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Chapter XXIX - Epilogue

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With the battle for the Universe over, the three Primes return to their own time-lines so they carry on with their lives. But what will Myra do, now that she has a future beyond the need for revenge?

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'Where am I?' was the first thought Jack had on his mind as he found himself enveloped by white light, one which surrounded the Human Prime where he stood. Despite his inability to see where exactly he was, due to the intensity of it's brightness. The older Darby felt no pain or discomfort, which was surprising to him to the say the least. But before he could question his surroundings anymore, a male voice suddenly spoke out from beyond the light and caught his attention.

"Jack!" it said aloud, which brought a knowing expression to his face as he recognised who it belonged to.

'Garrus?' the older Darby thought, finding himself walking in the voice's direction as the white light started to dim.

"Jack!" the Turian said again, while the Human Prime's surroundings changed from the warm white light to an empty darkness with every step that he took, like the former was retreating in the latter's sudden appearance.

'What's going on?' Jack thought as he found himself staring at the changing scenery, with the vast blackness now passing him and cornering the dimming white light in a circle behind him.

"Jack, wake up." his friend called once more, regaining his attention as turned away from the light and looked back in the direction of the Turian's voice.

'Am I asleep...?' the older Darby began to think as the light faded to nothing, leaving the Prime's surroundings as nothing more than darkness...pitch black and empty.

' do I wak…' Jack then started to think, only to be cut off as he felt something touch his shoulder.

The Prime suddenly opened his eyes and sprang up into a sitting position, frantically looking around at his surroundings with a startled reaction before his eyes fell upon a surprised looking Garrus staring back at him.

"Jack..?" he asked with a concerned tone, while his friend looked back at his surroundings and found that he was on a bunk in an unfamiliar room.

"Garrus, where am I?" the Darby asked, making the Turian's eyes widen slightly in reaction.

" are on board the ISF Ark, 'your' flagship." he replied, to which Jack looked back around the room as it suddenly became recognisable to him.

"Oh...yeah, that's right." the Human Prime said back with a slightly embarrassed tone as everything came back to him, quickly getting off the bunk and walking over to the sink nearby while Garrus watched.

"Everything okay?" he asked with a bemused look as Jack rinsed his face with cold water, waking him up more as it was a shock to his system.

"Yeah...I am fine..." the Darby started to reply while grabbing the nearby towel and drying his face, before dropping it on the side of the sink and turning back to his friend.

"...I just had the strangest dream though." he replied, which made the Turian look back with a curious expression.

"Really? What was it about?"

This brought a thoughtful look to the Prime's face as he then tried to remember it, only for Garrus to cut him off after a moment.

"Come on Jack, shouldn't be that hard. You only just awoke from it, so it should clear in your mind right?"

"I know mate, but for some reason I just can't remember anything...nothing at all." the Human said back as he stared ahead of himself, still looking like he was searching for answers. But the Turian simply activated his holo-tool. Instead, bringing up a file as he smirked.

"Okay, I am just going to make a record of this and add it to the 'Strange moments of Jack Darby' list that I have been updating since we first met." Garrus said while activating his holo-tool and feigning typing, which made Jack raise an eyebrow as he stared back knowingly.

"Really? You're bluffing, since it is more likely that list you've got is a calibration report for the Ark's weapon systems." he replied with a slight smile, earning a shrug from the Turian in return as he deactivated his device.

"Okay, you've got me there. But seriously, you can't remember anything from that dream?"

"No, not that it matters. Anyway I take it we're home now right, as that was why you came to check on me?" Jack said back, gaining a nod from his friend.

"Yes, we exited the Sol Space-bridge just before I entered your room, so I am guessing we should be passing Neptune by now."

"That's good, and the shuttle?" the Human Prime asked as he turned his attention to what looked like a sports bag, placing some personal items in and closing it via it's zip.

"Fuelled and ready to go. We can take it as soon as you're ready, while Rodimus covers for you as the Ark begins it's routine refit in Earth-orbit." Garrus replied, earning an appreciative nod from Jack as he slung the bag over his shoulder via it's strap.

"Well Rodimus shouldn't have a hard time commanding the ship in my absence, nothing ever happens during refits."

"True, the Kid has more than proven himself during our year-long patrol of the Terminus and outer-rim systems, his older Brother would be proud." the Turian said back, which brought a thoughtful expression to the Darby's face as he turned towards the door.

"Yeah, Hotrod would be..." he started to say as he remembered his friend, who sacrificed himself during the last hours of the Reaper War years ago.

"..., I know I certainly am, and I will have his commendation ready for him when I get back..." he added before gesturing to the door.

"...anyway, it's time we got going. Or do you plan on keeping Tali and Shen waiting a little longer?" he continued, a knowing smirk on his face as he saw his friend's reaction.

"Good point, wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her shotgun now...would I..." Garrus replied with a joking-like tone in return as both Men then exited the room and started walking down the corridor.

"...but kidding aside, I am just looking forward to seeing them both again." he added, which made the Human Prime nod in return as several crewmen walked past them as they continued down the busy corridor.

"Same here, since it has been a whole year since either of us have seen our Families. I just want to relax with Arcee and spend time with Orion know..." he started to reply, only for the Turian to cut him off.

"...duty calls, well the life of a Prime right." he said back, earning a nod from Jack as they stopped beside an elevator, with the former pressing the control panel at it's left side.

"Yeah, exactly." the Human replied as the doors then opened, allowing the pair entry before closing behind them as the elevator then took them to the shuttle bay.

Fifteen minutes later and the two friends were sitting in the Shuttle heading for Earth, with the Human Prime piloting the craft while the Turian sat beside him.

"I have to Say Jack, I understand now why you take a Shuttle back to Earth, when usually you just use a ground-bridge whenever going planet-side elsewhere." the latter said as they looked out of the glass canopy ahead and saw the blue planet coming into view.

"Yeah, I mean it may only take seconds via ground-bridge, but then you miss out on a view like this." Jack replied while gesturing to Earth, which grew in size as they got closer to it, with North America clearly visible due to the minimum cloud cover over that region.

"Yes it is quite the view Jack, but in my opinion it doesn't beat Palaven." Garrus said back, gaining a lop-sided grin from the Darby.

"Would you say to Tali that Palaven is better than Rannoch?" he asked, making the Turian shake his head in return.

"No, I wouldn't. Again...shotgun. So I will just say that universally, everyone has a special place for their Home-world in their hearts."

"That's a very diplomatic answer Garrus, one that I would definitely agree with." Jack replied.

"Well I have learned to be more diplomatic since Tali and I started a relationship, but I wouldn't have her any other way." the Turian said back with a caring tone, which made Jack smile as he piloted the shuttle into Earth orbit, with the California coastline directly below them.

"I know what you mean, though it was opposite for me since Arcee was the one who learned to be diplomatic."

"Yeah, it's no wonder our better-halves have become such good friends since the Reaper War." Garrus replied.

"Well, we are going to be seeing them in just a few minutes. I am taking us down." the Prime said back, before making the Shuttle descend into Earth's atmosphere, passing down through the clouds until the pair could see the blue ocean and the coastline through the craft's glass canopy.

"There it is, home sweet home." Jack said while gesturing to the white house that lied next to the mile long beach, earning a nod from his Turian friend.

"And it looks like they are waiting for us." he observed as he saw two figures walking out of the house and down it's porch steps, earning a smile from the Human Prime as he recognised one of them as his blue-haired spark-mate.

"Landing now." he said with an enthusiastic tone, before turning the shuttle so that it's left side faced the house as it landed on the grass in front of the property.

"Opening hatch." Garrus replied as he pressed a button on the holo-interface before him, which caused the hatch just behind them to open and expose the Shuttle's interior to the cool ocean breeze.

"You took your time." a familiar female voice spoke from outside, which gained a gulp from the Turian as he and Jack both got up and walked over to the opened hatch. And it was then that both Men saw their Partners waiting for them outside, with Tali crossing her arms and her face mostly hidden by the visor of her enviro-suit which gave her an angry posture. But Arcee though just looked relaxed as she stared back at the Human Prime, making him mirror her expression as he and his friend exited the craft and walked over to them.

"Well? Why are you late Garrus?" the Quarian asked with a questioning tone, one that earned an embarrassed look from the Turian.

"I'm sorry Tali, but we were delayed by..." he started to say with a worried tone, which was cut off by his Wife suddenly pulling him into a loving embrace.

"I've missed you." she said back, gaining a sigh from him in return as he returned the hug.

"I've missed you too Tali, Shen too." he said as they hugged, while Jack Arcee returned their attention to each other, having just stopped to watch their friends reunion.

