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Chapter XXVIII

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It is the last stand against Xakron. Will the Primes succeed?

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The three Primes narrowly evaded the Entity's attack, diving out of the way as it's fist impacted the crystalline ground and shattered it's structure, leaving a crater in it's place. Jack and Orion found themselves on either side of the cavity, quickly getting back to their feet as Myra landed gracefully just ahead of them.

"Don't give it an inch!" the Asari then shouted before throwing a barrage of biotic projectiles at the towering Behemoth, which impacted against Xakron's black liquid-like skin, producing ripples of energy to flow over the Darkness and make it grimace in pain.

"Arrgh!" it cried out as both the Human and Cybetronian Primes then spun around and unleashed energy-waves from their Sabers. The large projectiles cut through the heavy ran as they flew towards their target, creating crackles of energy bolts to spark outwards as they reacted against the water in the air.

"Not this time!" Xakron spat as it suddenly changed it's shape and thus dodged the attacks, which passed by and slowly deteriorated in the sky above.

"Scrap, I didn't realise it could do that." Jack replied with a shocked tone, as Orion nodded back in agreement.

"Yeah, you would think that something that big would be hard to miss."

"Then we are just going to have to get closer." Myra shouted as she looked back at them while the Darkness reformed itself before them.

"What did you have in mind?" the blue-haired Bot replied, which made the Asari smirk back before turning back towards the Darkness.

"Just get ready." She said while holding her hands back towards the pair, gaining a curious look from Jack.

"Ready for wh...?" he began to say, only to get cut off as both the Human and his Son were suddenly enveloped in biotic energy and started levitating off the ground.

"You can't be serious?" her Grandfather quickly replied, just earning a slight smile from Orion as he readied his weapon.

"Just hold on." he added, before the Asari then flung her arms in front of her and catapulted the two Men up into the sky towards Xakron's titanic form.

"What in the?" the Darkness replied with a surprised expression as he saw the Primes hurtling up towards him, with their Star-Sabers ready. But before the Entity could react, they both swing their blades down in front of them and unleashed two more energy blasts, which this time hit their mark and made Xakron cried out in pain as the Primes landed on his chest and buried their blades in it's skin to stop from falling back.

"I think we just pissed him off." Orion shouted as he looked over to his Dad, who was just aways from him on the other side of the behemoth's chest.

"You will pay for that!" Xakron spat, it's voice shaking the very air that it was echoing through as It quickly recovered and brought it's arms down upon the pair.

"I don't think so!" Myra replied as she suddenly launched herself up at the giant, hitting it directly in the face with a large biotic-construct of a fist.

"Gah!" the Entity spat as it was forced to stumble back, leaning back enough for Jack and Orion to stand up as the Asari landed on their Adversary's chest between them.

"Let's finish this!" The Human Prime then said as he pointed at the Darkness's head, gaining a nod from both his Son and Granddaughter as the three of them started to run up the rest of Xakron's torso. But the Entity began to stand back up straight as it recovered, making the trio's ascent an almost sheer drop.

"I know what you are attempting, you will fail." it's voice boomed as the Primes closed in on it's neck, only for Orion to notice their advantage quickly disappearing beneath their feet.

"We're not going to make it!" he said, just as several tentacles grew out of the Behemoth's skin and surged at them.

"Head for it's shoulders then." Jack said back whilst slicing three of them in half with his holo-saber, running through their liquefying remains as he changed his direction. The blue-haired Bot did the same as he headed for the giant's other shoulder, while the Myra leapt up towards Xakron's head and used her biotics to levitate there for a moment as she fired off several more energy blasts.

"Arrrgh!" it cried out before swinging it's right arm at the Prime, swiping her right out of the air as the other two climbed up onto the Entity's shoulders.

"Myra!" Orion shouted, having just seen his Daughter get swatted out of the air like a fly.

"Orion, we have work to do. Let's move!" his Dad called back from the other side of Xakron's head, just as more tentacles appeared between them and their target. The blue-haired Bot just looked at the spot where he last saw his little-girl, a saddened look on his face before he then nodded and re-quipped the Star-Saber.

"Right." he replied somewhat reluctantly while turning his attention back to the matter at hand, which now had several tentacles standing between him and the Entity's head.

