecting each of the strikes the Chaos Bringer caused with his own copies pf his own Chaos Edge.

"You remind me of my Brother, Prime. The two of you fight similarly..." he said, gaining a slight smirk from the Human as he deflected yet another attack, only to follow through by hitting his enemy with the Skyboom Shield, which made the pair separate slightly as the latter stumbled back.

"Thanks, that's quite the complement...which I didn't expect." Jack replied before then lunging towards his enemy with the holo Star-Saber, only for Unicron to dodge and pin the blade between his two.

"It was not meant so, because like my weak-hearted Brother. Your attacks are easy to read and manipulate to my advantage..." he replied with a knowing tone, before suddenly locking the Prime's weapon in place and yanking the Human towards him.

"Arrgh!" the Prime cried out before being hit in the face by the Chaos Bringer's elbow, which the latter then followed through with a knee to the Man's chest and then an elbow to his back. This made Jack fall to the ground as Unicron stood over him, looking down with a self-satisfying stare.

"Who do you think taught Primus how to fight, you never stood a chance."

'He's been playing me all this time.' Jack thought as he lay on his front on the burn't crystalline ground, trying to regain his breath as his back and chest ached. But the Human Prime didn't get the chance as he was suddenly grabbed from the back of his neck and pulled back to his feet by the Wraith.

"Let's see how much more I can hurt you." he said before punching the older Darby hard in his stomach, gaining another grimace from Jack in return.

Xakron watched with a interested expression on his face, taking in every detail of Unicron's fight with the Human Prime.

'My servant has the upper hand, which means this Prime's life is about to come to an end.' it thought before turning it's attention to the other fight taking place not far from them.

'Now this one is certainly interesting.' Xakron added as he saw Myra and Orion clash, each switching between defensive offensive techniques as they attacked one another.

'My new newest ally should finish her Father off momentarily, making sure her spark remains in darkness.'

And the fight between Father and Daughter had certainly become a fierce one, with the latter angrily slashing her blades at her opponent. But Orion brought up his Star-Saber once again to deflect them, causing blue and purple sparks to erupt from the clashing weapons. But the Asari then began to glow with biotic energy, which Orion recognized as the build-up for an attack. So he quickly broke off and dived to his left, as the other Prime suddenly performed a biotic charge and went past him like a blur.

'That was a close one.' he thought as his Daughter stopped and spun around, a surprised but no less angry expression on her face as she gritted her teeth.

"How did you know I was about to...?" she started to say, only for the Blue-haired Bot to cut her off mid-question.

"I have seen Liara perform that more than a few times over the years Myra, you and your Mother are very much alike."

This suddenly made the Asari's expression soften for a moment as she stood there, gaining an ever-so slight smile from her Father in return.

'There, she's hesitating. I have to keep the pressure up, hopefully I can finally get through to her...'

But before the Bot could finish that thought, Myra attacked him once again with her biotic blades. The Prime though dodged her by spinning around, following that through by elbowing the blue-female in the back and sending her to the ground.

"Come on Myra, I bet your Mother and I taught you better than that." he replied with a kind smile, which made her stare back with a hesitant expression again while on her hands and knees.

'I guess we did, so let's see if I can get her to remember more...even if I do not.' he thought as the Asari got back to her feet, so Orion sheathed the Star-Saber onto the back of his armor and took a fighting stance. This made Myra stare back with a angry and confused expression in return.

"You aren't using your weapon, are you giving up or is this some kind of joke?" she asked, making the Bot shake his head in return as he clenched his fists.

"Neither Myra, I want to see how well your Mother and I taught face me!" he said in a serious and commanding tone, which brought a sadistic grin to the Asari's face.

"With pleasure..." she started to reply before firing a biotic blast at her Father, making him dive to his left and dodge it. But just as he performed a roll and ended up back on his feet, the blue-female used another biotic-charge to end up right in front of him.

"...since you won't last very long against me." Myra then added as she prepared to attack him with a double biotic-punch, only for the Bot to suck under it and sweep-kick his opponent off her feet.

"You're not impressing me Myra, why are you relying on only your biotics? Surely 'we' showed you to mix it with hand to hand as well...?" Orion said back as he watched his Daughter recover and get back to his feet.

'...after all, Liara and I sparred enough after the Predacon War, helping to hone her skills in that area.' he thought, which brought another hesitant look from the Asari.