"Welcome home." the Femme said with a caring tone, her blue eyes meeting his before he then wrapped his arms around her as the two kissed. And as their lips met, the Spark-mates felt that same spark of electricity they felt all those years ago when they first kissed, before pulling back just enough to look back at one another.

"It's good to be back, though we would have been here sooner had Mercs not att..." the Darby started to say, only to be stopped by Arcee as she gently touched his lips with a finger.

"None of that matters to me Jack, just you being here is." she replied as her Man touched his forehead to hers affectionately.

"I have missed you terribly Arcee, it's good to have you n my arms again." he said back, which made the Femme's smile widen.

"I know what you mean, talking via a vid-link most nights just isn't the same."

"Well you and Orion have got me here for a few weeks before the Alliance can pull me back again..." he started to say, before looking around them curiously.

"...where is Orion anyway, I thought he might be here?" he asked, earning a gesture from Arcee in return as she pointed back to the house.

"Our Son is in the house with Shen and Nightracer, he did say that they would be out here to see you." she replied and as if on cue, a blue-haired fifteen-year old Lad, a similarly aged Turian and a black-haired Femme all stepped out of the door.

"Hey Dad, welcome back." the Son said as he walked up to his Father, who pulled away from his Spark-mate and gave the young Man a hug.

"Hey Orion, you been looking after your Mother while I've been away?" he asked, while Shen greeted his own Father behind them.

"Of course Dad..." he replied with a slightly uncomfortable tone, knowing that both his Mother and Nightracer were watching. The former was looking at them with a caring and proud expression, while the latter stared back with a amused smile. Jack noticed this and let go of his Son, giving him a knowing smile back.

"Okay, I'm not going to embarrass you any further Son." he said back, earning a confused look from Orion in return.

"Dad..?" he asked, which made the older Darby just nod ever so subtly towards Nightracer.

"…oh, I get it." the young Man added, before he started to walk over to the Femme.

"Wait, where you going?" Jack then asked as the Blue-haired Bot stopped by his friend, while Shen joined their side too.

"We are going to spend some time at the beach while we wait for Quickstrike to arrive with Uncle Ironhide and Aunt Chromia, so we will see you later at the party Dad." his Son replied as the three then left, with the four adults to watch them go.

"There used to be a time when he would not leave my side after I got back from an assignment." the Human Prime said with a bemused tone and expression, which brought a slight smile to Arcee's face as she joined his side, taking his hand in her own and sighing comfortably.

"It's called growing up Jack, our Son is slowly out-growing us." she replied, gaining nods from both Garrus and Tali.

"Tell me about it, we are having a similar experience with Shen." the Turian said, while a curious expression appeared on the blue-haired Femme's face, having noticed Nightracer and her Son holding hands as they walked down towards the white sandy beach.

"Though I think I am starting to see why he wanted to go to the beach now…" she began to say with a questioning tone, which made Jack gently squeeze her hand and regain her attention as he picked up his bag off the floor.

"Anyway, let's leave the young ones to it and go inside shall we." he said, earning a nod from his Spark-mate as the pair turned around and headed for the House with their friends behind them.

Once inside, Garrus and Tali headed upstairs to the guest room leaving Jack and Arcee to relax on the sofa as he dropped his bag beside him, before draping his arm around his Spark-mate's neck and holding her close as they look at the warm glow of the fire-place in front of them.

"Hmm…it's so good to have you home Jack, I could definitely get used to this." she said in a relaxing tone as she rested her head against his arm and stared into the fire, watching the flames dance over it's burning logs.

"So could I…" he began to say, which brought a curious expression to the Femme's face as she turned her face to his.

"Why do I sense a 'but' coming in any second now?" she asked, which stopped him in mid-sentence.

"…but, as long as I wear this…" he continued to say, while gesturing to the Matrix-Crystal that was hanging around his neck.

"…I'm afraid that I will only be able to stay for short intervals at a time." he finished, which made Arcee's expression turn to slight disappointment as she nodded back.

"I know, so I guess we should not waste a second of the time we do get together." the Femme replied, which brought a lopsided smile to the Human's face as he gave her a knowing look.

"I could not agree more." he said back while leaning in close to his Spark-mate.

"Jack Darby, what do you think you are doing..?" Arcee asked as she pulled away slightly, which made the Prime's smile widen as a shocked expression appear on her face as it dawned on her.

" cannot be thinking of doing what I think you want to do, not while we have guests under our roof." she said back, which brought an honest smile to his face.

"No of course not, but kissing isn't out of the question is it? I mean you did say we shouldn't waste a second of the time given to us." Jack said back, bringing a smile to the Femme's face as she quickly glanced towards the stairs before looking back at him lovingly.

"I did, didn't I…" she started to say as she leaned in close to her Spark-mate, who could feel her breath on his skin before they kissed and wrapped their arms around each other in an embrace.

But just as the pair began to enjoy themselves, the Human Prime's holo-tool activated and gained their attention, making them pull away enough for Jack to look at his device.

"Well isn't that our luck." Arcee said with a slightly disappointed tone as she relaxed beside him, while her Spark-mate pressed a button on his holo-interface and brought up a holo-screen.

"I forgot that my computer here would begin uploading reports and articles to my holo-tool not long after entering the house…" he started to reply while looking at the list that scrolled down before his eyes, until one in particular caught his attention.

"…wait, have you seen this?" he then asked while stopping the list at one report, which made Arcee look and read it's title.

"Orion's newest school Report, no I haven't. I've been busy with Tali and have not had a chance to check our mail yet." she said back, before Jack then tapped the report and made it fill the holo-screen.

"Well then, let's see how our Son has be doing at School this past year." he then said as the pair settled down on the sofa and started reading the text before them, only for the older Darby eyes to widen as he came to it's grades section.

"Wait, these are not as good as last years ones…" he started to say with a disappointed tone while comparing them with last year's ones, a concerned look appearing on his face as he turned to the Femme.

"…has he said anything to you during this year?" Jack asked, making his Spark-mate shake her head in return as her face mirrored his.

"Orion would say that school is just fine, so I assumed it was. I mean he has been getting good grades every other year."

"I know that…" the Human Prime started to say, only for his own thoughts to cut him off.

'Orion can't be allowed to lose focus, not with the destiny that lies before him.' he thought, which made him stop and look at the fire-place in a trance-like stare. Arcee noticed this and waved her hand in front of his face, regaining her Spark-Mate's attention.

"…what, what is it?" he replied with a confused tone and look, earning a concerned expression from the blue-haired Femme in return.

"You alright Jack? You just stopped talking and began staring into the fire, almost like you were hypnotised." she said back, which made Jack shake his head and give her a reassuring look.

"…No, no. I am fine, just a little tired I guess." He replied with a slight smile, which lessened the concern on Arcee's face in response.

"Okay, so what do you want to about Orion's grades dropping?"

"I should have a chat with him, get him back on track with his school work." the older Darby replied as he started to get up from the Sofa, only for his Spark-mate to stop him as they heard what sounded like a Shuttle passing over the house closely.

"That will have to wait…" she began to say while standing up, a smile appearing on her face as she looked down at him.

"…since I am guessing that's Chromia and her family arriving outside." the Femme added with a hopeful tone, before Garrus and Tali walked down the stairs and saw them.

"Hey guys, Chromia, Ironhide and Quickstrike are here. Let's go and greet them." the Turian said in an enthusiastic tone as he and his Quarian Partner held hands as they entered the hallway, gaining a smile from Arcee as she looked back at them.

"We'll be right there…" she started to say, before returning her attention to Jack.

"…come on Jack, let's go and enjoy everyone's company and then afterwards, you, Orion and I can have a family discussion about his school grades." she said in a caring and gentle tone as she held her hand out to him, which brought a smile to the Human Prime's face as he looked into her eyes and took her hand in his own.

"Yeah, we can do that…" he replied while standing up beside her, before the pair walked hand in hand out of the lounge and joined their friends outside on the porch as Chromia's Shuttle landed beside theirs.

"I love you Arcee." he then gently whispered in to his Spark-mate's ear as they waved at the new arrivals, making the Femme blush slightly as she looked back at him lovingly.

"I love you too Jack."


Meanwhile there was a sudden flash of light, causing Orion to open his eyes and immediately take in his surroundings with a confused look on his face. For the blue-haired Bot found himself in a dimly lit room, lying in bed with a thin duvet sheet covering the lower-half of his body up to his stomach.

'Where am…' he started to think before glancing hearing a steady and soft breaths coming from his right, making him glance over to see the slender form of an Asari sleeping beside him with the same duvet draped over her waist and exposing her blue back to him.

'…Liara!' he added with confusion clouding his mind as he took a second look around the room, noticing that he was actually in their bedroom, which sparked his memory as he sighed and sunk his head back into the soft puffy pillow.