"What are you waiting for, attack me!" it's voice bellowed, making both Jack and his Son rush forward as they sliced their way through the Darkness's defences which tried to wrap themselves around the Primes, only to be cut down in the process. More grew out of it's skin and attacked the two Men from all directions, but the blue-haired Bot jumped and swung his Star-Saber around him and obliterated them all as several more appeared before Jack while he held back his own weapon, keeping his focus on the target.

"You are finished Xakron." the Human shouted as he broke through the tentacles and swung his holo-saber at the Death Bringer's head, with Orion doing the same as both of them launched themselves at the Entity.

"I think not." it replied with a smug tone as several more tentacles shot out of it's skin and grabbed them both, stopping the pair in their tracks as they tightened their grips on the Prime's arms and legs.

"Without the Asari, your Trinity was doomed to fail…" it began to say as the pair were moved to the front of it's face, hanging from the tentacles like a pair of puppets as it's glowing purple eyes focused on them.

"…and now it is I who will finish you, now prepare to join your deceased Myra!" Xakron added as his eyes glowed even brighter before the two Men, as the tentacles started to pull at their arms and legs with great amount of strength. This made both Jack and Orion grimace in agony as they felt their bodies being pulled apart from all sides, gritting their teeth as the pain reached breaking point.

'It can't end this way.' the Human Prime started to think, before both his and his Son's attention was caught by several biotic projectiles flying in out of nowhere and slicing up the tentacles, freeing the pair from the Darkness's grip.

"What!" Xakron spat as they landed on what could only be described as biotic platforms, before a familiar voice spoke out from their right.

"You thought I was dead…"

Both Primes looked in that direction to see Myra standing on the Entity's right arm, holding her glowing hands out before her as she controlled the energy platforms that saved them.

"…you were wrong."

"Myra!" they both said in unison, earning a slight smile from her before she noticed the enraged look on Xakron's face.

"What are you waiting for, attack!" she then shouted, making them both nod in unison before leaping at their enemy's face with their Sabers ready, while the Asari began running up the Darkness's arm as tentacles grew out of it's skin and attacked her.

"You will not….arrrgh!" it cried out as Jack ran his holo-saber through the Entity's left eye, with Orion doing the same to it's right as glowing purple liquid spilled out and ran down it's face.

"What will it take to shut you up?" the latter asked with a hint of annoyance to his voice as he twisted the Star-Saber around and caused Xakron to cry out even more while Myra fought off the obstacles attempting to halt her progress, cutting them all down as she reached the right shoulder and continued towards the pair.

"Okay, now drop!" she then said, which made both Men rip their sabers out of the Entity's face and slide down it's body, before pushing themselves off and dropping to the ground below. Myra though charged her biotic-energies through her hands and swiped them from left to right in one flowing action, unleashing a glowing blue/whitish energy wave that quickly separated the behemoth's head from it's body.

"Gaahhh!" it cried out as the female-Prime followed up by jumping down and landing gracefully beside the others as their enemy's decapitated body soon joined them at ground level, falling onto it's back and shaking the area with it's impact.

"Nice work." Jack said to his Granddaughter with an appreciative smile, making her blush as she noticed the proud and loving expression on her Father's face as smiled back.

"Very nice work Myra, and thanks for assist."

"It's a team-effort, we all have our parts to play." she said back with a humble tone, which made Orion place his hand on her shoulder as Jack noticed that the Darkness's body had started to liquefy and melt into the ground.

"When Xakron swiped at you, I thought..." the blue-haired Bot began to say, only for his Daughter to cut him off.

"...that I was dead? Yeah, I thought that too for a moment with the way it hit me." she replied with a relieved tone and smile.

"And you make that mistake once again!" a familiar voice boomed, gaining the three Primes attention, earning an eye roll from Orion in return.

"Seriously, he still isn't dead yet?" he said back with an annoyed tone, while the Darkness reformed itself just away from the trio.

"I have survived many things in the time since my birth and when this is all over, I will have survived you three as well." it replied with a confident tone, which made the two Male-Primes ready their weapons once more as Myra stood between them and their enemy.

"No, you will not Xakron. For the three of us are finally going to put you down, once and for all." the Asari spat before launching herself at the Entity, performing a biotic-charge which slammed directly into their adversary and knocked him back.

"Take this…" Jack then shouted as he spun around and unleashed a white energy-wave with his holo-Saber before watching it hit the Darkness while Myra leapt away, landing beside her Father as Xakron stumbled and fell to the ground..

"Dad now!" she said, earning a nod from the blue-haired Bot as he charged the Star-Saber and swung it's glowing white blade into the crystalline floor between him and the Entity. This caused an energy blast to rip up the crystalline ground as it was shot towards their enemy while the three Primes watched.

