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Long Forgotten

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When the Autobots and Decepticons abandoned Cybertron, one being was left to die. She eventually contracted a disease due to the decaying life on the dying planet. She found Shockwave on the Nemesi...

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Location: Nemesis, Shockwave's Lab
Current Character: Shockwave
Current Ranking: First Lieutenant of Science
Project: Project Predacon

Chapter 1

It was dark and secluded the lab Shockwave was in. Personally, Shockwave preferred it this way. No one was to disturb him, he made sure of it. Posting two newer Predacon outside his lab, they were not to move from their post and prevent any Cybertronian presence anywhere near him.
His cloning was coming along just fine.

Production was efficient and promising, and Predaking would have his army. He estimated that at least 24 Predacons were made every three solarcycles. Some prove to be untamable and needed to be offlined. So, about 3 or 4 Predacons are tamed and prove useful. Only two so far have proved their usefulness. Five Predacons were under Megatron's rule, and Shockwave's job was to keep them healthy and functional.

Yet, he felt guilty. He didn't know why or what about, but it nagged at his spark. But his processor was the dominant system in him, separating his spark. All emotion he felt was shoved down in his spark, never to be expressed. Yes, Shockwave was a monster of logic, he craved the untouched logic buried beneath.

His warlord was ill, and the quarrelsome idiots in the med bay weren't working on a cure. So it was up to him to get his warlord back on his peds. He had sample of Megatron's energon, who ever stole it from the gladiator was a brave spark, but wasn't able to prevent him from stealing it.

He was so embedded in his work, that only a thud in his echoing lab caught his attention. His helm snapped up, and whipped around. His cold red optic scanned the lab slowly, his sharp optical sensors absorbing every little detail. There was the slightest movement in the shadows, and Shockwave charged his canon slowly, so it would be quiet. He could feel it warming up, and he cautiously proceeded to creep around his lab.

"Who's there?" he demanded in his deep voice. He could here is order echoed around. "It would be wise of you to come out now and surrender."

The sound of scraping plates was the only thing he got back in response. He slowly reached up with his servo, ready to comm the two Predacons outside his lab.

"Wait," a rasping, low feminine voice reached him. "Don't shoot, don't freak out." A large shape, still enveloped in shadows, turned around. Two dull red optics lit up in the pitch black lab, and he recognized the liquid dripping from the jaws of the intruder. It was energon.

"Who are you?" he demanded again. He slightly lowered his cannon, ready to fire if the strange figure decided to attack him. "You are outgunned by one cannon. I suggest you surrender now and state your purpose."

The figure was silent, Shockwave thought the she was hesitating. Then, it stood, and staggered into the light provided by his computer. Though his "face" was expressionless, Shockwave gazed up at the Cybertronian creature.

"You're...a Predacon," he stated, extinguishing his cannon. "I did not clone you."

She looked at him with dull optics. "No, but you did save me eons ago." She extended a large metal talon and lightly tapped the top of his helm with it. "With all that intellect, why can you remember the things you have done on Cybertron?"

Shockwave stepped back to take in the strange Predacon who claimed to know him. She was hunched over, her taloned "paws" trembling uncontrollably, traces of energon around her maw. Her chest metal has claws marks and small holes in it, as if she was trying to claw her spark out. He could clearly diagnose that she was dying. Very, very slowly.

He stared at her for almost a full minute before looking away. "Cybertron is a lost cause. It would be illogical to try and remember the past."

"Logic," she uttered a quick low chuckle. "It's been so long since I've seen any sort of untouched logic in an Cybertronian being." She gave him a long look. "I expected you to forget me. It was eons ago. If it means anything, my name is Drillchain." She hacked, clutching her chest with her talons. Her body trembled, racked with the strange cough. "I've had this sickness ever since Cybertron was abandoned and I was left to die. I think, due to the decaying life on the planet, my systems weren't strong enough to resist the illness. I have spent many, many cycles trying to diagnose it, but all of my attempts have failed. I found an escape pod, came to earth, and have searched far and wide for you alone." Her tail slowly swished against the ground as she sat down with a loud thump. Her hind legs jutted out awkwardly, and her wings were folded strangely.

