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Ep.1 The Journey Begins..........

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This is the adventures of Ash's counterpart Ashley, who is a little older and this is her own Journey in Kanto and other regions. Hope you enjoy also all characters will be the same gender besides ...

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Ep. 1 The journey begins………

Ashley began watch the TV in the living room as her mother and her mother’s Jyxn started to cook dinner. Ashley changed the channel to Professor Oak channel, where all of his pokémon information was broadcasted to the world. The commercial that came on was about tomorrow events where a couple of Kanto’s trainers will get a chance to pick from a group of pokémon that can only be found in other regions. Ashley was one of few lucky trainers and Professor Oak promised it. His grandson Gary who had been Ashley’s rival/friends, since preschool was also going to be there as well. “Should I pick a pokémon from the Johto region or the Hoenn? Maybe the Unova region, Sinnoh, or Kalos region.” is what Ashley thought to herself as the commercial ended. Her mother began to call her to dinner. Ashley rushed over to the table and began to devour the food. She had always devoured her food, so quickly even as a little girl. She quickly finished, before putting her dishes in the sink.
Her mother smiled and said “Don’t forget to double check your bag for everything. Also don’t lose the money.”
“I will and I won’t lose the money mom” Ashley replied as she rushed upstairs to her room and began to look through her bag to make that she had everything. She set her alarm for seven o’ clock in the morning, which would be an hour, before Oak let anyone in. Ashley told her mother good-night as she went to bed to prepare for the next day. She began to dream about who to pick. Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Treecko, Mudkip, Torchic, Piplup, Chimchar, Turtwig, Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, Chespin, Froakie, maybe Fennekin. There were so many to pick from. It took her awhile to decide on Fennekin or Torchic. If they were both taken, then you would go for Oshawott or Piplup. She was bound to get one of her choices, unless she was very unlucky. The alarm went off and Ashley slowly got up and got ready. She rushed out the door, after saying good-bye to her mother. She started to running over to Professor Oak’s laboratory. A couple of the other trainers were waiting at the gate. Oak was waiting there too and he noticed Ashley.
“Miss Ketchum can you follow me” he said letting her in.
“Sure Professor” she responded as she followed the old man into the lab. He led her to a room filled with poké-balls in glass cases each with a different small poké-dex entry attached to it.
“Cool!” She said as looked at them.
“Yes it is. I wanted you come look at the pokémon here, before the others got a chance. Gary has already made his chose, but he won’t receive his pokémon, until everyone has picked a pokémon. You’ll be surprise what pokémon he picked out of the group. I’ll be back later” He replied as he left. Ashley began looking at the glass cases and started to read the information about each one. She had almost read them all as she reached Eevee’s glass case. On the poké-dex entry it said taken by Gary Oak. To her surprise Gary picked the only pokémon that was from the Kanto region, but I guess that is the perks of having a pokémon professor as a grandfather. The other trainers poured in as she finished reading the last of the poké-dex entries. Ashley ran over to Torchic, but was too late as another girl took the poké-ball, so she ran just in time to get Fennekin’s poké-ball. Everyone eventually had a pokémon of their own. Professor began giving out a poké-dex to everyone as Gary walked in.
“Hey gramps, I’m here for my pokémon. Hey Ashley.” He said as he passed by her and walked over to Eevee’s glass case and grabbed its poké-ball. Everyone else was gone besides her, Gary, and Oak.
“Let’s have a battle Ashley, before we start our own journeys.” Gary responded as he looked at her.
“Sure” she replied.
“You can battle in the backyard and I’ll be the judge of the battle.” said Professor Oak as he led them to the backyard, which had a battlefield. Ashley and Gary both take their position on the field. (The song Battle Frontier began to play)
“Go Fennekin!” Ashley called out as she threw the poké-ball, which caused Fennekin to come out. Gary called out Eevee.
“Eevee use tackle” Gary shouted. The Eevee started running at Fennekin.
“Dodge then use ember” Fennekin moved out the way of Eevee and used ember on it as it run pass. The Eevee didn’t know what to do, since it caught on fire because of ember. Eevee put the fire out quickly as it balanced it weight around.
“Shadow ball!” Gary called. The Eevee jumped off the ground, before launching the ball of shadow at Fennekin. It sent the Fennekin flying into the air.
“Ember!” “Shadow ball” they both shouted in harmony. The two began to ready their attacks, before launching the attacks. The two attacks hit each other and caused a small explosion and the field to be covered in smoke.
“Now Fennekin use tackle!” Ashley shouted as she smirked.
“Dodge it Eevee” Gary shouted as well. The Eevee looked around in the smoke for Fennekin, but was too late as Fennekin tackled from behind. The smoke started to clear up. The Eevee was fainted and the Fennekin stood victorious.
“Next time, you won’t be so lucky. Bye Gramps and smell ya later Ashley.” Said Gary as returned Eevee and went to meet with a group of his cheerleaders at the front gate, before leaving.
“Good job Fennekin! Now rest” Ashley replied smiling as she returned her Fennekin to its poké-ball. Professor Oak walked over to her and gave her a parcel.
“This needs to be delivered to Viridian City poké-center, can you do that? Also you can keep the award you get for delivering this.” He asked her.
“Sure thing Professor.” She answered as she put the parcel in her bag. She waved Oak good-bye as she headed towards Viridian city with her new pokémon Fennekin. What new adventures await our hero? Find out next time…..
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