"No, you will not…" Xakron started to say as it tried to evade the blast, but it failed as the energy hit the Darkness directly in it's chest and blasted it up into the sky. Myra then flung her biotically charged hands into the air, creating energy-constructs that looked like a pair of hands that then grasped the Entity.

"Take that!" she then said before swinging her hands down to the ground, making her constructs mirror her actions as they plummeted back to the ground and slammed Xarkon into the crystalline environment.

"I think that might do it." Jack said with a slight smile before the trio started for the crash-site, which looked similar to a crater as the Darkness was lying in the center of the sunken ground, surrounded by cracked and smashed looking crystal.

"Urgh…" it groaned while slowly getting back to it's feet, gaining a surprised look from the Human Prime and his Son while the Asari stood between them.

"I don't believe it." the younger Man replied, while Myra looked on with a serious expression.

"…You…cannot…defeat…me!" it said back defiantly with a pained tone, which made the youngest Prime turn her attention to her Father and Grandfather.

'Wait, our matrix energy is damaging to it. Perhaps…' she thought.

"Okay final roll of the dice." she then said, gaining curious looks from both Men as she made her hands glow with white biotic energy once more.

"What do you…?" Orion began to ask, only to be cut short as the Asari placed one hand on his shoulder and her other on Jack's. This made the pair go silent, gritting their teeth as her biotic energy flowed into their bodies while each of their matrices glowed even brighter, like the three had become truly connected.

"Let's finish it off with everything we've got, we are the Trinity after all." she said as her eyes started to glow white, as did Jack and Orion's. The energy being generated by the trio's matrices suddenly made their bodies glow with white energy as Myra let go of her Father and Grandfather, instead bringing her hands together and creating an biotic sphere between them. Both Jack and Orion responded by spinning their Star-Sabers around them, making the blades charge up to incredible levels as Xakron's eyes widened at what it saw.

"That…is…not…possible!" it muttered in shock and fear, as all three Primes smirked in return.

"Sure it is Xakron…" the trio all spoke in unison as their weapons pulsed continuously while they focused on charging them, before narrowing their glowing eyes at their adversary.

"…let us show you!" they finished before both Jack and Orion swung their Star-Sabers before them and unleashed two white energy waves, while Myra flung her hands in front of her and released the biotic sphere as all three projectiles hurtled towards the Darkness, who could do nothing but watch as it's face stared back in complete defeat.

"NO…!" the Entity began to cry out as the energy attacks suddenly merged into one massive wave which hit it directly in it's chest, causing Xakron to scream in agony as it was forced off it's feet and fell onto it's back.

"Arrrragh..!" it cried out as the white energy spread throughout it's body, making the Darkness roll around and fling it's arms and legs about in a painful rage as it was overcame by the combined attack.

Jack, Orion and Myra all watched as Xakron's skin suddenly began to turn to dust, starting with it's fingers and feet which became nothing more than flakes as a bright white-hole appeared in it's chest.

"What in the All-spark is that?" the Human-Prime asked as the trio were released from their joint trance, their eyes and bodies returning to normal as they witnessed the Darkness's defeat before them.

"…I…cannot…be…defe…" the Entity began to cry to out in defiance, only to be stopped as the white hole in it's chest suddenly exploded into a beam of bright light which shone up into the sky and broke the cloud cover, exposing the starless sky once more as the dark enemy's body continued to spasm under the pain it was experiencing.

"Wait...look!" the blue-haired Bot then added whilst pointing at the beam of light, noticing some movement within it.

"I see it too..." Jack started to reply as a slight smile appeared on his face, as the trio could see thousands of small coloured lights travelling up beam and into the sky, which was now completely clear as the storm clouds had all but disappeared.

"...they are Sparks." the Human added, while Myra smiled too as she watched the thousands upon thousands of souls escape up into the heavens, taking their places in the sky as they shone down like stars upon the crystalline environment once more.

"It's beautiful." the Asari said back, making the two Men nod back in return as they just stood there and witnessed the sight unfolding before them.


But after a few moments passed and the thousands of Sparks escaping Xakron's body became millions, the beam of light faded away and left only the Darkness's corpse, which then disintegrated into dust and was blown away by a light breeze.

"It is done." Jack said with a relieved tone as the last of sparks joined the rest and lit up the night sky with their light, earning a nod from his Son as the pair looked up at them.

