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Maybe Demolisher's crew weren't the only ones who live on Cybertron.

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"Ouch!" Demolisher yelped. Doc was rearranging some wires in his side and welding the Energon lines back together. Every time he yelped, Doc would mutter something too quiet for him to hear. Although it seemed to take a long time, Doc's work paid off. His side looked almost brand new and there was no evidence that he was ever attacked.

Midshift was on her berth, her head resting on her talons. Her tail hung over the berth's edge, moving ever so slightly. Her optics were slowly dulling, she was beginning to power down. Her wings were pressed against her sides, and she let out an occasional rumble from her throat. She kept waking up at Demolisher's yelps and she was half tempted to shut off her audio processors. The two small flaps that sat a quarter up her snout, opened and let out a large puff of black smoke.

She turned her head slightly, her dull red optics sliding over to look at Demolisher's newly repaired side. She felt no interest in his work, and closed the metallic lids over her optics. Slowly, she felt her systems power down and her body slowly relaxed. Even after a few seconds, she felt much better form the heavy lifting she was put through.

Her sensors wailed in her head, the piercing sound jolting the Predacon awake. She imminently scrambled to her taloned 'paws' and swiftly looked around. Doc and the others weren't in the base, and the alarms grew louder and louder. She slid off of her berth and over to the computer that Doc regularly used. She punched in a few buttons and the wailing ceased.

She rubbed her helm slightly with her talons, trying to stop the pounding in the back of her head. Inasmuch as she could form a headache, she was getting one. Her red optics slid up to the computer in front of her, a faint signal flashing with barely visible life signs. The Predacon tipped her helm to a side, peering closely at the signal. "Huh. That almost looks like a...Decepticon signal."

She stretched upwards, balancing on her hind legs and her tail, punching in a few commands. The computer zoomed in on the coordinates, the very complex information appearing in the side. When Midshift was able to make sense of the Cybertronian language, she reeled back in surprise, sputtering. "S....Shockwave?!"

She shook her helm, rubbing her optics to clear her vision. Maybe sleeplessness was messing with her vision and making her see things. When she removed them, her sight still showed Shockwave's life pluses. She had always had a grudge against Shockwave, the one opticed scientist who tortured her when she was just a young clone. Demolisher and Quake saved her from her near death experience, repairing her wounds.

Why would he be on Cybertron? Shouldn't he be with Megatron? She stood with a snort of confusion, tapping her metallic talons in a rhythmic pattern. She growled, her red optics darkening with rage. She still, buried beneath her spark, felt some loyalty towards the scientist. But she ignored her feelings, entering the coordinates into her mind. You're mine, Shockwave.

When Midshift reached the lab, she had her sparkpulse scanner ready. Maybe he was dead. He had to at least be alive. Alive enough for me to interrogate him. The lab was demolished, metal beams and walls blocking her way. The hole in front of her talons was too small for her to squeeze through. Her throat glowed orange with licking flames. She stretched her jaws wide, unleashing a plume of scorching flames, melting the steel. Once the hole was large enough for her to squeeze through, she quickly stopped, and threw herself into the hole. She forced her back plates down against her back metal, as she managed to make it through.

She panned her helm around, the lab in a complete wreck. She felt her sparkpulse scanner began to pulse and she realized that it had detected a sign. She followed the pulse of the detector, eventually walking over to Shockwave's mangled and blinded form. She tapped his helm with her talon, but she got no response out of it. His sparkpulse was weak and she wondered if she should leave him like this.

What am I saying? Even if I leave him as he is, he'll just repair himself and come back with new research. While she was debating with herself, Shockwave's life hanging in her talons, she could hear him groan and she nearly jumped out of her metal plating. She staggered backwards, away from the now conscious scientist. She ducked down behind a large chunk of mauled metal, hiding most of her body out of side.

She watched as Shockwave sat upright, rubbing his helm with his single servo. Sparks flew from his shattered socket, and stains of energon spotted his 'face'. Midshift knew Shockwave all too much, and she knew he was not a bot prone to expressing emotions. Especially pain. She poked her helm out slightly, narrowing her optics slightly to get a better look.

He was wounded, Midshift could see that. But why? Shockwave's experiments that were dangerous were usually offlined before they could offline him. But, maybe it wasn't a creature. Maybe something unstable collapsed with him inside of it.

