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Midshift might just get her talons on Predaking, or she might be way over her head, causing the same thing happen twice.

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Midshift's pacing was becoming louder and louder, as her metal claws tapped the solid metal floor of the base. She had been walking back and forth for a few hours, thoughts of how she was going to kill Predaking raging through her head. Her tail lashed every so often, the axe like blades slashing the berths. She let loose a large puff of smoke from her olfactory sensors, muttering thing under her breath.

The sliding of the door to the med bay portion of their base slid open and Demolisher appeared. Midshift paid him no mind, her pacing growing quicker and quicker. She was beginning to make grooves in the floor, her claws were wearing it down.

"Uh, Mid? Are you alright?" Demolisher asked.

Midshift's smoldering optics looked at him. "Fine." She turned away from him and sat down with yet another puff of smoke. "Have you found Predaking yet?" she demanded.

"Sort of," he said, rubbing the back of his helm. "We've tracked down his signal, but we can't pin point his location."

"I hope you do," she snarled darkly. "I look forward to ripping his vocal processors out through his optics." She hunched over with small growls coming from her throat.

Demolisher frowned, but said nothing more and left the med bay. Midshift let herself fester, the more rage she got the more strength she received. She was ready for revenge, it made her claws itch. Ever since Predaking brutally raped her, she had been distant and angry. She was eager to kill a Predacon who dominated her and she will do it without hesitation.

She ran her talon across her horn in thought, snorting loudly. The spines that lined her back and neck rattled against each other as her plates shifted. Even her thoughts were about revenge, she just couldn't think of anything else. Her thoughts blocked out the conversation between Demolisher and Doc. And when she tried to listen in to their chatting, she could hear nothing. Probably because I shut off my audio processors to fester. I'll kill that son of a bitch if it's the last thing I do. She sat up straight, allowing her audio processors to come back online. She turned her helm to look at Doc and Demolisher, craning her neck to listen in on their conversation.

"...I've just never seen her like this," Demolisher was saying. Midshift scowled slightly, listening intently. "Do you think she'll ever return to normal?"

Doc tapped his chin. "It's hard to say. Midshift will not stop until she gets her revenge, but when she gets her vengeance, it's a possibly she might return to normal."

Sure, whatever, Doc, Midshift thought with a barely audible growl. Doc had never seen her the way Demolisher did and she never understood why. Probably because his spark is as cold as space is. She turned her helm away from them, standing up with a quick lash of her tail. She brushed past Quake, the blades on her tail scraping his chassis.

She needed a good flight, flying always took her mind off of her fits of fury. She exited the base, flaring her wings, and leapt into the atmosphere. She soared into the air, inhaling deeply through her olfactory sensors, and letting out a relaxed sigh. Her audio sensors were on high alert for Predaking, he won't be able to sneak up on her. She had a steady glide, allowing her body to relax ever so slightly.

Though her relaxation was cut short by an angered roar that sounded like a hunter who found its prey. Midshift flared her wings, stopping her short in the sky. She whipped her head around, only to be struck by a ball of flames. The force of the flames, knocked her out of the sky, and she slammed hard into the ground. She lifted her snout to the sky, baring her fangs and letting out a fearsome roar. Predaking hovered in the sky, his orange wings blotting out the sun.

"I knew I would find you eventually," he thundered. "You now belong to me and you will not escape me this time." He transformed into his bot mode, his shoulders broad, his frame large. He grinned eagerly at her, his stance widening. It was clear that he won't let her leave, unless she fought to keep him away from her.

Midshift stood from the crater she made, shaking the rubble off of her plates. She whipped her helm around, unleashing a roar of fury. She never did like being in bot mode, she found it revealing and made her vulnerable. She would kill him in her beast mode, the most brutal way she could. She charged forward, thundering over towards him with her jaws stretched open. Predaking intercepted her head on, seizing her by her horns and throwing her aside. She gasped as she slammed into the ground. His power was incredibly strong, but she was going to crush him. She rolled over and got to her talons quickly. She charged at him, slamming her talons down on his chassis, knocking him to the ground. She thrust her jaws towards his neck, but he caught her jaws before the met his neck plates. Using the leverage that he had, he twisted her over as he transformed and pinned her to the ground.

NO! Not again! she thought, desperately. She struggled madly, her talons gouging his face plates and underbelly plates. She felt him flinch at her slash wounds but he reached up with a taloned 'paw' and slammed it down on her chassis, causing her to cry out in agony. "No! Get off of me, you son of a bitch!" She felt her licking flames rise in her throat as she stretched her maw wide to blast Predaking. He smashed her helm to the ground, causing her to let her long orange tongue of flame out to the side. She struggled again, this time more fiercely, but he worked around her struggles. His jaws clamped around her throat, the pointed fangs threatening to pierce her sealed wounds. He pressed his chassis against hers and he spread his hind legs out for balance and bracing. He knew she would fight him as much as she could and he was ready.