"Yep, the place is starting to look like it used to." he replied as the crystalline landscape started to regain it's shine as well.

"I don't think we are alone." Myra then said with an uncertain tone, gaining the pair's attention as she gestured to their left as several towering figures appeared just aways from the trio.

"More bad-guys?" the blue-haired Bot asked as he reached for the Star-Saber, which was now sheathed on the back of his Armour.

"No Orion..." Jack though started to say with a content tone, for one of the new arrivals started to come into view fully which brought a knowing smile to the Human Prime's face.

"...I don't believe it is." he added as the figure was revealed to be Optimus Prime, who with Onyx Primal was surrounded by the rest of the Thirteen. This brought a smile to Orion's face as he stared between the Maximal Leader and the rest of the group, while the Asari looked over at Solus who just gave her a knowing nod and smile in return. For a moment everything went quiet as Optimus and the Thirteen smiled back at their successors, the former Autobot-Leader himself had warm smile on his face as he looked proudly at Jack, Orion and Myra.

"Your friends are at peace, everything is how it should be." a familiar voice suddenly spoke from behind the trio, making them break eye contact with the Thirteen as they turned to find Vok standing next to them.

"As are you." the Asari said, having noticed his appearance had returned to normal, earning a nod from the Aeon as he looked at the landscape returning to normal around them.

"Yes, I am." he said back with an ambivalent tone, while the three Primes watched as Optimus and the Thirteen faded away from view once more.

'Farewell my friend, rest in peace.' Jack thought with a content expression, before turning back to Vok with a curious look.

"Are you okay?" he asked, gaining mirrored looks from both Orion and Myra as the Aeon nodded back in return.

"I will be, though it appears that despite everyone that the Darkness consumed has been released back into the All-Spark, Garuda though has not appeared yet." he replied with a worried tone, which made the Asari look back with an understanding stare.

"You believe that Xakron devoured her energy completely before we could defeat him?"

"I am not sure Mira Prime..." he started to reply while looking back out at the landscape, as if hoping to spot her in the distance.

"...All I know is that when the Darkness was freed into this realm, Garuda and I faced it and she ended up being consumed by it."

"I'm sorry, you were obviously very close." Jack then answered with a consoling-like tone as he placed his hand on the Aeon's shoulder, gaining a nod back in return from Vok as he continued to look ahead.

"We had been together since the very beginning, watching our own galaxy before coming to this one and being brought into this conflict once more. But even if we were 'close', it is not in the same way as you would put it. We Aeons have outgrown such emotions and desires that you allow yourselves to be rules by, but still...I will miss her company."

"You're not the last Aeon though right? I mean there are still others out there?" Orion then asked, which made Vok look over to him and nod.

"That is correct, I am not the last of my kind. There are still Aeons out there, watching the galaxies of this Universe, though not nearly enough as there had been before we met the Darkness." he replied, though the Aeon did nothing to hide the shame in his voice as he spoke. But this gained a slightly-annoyed look from Myra in response, who turned and faced him directly.

"Stop kicking yourself for that, we all make mistakes that we are not proud of."

This made the Aeon look back at her, a slight smirk appearing on his face.

"I guess you are right Mira Prime, for it appears you have learnt that lesson yourself." he said back, earning a nod from the Asari.

"And anyway, we took care of Xakron. I mean it is gone now right?" Orion then said, which made Vok sigh in relief.

"Yes, the Darkness has been vanquished fully...just as Primus had wanted when he lay the seeds for your Trinity. But even though balance has been returned between the light and the dark in this universe, there will always be more threats to it's stability over time."

This gained a confident smile from Orion as looked at everyone around him, gaining their attention.

"But that is why we are here right, to stop such things from happening." he said, which made the Aeon nod back.

"Indeed. because of what you three have achieved today, there will always be Primes to protect and guide the galaxy in the days that follow this. But your part in this has come to an end as the Trinity of Primes is no longer needed."

The three Primes nodded back with understanding expressions as they stayed quiet for a moment, before Myra looked at the Aeon curiously.

"So what happens now?"

"The three of you will be returned to your own times, where you Myra will carry on your duties as a Prime until it is time to pass the Matrix to your successor..." the orange and black robed Man started to say, only to stop as he noticed the trio staring back at him with curious stares.

"...who will not be Darby, as your bloodline has completed it's role in Primus's design."

