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Ep.2 The stranger, Viridian city, and the reward.

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Ashley finally delivers the parcel for Oak and runs into someone who is a bit misty.

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Ep. 2 The stranger, Viridian city, and the reward.

Ashley looked at the forest ahead as she continued to walk down the path that led to Viridian city, which wasn’t far from the lab. Her curiosity filled her as she thought about what could be in the parcel, but she had to shake that off, since it was a request of Professor Oak to deliver it safely and unopened. Pidgeys flew across the sky as she continued to walk. Ashley noticed them and pulled her poké-dex out to scan them. “Pidgey the Tiny bird pokémon. Pidgey is flying/normal type pokémon. A Pidgey will flap its wings to cause dust and sand to blind it prey or predator. ” is what it read off as she kept it on them.
“Too bad that they are too far away to catch.” Ashley thought to herself as she stared at the empty poké-ball in her pocket. She finally reached the forest and noticed groups of pokémons running around the place. She began to scan each one as she walked through the forest, until she found a caterpie, which was odd, since they were normally mostly found in Viridian Forest. Ashley threw one of her empty poké-balls at the caterpie, while it was distracted climbing the tree. It didn’t put up much of a fight as the poké-ball clicked.
“Yes! My second pokémon!” Ashley replied excited as she picked the poké-ball up. After putting the poké-ball away and walking a feet away, she noticed an object on the floor, which looked like a marble. She picked up it and looked at it closely, before putting it in her bag.
“I wonder what this object is maybe the Professor will know what it is.” She said to herself. Ashley a girl with orange hair with a purple star-shaped pokémon. The orange-haired girl was wearing a blue and white swimsuit with a jacket. She walked over to the girl.
“Hey! What are you doing out here?” She announced as she stopped walking about a yard away.
“Just training with my Starmie. By the way I’m Misty.” The orange-haired girl said.
“Starmie?” Ashley replied as she pulled out her dex and scanned it.
“Starmie the Mysterious Pokémon. Starmie is a water/psychic type and the evolve form of Staryu. Its central core glows with the seven colors of the rainbow. Some people value the core as a gem.” Is what the dex read off as she kept it on Starmie.
“I’m Ashley nice to meet you Misty.” Ashley said as she put her dex away.
“You too. Are you lost?” asked Misty as she returned Starmie to its poké-ball.
“A little bit” Ashley said looking at her map.
“I’ll help you. Which way?” Misty replied as she looked at Ashley.
“Thanks and Viridian City.” Ashley answered smiling as Misty began to show her the way. It took a decent fifteen minute walk to get Viridian City.
“Here we are. If you need any more help you can probably find me in Pewter City at the gym or in Cerulean City at the gym if you take your sweet time.” Misty said as she began to leave. Ashley was now alone again. She walked over to the Viridian City gym, but it closed for some reason. Probably, the gym leader is on vacation or something like that. So she headed over to the poké-center to deliver the parcel. She took a seat and got the parcel out of her bag. It was long, until someone came by asking if that was the parcel from Professor Oak. He handed Ashley some money and a black glass capsule with something that was decent size in it as she handed him the parcel. After the guy left, she noticed a switch on the capsule. She press switch and a light came on, revealing that there was a yellow egg inside with a black zig-zag ring on the top. She turned the switch off and walked over to Nurse Joy. She headed Nurse Joy her poké-ball. She started to dial up Oak’s number on the phone next to the counter. It didn’t take long for him to appear on the screen.
“Hello Ashley. Did you deliver that parcel safely?” he asked.
“Yes Professor. Also I found this object, while I was in the forest.” Ashley replied as she pulled the object out of her bag.
“It doesn’t look familiar. I sent one my assistants to Pewter City to receive, so that I can find out what it is.” He said as he looked at the object.
“Okay. See ya later Professor.” She said as she got ready to turn off the phone.
“See ya Ashley. Have fun.” He responded, before she turned it off and going over to Nurse Joy to get her poké-ball.
“Thank you coming to Viridian City. Hope to see you again.” She said as Ashley picked up her poké-ball. She walked out the poké-center as she did she felt a shiver go down her spine as if someone was watching her. Ashley began heading out to Viridian forest as she carried the capsule with both hands.

“What do you think is in that capsule Jesse?”
“Probably some valuable treasure.”
“Jesse, Meowth I don’t think it’s a good ideas to follow her.”
“Stupid James you’re going to blow our cover!”
“You don’t have to be so violence…”

Will our hero meet Misty again? Will she found out who is watching her? Find out next time…………
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