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A silent night

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After princess Luna is kidnapped,it's up to the mane six to find her before it's too late.But what happen that night?Why did he take Luna?Dose Luna know him?All will be shock.It turn out Luna has s...

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Author's note:I tried to add more parts with the mane 6,but most likely I will add them in the next chapter.This is about Luna,Celestia and Discord.I might add twilight,but I hope you'll enjoy it any way and by the way,I love Celestia x Sombra and Luna x Discord.They could be in the story.Not Celestia x Sombra,but Luna x might want to read the friendship forever Comic book number 20. it's about Luna and Discord and I might talk about it in this story,so you might want to read it.just in case.Well that's all I need to tell you for now.Lets get back to the story:

I laid on my bed.My bones were sore,my back was in pain and my head hurt.I felt like I could fall right on the spot at any moment and sleep for days non-stop.I wanted to go to sleep,I needed sleep.I been falling asleep at the wrong times for weeks now,but I couldn't. My night shift was about to start and my sister would kill me if I miss it.Plus she would ask me why I been so sleepy lately and trust me I didn't want to tell her.I had tried to sleep,but all I would have was the same nightmare.Even those I knew I was only dreaming,I couldn't bear myself living in that moment.It haunted me.The one moment I thought I was going to die.If Discord wasn't there,I don't know where I would be,most likely dead.But it was his fault it happen in the first place,but I went with him.He didn't force me to.He was trying to be nice.I turn and looked at the ceiling.But he drug......

"Just tell her, she might be a little mad,but she'll forgive you.It's better to tell her then for her to find out."I closed my eyes as the memories replayed in my head.Those it had happen weeks ago,it felt like it happen last night.

"Maybe she won't.What I did was dumb.I should have know better.Plus how do I tell her that...oh Discord this is all your fault," I said to myself.I was trying not to yelled.


Just then I hear a knocking sound,but it didn't sound like a knock from a door.


I hear the sound again.

"Princess Luna it's me, the window."

I got off the bed and walked over to my window.I used my magic to open the certain and to my luck it was him.Flying right by my window.I then used my magic to open the window.

"What are you doing here?!"I asked.

"That's a weird way to say hello to a friend."

"I'm still mad at you for what happen and what you did to me.Which is the reason why you're here,is it?"

"Well yes.I wanted to see how you're doing.You know I do feel bad about what happen.I don't know what I would feel if I ever was-"


"Sorry.I...I'm.. It's just-"

I stood there waiting for him to finish,But he never did.There was a long moment of silent. None of us said a word.We couldn't. That night haunted both of us.since I help Discord overcome his fears by going into his dream,I been going into them more often.He too had nightmares about that night.Some were worst than my nightmare.

"Can I come in?"Discord asked breaking the silent.I stood and said nothing for a minutes.He really did feel bad and wanted to see if I was fine.The lease I could was to let him try to make me fee better.

"Fine and it's May I come in?Not can."

"Whatever Princess,I'll talk the way I want to talk,"he joked.I back away from the window as Discord flew into my room.

"Why didn't you just went through the front door of the castle?"I asked.

"I was about too.But I didn't to answer any questions.The guards would of ask me what I wanted and I'll say you,then they'll ask why and what do I do then?Tell them truth?Make something up?Even if I did and they let me through Princess Celestia would of ask me why I wanted to see you and most likely wouldn't believe my tale.Then she'll ask you if you knew anything and find out you been hiding things from her."

"What makes you think that?"I ask as I sat myself down onto my bed.

"You're not a good liar."

"Isn't that a good thing?"


"So what do you want?"I asked.

"To see how you're doing?"he answer.

"I'm doing better.I just can't get over it,"I said.I lower my head and sign.

"Just tell her."

"I can't.I just can't."Discord sat down on the floor.

"You can.You just don't want too.There is a different you know?"

"Then you tell her.Tell my sister what happen."

"And be killed.No thanks."

I sign."That's what I thought."

"You're not the only one who having nightmares."

"Yes I know,"I said.

"Luna,I'm sorry.What more can I do for you so you won't be mad at me?"he asked.

I got off my bed and walked up to Discord's face.

"Why do you even care!?You don't care about anyone but yourself.You don't care about the trouble you get your friends into.You just do what you want when you want.So why care?You don't even care!"I scream.I walked away from Discord and face the window he came in from.

"Luna I-"

"Shut up!I don't want to hear anything from you."


"I said shut up!"

"Just let me me-"

"I said SHUT UP!"I slam my hooves against the floor.I started to breath harder then sign.

"But Princess Luna,I do care.If I didn't ,I wouldn't have came here and see how you're doing.If I didn't care I would not have told you I was sorry,now would I?"he asked still sitting on the floor.I turn and face him.He did care and I was being a jerk to him.

"You are right.I'm just speaking out of anger.Sorry"I sat on my bed again.

"I know."He got off the floor and sat next to me."So."

"So what?"

"Are you okay?"he asked.

"For now.I also..."

"Also what?"