"Now impress me!" he then added, throwing a punch at her face. This suddenly made the young Woman block the attack and grab the arm, before pulling the Bot over her body and throwing him to the ground beside her.

"How was that?" she suddenly replied with a slightly softened expression, which then changed to a confused look.

"What did I just...?" she asked, while the blue-haired Prime flipped back onto his feet and turned back to her.

'I got through to her for a second, that was Myra.'

But this earned a questioning look from Xakron as he watched the pair from just aways, taking note of his brainwashed Asari's behavior as she attacked her Father once more.

'Why doesn't she simply kill him with her biotics?' it thought as it saw the Prime block the Woman's roundhouse kick, only for her to follow through with a reverse roundhouse and hit him in the face.

'Just kill him already!'

Myra's kick felled Orion onto his back as his opponent launched herself at him, only for the Bot to perform a backward roll and end up on his feet while she landed directly in front of him.

"That's more like it, you really are like your Mother." he said as the Asari started to throw another punch his way, only for her to stop and stare at him hesitantly. This made the Darkness's eyes widen as it saw what was happening between them.

'No, that Prime is starting to get through to her...I have to intervene!' it thought before clenching a fist and making thunder book overhead.

"What in the...?" Orion said as a bolt of lightning suddenly streaked down and hit the ground between him and Myra, making the blue-haired Bot fall back as his Daughter froze to the spot.


"Why are you hesitating?" Xakron's voice boomed as the Asari stood there in the darkness of her own mind once more, it's angry tone echoing around her as it spoke.

"I don't know what you talking about, my Father will be dead momentarily." she said back, which made the Death Bringer seep out of the dark and appear before her.

"What? Just kill him now, use your biotics!" it spat back, gaining a surprised and confused look from Myra.

"...but?" she began to say before an image materialized beside the pair, making the Death Bringer's eyes widen as he looked at it.

"What now!"

For what he was watching was a memory of the Asari's, specifically one of her and her Father. It showed the blue-haired Prime teaching their Daughter how to fight via hand to hand combat, which made the Darkness narrow his eyes in return.

"I see what is happening here..." he started to say while turning his attention back to Myra, who merely stood there and looked at him.

"…so I guess I should intervene." Xakron added as he flexed the fingers on his right hand, making the Asari stare with a questioning expression.

"What do you..?" she started to ask, only to be cut off as the Entity grabbed her by the forehead and dug his fingers into her skin.

"Arrgh! What…are…you…" Myra tried to say as she felt his fingers slither and burrow through her skull, before wriggling into her brain.

"I am ensuring that you fulfill my wish...and kill your Father!" he said back with a ferocious tone, with his voice echoing around the Asari as she fell to her knees before the Darkness and cried out in agony.


Meanwhile Orion had a look of pure confusion on his face as he looked at his Daughter, for she simply stood before him with her eyes closed.

"Myra?" he asked aloud with a cautious and yet caring tone, taking a step closer to the Asari.

But then she suddenly opened her eyes, revealing them to still be bright purple as she raised her arm to him and blast the Bot with a powerful energy blast.

"Orion!" Jack shouted as the light from the attack caught his and Unicron's attention, with the Human Prime witnessing his Son hurtling backwards to the ground. This gained a smirk from the Chaos Bringer as he looked back down at his quarry, who he had pinned to the ground.

"I think I will kill you only after you have witnessed your own Granddaughter murder your only Son." he said with a devious tone, which made Jack's eyes widen as he kept his attention on the brainwashed Asari as she walked over to floored Prime.

"It seems that I still have to take matters into my own hands." Myra replied with a dark and booming voice, which gained the blue-haired Bot's focus despite the pain he was currently feeling from the energy blast.

"…Xakron, you're…controlling my…Daughter?" he asked with a grimace, gaining a nod from the Asari as she stood over him and looked down.

"Yes, I am now. Because it seems that Myra here…" the Entity began to say, looking at the Asari's hands as he possessed her body.

"…cannot be entirely corrupted by just the Darkness that exists within her own heart alone. But I think having her witness your death by her own hands should finally tip the scale, don't you think?" Xakron added as Orion slowly began to lift himself back up into a sitting position, only for the Darkness to wave a glowing hand down at the Bot and knock him down onto his back once more, making him grimace as the energy surged through his body.

"Garrh!" he cried out with a painful tone, gaining a barely interested expression from his adversary in return.

"Please, stay down. You are only delaying the evitable…" he replied before clenching his right hand and aiming it at the stricken Man, who looked up and saw that it was starting to glow even brighter than before.