"So the next Prime could be anyone?" Orion then asked, gaining a nod from Vok.

"Yes, that is correct. As I said earlier, Jackson Prime was the link between Cybertron and Humanity, you Orion Prime are the link between them and the Asari. And Mira Prime finishes the link with the rest of the Galaxy, meaning that all future Primes that follow her will be anyone in the Galaxy, no matter their species. It was Primus's wish that the Primes Legacy belongs to all in the galaxy, not just to the Cybertronians. That was the secondary purpose of the Trinity of Primes, which Myra will one day complete after returning to her own timeline." he replied.

"Okay, well that's a relief. After finding out that not only my Son, but my Granddaughter too became Primes. I was starting to think that our family was going to continue to do so for while to come." Jack then said with a relieved tone as he smiled slightly at his descendents, who smirked back warmly.

"Your Family has served Primus's will commendably and will be remembered in the Legacy of Primes alongside Optimus and the Thirteen..." the Aeon started to reply, before noticing that the Asari had questioning look on her face and decided to answer her before she could speak.

"...but I cannot tell you who the next Prime will be, Myra. Only the Matrix will know when the time arises, which is still centuries away from now."

"I understand, we cannot know too much about our futures." she replied before hers and the others matrices suddenly sent out a pulse of energy around them, before beginning to glow brightly as the crystalline landscape started to shimmer.

"What's going on?" Orion asked as he touched the relic in the center of his Prime armour, gaining similar reactions from his Father and Daughter.

"Your Matrices are preparing to send you back home, for your time here in the All-Spark has now come to an end." Vok replied, which made Jack look at his descendants with a smile.

"Well, this is going to be quite a tale to tell everyone." he said, earning knowing looks from both Orion and Myra as they glanced at each other.

"Yeah...I guess it will." the blue-haired Bot replied as he noticed his Daughter look down to the ground as a white glowing portal appeared to their left and began to grow.

'How I can go back to my little Girl and know what life she is going to have after I am gone...' he started to think, only for Vok to speak and cut him off.

"I am sorry but I should have told you this earlier, though at the time it was uncertain what the outcome of your battle with the Darkness would be..." he said, regaining the trio's attention.

"...but as you are here in the All-Spark, your own personal time-lines are currently out of sync with the regular flow of time. So neither you Jackson Prime or Orion Prime will be able to retain the memories of what has happened here today." the Aeon added, making all three Primes eyes widen as the Asari and her Father stared at each other knowingly, also gaining the oldest Darby's attention as he remembered what had been said about his Granddaughter. But the blue-haired Bot quickly turned his focus back to the orange and black robed Man.

" said my Father and I would not remember, but what of Myra?"

"This day occurs far closer to your Daughter's own timeline than it does to either of yours, five hundred plus years separates you and so only she will carry the memories of what happened here..." Vok began to answer, earning understanding looks from the trio.

"...but you may feel something has happened after you return to your own times, even though you cannot remember what. I believe a way to describe it would be like the Human saying...deja-vu..." he added before turning his attention to Jack, who looked at the Aeon with a curious expression.

'Why is he focusing on me all of a sudden?' the Human Prime thought, while the orange and black robed Bot raised a finger toward his forehead.

"...though Jackson Prime, you will need to remember more than just a feeling, because you still have a role to play in how Orion becomes a Prime..." he continued, earning a knowing look from Orion, which did not go unnoticed by Jack as he glanced at his Son.

" I ask you Jackson Prime, can you keep a promise and make sure that Orion follows the path to becoming the Prime that he is destined to become?" Vok then asked, while the blue-haired Bot smirked slightly as he watched his Father.

'So this is how it started...' he began to think, only to be cut off as Jack started to speak.

"I think you would know what my answer was going to be Vok, I am his Father after all..." the older Man said, only to stop and look at Orion with a proud and loving stare.

"...I mean I kind of always knew that he was going to Prime, ever since his Mother and I witnessed him holding the Matrix Crystal in his hands when he was a child..." he continued before looking back at the Aeon.

"...but if you need to hear the words...then I promise." he finished, which made Vok smile back in return.

"I do Jackson Prime and now remember that promise and carry it throughout your life..." he began to say as he touched the older Darby's forehead with his finger, before pulling away and stepping back.

"...because you will visit this place one final time in your future..." the Aeon added which gained a nod from Jack, before he turned his attention to the Bot and the Asari.

"...but Orion and Myra, I am afraid that this is the last time that you will see this place or myself again in your life time." he continued, which made them both nod back in response.

