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When Cybertron was abandoned, some sentient beings were left behind to survive in any means possible.

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Planet: Cybertron
Planet Condition: Unable to produce or contain life

Chapter one

"Demolisher, have you seen Quake anywhere?" Demolisher snapped out of recharge quickly, his dim optics brightening. He jolted upwards, startled and his helm smacked the top of the machine he was on. He barked out a cry, nearly falling backwards. He caught himself, rubbing his helm. He looked up at the Predacon dragon watching him with bright red optics, her helm tilled slightly.

"I think he's over at the Grand Pile," the Scavenger replied. He let his hand slide from his helm and back down to his side. "What resources have you found, Midshift?"

The dragon's ragged wings unfolded slightly. "We found an abandoned lab, mostly likely belonging to Shockwave. We managed to scavenge some Energon cubes, but they're rather small." She looked up at him, her talons working into the ground. "Demo, if we keep taking survivors under our wings, we won't be able to provide for much longer. Our resources are already limited." Demolisher reached out a servo and brushed it against her cheek plate.

"I know, Mid. But we can't just let them die off like that. We may be limited in resources but we're scavengers. This is what we do for a living." She smiled slightly, flicking her tail.

"Ah, you're always so compassionate," she said. "Alright. I'm going to get Quake to help me get those cubes." She spread her ragged wings, taking flight.

Demolisher turned to the ship he was attempting to repair. it was tedious work, he was half tempted just to give in. The main power core was severely damaged, and the controls were busted. It was a hopeless wreck, even to an amazing mechanic like himself. There was no way that he would ever find an E7-34 power core in the hunk of junk of Cybertron. No matter where he looked. The power core was just too rare. He had considered asking someone like Midshift, who had the sharpest set of optics he had ever seen to find his needed power core. But, he doubted that the dragon would agree to such a long task. She hated being out and about when it was something that wouldn't belong to her.

Yet, his entire team has risked their lives just for him, all because he was worth dying for. He cared for all Scavengers alike, especially with Midshift and Quake. Apart of his original squad, the Constructicon and Predacon had stuck with him through better and worse. Quake, with his brute might and intellect, and Midshift, with her sight, stubbornness, and fierceness that could melt any metal plates.

Tossing his wrench into the wreckage, he was ready to call it a day. Night was falling and the Ravengers would be out for Energon. He turned, transformed into his tank mode, and rolled over to their small base which they called home. By the time he was half way there, he could hear savage howls and growls echoing around him. Cybertron was completely dark, and his worry was growing.

Ravengers were cat and dog like Cybertronian beings, originally apart of the Predacon faction. They were corrupted and relied on their base instinct, kill anything that comes their way. Their jaws all together could tear Demolisher apart in a few cycles. He was frightened.

Savage howls sound too close to his comfort, and Demolisher could barely see the running form of an Alpha Ravenger, its jaws covering in fresh energon. Its red optics were wild and its breaths were hoarse and ragged. Ever since Cybertron was nearly destroyed by Megatron, most beasts have reverted back to their base instincts. He could feel one of them latch their jaws on his treds and he quickly shot the beast with his cannon. The pack began to move in on him, their sharp fangs sinking into his plates. One cat's claws nicked his T-cog, causing the process of transformation to spasm. His body unwillingly transformed, throwing him forward, and skidding on the ground.

The alpha Ravenger leapt upon the chassis of the Destructicon's chassis. Demolisher seized the jaws of the Ravenger, feeling the force of the mutt’s powerful chompers. He could feel the crazed dog’s claws tear at his chassis, and it was thrusting its head forward. He was desperately trying to stay alive, he needed help. But the Beta Ravenger tore his comm link out of his helm, so he was left defenseless with no means of communications. He was sure to die, these beasts could tear him a part within a few cycles.

"Demolisher, seriously?" A stream of bright orange fire struck the alpha Ravenger straight in its optics. The beast screeched and ran away yelping. The other Ravengers helms snapped up to the sky, snarling. Demolisher looked up, a smile forming on his face plates.

"Took you long enough," he said, weakly. "Good timing, Mid." He smiled briefly at the multi colored Predacon, who's throat was glowing orange with licking flames. Her bright green wings were flared and her red optics blazed with fury. Her talons extended, the sharp undersides gleaming under the faint light of her throat.

"You're killing me, Demo," she growled at him, her tail lashing. "You're lucky Quake noticed your disappearance." She unleashed a long stream of fire that struck the center of the pack of beasts. They yelped, scampering away. She landed, shoving her snout into his face, knocking him backwards. "Don't EVER worry me like that again!" Her stern optics lasted only for a cycle or two, before they softened with compassion. Her optics slide down to his left side and they widened slightly. "You're hurt. We need to get you to Doc."

Demolisher groaned slightly. "Honestly, Midshift, I'm fine." He stood on shaking peds, giving her a assuring smile. The Predacon looked skeptical, raising an optic ridge slightly.

"What do you have against Doc, Demo?" she asked. "He's not that bad and he's very efficient." She motioned down to her left hind leg with her snout. "Look. Remember how mangled it used to be? Now, it looks as good as new!" She set her talons down, her optics set with a stubborn light. "You're going to Doc. Or I will melt you into a large metallic pile of nothing."

"Alright, alright," he muttered. "I hate it when you use your fire breath against me."

Midshift smiled at him with a flick of her tail. "You know you love it."
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