Midshift had a sinking feeling in her chassis that her guess wasn't far off. Slinking backwards more, she tried to hide her colorful appearance, in case Shockwave managed to repair his optic. Her spark pulsed fearfully, and she tried to make her talons stop trembling. By then Shockwave had already gathered his tools and was beginning to repair his optic.

Pressing her body to the ground, Midshift wrapped her tail around her under belly plates. She pressed her wings to her sides, using all of her focus to keep herself from falling over from terror. Shockwave's optic would be online any second and it scared her half to death. The scientist could easily locate her and torture her as he did before.

"Who is there?" Shockwave's deep voice echoed around his lab. Midshift held her breath, making herself as small as she could. She put her talons over her snout, trying to keep her small squeaks of terror silent. She heard heavy footsteps echo around her, and Midshift nearly bit off her own talons in fright. Shockwave's black and purple exterior came into her view and she stopped breathing. Dear Primus, please don't let him see me!

"Mid!" Demolisher called to her over her comm link. Shockwave's helm snapped up and whipped around to the spot where she shoved herself into. Her sharp maroon optics widened with fear when she noticed his arm canon charging up. Then, her consciousness brought her to her senses. She was much stronger than the one opticed scientist and she could easily out maneuver him. She let out a low echoing growl that echoed through the lab. Shockwave's helm snapped around, trying to determine where the growl came from.

Midshift bunched her legs underneath her, preparing to spring on top of the Decepticon. Using her hind legs to propel herself forward, Midshift burst out of her hiding spot, fangs bore and talons outstretched for energon. Shockwave's cannon whirled around, in preparation to blast the attacking Predacon. She used her wings to twist her away from the blast bolt's path. She landed hard on her talons, unleashing a loud threatening roar that seemed to shake the mech, her colorful exterior gleaming beneath the dull light. She arched her neck, baring her fangs and she let out yet another hiss.

Shockwave's expressionless face gave her no lead onto what he was feeling, but she watched him stare up high at her, his fingers beginning to twitch. He lowered his canon slightly, as if he wasn't as fearful as before.

"A Predacon," he stated. "You must be a clone. Predacons when extinct long before Cybertronian history began." Midshift growled in rage, the spines along her back and neck shooting up.

"You were the one who cloned me, how can you not remember me? After everything you've done to me?!" Another roar of fury escaped her throat, shaking the lab around them, sending crumbling down on his helm. She rose up on her hind legs, using her body weight to slam down on the ground in front of him, denting the metal plating.

Shockwave shook his helm curtly. "I do not recall ever cloning such a powerful beast like you."

Midshift reached upwards with her right set of talons, extending the long sharp tips. "Maybe this might jog your memory." With only a sliver blur, Midshift slammed her talons hard upon the hefty mech's chassis, knocking him to the ground. He slammed into the ground with a grunt, unable to pry his canon from under the enraged Predacon's body weight.

Sharp toothed jaws enclosed around Shockwave's abdomen, the pointed tips tearing into the metallic plating. She yanked him up into the air, increasing the pressure. She felt energon lines break and the light blue fluid beginning to pour out. She threw him across the lab, hearing his back connect with a machine. She didn't bother to wipe his internal fluid from her fangs, instead she proceeded to advance on him with smoldering optics.

Shockwave groaned, using his one servo to grip the machine he was thrown into to stand up. Energon oozed from his abdomen, and she could tell he was in pain. A grin appeared on her face as she drew near. She stretched her jaws wide to deliver the killing blow to him, her talons twitching.

A sudden roar stopped Midshift and something much bigger and heavier than her plowed into her side, sending her flying into a wall. She barely had enough time to get to her peds before the beast that had attacked her slammed her down to the ground. Sharp thick fangs sunk into the main energon lines in her neck, pressure cutting off air supply to her body. She let out a screech, which was cut off by the attacker slamming his hind claws down on her midsection. Her optics widened fearfully as messages and warnings flashed across her optics. She thrashed violently, but the beast outweighed her greatly. Eventually, Midshift's struggles ceased and she was left choking for oxygen. The beast's jaws loosed enough for her to take in an enormous gasp, coughing loudly.

Shockwave staggered over to the larger black, orange, and yellow Predacon, patting his side. "I see you've met Predaking." Midshift's optics closed from pain and exhaustion, her breathing faint. "I'll leave Predaking to do as he wills with you while I go repair myself."

Predaking's yellow optics shimmered at her as soon as Shockwave was out of earshot. He grinned eagerly at her, her energon stained on his maw. He leaned down towards her audio processors and spoke lowly. "We're going to have much fun."
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