'Okay, that was one hell of a dream...' he started to think to himself while listening to the sound of his Wife sleeping peacefully next to him, but this soon stopped as something dawned on him and made Orion's eyes widen slightly in return.

'…wait, what was it that happened again?' the Darby thought while trying to remember the details of the dream he had just experienced, only to come up blank.

'I could have sworn that I remembered it all as I woke up…' he added before a sound from outside suddenly caught his attention and made the Bot look over to the window, which was covered by the dark blue curtains. This earned a curious look from the Prime as he slowly pulled the duvet off him and got out of bed, doing his best not to disturb Liara. But as he moved his legs over the edge of the bed, he looked back over his shoulder and saw that she was still asleep, which brought a slight smile to his face.

'Nothing would make me want to wake her right now.' he thought before returning his focus to the window as he stood up and walked over to it, then reaching out and pulling the left curtain away to reveal the window and the view beyond it.

'I don't see anything…' he started to think as he looked out at their view of the coastline, which was basked in white light coming from the full Moon that was present in the cloudless night sky. But Orion was quickly cut off as a Bat suddenly flew up into view as it passed by, making the Bot flinch as it surprised him.

'What the hell!' he thought before taking a deep breath and calming himself, which made him sigh and smirk as he shook his head.

"Orion, are you alright?" a familiar voice suddenly spoke up from behind the blue-haired Man, which made his eyes widen as he turned around to see Liara sitting up and looking back at him with a curious expression.

"Yeah… it was just a Bat." he said back with a smile, trying to hide the embarrassment he now felt. But the Asari merely cocked her head and looked back at him with a knowing smile, one that he knew saw straight through his act.

"Oh really, then I want to see it too." she said before getting up out of the bed, revealing the white silk nightdress that showed off her athletic figure as she walked around the bed to his side.

"You don't need to get up, it's already gone." the Bot replied while gesturing to the window, but Liara ignored his hollow plea as she gently brushed past him, with her exposed blue skin touch his own bare chest as she looked out of the window. It felt like electricity to the Bot and instantly made his Spark warm, making the Prime sigh as he turned to look out of the window with her.

"Well since this Bat managed to lure you from our bed, then it's only right that I find out if it is competition for me." Liara replied with a teasing tone, one that brought a smile to the Bot's face as he blushed a little.

"You don't have competition Liara." he said back as he looked lovingly back at her, which made her smile widen as she turned her attention to him and saw his slightly red face.

"I know…"

The Asari then looked back out of the window, as did her Husband while he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"It's a nice night, not a cloud in the sky." she observed, gaining a nod from the Bot in return.

"Yes it is, nothing but the Moon and the stars shining down upon us." he replied before the pair just continued to stare up to the sky, but then Liara turned her attention to Orion and gave him a curious look.

"So...going to come back to bed now?" she asked with an inquisitive smile, only for the Bot to shake his head gently in return.

"Not right now, since I don't feel tired." he said back, which brought a confused look to the Asari's face.

"But you were only…" she began to reply while turning her attention to the holo-clock that sat on the night-table beside his side of the bed, noticing that it said Twelve Thirty Two.

"…an hour ago, we went to bed an hour ago and you're not tired now?" Liara continued with a confused tone, which made the blue-haired Bot shrug his shoulders.

"I can't explain it…" he started to say back as his Wife returned her gaze to his own, noticing a thoughtful expression upon his handsome face.

"…but I did have the most strangest dream."

"A dream? What was it about?" the Asari then asked with a curious tone as the pair stood beside the window, while her Husband shook his head gently in response.

"That's the thing, I don't remember. I mean when I woke up, it was clear in my mind...or at least it felt so. But then in just a moment, it was gone." Orion replied with a tinge of frustration in his voice, which made Liara put her arms place her hands on his arms and look him in the eye.

"Perhaps if we meld, I can help you remember it or at least some of it's details?" she then asked with a caring tone, but the Prime gave her gave her a loving smile in return as he looked back at her.

"I appreciate the offer Liara, but it won't be necessary. It was just a dream after all…" he said back while looking over to the bed, which made the Asari do the same.

"…and you should get back to sleep, since we do have a busy day tomorrow." the blue-haired Bot added, making her look back with a knowing smile.

"Yes, but that means you too. I do not think Quickstrike and Ser-Ket would be impressed when they arrive tomorrow and see that you are half-asleep, do you?" she replied, which brought a defeated slight-smile to Orion's face as he sighed.

"Yeah, you win." he replied with a slightly sheepish tone , making her smile widen as she stared into his eyes.

"I always win Orion, now come on back to bed. You can hold me until we both fall to sleep." she said back while gently squeezing his hand, making the Bot smile back as she led him back to the bed.

"Liara, I can't think of anything I would want to do more." Orion said back with a loving tone as he smiled back, before the Asari then led him back to the bed.

But just before the pair could get under the duvet once more, a baby's crying could suddenly be heard outside their room. This gained a sigh from Liara as she sat on the bed while holding a part of the duvet in her hands, while the Prime gave her a knowing look.

"I guess Myra's diaper needs changing…" he started to say, only for the Asari to cut him off as she nodded back in return.

"Yeah, it's my turn too." she replied while starting to get off the bed, only for the blue-haired Bot to stop her by placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Yeah it is, but I'll take of it this time." he replied with caring tone, making his Wife look up at him as he stood over her.

"You sure? You're never usually volunteer when it's not already your turn." she said back with an unconvinced tone, which made the Prime nod back.

"That is true. But you're tired right now, so I'll cover for you."

Liara simply smiled back knowingly, before lying back down and pulling the duvet over her body once again.

"Alright then, thank you Orion…" she began to say back, while her Husband turned around and headed for the door.

"…have fun." the Asari added as he grabbed the door handle and started to open the door, only to stop halfway through the action and look back at her as a cautious look appeared on his face.

"Is it too late for me to change my mind?" Orion asked, remembering the 'not-so-fun' times he has already had with changing his Daughter's diapers. But Liara just turned on her side, resting her head on her hand as she smiled at him.

"Yes it is, now go on." she replied with a teasing tone, which made the Bot sigh and shrug his shoulders in defeat as he opened the door fully.

"Okay…" he said back before walking into the corridor and gently closing the door behind him.

The Prime did not have to walk far to his Daughter's room, since it's door was directly on his right as he stopped and took a breath before opening the door and entering. The room was dimly lit by it's wall-lamps, with one positioned in the middle of three of the four walls that made up the room. It was enough light for the Bot to see what was in there without waking up Myra, with Orion walking directly to the cot that stood in it's center as it's tiny blue occupant continued to cry loudly.

"Hey Myra, it's okay..." the Prime said softly while gently picking up the infant Asari out of her cot, before cradling her in his arms.

"...Daddy's here, my little Princess." he added while suddenly little-Myra started to calm down, as though just being held by him was enough. The blue-haired Bot then smiled as he looked down at the baby in his arms, watching as she completely stopped crying and stared back at him with what could only be described as a curious expression.

"Okay...that was fast...?" he then started to say, before noticing that his Daughter's diaper was bone dry and also did not feel full of anything either.

" didn't leave me a surprise either..." Orion continued with a questioning and yet caring tone, while little-Myra just kept her blue eyes on him.

"...and you don't have a fever." he added while placing his hand on his Daughter's forehead, noticing that her temperature was fine. He then noticed the little-Asari watching his hand like a hawk as he pulled it away, which then made him move it left to right as he observed her eyes focusing on his appendage like a hawk.

"Did you just want mine and your Mother's attention?" he then asked, which regained the Baby's attention as she stared back at him with what could only be described as a look of innocence. This brought a smile to the Prime's face, one that was mirrored by Myra as she copied her Father.

"You did, didn't you…" Orion then said before he then started to tickle his baby-girl's stomach, earning the most cutest giggle from the small-Asari as his smile widened even more. But then he stopped and just held her in his arms, looking down with a loving stare as he watched the little Asari start to pant a little after giggling.

…well you don't ever have to worry little Princess, because you will always have mine and your Mother's attention…that's a promise." the Bot continued with a caring tone, while the Baby just looked back up at him curiously.

"So…" the Autobot Leader started to say, looking around the room before returning his focus to Myra.

"…you're tired, right?"

This gained a cute yet blank expression from the little-Asari as she looked up at him.

"…yeah, me neither." he added before his eyes fell on the crib-mobile that was hanging directly over his Daughter's cot, which brought another smile to his face as he saw the different ships that hung from it.

"So I guess I will tell you a story then." Orion said as he then put little-Myra back down in her bed and draped her soft blue bed-sheet over her tiny body, while she grabbed at one of his hands playfully.

