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Midshift has been captured by Predaking. She is now pregnant with his firstborn, possibly more on the way.

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Midshift awoke to extreme pain in underneath her jaw, letting loose a straggled scream. She snapped open her eyes, gazing into Predaking's cold yellow optics. His talons were digging into the underside of her bottom jaw, cutting off some of the oxygen to the rest of her body. He lifted her off of the ground a short ways before he was stopped by the chains he had attached to her. He glanced down to her stomach, giving her a snort of approval, then dropping her. She landed on her side, mindful of the sparkling. She rubbed her stomach briefly, her feelings changing for the soon to be born Predacon. Despite the fact the sparkling was a mistake, she still couldn't bring herself to kill it, or herself. Just yet.

She felt the tension around her neck being relieved and she looked at her chains. Her captor had cut them, the bonds that were connected to the wall broken. She looked at him, confused and scared for her unborn offspring. She curled her tail against her stomach in a protective manner, not knowing what he might do to her. Predaking's optics grew hard at her motions and let loose a snarl, his long tail lashing.

"Get up," he ordered. She struggled to her talons, her stomach hanging down below her hind leg plates. He turned towards the down and walked down, motioning her to follow him with his tail tip. She cautiously slipped out behind him, taking slow, but meaningful steps. She glanced ahead of her, but Predaking melted into the shadows. She could hear the sound of transformation, but she couldn't tell where it was. Her spark pulsed fearfully, as she felt her talons begin to tremble uncontrollably.

Predaking's talons seized her by her throat, dragging her into the darkness, her claws leaving sparks as she tried to pull away. He held her directly beneath her jaw, as he did before, but this time, she couldn't open her jaws. They locked together forcefully and she let out a strangled cry. He lifted her into the air, she struggled violently, thrashing her front and hind legs. She didn't see the strike to her hip plate, but when she felt it, she screeched. His talons dug in so deep, that it pierced her T-Cog. Her body violently spasmed, forcefully causing her to transform in his clutch. He only released her when she was completely in her bot mode, causing her legs to give out and she crashed against the ground. She moaned, twitching all over.

"Look at how beautiful you are, love," he said, his optics glowing in the darkness. "I don't understand why you stay in bot mode." She rolled over on to her back, breathing hard.

"Because in bot mode, I'm more vulnerable and I lack the strength I have in beast mode," she spat at him weakly. She struggled to her knees, her arms shaking beneath her own weight. "Unlike you, I have some feelings for the lives of others. Like unborn sparklings, you brainless monster!" Her words were cut off by his servo gripping her throat and dragging her back to her containment room. She struggled a few times, but he yanked harshly on her to tell her to stop. She did, feeling him chain her once more to the wall. She looked up at him, but he had already turned away and exited her room. She buried her face plates in her servos and sighed. There was no way her team would ever find her now.

"Oh, Primus," she murmured. "Why can't I just kill myself?" Midshift was no coward, after all she was usually the one to jump head first into battle. But now, she was carrying an unborn offspring within her and she had never been so cowardly before in her life. She rested her helm on her forearms, and began to murmur silent prayers. It was all she could do.

Bright pain of the Sparkling moving within her cause her to cry out, forcing her into a different position. She felt alone, forgotten, and miserable, the only thing that she knew she'll never look forward to was another one of Predaking's assaults on her body. But she had no choice but to play childbearer.
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