"…and I think that I have waited long enough for this moment."

This sentence though gained a smirk from Orion, which made Xakron look down at him with a confused expression.

"And here I thought that you were a patient being, having spent how many eons locked away between universes." he said back with a slightly sarcastic tone, one that earned a dagger-like stare from the Darkness.

"Such insolence…!" it spat back while stamping Myra's right foot on the Prime's chest, making him cough up some blood.

"…you should suffer some more for such behavior before me…" Xakron added while making the Man's Daughter get down and straddle her Father, who could only watch as she grabbed his throat with both hands.

"…and choking the life out of you should suffice, as well as poison your Daughter's heart completely…so die!"

Orion suddenly felt a vice-like grip around his neck, which began to tighten as the Asari's hands began to glow with a mixture of biotic and dark energy.

"…Myra…" he began to say between gasps while grabbing the Woman's arms, trying to free himself in the process.

"…you…have to…fight…it. Take…back…control!" he managed to say, only for the Darkness to smile back with his Daughter's face as it tightened it's grip even more.

"You waste your breath Prime, for your Daughter is currently reliving all her most painful memories and there for unable to hear you."

But the blue-haired Bot removed his hand from the Asari's wrist and placed it on her upper arm, ignoring the evil expression she was staring at him with as he looked into her eyes.

", because...despite...all...that I...know...that...deep heart..." the Bot started to say whilst trying to ignore the pain he was feeling, while the Dark-Entity increased the pressure around his throat.

Myra though was still in the Xakron's grasp and surrounded by images of all of her most dark and painful memories, all of which played out around her as the Darkness held onto her head with his hand. But despite this onslaught on the Asari, she heard a very familiar voice speak to her through the darkness.

'Dad?' the new Prime thought as she tried to focus on his voice, ignoring everything else that was happening around her.

" shouldn't...let" he continued to say, which gained Xakron's attention as he tightened his grip on the Asari's head.

"It is too late for you Myra, for you have been in the darkness far too long to walk away now."

But Myra shook her head as she gritted her teeth, trying to keep her attention on her Father's voice while feeling Xakron's fingers slithering throughout her mind.

""…and…no…matter how…this…ends, I…will…always…love you."

This suddenly made the young Woman's eyes widen as his words dwelled in her thoughts, which did not go unnoticed by the Death Bringer as he narrowed his eyes more and strengthened his grasp on her mind.

"He is wrong Myra, for we are what we become and you belong in the darkness with me."

But out of nowhere, the Asari grabbed his wrist with a vice-like grip as her eyes locked on to his own and narrowed.

"What...!" the Darkness then started to say in a surprised tone, while she started to slowly pull his hand out of her head.

" cannot fight me, you don't have the strength." he added, but Myra gritted her teeth in return.

"My, I may...have...made some questionable…choices in…my life. Allowed my…emotions…to guide me…down…a darker path…" she started to say whilst grimacing, fighting the Entity's control while continuing to pull it's hand from her head.

"…but…I will…no longer…allow…it…to…define…who I am…" the Prime added before ripping her Adversary's hand from her, earning a shocked look from it as she clenched her other hand and made it glow with biotic energy.

"…Now get out of my head!" she spat while thrusting her glowing fist through the Darkness's chest, making it explode before her as the memories that had been playing around her disappeared, leaving the Asari's mind as she stood their alone once more.

Suddenly Orion felt the grip around his throat lessen as his Daughter closed her eyes and sighed while over him, making the Bot look at her with a hopeful expression.

"Myra…?" he asked, which made the Woman open her eyes, revealing them to be back to their normal blue as she slowly nodded in return.

"Yes...Dad, it's me." she replied as she got back to her feet, earning a curious look from the Bot as he followed suit, noticing a regretful expression appear on the Asari's face.

"I am so sorry..." Myra started to say, but was quickly cut off as her Father pulled her into a embrace.

"'s not your fault." he said with a caring tone, wrapping his arms around his Daughter, who sighed in return as she did the same. But just aways from the pair, Unicron's eyes widened as a look of complete shock appeared on his face.

"What?" he started to say with confusion underlining his words, while a relieved smile appeared on the Prime's face as he looked at his family.

'Thank Primus.' he thought before returning his focus to the Adversary currently pinning him down to the ground, who then looked back down at him and began to smirk.