'She does have quite a grip, especially for an Asari that's just over six months old.' he thought affectionately, before she then tried to stick one of his fingers in her mouth to suck.

'Ah…no, that's not your dummy Myra.' he thought before gently releasing his hand from hers and picking up the dummy lying beside her head, instead placing that in her mouth. His Daughter then started to suck on that instead, looking even more adorable in her Father's eyes as he then disconnected two toy ships from the mobile, with one looking like the Normandy and the other similar to a Merc Cruiser.

"You see Myra, the last time I was work…three days ago, my ship…the Normandy…" he started to say while gesturing to the Frigate in his right hand, which the little Asari looked up at and smiled from behind her dummy.

"…was ambushed by a Merc Cruiser with a cloaking device…" he continued while playing with both ships, bringing the enemy ship up behind the Normandy.

"…and in their first attack, damaged us and injured Jetstorm, our pilot and my friend."

The little Myra just kept her eyes focused on her Father as he moved the ships around overhead, completely enamoured with everything he did with them.

"So I took over the controls while he was looked after by Quickstrike and Ser-Ket, pulling the Normandy into a loop and getting in behind the enemy…" he described while showing the move to his young audience.

"…before then firing a spread of torpedoes into it and…" he then began to add, before a very familiar voice cut him off.

"…completely destroying the enemy and saving the Normandy."

This made Orion almost jump out of his skin, accidentally knocking the mobile and making his Daughter spit out her dummy as she giggled once again.

"Liara…I didn't know you were…, how long were you standing there?" he asked with an embarrassed tone to his voice, which made the adult Asari's smile widen in return as their Daughter continued to giggle while watching the ships moving around in the mobile overhead.

"Long enough…" Liara replied as she walked into the room and joined his side, before looking down at their baby.

"…this doesn't look like diaper changing to me." the blue-Woman added with a smile as she looked down at little-Myra, who calmed down and stared back up at her Mother with a smile, while Orion then fumbled through refitting the toy-ships to the mobile.

"…Yes well, Myra just wanted some attention…no diaper change needed." he said back, earning a knowing glance from his bond-mate.

"You do realise that goes against the very reason we moved Myra into her own room, so that she could get used to us not being around all the time." Liara replied, earning a lop-sided grin from the Prime as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What can I say, when my little Princess needs me…I come running."

This made the Asari's smile widen as she sighed in response.

"I know what you mean, but still I think we should let our Daughter get some sleep." she said back.

"Yeah, in fact I think Myra agrees too." he said back with a smile while gesturing to the baby-Asari, who gave off the most adorable little yawn as her eye-lids became heavy. This brought a similar expression to Liara's face as she then bent over the cot and kissed her daughter's forehead, gaining another slight giggle from the little one as her tiredness started to take hold.

"Good night my sweet little Angel." she said softly, before standing up straight once more and looking back at her Husband who stared down at Myra lovingly.

"We should get some sleep too, don't you think?" she asked, which made the Bot nod back as he returned his attention to her.

"You won't get any…" Orion started to say back, before a yawn worked it's way out of his mouth.

"…argument out of me." he then finished as another embarrassed look befell his face, which only made the Asari stare back affectionately as she held her hand out to him.

"Let's go back to bed then." she said with an alluring tone, gaining a slight smile back from the Prime as he took her hand in his before looking back down at his baby-girl one last time.

"Good night Myra, sweet dreams my little princess." he said before both he and Liara then left the room as the little-one's eyes closed and sleep took her once more.

Once back in the corridor, Orion gently and slowly closed the door so that he would not wake his now sleeping Daughter. But when he then turned back to Liara, a curious expression appeared on his face as he noticed a thoughtful look upon her own.

"Liara, what is it?" he asked in soft tone, which snapped the Asari out of her thoughts as her eyes met his once again.

"I can't help but wonder what kind of person our little girl will become in the future or what she will have to deal with, don't you?" she asked, which made the Bot smile back affectionately.

"Yeah, of course I do. I think that's a given for any parent, no matter where who they are or what part of the galaxy they are from…" he started to say, which made his Wife nod back.

"…but if she is anything like you, Myra will grow up to be a strong and independent Woman." he continued as the pair looked into each other's eyes lovingly.

"Well…I think that she won't just be like me, because she should be somewhat like you too." she said back, while a thoughtful smile appeared on the Bot's face as stared back at her.

"What?" she then asked back curiously, which made the blue-haired Prime look to ground as he sighed happily.

"I don't know why…" he started to say before looking back at the door to his Daughter's room, which made Liara do the same as she followed his action.

"…but I have a feeling that our daughter will be just fine."

"Okay, you do know that I am still going to ask how you know that?" she said back with a slightly unsure tone, to which Orion simply shook his head gently in response as the pair then entered their own room.

"I did say I didn't know how, but what I do know is…" he started to say as he closed the door gently behind them, before looking back at his Wife with a confident smile.

"…that no matter what life throws at you, or how bad things can get…in the end things do work out."

"And you 'feel' that Myra is going to be alright?" Liara then asked with a curious tone as she sat on her side of the bed, while the Prime joined her on his side.

"I can't explain it, but yeah I do. No matter what our little girl goes through in life, she will be just fine in the end." he replied with a confident tone, which brought a smile to the Asari's face as she looked into his eyes.

"If you believe that, then so do I..." she said as the pair then lied down, with the Bot pulling the duvet over them before his wife wrapped her arms around him.

"…I love you Orion Darby." she added as he mirrored her action and pulled her into an embrace as they relaxed in their bed and kissed.

"I love you too Liara Darby." the Prime then replied before the couple then lied in each others arms and fell asleep.


Elsewhere in time, Myra found herself surrounded by a bright white light which was almost blinding to her as she stood there in it's intense shine. But before the Prime could start to fathom exactly where she was, a familiar voice spoke out and echoed around her.

"Wherever you are Myra…good luck."

'Kat!' the Asari thought as her eyes widened as she recognised the voice of her lover, making Myra turn around in an attempt to pinpoint the direction that the Human had spoken from. But unfortunately the blue-Woman had to squint and cover her eyes, for the light's intensity was too much to handle.

'How do I find Kat..?' the Prime started to think before the white light suddenly brightened even more, completely bathing her armoured body in light as it encompassed her fully. But as the Myra kept her eyes covered by her hands, she suddenly heard another familiar voice speak up in front of her.


This made the Asari remove her hands from her eyes and look directly before her to find none other than Sharptooth and his Dinobots standing just above her, looking back with surprised stares.

"What…?" Myra began to ask with a similar tone and look, before noticing that she was still in her Prime-Armour and was standing in the crater where she had defeated Vasir, in the exact same spot as a matter of fact. But before the young Darby could even say another word, another far more familiar voice spoke up from behind her.


This made the Prime's eyes widen as she immediately turned around to see Kat standing beside the unconscious form of the Leviathan Leader, but the Asari just kept her eyes focused on the Human Woman who gave her an affectionate smile back as she looked her up and down.

"…you're back...and your okay." she added with a mixture of relief and confusion, while Myra started to walk up to her. But before anything else could be said, the blue-Woman pulled her lover into an embrace and kissed her, surprising everyone there as they watched as they watched the pair in wide-eyed shock. Even Kat was surprised, but only for a second before she returned the kiss and embrace in kind as their lips remained locked together as they forgot about the world around themselves and focused on each other.

"Don't they need to breath at some point?" Slash asked with a curious tone to his friends, earning an eye roll from Strafe, while their leader and Scorn ignored them and kept their attention on the two Women.

"Sorry about that…" Myra then said as the lovers pulled away just enough to look into each others eyes while remaining in their embrace, which made Shepard smirk back as she cut the Asari off.

"Sorry for what, that was perfect." she replied, causing the Prime to blush slightly in return.

"Thanks…but when I saw you, I just wanted to have you in my arms again…I feel like it has been an eternity since I last saw you."

"Really, but you only disappeared for a moment and then you were back…where did you go?" Kat asked with a curious tone and look, gaining a sigh from the Asari in return.

"It's a long story, but I will tell you everything later…I promise." she replied, which earned a nod from the Human Woman.

"Okay, I'm just glad that you alright."

Myra then stepped back and looked down at her gauntlets, which suddenly retracted back into her armoured forearms as if on some sub-conscious command from the Asari and revealed her healthy blue-skinned hands once more.

"Yeah, I guess the Matrix's light healed me and removed all trace of the virus." she said back before returning her attention to Kat, who was looking at her Lover's Prime Armour.

"And I have to say, you do look really good in that too." the young Shepard replied, making Myra's cheeks blush a little once more as she gently chuckled in return.