Midshift looked at Predaking with pleading optics, but she only met lust in his optics that could not be melted or softened. She let out a long, loud screech as he rammed into her plates. They were far from the Scavenger base and away from any other life that may be around. She had a sinking feeling that he had followed her from Shockwave's lab and tracked her down to a place far away from her team. She doubted they would be able to hear her, but his thrusts hit her hard and fast.

She thrashed violently, trying to shove him off with her front talons. She stopped when his growl vibrated her neck and his pressure on her neck increased. She let out another shriek that was quickly cut off by him slamming his front talons on her abdomen and she let out a long winded gasp.

After a few minutes, her screams died down, replaced by harsh sobbing noises. With each thrust, new waves of agony returning. She could hear his growl of pleasure over her own sobbing. She couldn't depend on Demolisher or Quake to help her now. Hell, she couldn't even depend on her own strength to save herself now. She was a Scavenger, she should know how to protect herself. She only knew how to protect herself against Ravengers, not other Predacons. What was worse, she could hear two sets of wingbeats from behind Predaking and male voices reached her audio processors. Her sobbing noises grew louder and more pathetic as the other Predacons approached her and Predaking.

The black and dark gray one snickered at her. "Well then, doll. You now belong to our king. Well, your king now."

The blue and gray one joined in with the snickering. "Look at how pathetic she is. Sobbing pitifully beneath his might."

Predaking released her neck, pulling out, and making her moan. "Enough, Skylynx, Darksteel. Why have you two come?"

Darksteel tipped his head to a side. "We heard cries of pain coming from the surface and we spotted you. Are you going to use her?" He glanced down at Midshift, who was too sore and battered to move from her spot on the ground. She had closed her optics from weariness, her breaths desperate and loud. Everything hurt. She dared not to move, she'd prefer not to face Predaking's talons again, she just listened to him.

He used the knuckle of his talons to brush across her cheek plate. "After all, she is the only one of our recreated kind to be female. And since everything the Decepticons know of our biology is incorrect, we are the only ones of Cybertron that can reproduce like those pathetic humans. She will be the first to bare my first born and many more."

Midshift went ridged, their kind could reproduce? How long has he known about this? When was he going to tell her? All the things that happened to her on the berth after his first attack made sense. The pain that blindsided her had not been nothing, it had been a sparkling that was growing inside of her. She was pregnant. Horror of that though made her want to vomit, but she was still too weak to move.

"What about us?" Skylynx hissed. "Why are we left out of this?" Predaking knocked both of them to the ground, roaring in fury.

"Do NOT forget who your king is!" he thundered. "I claimed her back in Shockwave's lab, therefore she will always belong to me and me only. Do I make myself clear?"

Darksteel nodded. "Very." The large Predacon got off of them, using his jaws to lift her up by her sore neck. Midshift let out a moaning protest, but did not squirm. Predaking rested her limp body on his large back, flaring his wings and taking off. To where? Midshift was sure it would be hell on steroids for her. Until her team found her. Or she had killed herself.

Midshift had come back online slowly, with a loud moan, her entire body aching from another one of Predaking's assaults. She looked down at her abdomen, the feeling of absolute horror hitting her directly in her chassis. Her midsection was slightly larger than it originally was. She had no idea how many sparklings were inside of her and she dreaded the thought of the day when she had to deliver them.

She tried to stand, but the shackles around the base of her neck, ankles, and chassis, jerked her back down to the ground. She let out a low whimper, she had been chained up like some misbehaving lab creation, at the mercy of her captors. There was no telling how many children she would produce before Predaking would kill her. She rested her head on her talons, curling her body into a ball. She truly had nothing left to live for. She had been raped, driven crazy by revenge, grew distant from her team, now is baring her attacker's offspring. What could be worse than being raped to death?

She peeled open her optics at the sound of a metal door opening. Predaking's helm grazed the top of the room she was in, as he looked down at her with a pleased look. She realized he wasn’t looking at her face plates, he was staring at her underbelly plates. She curled her tail and pressed her hind legs against the plates, trying to hide them from his sight. He walked over to her, brushing the knuckles of his talons against her cheek plates.

“There’s no use in hiding your pregnancy from me, love,” he snarled to her. “I knew you were pregnant the first time I had you beneath me.” He pressed a set against her belly plates, feeling for the sparkling. “Luckily, Shockwave taught me how to tend to a sparkling when its mother does not have the strength to care for it. I look forward to helping you deliver my first born. Then, we’ll get to work.” He turned away and walked out of the room, sealing it behind him.

Midshift buried her face in her talons and sobbed. She had truly sunken to the lowest, kept here in a small confinement room in an unknown lab, and forced to play the child bearer until she died. And worse, she was pregnant. She had no idea how long this state had been, but it seemed he knew the entire time. She was perplexed on how he knew that she was pregnant or how their race was the only one who knew they could reproduce. She let out a low sobbing noise, curling up into a ball.

She wanted him to kill her right here and right now. She didn't know how she would live with herself like this, or her team. She felt like she could vomit with the though of her team finding out what had happened to her, running out like she did last time and letting them capture her. How pathetic!

She sighed heavily, whimpering softly. It was best to get some sleep before she had to deal with Predaking again.
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