"I understand." Orion replied with a slight smile.

"As do I." Myra answered too with a mirrored reaction, earning a warm smile from the orange and black robed Man as he gestured to the portal.

"Then I will bid you farewell Primes and on behalf of the entire Universe…thank you."

"Farewell." Jack replied as he and his Descendants all smiled back appreciatively before turning away from the Aeon and walking into the glowing white portal, disappearing from Vok's sight and leaving him alone as he turned to look out at the crystalline landscape of the All-Spark.


A flash of bright light later and the three Primes found themselves standing inside what looked very similar to a Space-bridge, with different shades of blue and white energy spiralling around them in a tunnel-like construct.

"What's this then? The waiting room before we are back in our time-lines?" Orion asked aloud as he watched the energy pass by them, earning a curious look from his Father in return.

"I suppose so, but at least it's a nice view though. Let's call it a Time-bridge." he replied as they witnessed the different coloured energies dance around each other, before the blue-haired Bot then turned to the Asari.

"Myra, are you alright?" he asked, having noticed that she had gone quiet since they passed through the portal. But the blue-woman kept her back to the pair, gaining concerned expressions from them Men as they looked between themselves and her.

"I'm okay…" she began to say, only for her Father to walk around her and see that she was anything but okay, for the Asari had a rather sad expression on her face.

"What is it?" Orion asked, gaining Jack's attention too as the older Prime joined the pair.

"It's nothing, really." she replied, trying to end this line of questioning. But her Father simply looked back with a caring expression, one that she recognised only too well.

"Come now Myra, don't lie to your Father now." Jack said back with a knowing tone as he could see what was going to transpire before him, while the blue-haired Bot placed a hand on his Daughter's shoulder.

"Talk to me Myra, it's not like we have a lot of time now. So tell me what's bothering you?" he asked, which made the Asari's eyes look into his own.

"But that's the point. I've just got the two of you back in my life, only to watch you leave me all over again." she replied, feeling her eyes trying to well up as she fought back the tears.

"But we will see you again." her Grandfather tried to reason in return, only to make Myra shake her head back.

"Not from my perspective, which is nearly a quarter of a millennium since I saw either of you. And now that you're both here, I don't want to lose you both again." she said back, which brought a knowing look to the Human Prime's face as Orion listened while still holding his hand on her shoulder.

"But that is life unfortunately Myra, you of all people should understand this being an Asari. With your longevity, you're going outlive virtually everyone." Jack replied, only for the blue-Female to shrug her Father's hand and turn away from them both.

"Don't you think I know that…" she began to say, the tone of her voice underlined with anger as she looked at the swirling energy surrounding them.

"After living so long on my own without any of my immediate family, I thought that I had gotten used to the loneliness. But having spent the past day with both my Father and Grandfather…" she continued before looking back at them with a heart-broken expression, which made Orion's Spark ache with regret.

"…I realise that I am not, because I have missed you both so much." she said as her voice broke, making her eyes well up.

"I kind of wish that I could be rid of the memories of this day, just like the two of you." she added, which brought an urgent look of concern to Orion's face as he quickly moved in front of his Daughter and place both hands on her shoulders.

"Don't you dare say that Myra, don't even think it…not for a moment. I for one don't want to forget what we have done here today, or witnessing the strong woman my Daughter has become." he said back with a proud tone to his voice as he looked back at her lovingly, while she looked down to the ground in shame.

"But I know that keeping these memories would come at a price, one that none of us would be able to pay…" he continued to say, earning an understanding stare from Jack as he watched the pair.

"…because knowing the life that you have lived through up until now, the pain you have endured. I'd want to do everything in my power to ensure that you wouldn't have to experience that kind of life, the repercussions be damned…because you're my Daughter." he added, earning Myra attention as she looked up at him with a saddened and knowing expression.

"But the cost of that would be too high, because everything that we have done as the Trinity would never happen." she replied, gaining a nod from the blue-haired Bot in return.

"Exactly, it appears fate has made sure that such a thing can never happen and so your Grandfather and I will forget…" Orion continued to say, before a knowing look appeared on his face,

"…and I think you are looking at this all wrong Myra." he finished, making the Asari look back with a curious stare as he let go of her shoulders.

"In what way?" she asked, earning a slight smile from the Prime in return.

"That the memories of our time together is a burden, when in fact you should see them as a gift instead."