"Well it's disappointing, but I guess that means I get to kill you now and end this Trinity finally." he said while clenching his right fist and raising it above his head, which then had a dsrk energy surround it as he readied to deliver the killing blow.

But Myra then looked over her Father's shoulder and saw Jack's perilous moment, which made her eyes widen in fear as she suddenly pulled away from his arms and threw her glowing left fist before her.

"No!" she cried out, gaining Orion's attention as he turned and watched while she created a biotic construct of a giant fist and launched it at the Chaos Bringer.

'Wow.' he thought as the attack hit the Wraith perfectly and sent him flying off the Human Prime, making him hit the ground a few feet away with a thud.

"Dad, you alright?" Orion asked with a worried tone as he joined Jack' side, earning a nod back as Myra kept her focus on their common enemy.

"Yeah, I'm good...and Myra's back with us I see." he replied as both Men witnessed Unicron quickly recover and attack the Asari, who blocked his attack with a biotic shield.

"Yes she is, so let's get in there and help her finish off Unicron." the blue-haired Bot replied as he unsheathed the Star-Saber from his back, gaining a nod from his Father who activated his own Saber in return.

"My Master and I will finish you Asari, you and your wretched blood-line." the Chaos Bringer spat while his arms morphed into blades as he swung them at her, only for the Prime to deflect both with her arms which were shielded in biotic energy.

"I think not..." she began to reply while kicking the Wraith in his chest, causing him to stumble backwards as her Father and Grandfather join her side.

"...since it is not here right now."

"What…" Unicron spat back with a confused tone while the blue-Woman gestured behind him, making the enemy turn around and notice that he was completely alone with the trio.

"…what? Where is he?"

"I guess Myra here had something to do with that." Orion replied with a proud look, which almost made his Daughter blush as she smirked back, while Jack pointed his holo-saber at their Adversary.

"Good work, now let's finish this Wraith before his Master reappears."

But the Chaos Bringer narrowed his glowing purple eyes at them, as several tentacles grew out of his body.

"Brave words Jackson Prime, but I will not be easily defeated." he spat back before lunging at the trio with his tentacles, which swung high and low at the Primes.

"Watch out!" Orion shouted as he and Jack jumped back, with both performing backward somersaults just before the Wraith's attack could reach them. But Myra though used her biotics to launch herself up into the air with another of the tentacles surging up towards the Asari, only for her to catch and grab hold of it and then pull the Chaos Bringer off the ground.

"WHAT!" he managed to shout out as the Prime enveloped him in biotic energy as she swung him around and around, before throwing the Wraith into the ground below.

"Impressive." the Grandfather said with a surprised expression, gaining a mirrored look from his Son.

"I know, right." he replied with a slight smirk before returning his attention to Myra, who landed gracefully in front of them.

"You alright?

"Yeah, I just want to get this over with." she said back with a serious tone, never taking her eyes off Unicron as he reformed himself.

"Alright, let's do it." he said before charging the Star-Saber and unleashing an energy wave towards their enemy, only for it to miss as the Wraith bended his body around the attack.

"You will have to do better than that, Primes!" he shouted back while lunging his tentacles at them, which made the Asari throw two biotic projectiles in return. They both hit the Wraith directly in his center, exploding and enveloping him in a biotic stasis.

"Now, finish him off!" she then said, gaining nods from both her father and Grandfather as the pair charged at the frozen Chaos Bringer, who could do nothing but watch as Orion ran him through with a glowing Star-Saber.

"…No!" Unicron managed to mutter with a pained tone, feeling the energy of the Prime's blade eat away at his insides. But it was then cut short as Jack quickly decapitated him with his holo-saber, sending his head flying from his body before hitting the burnt crystalline ground and turning to black liquid once again.

"One down…" the eldest Prime then said as they watched the Wraith's body do the same as the storm-clouds began to converge on the area once more, closing the storm's eye that had revealed the starless night sky overhead.

"…one to go." Myra quickly added as she turned around to see Xakron reform himself and tower over them, a look of pure hate was written over his face as his eyes narrowed at the trio.

"You have defeated Unicron." he spat, with his voice echoing throughout the area.

"Yes we have, and now it's your turn." Jack replied as the Asari and blue-haired Bot stood either side of him, their matrices beginning to glow as did his own. But this made the Entity burst into laughter, matching the thunder and lightning that the storm unleashed around the Primes.

