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Game Changer

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Shockwave and Drillchain begin to work on a cure as well as clone more Predacons.

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Current Location: Shockwave's offsite lab
Current Character: Drillchain
Status: newly updated designs, dying slowly

Chapter 2

"Another bone?" Drillchain asked, with a slight groan in her voice. "Honestly, Shockwave. You're going to run out of room in your lab if you constantly clone." She made herself sort of a nest in front of Shockwave's computer, frequently typing in new formulas she'd hope that would work. Ultimately none did. She had begun to think that the old Cybertronian formulas that she had used so long ago were illogical and too old to work on her newer body. Newish, would be the correct term to use for her, Shockwave had managed a way to restore some of her out dated designs. She had to prick her processor for other formulas she had learned or briefly saw. Though her body was slowly dying and falling apart, her processor was sharper than a blade. Her senses were acute, her dull optics seemed to pick up every little detail and movement.

But, there was a particular clone that caught her attention. It was older than the other clones, its peculiar markings tried to spark a memory. She abandoned her station, sliding over to the tank, peering closely at it. She widened her optics, reeling back in horror with a loud angered gasp. She staggered backwards, letting out an angered hiss from her vocal processors. Her throat slowly glowed with orange red, charging her fire.

Shockwave's helm snapped up hearing her angered hiss and whirled around in shock. The old Predacon had her jaw parted slightly, ready to unleash fire upon the clone that floated in front of her. He grabbed a loose wire, quickly looping it like a makeshift lasso. He knew he might need it soon. "Drillchain! Explain your actions!"

"Shockwave, you must destroy this clone before he is reactivated!" she ordered.

"Calm yourself," Shockwave replied, bluntly. "You must be mistaken."

"I have been alive much longer than you!" she roared. Her tail lashed, her growls growing louder. "I know this Predacon and I know he will only bring destruction where ever he walks!" She glared at him with dull red optics that smoldered with red hot anger. "Do it NOW!"

"Explain why? I cannot destroy something for reason I don't know," Shockwave told her, a hint of frustration in his voice.

"This clone has a name of Ghostwalker. He was the main cause of so many Predacon deaths. He caused the extinction of the Predacons. He has only brought destruction." She had a tortured looked to her optics, but that only lasted for a before it was replaced by the unrelenting anger she had moments before. Her metallic talons scraped the ground and her throat glowed steadily. Her growls grew louder and her tail lashed, nearly hitting Shockwave in his helm. She looked ready to end the clone she stared down. Her dull red optics slid over to Shockwave, and force himself not to flinch.

“Tell me, Shockwave and use your intellect to answer this question. What do most Predacons go off of when they are first cloned?”

“They rely on their base instinct,” he answered.

“Which is?” she pressed.

“Kill or be killed. Must have an alpha to function.” He looked at her, waiting for her to explain her point.

“Ghostwalker’s processor was horribly damaged as an Autobot scientist tried to get the information he wanted from it. He messed with the wrong part of his processor, destroying the ability to learn and to adapt. He relied on his base instinct and his processor gave him the idea that he should kill anything that he sees.” She raised an optic ridge, hoping she wouldn’t have to continue. Shockwave’s “face” never revealed anything, so she couldn’t tell if he was catching on or not. She watched him ever so closely, studying his body language and listening to his tone.

“How do you know that he will be different?” he inquired.

She heaved a long sigh. “Most Predacons are usually the same, even when they are cloned.”

Shockwave looked at her, almost as if he was expecting her to move now that she had explained her point. She turned her head away from him, her deadly gaze flickering.

"I have no intention of letting this monster loose," she snarled. "I am in no shape to protect you and kill Ghostwalker. End. Him. NOW!" She began to lift her right front set of talons up, the long blades extending and the sharp tips glimmering under the faint yellowish light produced by the clone. She had studied the Synthetic Energon Shockwave produced for the CNA of the clones, and she knew if she lit it up, it would be extremely explosive. She will not let this clone finish growing and she will kill him before Shockwave will.

She stretched her jaws wide, the flames flickering in the back of her throat. Shockwave needed to take action. Quickly getting the makeshift lasso around her snout, he pulled it shut and attempted to yank her head down. "Regain your senses!"

Drillchain reared up on her hind legs, jerking her head to a side, yanking Shockwave off of his peds. Throwing him aside, the female Predacon snapped the wire with a forceful roar that opened her jaws. The roar shook that lab, rattling the tanks and equipment. She dropped back down to her front legs, the tongue of flame growing. "I will not let you kill yourself and everything you have worked for!" Her claws struck the tank with crushing deadly power that shattered the glass and spilt the energon all over her chest plates. The underdeveloped clone fell out of its tank and Drillchain smashed its helm into flat unrecognizable metal. Energon splattered her face and talons, and her eyes were wild with rage. When there were no life signs from the clone, her rage spree settled and her head whipped around to look at Shockwave.

The scientist could hardly register how fast the old Predacon had ended the clone's life. The drone's helm was completely flat against the solid ground, energon leaking from all sides. Drillchain's chassis was heaving, she was fighting for breath. The rage spree had left her in fatigue, and her legs were trembling.

"Drillchain," Shockwave began.

Drillchain held up her talons for silence, not wanting to hear anything he wanted to say. "I don't want to hear it, Shockwave. Just leave me be for a few cycles before you end up like Ghostwalker." She turned away, limping out of the lab and out into the open.

Shockwave walked over to the murdered clone, his shock growing. There was no way that Shockwave, even with his superior medical skill could ever repair this clone. He stooped down and examined the clone. Energon spilt steadily from the helm of the managed beast, it would never be able to walk the earth again. He would have never expected such an old Predacon to cause that much damage and destruction with such power.
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