"A gift?" she replied with a slightly questioning tone, while Jack just smiled at his Son's ingenuity as he continued to watch his descendants.

"Yes, because it's not every day that you get a second chance to spend time with your family, long after they have passed on. So cherish the memories of this day and know that no matter the point of your life we are in, we are always proud of you….especially me." he said back in a loving tone, on that brought a slight smile to Myra's face.

"You're right Dad, I'm sorry." she said back, which made the blue-haired Bot pull her into a caring embrace.

"Well despite you being right about that Orion, there is something you are wrong about." Jack then said as he walked up to the pair, making them pull away as his Son stared back with a curious look.

"And what's that?" he asked.

"That out of the two of us, I will at least remember something…apparently." the older Man replied, earning a knowing expression from the other.

"I know, I also know the reason why you will remember something too." the younger Bot replied, which this time made Jack look back questioningly.

"What do you mean…?" he began to ask, only for a surge of energy to swirl around the space-bridge-like tunnel they were standing in.

"Something tells me we don't have enough time to go over the details…" Orion started to say back as he watched the glowing colours of the walls change colour around them, but then he returned his attention to his Father and saw the curious look on his face.

"…but…just keep me on track Dad…as much as you can." he continued with a cryptic tone, one that made Jack nod back with a slightly understanding look. But then the Human Prime suddenly started to fade away before both the blue-haired Bot and the Asari, making their eyes widen in surprise as he looked at his own hands in response.

"I guess it's my time to go…" he then said, before looking back at his family and placing a hand on each of their shoulders closest to him.

"…so I just want you both to know that it has been an honour and a privilege to see and fight beside you." he added, before looking at Orion with a warm smile.

"To see the Man that you become Orion…" he said, gaining a mirrored look from his Son, before turning his attention to Myra.

"…and meeting my future Granddaughter."

This made the Asari do the smile back too before the older Man started to fade once more.

"Good bye…" Jack then started to say, before fading away completely and leaving both Father and Daughter alone in the Time-bridge.

But this made Myra suddenly look back at Orion with a worried expression, as she knew what was going to happen next.

"No, that means…" she started to say with a panicked tone, only to stop as her Father looked back with an accepting expression.

"…that I'm next. And with less than twenty five years between us, I will be disappearing any time now." he replied, cutting her off and making her eyes widen as they started to well up again.

"No, no, that's not enough time." she said back with a fearful tone, which made the older Bot place his hand on her cheek tenderly as he looked into her eyes.

"I know, but it is all we have…come here." he said before pulling the Asari into another embrace, one that Myra followed through with wholeheartedly, holding on to her Father as if to stop him from going away as tears began to run down her cheeks.

"I miss you and Mum so much…" she said back, the tone of her voice filled with so much emotion as she held on tightly to Orion.

"I know Princess, but your Mum and I will always be with you…even when we are no longer around." he said back while holding her in his loving embrace, which flooded the Asari's mind with fond memories of all the times she shared with both her Father and Mother, warming her heart in return.

"I…understand." she replied, trying to fight back the tears.

"But you have people who care for you, back in your time. I saw them myself earlier today." the blue-haired Bot said back, making his Daughter nod back as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I remember."

"So I want you to promise me something." he replied, which made Myra pull away just enough to look into her Father's eyes.

"Yes?" she asked, noticing the caring expression on his face as he stared back at her.

"Promise me that from this day forward that you will start living your life, no more letting the past drive you onward. Just take care of the people that care for you and let them take care of you. Can you do that for me Myra?" he asked, which made the Asari remember Evac, Tolae, Ser-Ket and Kat.

'Kat...' she thought before nodding back in return, making Orion smile again.

"I will Dad, I promise you." she said back, which made the blue-haired Bot pull Myra into loving hug once again, with both Father and Daughter enjoying the embrace.

"I love you my little Princess." he replied, which brought a wide smile to the young Woman's face as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you too Dad." she replied contently as she held her arms around him, closing her eyes and allowing herself to experience one last hug with her Father. But after a moment passed and no reply could be heard, the Asari opened her eyes to find that she was embracing thin air as Orion was nowhere to be seen.

'Dad...' she thought while looking around at her surroundings, the energy now swirling around her at a faster pace as a white light appeared at one end of the time-bridge and closed in towards her.

"I swear Dad, my life will be different from now on...I promise." she then said aloud as a calm expression appeared on her face, before turning to the light and letting it envelope her as everything went white.
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