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A lost Soul

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After princess Luna is kidnapped,it's up to the mane six to find her before it's too late.But what happen that night?Why did he take Luna?Dose Luna know him?All will be shock.It turn out Luna has s...

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Dark,alone and afraid.I laid on the cold,hard concrete basement,well it was more of a bunker, all concrete and had no character.There were little ceiling with long low windows, no wider than the slits in a castle. It was also dank and had a smell that would make me cough from time to time.The other side of the basement is a wooden stairway that lead to a door.My only way out.I couldn't get to it.I had chains on each of my hooves,one around my neck and one around my wings.And finally a metal dices around my horn,so I wouldn't be able to use my magic.Sadly it work.My horn wouldn't even light up,no matter how many time I tried,I could never get my horn to lit.And I couldn't break it for nothing.It was like paper trying to break rock.I could do was wait.Wait to die,wait to be kill,wait for help.I wasn't for sure what I was waiting for.Most likely I was waiting for him to kill me.

"I got to get out of here,"I said to myself,"But how?I don't know where I am,what he even wants from me or how long I been down .Hell I don't know anything."

I thought about that night."Discord...I know you met well,but...I wouldn't be here if I never went with you.If only I knew."

Just then the door from the other side of the basement open.I hear myself breathing harder and faster as the footstep got closer to me.As much as I wanted to talk him into letting me go,I was always scare for what was going to happen to me.He always found a reason to hurt and I'll end up going days without food or water.I was very thin,had tons of marks all over my body and was very dirty. My heart stopped as the footstep got closer.Don't make it hurt so much.Please let me go.I saw a black figure with bright,evil red eyes staring back at me.He stood there for a moment before he turned on the light.I looked at the ceiling to see my only source of light:a tiny light bulb that only shine the area I was at.It was dim,but it was bright enough to see where I was at and...him!I looked at my kidnapper.He was a little bigger than Celestia,had a gray mane and his fur was black.But what scare me was his eyes.They looked as if they belong to a demon from hell.

"I didn't think I could did it.I mean to kidnap a takes gut,"he said to me.I rolled my eyes."I thought you would of fought me or scream for help or...something.I mean you have magic.You could of done something to me."

"It kinda hard when there's a rag on my face and I couldn't use my magic that night."


"I was drunk.Magic does not work well when one is drunk."I sign."You know that.You knew that.Why I couldn't fight.Why I couldn't use my magic.Why you could..."I couldn't finish.

He simile."I like it when you talk.You have a pretty voice.It makes me feel.....good.Say something else to me."


"Oh come on.One word is all I ask of you."


"Really just say something."


"It's not funny anymore!"

Still no words came out of my mouth.


I'm not sure why,but every time I would open my mouth I would close it back up.I couldn't say anything.That's when he went up to me,took me by my mane and slam my face against the floor.I scream in pain as blood flew out of my nose.I fell to the floor,but got up quickly before he tried to do anything else to me or had any other ideas.I was screaming,but it was not enough for him to stop.He lift up his hooves and gave me a full force slap to the face.I fell to the floor,he got on top of me and continue to hit me over and over.It felt like as if I was being hit by a hammer.He was being the hammer and I was the nail.

"Stop!Please Stop!"I scream.

He stopped and got off of me."Now was that so hard?Like I said,just one word.Of course you said 3,but you know what I mean."

He started to walk towards the stairway."I like you very much,Princess Luna.Your voice is pretty,You are by far the most beautiful pony I have ever seen and you control the best part of the day:The night.I really wish I have done this sooner."

I just laid on the floor,groaning in pain.

"Goodnight my sweet.Sorry if I hurt you too bad."

And with that,he turned off the light and left the basement.I tried to get up,but couldn't. I was too weak.I couldn't move,I couldn't speak,I couldn't do anything.No one could help me.I was in hell and no one could get me out.I had no light,no food,no water,no way out or no hope.He was going to kill me.I was going to die down in this cellar.I was doom and there was nothing I could do about it..

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