"Thanks, but I don't think Primus's remnant inside this Matrix had that in mind when the Armour was created." she said back while touching the center of her chest-plate, gesturing to the relic's location on her person.

"Glad to see you're back Myra, looking good as well." Sharptooth then said, gaining the pair's attention as the Asari gave him an appreciative smile.

"Thanks." she replied, before the Dinobot Leader then gestured to the unconscious Vasir lying at their feet.

"So what should we do with her?" he then asked, making both Myra and Kat look down at their defeated enemy.

"Let's get a Biotic dampner around Vasir's neck and make sure she is properly restrained..." the Prime began to say before being cut off as a Ground-Bridge portal appeared just away from the group, gaining their attention as they turned to see Vraz and several security officers and Medics exit the portal.

"Commander, it's good to see you are alright...considering how Omega Supreme looks right now." Sharptooth said, earning a nod from the Bot as he and his team joined them."

"Yes, we were lucky that Leviathan was deactivated when it was." he replied, which made Strafe gesture to the Asari who was still standing in the crater with Kat, who was connecting the dampner to Vasir's neck.

"Well the person to thank for that is standing just over there." the Dinobot-Femme added, gaining an understanding smile from the Autobot as turned his attention to the young Darby.

"Yes..." he began to say back, taking note of her new Prime-Armour as he joined the two Woman in the crater.

"...I think everyone knows who is our saviour today...Myra Prime." he then added while stopping directly in front of the Asari and saluted her, making the new Prime blush a little with embarrassment in return.

"Please, you don't have to do that for me." she said back with a humble tone, which only made Vraz shake his head as his smile widened a little more.

"But I do...we all do now, since the Morning Hope has kept a sensor lock on this area and broadcasted the events here to not only us on Omega Supreme, but to every ship in orbit as well..."

This earned surprised looks from the group as he continued to speak, with the Dinobots, Myra and Kat all keeping their attention solely on him.

"...and they all know that the Matrix has chosen a new Prime." he finished, his last sentence making Myra take a deep breath and sigh as those words hit her.

"So, what are your orders Myra Prime?" Vraz then asked, gaining a wide-eyed stare from the blue-Woman in response.

"Excuse me...?" she said back with a surprised tone, which made Kat stand beside her and take her hand in her own, gently squeezing it affectionately. This made the Asari smile slightly as she glanced at the ground for a second.

'Thanks Kat.' she thought while returning the gesture, before looking back at Vraz.

"Well...our laws dictate as soon as a new Prime has been chosen, he or she will immediately take over as Commander of the Autobots and join the ISF Senate. These laws were put together by your Grandfather over five hundred years ago, with your Father doing the same when the Matrix was passed to him. The Senate will meet you in New Iacon, where they are putting together quite the celebration for you I understand." he added, bringing the surprised expression back to Myra's face once more.

"Wait, they already know?" she asked, which made the Bot nod back happily.

"Of course. The Morning Hope also sent the footage to the Senate, who I believe then broadcast it around the entire fact I would not be surprised to hear that the entire Federation hasn't heard the news by now, with Vasir's defeat and a new Prime being chosen." he replied as Kat smiled at her Asari, who looked back at the ground in shock.

"Good news travels fast, huh." the Wrecker said as she gently bumped her upper arm against the other's, gaining the Prime's attention as she looked back to her.

"I guess it does..." she replied with disbelief still underlining her words, before returning her attention to the Autobot.

" we are going to the Morning Hope, right?" she then asked with a breath, calming herself a little as she tried to regain some self control in front of everyone.

"Yes, It has been handed temporary Autobot Flagship status due to what happened to Omega Supreme and awaits your arrival. The Eudora too has docked with the cruiser, so Evac and Tolae are waiting for you too."

"Okay then..." Myra began to say as she glanced over to see two of the Security Officers pick up the still unconscious Vasir, watching for a second as they then carried her towards the swirling green vortex before returning her gaze to Vraz.

"...let's go." she said, earning a nod from the Bot.

"Then please follow me...Myra Prime..." he began to say, only to be cut off by the Asari as she raised a hand slightly.

"I just want you to know that as a friend, you can still just call me Myra, the same as my close friends and family. But name is now Mira Prime." she explained, which made the Commander nod back with an understanding expression.

"Mira Prime, okay I will let the Senate know, Myra." he said back before starting for the portal with the Prime, Kat and the others following. But Slash looked at the Asari with a confused expression, which did not go unnoticed by her.

"Wait a second, Myra and Mira both sound virtually identical. So why bother with a name change at all...Prime?" he asked with an unsure tone, bringing a knowing smile to the Darby's face.

"I don't have a clue, but are you really going to question the will of the Matrix?" she asked back, making the Bot look at the slightly raised silver Autobot emblem on her chest-plate.

", of course not." he answered back as he returned his stare to her face, bringing smiles to both Kat and Strafe's faces as the shook their heads in return.

"What about Omega Supreme, Vraz...?" Sharptooth then asked, making the Autobot turn and look back at the Dinobot.

" just going to leave him here in the desert?"

"No Sharptooth, Omega is severally damaged but still salvageable." he replied, which brought a smirk to Scorn's face.

"Tough little Autobot." he replied with a chuckle, which brought Vraz's attention to him as the Commander gave him a puzzled look.

"...little?" he asked back while looking between the Dinobot and the massive Autobot Guardian, who was lying on the desert floor away from them.

"Well...yeah, he is little when you compare him to the former City-Bot standing just over here." Scorn replied as he gestured to the dormant behemoth towering over them. But this just earned a happy sigh from Myra, while she walked hand in hand with Kat towards the Ground-bridge portal.

"Come on guys, let's go." she said back, which gained nods from both Bots as they quickly followed her and the others into the swirling energy vortex that quickly closed behind them.

A few moments later and the group were standing in front of an empty cell aboard the Morning Hope, while their enemy was escorted by two Autobots towards them.

"So where are you going to hold Vasir?" Myra asked as she, Kat and the Dinobots watched while Vraz's soldiers walked the former Leviathan Leader into her cell. There was only one seat, a bed and a toilet to greet her as she silently sat down on the former, before the Autobots locked her handcuffs to the seat and left. They then activated the door's energy field, sealing her in as she uncharacteristically remained silent and stared down at the floor with a defeated expression.

"She is going to be transferred to the Gravitron Prison we have built in the Hades Nexus, which is safely orbiting the local Quantum Singularity..." the Commander began to reply, only for Kat to interrupt him.

"So the ISF finally made use of the sensor readings the Normandy took of the Quintesson planet over five hundred years ago." she asked with a curious expression, which gained similar stares from everyone there in return.

"What? I remember hearing about that project before leaving the Wreckers." she began to say, before looking back at Myra with an affectionate and confident face.

", I know my history." she added with a wink, which made the Asari smirk back.

"Yes Kat, we did. But it was not like our scientists were sitting on the data for over half a millennium, we simply did not have a power-source strong enough to keep any station we built in orbit around any kind strong gravitational anomaly…let alone a black hole." Vraz replied, before the Prime looked at him with a knowing look.

"That is until the Synthetic Energon formula was stabilised, isn't that right Commander." she said back, earning a nod from the Autobot.

"That is correct Prime, the completion of the Synthergon formula has proven to be a godsend for the Inter-Stellar Federation…" he started to say while she, Kat and the Dinobots listened. But then everyone's attention was caught by Slash sighing as he stared at Vasir with a disinterested expression.

"Are we done here?"

Myra looked back at her adversary and nodded in return, for her defeated adversary really did look beaten as she simply sat there in silence and continued to keep her attention away from those watching her, staring down at the floor with a blank face.

"Yes, we are done here Slash. I can take comfort in the knowledge that she will never again pose a threat to anyone ever again…and she knows it too..." she replied with a confident tone, before looking back at Vraz.

"…how is the permanent Biotic Dampner performing?" she then asked, which made the Autobot activate his holo-tool and look at the readings on it's screen.

"Everything is in the green, the device is working at a hundred percent." the Commander answered, making Kat look at the screen with a curious expression.

"Vasir will be unable to remove it?"

"No, the permanent dampner has been made in a way that once it is locked around a Biotic's neck, it can never be removed, not by her, not by any Autobot….not by anybody. She is now powerless…" he was in the middle of saying, before the Prime smirked and cut him off.

"It's like I just said, Vasir will no longer pose a threat to anyone ever again. She has no abilities, no power, no allies...nothing. She can look forward to nothing more than living the rest of her life in a cell with 'nothing'.." the Asari said, only for her Human Lover to finish her words.

"Which is as far removed from what she was trying to achieve, making her live with her failure."

"Exactly…" Myra then replied with a nod, before taking one final look at the former Leviathan Leader.

