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Predaking has attacked Midshift and Shockwave has left him to do what he wants with her.

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Predaking's talons were pressed against her shoulder plate and chassis, hardly any of his weight baring down. Midshift was still gasping for breath after his viscous attack that prevented her from killing Shockwave, her chest still heaving. Energon drizzled down her punctured neck, the light blue liquid forming a puddle around her body. She was weak, her entire body screaming in complete agony. She could hear him chuckle lowly and his talons moved up her neck to her maw. She glared at him, narrowing her optics with terror and anger. His grin grew wider and she could only see one thing that made her wish she were dead. Lust.

"Don't look so scared," he said, tracing the plating along her cheeks. His lower body weight had Midshift's tail, hind legs, and wings pinned to the floor. His right talons slid down from her helm and back down to her chassis, the tips curling against the plating. Midshift jerked her chassis away from his wandering talons, but that only seemed to make him more determined. He yanked her upper body back underneath him, baring his weight on her shoulder plates. Midshift grunted in pain, her body never regained enough strength to once more break free. "You're mine for a long time."

"Get...slagged," she managed to spit at him. He chuckled at her his tail flicking behind him.

"So feisty," he muttered to her, lowering his head. He put his snout only mere inches from hers, his left front talons sliding down her underbelly plates, and she began to grow uncomfortable about how close he was getting to her bottom section. She let out a low growl, baring her fangs slightly, but that only seemed to amuse him even more.

Her optics caught a glimpse of something else moving from underneath Predaking and she felt her spark stop. His spike extended to its full length and he was grinning wickedly at her. Midshift let out a some what loud howl as she struggled beneath him franticly but it was no use. He shoved his spike inside her plates and she screeched. She tried to rake her talons across his optics to tear him off, but he seized her talons in one set of his and forced them to the ground. She screeched again as his thrusts grew more aggressive, but again he clamped her jaws shut with his second pair of talons. Her hind talons scraped his underbelly, trying to get a hold in the plates. She was only left scratching his metal and he laughed.

Midshift let out a muffled scream, thrashing as hard as she could muster. He was barely moved by her struggles and his thrust hit her even harder. She was completely helpless beneath the massive male, she couldn't fight back, she couldn't keep him off of her. She felt sick, that she couldn't fight off some lustful dominate male Predacon who nearly killed her just to get on her. All she could really think about was: Does my team even know I'm gone? Can they even find me? She could hear Predaking's grunts of effort next to her audio processors and she managed a low and weak growl. Midshift simply closed her optics and gave up. There was no use in struggling, she was too weak and he outweighed her by many tons.

Only the sound of his alarmed snarl caused her optics to peel open. He was being yanked off of her in a mess of black, yellow, and orange. Once she felt his weight disappear off of her mangled body, Midshift sucked in a long breath. She strained in the darkness to peer at who saved her from the male Predacon, but she couldn't see who it was. She felt herself begin to lose consciousness, her world spinning. She could barely hear anything, only muffled roars and shouts. The blurry shape of Demolisher came into her view, shaking her slightly, screaming: "Midshift? Midshift! Are you alright?" The her world became darkness.

Midshift's body systems slowly came back online and she uttered a low groan. Despite this low lazy groan, her mind snapped back to it quickly. Her optics did not come online, so she was still encased in darkness. Her audio processors were the only thing working for her and she strained to hear the voices around her.

"What happened to her? I've never seen her so wounded before." Midshift recognized that voice quickly as Doc himself.

"We're not exactly sure," Demolisher informed him. "When we traced her signal, three other signals appeared as well. We followed the coordinates to what appeared as Shockwave's lab and found energon splatters on the floor. As we explored the lab, a rather large dent was put into a machine, with even more energon splattered on it." He paused uncomfortably. "But we could hear muffled screeches and wicked laughter coming from the far side. When we got closer, another Predacon, a lot bigger and stronger than Midshift, had her pinned to the ground. He...." Again, Demolisher paused with an uncomfortable sigh. "He was manipulating her and she seemed to weak to defend herself. Quake managed to pry him off of her and we escaped with Midshift."

"That Predacon didn't follow you, did he?" Doc inquired.

Demolisher shook his head. "Quake put him in temporary stasis before he could get a good look or sniff of us." Midshift let out another low groan, her optics coming online. She snapped open her optics. At first, she could only see blurry outlines of the mechs at her side. Within a few blinks, her vision cleared up and she noticed Demolisher's worried expression. He reached out and gently placed a servo on her right shoulder plate. Imminently, Midshift shoved the friendly hand off with a growl.

Demolisher looked bewildered, glancing at Doc.

Doc looked back at him with a sigh. "She's been through a rough experience with mechs. Leave her be; she doesn't want any mechs near her until she recovers." He took a small step towards, stopping only when she bore her fangs and snarled at him. "Relax, Midshift. I'm not going to touch you. You've been through something very rough and you were in extreme pain. Your neck wounds were severe and you lost quite a bit of energon. I advise that you do not overwork yourself; you may reopen your wounds. Your wings may be a bit sore for a while, due to them being restrained by a lot of weight." With the advising done, Doc turned away, motioning for the other two mech to follow him into his lab.

Midshift heaved a long sigh, lifting her aching body off of the berth. Her body still screamed in agony, the encounter never seeming to leave her processor. She let out a low sobbing noise, covering her optics with her talons. Her body was weak from loss of energon, but from Predaking's savage attack on her.

Thoughts of vengeance came alive in her processor and she pictured herself tearing Predaking's spark from its chamber. The sound of his dying roar, his lifeless optics caused her to grin maliciously. Her talons ached, and her legs began to shake with weariness. She slid back onto the berth, resting her head on her talons, her grin still plastered on her face.

Her pleasure was short lived when pain shot through out her entire body, causing her to scream with pain. She fell from her berth, writhing in agony, her talons gouging the flooring.

"Midshift!" Doc called urgently. She could hear his footsteps thudding over to her, his servos grabbing her by her back plates. "What's the matter?"

Midshift tried to speak, but her words were cut off by her screaming.

Doc seized a syringe, jamming it into her main energon lines. Slowly, her struggles ceased and she felt her pain sensors dull away. She drew in a shaky breath, slowly pulling herself off of the ground.

"What happened?" Demolisher asked her urgently.

Midshift pressed her talons against her helm. "I'm not sure. I was just lying on the berth and this surge of agony just blindsided me out of no where."

Doc tapped his arm in thought. "I've never seen anything like that before. It just came out of the blue?"

Midshift nodded, giving Demolisher a thankful look as he picked her large body up and set her down on the berth for scans. Doc hooked up several scanners to her and punched in a few buttons to get it started. Midshift sat quietly as the tests ran, heaving a long sigh.

"This is odd," Doc said, leaning heavily on his computer. "Your scans shows nothing is wrong with you."

Midshift looked perplexed. "Weird. But, am I well enough to be wandering around?"

Doc sighed. "As long as you don't start roughhousing."
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