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Doctor Who Srs 9 Ep 3: Return of the Time Lords Pt3 - The Aftermath

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Part 3 of 3. The Aftermath of The Battle of Gallifrey.

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As we conclude my fan-made Series 9 Doctor Who premiere, we follow The jail.

Like I said, the Doctor is in jail, powerless. But, he had a great idea. They took his sonic screwdriver, but they never took his sonic sunglasses! In the blink of an eye, The Doctor used the glasses to open the jail. He ran over to Missy, to which she said,
"Doctor! How did you escape? Oh, it doesn't matter, I'll just destroy you."
The Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to create a shield to stop the blasts Missy's units shot. Behind the shield, he thought of a genius plan. He thought to deflect the bolts and use the glasses to track Clara, as he knew she wasn't dead. He located her and deflected the bolts continually.
"Missy, the thing is, I have something you don't and will never have, a team to depend on. Now guys!" The Doctor said. Out of the bloom, Kate and a UNIT trainee called James appeared. They started attacking Missy's Time Lord army, with considerable force.
"Go Doctor! Go save Clara!" Kate said. Coming across O'Donnel and Bennet (from Srs 9 Ep 3 and 4) on the ship, The Doctor grabs their hands and he ran and ran and ran and ran until, he found Clara, sleeping inside an iron cage. He asks O'Donnel and Bennet,
"Keep an eye out for Daleks, Missy or any villain you've read about from the UNIT databanks. Go!" With that, he gets his sonic sunglasses out again and uses them on the iron bars to rip them apart. He picks up Clara and summons the TARDIS. He lays her down very, very carefully and flew right into the heart of UNIT vs Time Lords. He picks up the fantastic, skilled trainee James and Kate and move.
"So, erm, Doctor, what just happened?" Clara asked.
"Oh don't worry about it," The Doctor answered.
"So, can Bennet and I join you guys?" O'Donnel asked.
"Sure, but, I saw you die, no offence, but, in 1980 when we tried to stop the Fisher King, you died, so, how are you still here?" The Doctor asked.
"Death? Never been killed. Although, there was one close call." O'Donnel replied.
"Was the Fisher King involved?" The Doctor asked.
"No. Let's just go," O'Donnel said.
He dropped off Kate and James at UNIT HQ and the Doctor, Clara, O'Donnel and Bennet pull levers and push buttons, as the TARDIS de-materializes from UNIT HQ.


Hey guys. So, some of you might know that I have started a special called Minecraft: Movie Mode celebrating Minecraft: Story Mode being released and DanTDM hitting 8 million subscribers. So, I post episodes of Doctor Who every Saturday, in association of the real episode airing in the UK a few hours after this is published, but there is a possible chance of NOT publishing next Saturday, as I have decided to finish Movie Mode on Monday (oooh alliteration), but also I am planning the first episode of my new comedy show, Let's have some fun! and a new drama and comedy show called, James, Amy and Kanan in Minecraft, who will be the main characters. Note, that I took the names James, Amy and Kanan from my Minecraft special, so obviously I will be making a new Minecraft drama series following those three characters BEFORE and AFTER the events of Minecraft: Movie Mode. Srs 1 and 2 Before. Every other series After. This series will be coming late October or early December, with X-Mas specials with all series I do, including Doctor Who. So, I'm NOT giving up on my Doctor Who series, don't worry. Oh man, I better go lay down.
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