"…and I think I have spent more than enough time on her now, so let's get out of here." she added, which made Vraz and the others nod back, with the Commander looking back at the two soldiers who stood at either side of her cell door.

"Close it up, we are leaving." he commanded, gaining a salute from the one standing on the left. Before he turned to the control panel behind him, only to stop as Vasir looked up at Myra and spoke.

"You may think you are done with me Myra, but I will always be on your mind." she said, gaining everyone's attention as they turned and looked back at her. But the Prime simply stared back with a disinterested expression as she shook her head.

"No you won't be, because I have far more to live for now…" the younger Asari started to say, before glancing at Kat and then back to Vasir, which did not go unnoticed by the Human who smirked in response.

"…and I will no longer waste another moment or thought on you." she added before turning away and walking off, quickly followed by the others as the soldier then continued with his task as he activated the door control. This earned a surprised and almost hurt expression from the former Leviathan Leader as she stared out at them, before the thick metal door slid down over the energy barrier and sealed her away.


"So now that we have dealt with that little matter, what's next is on the agenda?" Myra asked as she and the others walked through one of the Morning Hope's many identical corridors, making their way to the Cruiser's CIC as they passed numerous crewmen who would all stop and salute the Prime.

'I don't know if I will ever get used to that.' she thought while trying to hide her embarrassment and slight annoyance, but this gained Kat's attention as she saw through the Asari's act and so slipped her hand into the blue-Woman's and gently squeezed it as Vraz began to speak.

"Well Prime, once the fleet has completed it's repairs…" he began to say, before looking at his holo-tool as the two lovers sneaked affectionate glances at each other.

"…which should be inside of the next hour, we will be setting course for New Iacon…" he then continued, only for the Prime to cut him off as she nodded back with an understanding if nervous look.

"Ah yes, the celebration." she said back, earning a smile from the Commander as he returned his attention to her.

"It is going to be quite the celebration, the first real party in five hundred years that everyone in the Federation will be able to enjoy." the Autobot said back, which brought smiles to the Dinobots faces as the group stopped by the nearby elevator.

"Well in that case, we should get ourselves ready for it…since we Dinobots have quite the reputation at parties." Sharptooth said, making Myra, Vraz and Kat stop and look back at them curiously.

"Seriously?" the Wrecker asked with smirk, gaining nods from Slash and Scorn while Strafe simply rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, the original Dinobots were quite the party crashers back in the day." Scorn replied enthusiastically, making the Femme sigh.

"It's true, no party was complete without Grimlock or one of his team trashing something in the name of fun." she added, which earned a cautious smile from Vraz in return.

"Well, at least stay in your best behaviour…at least until the party actually starts." he said, gaining smiles from the Dinobots as the elevator door opened and they entered it.

"No promises Commander…Prime." Sharptooth then teased before the door closed behind them, leaving Myra and Kat with the Autobot.

"Dinobots…" he sighed before his attention was caught by his com-link activating, while the Asari and Human smirked at each other.

"Commander Vraz, go ahead…they are…okay, we will meet them there…Vraz out." he replied while tapping a key on the Elevator's control panel, which made the Woman give him a curious stare.

"Alright, change of plans…we are not going to the CIC." he said in a cryptic tone as the door opened to reveal an empty elevator awaiting them, before gesturing to the pair to enter.

"Why? Where are you going to take us now?" Myra asked, to which the Commander would only smile back.

"You'll see, come on." he said before entering the elevator, with the pair following him as the elevator door closed behind them.

A moment later and the elevator door opened, making Myra and Kat smile as they saw Evac and Tolae waiting for them.

"Hey guys." the Pilot said with a lop-sided grin as the pair walked out of the elevator and approached the couple, while Vraz watched with a smile on his face.

"It's good to see you." the Prime said in a happy tone as she pulled the Bot into an embrace, while Kat gave the Ardat-Yakshi a warm hug in return.

"And you…" Evac replied before they pulled away, allowing him to look at his friend's new armour.

"…but should I actually salute you now?" he then asked with a cheeky tone, which made Myra shake her head as she chuckled to herself.

"No, that won't be necessary Evac."

"I like your new armour?" Tolae then said, gaining Myra's attention.

"Thanks…" she started to reply, before glancing down at the armour with a disbelieving expression.

"…though I still think I am dreaming right now."

This earned a smile from Kat who placed her hand on her Lover's armoured shoulder, making the Asari look over to her.

"Well I have an idea on how we can solve that little predicament…" she began to say, earning a questioning smile from Myra.


"…take off the armour and I'll show you." the Human Wrecker added, gaining curious looks from their friends in return.

"And how do you do that?" Tolae asked, which brought a knowing expression to the Prime's face as she looked around at them.

"Well if I remember correctly, my Father said that he could control his Prime Armour by just thinking what he wanted it to do, so let's see…" she then began to explain, before a thoughtful look appeared on her face.

'Right arm retract.' she then thought which the armour automatically obeyed, with the pieces covering her entire arm and hand receding up to her shoulder, exposing her blue skinned arm to the others as they watched with wide-eyed interest.

"Wow, that is impressive." Evac replied, earning nods from both Vraz and Tolae as Myra smirked at what she had done.

"So what did you have planned Kat…?" the Prime then began to say as she looked over to Kat, only to be cut off as the young Shepard pinched her forearm.

"Ouch!" the Asari replied with a slightly annoyed tone and look, gaining an affectionate smile from the Human, one that eroded her lover's frustration almost instantly.

'Damn, it's impossible for me to stay annoyed at her.' she thought as a smile appeared on her face while sighing, while the Human Woman affectionately rubbed her arm.

"Well I guess that proves it's no dream Myra…" she started to reply, gaining a unified chuckle from the others as the Asari's cheeks reddened slightly in embarrassment as her armour then re-covered her arm once more. But just as she was about to say something else, the Wrecker's attention was caught by the appearance of someone who just came round the corner at one end of the corridor, which was directly behind Myra as she smiled. This did not go unnoticed by the Prime, which made her look at her Lover with a curious smile.

"What is it?" she asked, regaining Kat's attention as her smile widened a little more.

"I think you should look for yourself." the Human Woman replied, before gesturing to look behind her. This made the young Darby look behind her, before her eyes widened at who she saw.

"Hello Myra." a familiar voice spoke, which made the Asari's smile widen in return. For Myra found herself staring at Ser-Ket who was sitting in a hover-chair directly in front of her.

"Aunt Ser-Ket..!" she exclaimed happily while rushing to the former-Predacon's side, kneeling down in front of her as the older Woman took her hand in her own.

"It's good to see you." Ser-Ket replied, gaining a nod from her Niece as she gently squeezed her hand affectionately.

"And you, though I was not expecting you to be up and around yet." Myra said back, which earned a smirk from her Aunt as she looked down at her hover-chair.

"Well I won't be walking for a little while as my back heals, but this chair at least means I am not bound to a single place." she replied with an appreciative tone, gaining a nod from the Prime in return.

"I'm glad that you're alright, I mean when I heard what happened…" she started to say, only for the former-Predacon to cut her off as she placed her other hand on top of her Niece's.

"That's in the past Myra, there's no need to dwell on it. Besides, I hear the one responsible is now paying for her crimes." Ser-Ket cut her off as she smiled at her Niece, gaining a nod from the Asari in return.

"That's right, I stopped Vasir's plan with the help of my friends and she is no longer a threat to anyone any-more."

"I always thought that you would, which is why I did my best to make sure that the ISF left you alone after you left to pursue her on your own." the Femme replied, which made the young Darby smile back.

"I wanted to thank you for that too, since I always thought that I was on my own after leaving the Autobots." Myra replied with an appreciative smile, which made the former-Predacon merely smile back.

"I did promise your Parents that I would always look out for you, I wouldn't be a very good Aunt if I hadn't."

"You're the best." the Prime said back, which made the Femme blush slightly before returning her gaze back to Niece.

"Well I am very proud to be your Aunt, seeing the things you have accomplished. And I know in my spark that your Parents would be as well..." she started to reply before her eyes fell upon the Autobot insignia on the Asari's chest-plate.

" I see that you received a promotion." the older Woman added with a proud tone, bringing Myra's attention to her armour as she pointed towards it.

"Oh yeah, I'm the new Prime…surprise." she said back, earning a knowing smile from her Aunt.

"You're just like your Father..." she began to say, gaining a curious expression from her Niece.

"...for he too was nervous when he became a Prime."

"Yeah, I remember him telling me so when I was a kid." the young Asari replied, making Ser-Ket nod back.

"Well he also turned out to be an excellent Prime, just as your Grand-Father had been before him and I have no doubt that you will just like them as well." the Femme said as her smile widened, which Myra could not help but mirror as her cheeks reddened slightly with embarrassment.