"I forgive you,"I said.

His eyes widen and blink at me as if he won a million bits or something.


"I'm glad you came.I feel a little better.Thank you."

"You don't need to thank me for coming...but if you want to ...why should I stop you?"

"I'm not thanking you for coming.I mean I am,but I 'm really thanking you for saving my life,"I said."I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.You're my hero."

"I can't say that,"he paused,"Of course you can."

"Really?'I asked in a displease way.

"What?Did I say something wrong?"

We laughed.I was glad he came.

"Luna,are you okay?Open up".It was Celestia.She was knocking on my door.

"I'm out."Discord slap his fingers and in a flash he disappear.

"Luna are you in there?"Celestia ask.I used my magic to open the door as she zoom into my room.

"Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"I asked.I used my magic again to close the door.

"I hear a loud bang coming from your room.I thought someone was trying to hurt you."

"I'm fine and no one can hurt ,someone try I'll blast them with my magic."

Celestia said nothing at first.Then she gave a funny look.

"Luna,we need to talk."

My heart stopped.She know,I thought.

"A..about what?"I asked trying not to show any fear.

"Well about you."

"W...what about me?"

" have been acting weird lately."

"No I haven't,"I lied.I knew what she was talking about.

"Yes you have.You been falling asleep during meeting,you barely eat and you're always in your room.You never go out and you been a little rude."

"Rude to who?"I asked.

"Well guards,the staff,and your friend even been rude to me."

"Wait when?I haven't been rude.Name one rude thing that I said."

"It's not about what you said,it 's how you said it."

"They are not the same thing,"I said in a more anger tone.

"Yes they are."she was still clam or at lease trying to be.I never understood how someone could stay clam.Even when it is okay to be mad.I have tried to stay clam,but Celestia makes it look ten time easier then what it really is.I wanted to denied everything and tell her to leave,but I knew she wouldn't until she got what she wanted.

"Maybe I have been a little rude.It's because I am always tired."

She sign,but simile."Why are you tired?"

"I don't know."

"I think you do know."

Just tell her the you'll feel better,she 's right there,tell her.

"I been having nightmare that scare me up to the point that I'm afraid to sleep,so I don't."

"For how long?"

"How long what?"

How long have it been since you had any sleep?"

"2 weeks,"I answer.

"Why didn't you tell me."

"What could you do?You don't have any power when it comes to dreams.There's no way you can help me."

"Luna there is a way.I know I can't control dreams,but I do know a few things about them.Like I know how nightmares work.A pony greatest fear is there worst nightmare.Some are worst then other.But a nightmare itself is something that they are afraid that might happen to them or when something bad happen to them and they're are afraid it will happen to them again.There's not a lot of pony who get nightmares for they'll get help from friends and family.They're are not comment,but there just not rare.The worst kinds of nightmares happen to those who has a fear that -"she stopped.

"What?"I asked.

"A fear that they can't get over cause they keep them to their self.They don't tell anyone.They hope it'll just go away,but it doesn't. Since they don't get help,they never get over their fear,so the nightmares comes back to haunt them." She looked at me with a funny look.

"What?"I asked again.

"Is there something that you want to tell me?"

"No,"I lied.I wanted to tell her so bad,but I was afraid of how she'll react.Discord and I would be in so much trouble.

"Luna please don't lie to me.I want to help.If you're scare up to the point you don't sleep,I want to see what's wrong."

"Really there's nothing I need to say."

"You never were a good liar.Even I know that."

"Then why would I lie?"

"So I won't know what really going on,"she the tone of her voice I could tell she was starting to get mad."Luna,What happen in your nightmares?You can tell me that much."

"Nightmare,"I corrected.


"You said nightmares.I'm been dreaming the same one over and over."

"Oh, then what happen in your nightmare?"

I open my mouth to answer,but then closed it.I wasn't ready to tell her.Not here,not like this.

"Luna please tell me."

"I ...can't.I just can't,"I reply in a timid voice.

"Well why-"

"I JUST CAN"T!"I yelled as I turn away from her.

Celestia walked up to me.She put one of her hooves on my cheek.I looked at her.She gave me a big simile.A simile that was full of love and hope.A simile that looked like it belong to a angel.Who am I kidding?She is a angel.

"Yes you can.I'm your big sister.You can tell me anything.I'm not going to tell anyone.It'll just be between you and me."

I sign."What do you wanna know?"

" Everything.The nightmare and why you been acting weird."

I closed my eyes,here I go.

"Celestia.I was -"

The door flew open.A guard ran into my room.

"Sorry for not knocking but Princess Celestia we need you now."

"Can it wait?"I asked rudely.

"No it can't now."And with that he ran out of the room.

"I better see what this is about."She headed toward the door.Before she left,she looked at me and said:

"Sleep Luna.I'll do your shift tonight.I want you to get some rest.And you should never be afraid to tell me anything."She used her magic to close the door behind her.

I laid back down and closed my eyes.

"I'll try,sister.I'll try."

Within minutes I fell asleep.
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