"After defeating a mere puppet, a shadow of the Aeonian that became my slave. You really think you have what it takes to stand against me now?" it asked which made Myra clench her fists and focus her biotics, once more changing their natural blue glow to a more white-like one.

"Why not. I mean if you can be forced out of the mind of someone like me, then I guess sending you back into whatever black hole you seeped out of will be easy." she said with a slight grin, making the Darkness grit his teeth as he clenched his fists and growled deeply.

"Very well Primes.….FACE ME!" it spat as it lunged down at the trio, making Jack, Myra and Orion launched themselves back at him as the final battle began.


Thunder crackled and lightning streaked across the storm-cloud covered sky as the three Primes and Xakron lunged at each other, before suddenly the giant behemoth exploded into a thousand smaller versions of himself that fell down towards the trio.

"Look out!" Myra shouted as she created two biotic-blades and began slicing through the Wraiths, gaining similar reactions from her Father and Grandfather as they did the same with their own sabers. But soon gravity regained a hold on the three warriors and they landed back down on the crystalline ground, followed by the massive gathering of Xakron's copies who were all around their own height.

"You cannot win, Primes of light." all of the wraiths spoke at once, with the same voice and level of hatred underlined with their words.

"Okay, anyone else find that really unnerving." Orion then said with a uncomfortable tone, earning a nod from the Asari while the three Primes went back to back as the Wraiths surrounded them.

"I would not count us out yet Xakron, for we Primes have defeated everything that has been created from your interference in our Universe." he said in a confident tone as he held up his holo Star-Saber in front of him, which made Orion do the same.

"Yes, we defeated the Reapers…" he started to say.

"…and we defeated Unicron." Myra finished as she held her glowing fists before the clones of the Darkness, keeping her attention focused on them.

"And now you are all that stands between us and victory."

"There can be no victory in the battle between light and dark, between chaos and order. Have you not learned anything from this day?" the Xakrons replied, which brought a slight smirk to Jack's face in return.

"You're right, there can be only balance and that is the victory we fight for. That is the reason that we stand here today…" he started to say as his and the other's matrices light started to flow through all the grooves and connections of their Prime-armors, even lighting up their Autobot insignias.

"…and your defeat will bring that balance back…" the Human continued to say as he activated his skyboom-shield and pulled his holo-saber back, which made both Orion and Myra to ready themselves for combat.

"…for Primus!" he finished as he launched himself at the closest Wraith, lopping off it's head with his weapon before slamming the shield into the one next to it. The blue-haired Bot spun around and unleashed an energy-wave that obliterated a dozen enemies that stood before him, while the Asari performed a biotic-charge and became a white/blueish blur which destroyed every copy of the Darkness that was in her path.

"Your defeat to me is inevitable, for I am legion."

But the Primes ignored the combined voice of the Wraiths as they continued to battle them, with the Human Prime dodging and deflecting attacks from all directions while beheading every enemy around him.

"There was only one Legion and he was a far better person than you, Xakron." Jack replied whilst Orion created another energy tornado around himself, sucking up numerous Wraiths into it's funnel before they were ripped apart by the energy inside.

"Yeah, this guy loves the sound of his own voice." he said, gaining a nod from his Daughter as she joined his side and swatted aside several more with a large biotic construct resembling a hand.

"Don't all bad guys?" she asked while freezing another enemy to the spot, which allowed the Bot to swing his Saber down and slice it in two.

"Yeah, you have a point there." Orion replied as he unleashed another energy wave, while the Asari slammed her glowing right fist into the ground and created a biotic-blast that traveled along the ground, throwing Wraiths up into the air before launching herself up there and slamming them back down to the ground.

But despite the trio defeating a large number of the Darkness's copies, the enemy force still outnumbered them and kept on coming as the storm continued to raze the sky overhead. Orion quickly dispatched another clone with his Saber, before turning around to see yet several more closing in on him. But just as he readied himself for another round, the Wraiths were destroyed by an energy-wave attack to his left.

"Thanks for the assist Dad." he shouted back as his Father started cutting through another three that tried to jump him from behind, slicing his holo-saber through each one and spilling out more of the black liquid which covered much of the area where the battle was taking place.

"You're welcome Son, but I don't see this fight ending any time soon." he replied as he pulled the weapon up and lopped off the arms off another Xakron, with the blue-haired Man quickly decapitating it in return.

"I can see that, though I know a Krogan or two who would be happy with these odds." Orion said with a slight smirk, gaining a similar look from the older Prime as he glanced back to his Son.