"Well when you put it that way, no pressure."

Having heard that sentence, Kat joined the pair and gave her Lover a

"Don't worry Myra, you won't have to see this through on your own as we will be by your side." she said as the Asari stood back up, taking the blue-Woman's hand in her own as she gestured back to Evac, Tolae and Vraz. The former-Predacon noticed her Niece and the Wrecker holding hands and could not help but smile before looking towards the other couple, who joined their side.

"Well guys, Tolae and I were planning on retiring from all of this after the battle…" he started to say as he and the Ardat-Yakshi too held hands, earning thoughtful looks from both Myra and Kat.

"…but we weren't counting on you becoming a Prime, Myra. So I can't simply walk away now, I mean just think of the kind of pilot you were get in my place…" the Bot said in a teasing tone, which made both Women chuckle. But then Evac's face became slightly more serious as he smiled slightly, one that was mirrored by Tolae who cut him off.

"What Evac is trying to say…is we will stay and support you in your new role, if you want us that is?" she asked curiously, but the Prime sighed as she looked between them and Kat.

"You know I would not want it any other way, we're a team after all…" she started to reply, only to stop and look at Vraz who was standing just away from them and looking at his holo-tool.

"…in fact, instead of having a new Flag-ship built for me. I would like to have my flag on the Eudora permanently, as it has been my home for a long time and I see no need to change it." she said, making the Autobot nod back in return as he looked back to her.

"Very well Prime, so I take it you will want to arrive in New Iacon on board your ship? I only ask because I have just been informed that the fleet is ready to head to the Capital now." he asked, earning a nod from the Asari.

"Yes, as long as the Eudora is ready?" she replied before turning to Evac, who gave her a thumbs up.

"Of course, since repairs are complete and she is ready to go whenever you are." he said back, which made the Prime turn to her Aunt.

"Want to fly with us, Aunt Ser-Ket?" she asked with a smile, one that gained a mirrored look from the Femme as she nodded back.

"There is nowhere else I would rather be, after you." she said back affectionately, earning a smile from Myra before she returned her attention to Vraz.

"Have the fleet follow us once we have disengaged from the Morning Hope, we will give the City a surprise before we land." she said, earning a knowing smirk from the Autobot in response.

"Alright Prime, I will inform the fleet myself." he said back before saluting her and turning around, heading away from the group as Evac took the lead.

"Okay, the Eudora is parked in the main shuttle-bay which is this way." he said before walking in the opposite direction, as Myra and the others followed him.

The Metropolis of New Iacon was a buzz with activity as the Sun set over the Capital's skyline, changing it's colour from blue to red as the star began it's descent. There was a party-atmosphere throughout the city as people partied in the streets, though the main celebrations were happening around the Decagon as people had flooded it's gardens. There was a Nine year old blond- haired boy standing with his parents next to the large Memorial wall that surrounded the garden's perimeter, and he was looking at one of the names inscribed on it's marble surface.

"Daddy, what is...Optimus Prime?" the youngster asked, earning his Father's attention.

"Well Cody, he was leader of the Autobots when they first arrived here on Earth, while also being the first Prime we ever came across. He was a very brave and heroic figure." the older Man replied, which made the Kid give him a confused expression in return.

"What's a Prime?"

The older Man looked back at his Son and was about to answer before what sounded like a clap of thunder echoed in the evening sky, making him look up and smile.

"Hey Cody, it's starting." he said, bringing a smile to the child's face as everyone looked up at the reddening sky to see a fleet of ships descending toward them.

The fleet was made up of Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Fighters with the Eudora leading them all as all ships flew in formation while firing fireworks off as they passed over the City towards the Decagon. The sky lit up in a dazzling display made up of every colour imaginable, earning cheers from the citizens as they watched with amazement. The fleet then came to a halt and hovered over New Iacon as they continued launching fireworks, while the Eudora herself broke off and around the Decagon, performing a barrel-roll and revealing that it had a holo-version of the Prime's insignia on both sides of it's hull as it flew overhead before landing on the building's own shuttle-platform.

A few moments later and everyone's attention was caught as large holo-screens suddenly appeared around the city showing a close-up of the Decagon's main balcony as it's doors opened, making the citizens look either at the screens or at the building itself depending on their distance to it while the fireworks suddenly came to a stop as a large group of people came into view as they walked onto the balcony. The group was made up of several Senators and Admirals, with Nuwani leading the way alongside an Asian Woman in a black and red robe with light-blue highlights as they stopped and placed their hands on the railing before them, looking out at the masses who stared back up at them.

"Greetings Citizens of the Inter-Stellar Federation. I Senator Windblade have great news to share with you all, news that I believe many of you will already have heard. But considering the dark time our Federation has struggled through in the last few centuries, our Autobots…" she started to reply before gesturing to the Asari Admiral and her fellows, who nodded to the crowds in return.

"…have successfully defended our world from an Enemy that threatened to destroy not only ourselves and our children, but everything that our Alliance stands for…" the Femme continued as everyone went quiet as they listened intently.

"…but they did not do it alone, for they were led by a Woman who has been chosen by the very light of Primus's Matrix itself. And it was she who personally brought an end to this 'Leviathan' and saved our world. I am proud to present to you the new disciple of Primus and Leader of the Autobots, Mira Prime." the Femme added before gesturing to her right, which made the rest of the group separate to reveal Myra standing alongside her team and Aunt. But she could not help but stare out at the masses with a look of pure bewilderment and surprise as they cheered in return, so as Windblade gestured for her to come forward, the Asari looked at Kat who gave her an encouraging smile and nod back.

'Okay.' the Prime thought before taking a breath and walking up to the hand-rail, stopping beside the Senator and noticing that her face was now being televised on all of the large holo-screens. But the young Darby kept her composure as the chest-plate of her armour retracted enough for her to take the Matrix crystal from around her neck, which then shifted into the more recognisable relic in her hands. And as her armour reformed itself, the Asari held the Matrix with both hands and lifted it over her head as it's crystal glowed so bright, it created a beam of blue/white light that reached up high into the sky. This made the crowds erupt as their cheering became almost deafening as they witnessed their new Prime standing before them.

'Wow...' Myra thought before glancing around her to see the Senators and Admirals applauding her, before her eyes fell upon Evac, Tolae, Ser-Ket and Kat looking back at her proudly, with her Lover beaming with an affectionate and proud smile. This made the Asari's own widen more before she returned her gaze back to the cheering crowds as the ships overhead resumed launching fireworks into the sky as the Matrix continued to shine brightly.

'It is finally over and I am home, at last.' she thought as relief came over her because for the first time in what felt like a life time, she could finally see a light at the end of the tunnel...and it felt good.


Over a year later…

It was an warm Autumn's night in the town of Bolinas, a small coastal community that lies south-west of Drake's Bay. The sun had long disappeared beyond the horizon and banished the last embers of day for another night, allowing the stars to begin shining down from the clear darkening sky overhead. And it was at this same point, as it was every night that the towns street lights activated, shining a light for those who needed in the midst of night's embrace.

And it was outside the gate of Bolinas Cemetery that two more lamps came on at either side of the entrance, as did more lamps scattered throughout it's area. But then a Ground-bridge vortex suddenly appeared, it's green and blue swirling light overcoming that of the artificial lamps as Myra and Kat stepped out of it. The Asari was wearing her Prime Armour, while the Wrecker looked every bit the civilian, wearing a red T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and both showed off her athletic figure as she held what looked like a bouquet of flowers in her hands.

"Well here we are…" the latter began to say as she looked at the cemetery gates, while the Prime tapped the Autobot insignia in the center of her chest-plate. This made the armour retract and shift back into an octagonal disc, revealing Myra to be wearing a black pair of jeans and white T-shirt as she then placed the object into he right pocket.

"…are you sure you want to do this by yourself?" Kat then asked, gaining a nod from the Darby in return as she looked back at her Lover.

"Yeah, it's okay. I have held this off long enough, so I really should see to it now." she replied with an appreciative tone, which made the Human-Woman smile back slightly as she handed over the flowers.

"Don't say it like that Myra, because it is not your fault that we have been rather busy these past months. Just because you're a Prime now, doesn't mean that every problem is your responsibility." the young Shepard said back with a knowing tone, one that the Asari could not help but agree with as she sighed and nodded back in return.

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I still have some way to go before I fully shake off that bad habit, don't I." she replied with a lop-sided grin, gaining a similar look from Kat as she stepped close and gave her Lover a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry, I know you can do it. It just takes practise." she then said while placing a hand on the blue-Woman's arm and gently stroking it affectionately, making her blush a little as she smiled back.

"So…what are you going to do in the meantime?" the Prime then asked with a curious tone, while Kat between her and the energy swirling around the vortex beside them.