Shockwave tapped his helm with his servo. "I would remember a Predacon of your intelligence. But, if you are dying, why find me? Why not the medical staff?"

Drillchain let out a low hiss that an angry Predacon would make. "I despise that pathetic excuse of a medical officer, Knockout. He should not be functional, nor should he be a medical officer. I highly doubt he knows anything about a Predacon's systems." She gazed down at him, admiration shinning in her dull optics. "I trust you. You have created at least five of my kind and they are loyal. I would have no other Cybertronian do if for me."

Shockwave's single servo slid from his helm and fell back down to his side. "I really do want to help you, Drillchain. But I am currently busy with trying to get Megatron back on his peds."

Drillchain tipped her head to a side. "Do you not have a second in command who can take over the army?"

Shockwave shook his helm crossly. "She over threw Megatron. She does not deserve to be leader. She will bring this faction down into flames."

Drillchain let out a snort. As soon as it left her nose, her optics widened and her breath was stolen from her lungs. She clutched her chest desperately, trying to breathe. Shockwave only watched. He knew that Cybertronians were not so dependent on the oxygen as were the humans. But it seemed clear to him that her respitory systems were dependent on the air, she was dying from the inside out. Once she was able to gasp, her talons fell from her chest, and her breaths were ragged. "I'm sorry about that. It happens all too much."

"There is no logical need to express your apologies. I can clearly see you are in immense pain, and I desire to cure you."

Drillchain's tail slowly swished against the solid metal floor with a long scraping noise. "Is that so? I was lead to believe that Megatron was more important."

Shockwave sent her a harsh glare with his one optic. "Do not put words in my vocal processors. I know what I said."

Drillchain chuckled quickly, making sure she wouldn't trigger a shut down again. "Ah, you shouldn't get so worked up over a little joke, dear Shockwave. I understand that you are worried about your warlord and I understand that you are under stress. I'm not dead just yet and I probably will survive another few earth years." She smiled in the only way she could: by parting her lower jaw and letting out a small puff of smoke.

Shockwave circled her once, stopping at her left side. "You are able to transform, correct?"

She shook her head. "Incorrect. The illness I have contracted has destroyed my ability to transform. Basically, I am a sitting duck. Literally." She slowly opened her wings, one bending joint opening awkwardly. When it was fully outstretched, Drillchain was digging her talons into the ground, holding back a screech.

Shockwave reached up with his one servo, gently pulling her left wing down to examine it. The main bending joint was severely damaged and out of socket. He could feel her wing trembling with the simplest effort of lifting an appendage. Her face plates were twisted in pain and eventually she could not suppress her roar of pain. She yanked her wing out of Shockwave's grip, folding it in the same awkward way she did before.

"By the Allspark!" she exclaimed, rubbing her wing gently. "It hurts to use my wings. And to think! I'm a Predacon! I'm supposed to fly around and kill things." She set her talons back down and swung her massive helm around to look at him. "I believe my wings have pulled themselves out of socket from lack of use. They were damaged when I attempted to use them when my escape pod landed on Earth."

"How did you get to the Nemesis?" Shockwave interrogated. "You cannot fly and the ship is typically in the air."

Drillchain merely smiled. "I found the commlink that your communications officer used and contacted him. He used a ground bridge to bring me up here." She tapped her talons against her chin plates, giving his lab a swift scan. "You have quite a set up here. I assume this is not where you do your experimental work, correct."

Shockwave gave her a curt nod. "Yes. It would be illogical to conduct experiments in such a small space with limited equipment."

"Fair point," she said. "Well, neither of us are getting any older just standing on our peds. Let's get started, shall we?"
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