"Yeah, I know a Dinobot who would feel the same way..." he said back before slamming his shield into the face of Wraith, knocking it back into it's comrades and making a little space between him as his Son ran his Saber through the chest of another.

"…but I think the only way to beat Xakron is to defeat the Darkness himself." the Human added as three Wraiths launched themselves at the pair, only to be obliterated by a biotic blast as Myra rejoined them.

"I have to agree, I think it is the only way." she replied before spin-kicking a copy of Xakron in the face, gaining a worried look from her Father as he kicked one enemy in the chest and ripped the Star-Saber out of another beside him.

"But I thought they are all Xakron, which one could it be?" he asked, which suddenly made all of the copies laugh as they continued to attack and make the Primes defend themselves.

"I can hear every word you say to each other, I hope you realize that." it replied, which made the Asari punch a glowing fist right through the nearest Xakron's head, exploding it and sending bits of black liquid flying out in all directions.

"We don't care." she spat back before putting both hands at her sides and creating a biotic barrier between the Primes and the Darkness, gaining a smug look from the Entity.

"This barrier will not hold me out for long Asari."

But Myra ignored his words as she turned back to her Father and Grandfather, gaining surprised looks from the pair.

"Myra?" the former asked, but she simply gave them both a serious and thoughtful expression.

"I think I have a way of finding out which one is the source of them all, but…" she started to say, noticing the look on Orion's face.

"But?" he said back with an unsure tone, while the numerous Wraiths punched at the barrier repeatedly, reminding the trio of their decreasing time.

"…do you trust me, Granddad?" the Asari then said as she turned her attention to Jack, who gave her silent but understanding nod in return. This made her sigh slightly before returning her stare back to the blue-haired Bot.

"Do you trust me, Dad?"

Orion looked at her with a thoughtful expression for a slight moment before a warm smile appeared on his face, giving her a gentle nod back.

"Of course I do, you're my Daughter." he said back, gaining a slight smile from Jack as he watched his two descendants quietly, as a look of relief appeared on his Granddaughter's face.

"Good…" she started to say before her expression became serious once again, turning away from the two men and putting her hands together and bowing her head.

"…because I'll need you both to defend me as I find Xakron." she added, which made the other Primes step either side of her and ready their weapons.

"You've got it…" Orion replied, while the barrier began to flicker and lose it's strength with every hit that the Wraiths gave it.

"…since I have an idea of what you're going to do."

"I have to give your Daughter credit Orion. It's not an easy thing to do…" he started to say as they waited for biotic field to fall, while Myra kept her eyes closed and concentrated.

"I know Dad, but this is an end of the world moment. It's not like we Primes can be picky in what we do to stop such things." he said back, cutting his Father off mid-sentence as the older Man nodded back with a proud expression.

"Exactly." he said before the barrier suddenly dropped and the Wraiths rushed towards the Trinity, gaining serious expressions from both Orion and Jack as they swung their weapons and defended the Asari from the attacking horde.


Meanwhile Myra blocked out all outside noise as the sounds of battle faded away, focusing on the sounds of her own breathing and the beat of her heart.

'Okay, I can do this. I just have to use my own darkness to find Xakron.' she thought before a familiar voice spoke up, bringing an eerie feeling to her being.

"[b][i]I knew you couldn't resist it Myra, the darkness in your spark is calling you home.i][/b]" the Entity spoke in her mind, making the blue-Woman flinch a little as the other two Primes fended off it's Wraiths.

'[/No Xakron, it's just the opposite. I'm using this darkness inside me to do some good.
' she answered back with her thoughts, earning a slight chuckle from the Darkness in return.

"Really, you think that you can hone in on my essence by using your own darkness as a tether to connect to mine. I applaud your imaginative thinking, but once you let me in, there will be no escaping me this time." it's voice said back, the tone of it's voice making Myra's stomach turn as she kept her focus on the blackness, looking for that dark-spark she could latch onto.

'You would like to think that, wouldn't you Xakron. But the truth is though, I acknowledge that I have a darkness within myself. But never again will it control me…' she started to think before a smile appeared on her face, for she saw the opening she wanted.

'…for I control it!' she added with a confident tone, gaining the opposite feeling from her adversary.