"I will go back aboard the Eudora and help Tolae and Evac with their calibrations until you are ready to come back aboard…" she began to reply, before then looking back into her lover's eyes with an affectionate stare.

"…then we can go back to our new home….together."

This made Myra's smile widen as she thought about the two of them in their newly built home, which was actually less than a mile from the old homes of both her Parents and Grandparents.

"I am looking forward to it." the Asari said, making the Wrecker's own smile widen before both Women leaned in and kissed, feeling that spark of electricity between their lips as they pressed gently against each other.

"Well, I am going to go back to the Eudora now." Kat then said as the pair broke the kiss and pulled away, gaining a nod from the Prime in return.

"Alright, I will see you in a bit then."

With that, the couple then waved goodbye to each other before the young Shepard walked back through the portal, which then disappeared and left Myra standing alone at the Cemetery's entrance.

A moment later and Myra found herself walking through the Cemetery, taking note of it's wooden Church as she passed said building.

'That church has been standing here for as long as I can remember…' she began to think, taking note of it's new look of white painted walls and steeple and green roofing which was easily visible due to the night lamp shining brightly beside it.

'…the people who own this do take real care of this entire area.' the Asari added while walking past the graves, which had a mixture of old, worn-looking headstones and the more newer-looking ones.

'Well here I am.' Myra then thought as she stopped at three graves, which were located under a large oak tree. The Prime looked at each of the headstones, the one on her left read 'In loving Memory, June and William Fowler'. The middle had inscribed on it 'Though on longer with us, their memory still shines bright, Jackson Darby and Arcee'. The Asari then laid some flowers at both of these graves, standing quiet for a moment before turning her attention to the grave standing to her right. She then looked at it's headstone and read the message inscribed in it's stone, 'In most beloved Memory, Orion and Liara Darby'.

"Hi Mom...hi Dad..." Myra then began to say, before she squatted down and placed the rest of the flowers in front of their headstone.

"...I would have liked to have visited you sooner, but since becoming a Prime I have just not had the time..."

A thoughtful look then appeared on the young Darby's face as she then brought out the Matrix crystal from under her shirt, looking at the relic as it glows gently in her hand.

"...since I have been dealing with the members of the ISF that had sided with Leviathan, just like Vok said I would be." she added before a slight smile appeared on her face.

"I know what you're going to say Dad, who's Vok? I mean that Aeon did say that only I would remember what happened when you, Granddad and I fought together to protect everything from Xakron. But perhaps you do know now since you and Mom are one with the All-spark, in which case you know what I am going to say. I mean other than Kat and Aunt Ser-Ket, the two of you were the only ones who knew me best." the Asari continued while returning her gaze to the headstone as an ashamed expression appeared on her face, letting go of the crystal and allowing it to hang freely around her neck.

"I can't tell you how hard it was to carry on without either of you in my life, allowing myself to live in darkness for as long as I did..." Myra then started to say, before she then smiled while turning her attention to the ring that was on the ring-finger of her left hand.

"...but then I met Kat and she helped me see that there was more to live for than revenge. And now we engaged, due to marry in a few months, I could not be happier." she continued to say with a happy and relaxed tone to her voice, before returning her gaze to the headstone, to her Father's name in particular as a stoic expression befell her face.

"I never forgot the promise I made to you Dad, to live my life and to not let the past control me. I want you to know that I have and will always continue to live by those words, to make each and every day count for as long as I live." Myra added before standing back up, looking down at the grave with a more relaxed smile once more.

"Well I have to go now, but I promise that I will visit you more often in the future. So until then, this is good bye...I love you." the Asari added while placing a hand on the top of the headstone before turning around and walking away, leaving the graves behind her as she started for the Cemetery's exit.

As the Prime walked towards the Church, with the gates in sight just further past it. She began to reach for her Com-link, only to stop as a familiar young voice spoke from behind her.

"Hi Myra."

This made the Asari turn around to see a young blonde-haired girl was standing there, looking at her with a curious smile.

"Sari...hi." Myra said back with a surprised tone, earning a little giggle from the child in return. As this twelve year old lived with her Uncle and Aunt, who were Myra and Kat's nearest neighbours, living halfway between Drake's bay and Bolinas. And since the Asari and Wrecker had chosen to live there, they had become good friends with both Sari and her family.

'This girl does remind me of myself when I was her age.' she thought before a thoughtful smile appeared on her face as a question came to mind, only to be stopped as Sari thought of the question first.

"So what are you doing here Myra?" the little girl asked, showing that curious and naive nature of hers.

"I was just visiting my Family's graves, it's been a long while since I have done that." the young Darby replied, making the child point behind her towards a pair of grave-stones just aways from the pair.

"So was I." she said back, which brought a slightly guilty look to the Asari's face as she looked over there and remembered.

'Oh right, Sari lost her Parents in a Shuttle accident when she was only six years old, having to live with her Aunt and Uncle out of necessity. I lost my own parents, I mean we all do eventually. But Sari lost hers at such a young age, though I admire her for how well she has coped with that loss considering, because every time I have seen her…she has always been a joy to be around.' she thought while looking away for a moment, before her eyes fell upon a pink bicycle leaning against one of the lamp posts near the still open front-gates.

"And you rode all the way out here by yourself?" the Prime then asked, gaining a confident smile from the girl as she nodded back.

"Yeah, though I always had my com-link with me…" Sari said back while gesturing to her ear-piece, before her eyes widened as if she had just experienced a revelation.

"…wait! The last time I saw you and Kat, which was just after Christmas last year. You promised me that you would tell me a story, could you do that now…please?" she then asked with a pleading-like look, making Myra roll her eyes as she remembered that moment while a smile appeared on her face.

'She does have a good memory, I have to give her that.' the Prime thought, before looking back down at her little friend.

"I did, didn't I. Well then, just give me a moment to let your Aunt and Uncle, as well as Kat know what is going on. And then I will tell you a story…" she started to say, which made Sari jump for joy in front of her with a burst of energy and enthusiasm.

"YES!" she exclaimed, earning a smile from the Prime as she activated her holo-tool and began typing a message for both Sari's family and for her lover. While Myra did this, her twelve year old friend had happily walked just a short distance away, stopping on the neatly mowed lawn and looked up at the clear star-filled sky overhead.

'Okay honey, I still have some work to do up here, just let me know when you are ready for pick-up…love you.' the message read from Kat, earning an loving smile from Myra before she then deactivated her holo-tool.

"Okay, so your Aunt and Uncle are both happy that you are safe with me right now…" she started to say as the holographic device disappeared from around her left-forearm, only to be cut off as the little girl spoke back.

"What about Kat?" she asked with a happy curiosity, making Myra turn around to see that she had moved just away from her on the lawn.

"Kat's fine with it, we will meet up later…" she then replied while walking over to Sari, who was looking up at the stars.

"So I see you have picked a spot." she observed, gaining a happy nod from the little girl in return.

"I like looking up at the stars and this is the best spot here, wouldn't you agree?" she said back, earning a nod from the Prime as she looked up at the star-field, which at this point reminded her of the view she had in the All-spark.

"Yes, it is a perfect spot…" she began to say, remembering something that she had been told by her own Father, who himself had been told by her Grandfather before him.

'Those stars are the Sparks of those that have joined the All-spark.' she remembered Orion saying, though he did say that he had altered the original wording that Jack had heard from Primus himself. But as Myra looked up at the stars, she wanted to believe that maybe her family was up there and looking down on her now. This brought a smile to the Asari's face as she pictured her family's faces in her mind, before realising the perfect story to tell.

'I will have to change or hold back some little parts and moments, but it can be done.' she thought before looking back down at her little friend, who just stared back at her with an eager smile.

"Okay, so what's the story about then?" Sari asked, making Myra's smile widen a little in return.

"My story begins at what some would say was the beginning of a great time for the people of Earth, though it would also be considered the end of a very long and hard fought war between both the Autobots and the Decepticons…" she started to say, only for the blonde-haired child to cut her off.

"You are on about the Great War." she jumped in eagerly, gaining a nod from the Asari.

"That's right and this story will follow my Grandfather…" she tried to continue, but once again the twelve year old interrupted her.

"You mean Jackson Prime, the first Human Prime."

This gained a sigh from Myra, who simply smiled back in return.

"Yes, but this was before he was chosen by Optimus Prime…." she started to say before looking up at the stars once more, with Sari mirroring her as they stared up into the clear night sky.

"…back when he was simply known as Commander Jack Darby."


A/N: Well the Prime Effect series has now come to an end. I hope that you have enjoyed this series as much as I have had writing it and I want to thank you for reading it, as I greatly appreciate it. :D

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