Meanwhile Jack and Orion fought with everything they had as they defended the silent and unmoving Asari, killing every Wraith that tried to pass them. Orion sliced one in half before unleashing yet another energy-wave, one that decimated at least half a dozen Xakron-clones in one go. His Father was not holding back either as the older Prime impaled an enemy with his holo-saber while slamming his shield into another, knocking it onto it's back. He then ripped his weapon out of first Wraith's body, which turned to a black-liquid before then plunging that same blade down into the face of one that was slowly trying to get back to it's feet.

"None of these scrap heaps are getting within an inch of my Daughter." Orion defiantly cried out before slicing the head off another Wraith, gaining an admiring glance from Jack before his attention was brought back to the matter at hand as another enemy tried to pass him.

"I've got it…!" the Asari suddenly cried out, making both Primes the Xakron-clones stop as she opened her eyes, revealing them to be glowing white.

"…be ready." she then added, gaining a nod from the pair as she squatted down and placed her fists on the ground.

"Okay so…" the blue-haired Bot started to say, only to be cut off as his Daughter suddenly launched herself up into the sky.

"Wow!" Jack exclaimed as he and his Son, as well as all the Wraiths watched as Myra began to glow all over and shine down like a lone star in the night sky.

"Impossible, you cannot know…" Xakron began to say, gaining a confident smirk from the Asari as she floated above them all and looked down at one in particular.

"I'm ending this now!" she replied before throwing her fists out in front of her and flew back down towards the ground, aiming herself at that one Wraith as a tail of energy appeared behind her, making the Prime look like a shooting star just a moment before hitting the ground.

"Orion, get over here!" Jack shouted in an urgent tone, grabbing his Son by the arm and pulling him back behind the Skyboom shield as he used it to cover them both, just as she hit the ground. This impact shook the area as a massive biotic shockwave was emitted, one that spread out in all directions and annihilated every Wraith it touched.

A few moments passed before both Orion and Jack stood up from behind the Skyboom-shield, which the latter then deactivated as the pair looked at their surroundings.

"By the Allspark, she did it." the blue-haired Bot said with a happy and proud tone, gaining a similar if more held back expression from his Father.

"That was impressive…" he started to say, before his eyes fell upon the Asari who was just aways from the pair.

"Myra!" her Father called out, noticing that she was in a knelt pose with her fist on the ground having left several cracks in the crystal it was made out of.

"Did it work?" she asked before looking up at the pair, which gained an encouraging nod from Orion as he offered her his hand.

"It look's like it…" he started to say while helping his Daughter to her feet, earning an appreciative smile in return.

"…I mean your biotics have neutralized it right? That's a full particle reversal." he then added, gaining a smile from Jack as he shook his head in return.

"Son, you need to stop watching Ghostbusters." he said with a chuckle, earning a surprised look from the Bot as Myra smiled back at them both.

"Hey, it was one of your Blu-rays originally Dad." he said back.

"Yeah but even I recognize that line since you did watch it a few times with me when I was a kid." the Asari added with a playful and caring tone to her Father.

"Well it's good to know that my Blu-rays are still being watched…" Jack started to reply before the trio felt the ground start to shake slightly, regaining their attention.

"…but back to the matter at hand, I don't think this is over yet." he said, making both Orion and Myra nod back.

"Xakron must be injured though, or else he would have been on top of us by now." she said back, looking out at the area that surrounded them as the rain fell down hard upon them.

"Right, so now what do we do?" the blue-haired Bot asked back as he grasped the hilt of the Star-Saber tightly, making the older Prime look back at them both.

"We wait for the Darkness to reappear…" he started to say, which just coincided with the tremors getting stronger beneath their feet.

"…and when he does, we take it out. Because one way or another, this fight ends today." he added, earning serious stares back from his descendants as they nodded back.

"But I want you two to know…" Jack then continued as his expression softened as his eyes met theirs.

"…that it has been an honor and a privilege to a fought at your sides." the Human Prime finished as he placed his hands on their shoulders, earning similar looks from the pair as they smiled back.

"Likewise." Orion replied.

"The feeling is mutual." Myra said back, before the ground really started to shake. This made the trio return their attention to the task at hand as the Men re-equipped their weapons and the Asari clenched her fists and made them glow, their serious expressions returning as they readied themselves for their enemy's return as they felt the rain hit their faces.

Then just as the tremors turned into a full blown earthquake, the ground ahead of them exploded as Xakron burst of out of the ground at his original towering size and stared down at them with hateful eyes.

"I have had enough of your resistance, you will die now!" it spat as it threw a punch towards the three Primes.
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