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Pokemon: The Great War Chapter 4

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Welcome to the strange new world of pokemon like you never seen it before. The story line takes place about ten years before the first Pokemon War. Follow Cain and his brother Bastien as they striv...

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Bastien woke up early as it was his normal custom. It had been two years since he had been accepted as a rangers' apprentice for the western provence of the Hoen region.

On the day of his Choosing a ranger called Lily was there in place of the usual ranger Sam.

The baron explained to the group of children that she traveled here for a visit from her home and that she wanted to watch the Choosing before she left. Lily was a short woman with a lean muscular build. Her hair and face was covered by a hood so he couldn't make out any of her features.

When it was his turn, Bastien asked if he could leave with Lily and train under her. Bastien had always respected the rangers and had always hoped Sam would be there for the day of his choosing. No one said a word for a minute after Bastien made his request.

Just as he was going to take back his comment, Lily asked him in a neutral tone
" I understand you have a sibling, no? Why would you wish to leave your only living relative?"

Bastien looked at her in surprise. 'How does she know?' he thought to himself. Bastien pondered her question for a minute before replying " Because my brother would understand. I can still visit him from time to time when my training permits it and to be honest I have always respected the rangers. I have always wanted to join them since I was six,"

" Are you sure he would understand or are you trying to convince yourself? I ask you this because you need to be sure you know what you are asking," Lily told him in the same neutral tone. Bastien just shook his head " I know he would understand,"

Lily nodded her head in acceptance of his answer. "Fine, you can leave with me in the morning," Lily replied once again in the same neutral tone.
" Thank you. Thank you very much,"
Bastien said breaking out in a grin.
"Don't thank me yet," said Lily in a grave tone. " You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into,"

That night Cain did NOT understand.
" What do you mean you are leaving southern Hoen!" Cain shouted. " What the hell is wrong with you!" Bastien had tried to break it to him gently when he met his brother in the entrance hall but, it was not going so well. He understood his brothers' fear. After their parents death and adding on the fact neither of them made friends easily; he could see that his brother was afraid of being alone.

"Listen..." Bastien began. "No!" interrupted Cain. " You listen, I may not be able to stop you but, don't think for a minute I will ever give you my blessing," Bastien was stung at his younger brothers' words. His temper quickly rose as he shouted back " I wasn't asking for your blessing you idiot," Bastien said. "I was just giving you a heads up!"

Cain just stared at his elder sibling icily for a minute. "Fine," Cain said in a sarcastic voice. "I hope you do well in your travels," Bastien then watched his brother turn around and stomp out of the entrance hall in a rage.

Immediately, Bastien felt regret for the way he acted towards his brother.
He considered chasing after him but, thought better of it. 'Best to let him calm down.' Bastien thought to himself. Bastien turned the other way and walked to his room.

Like all the other orphans' rooms at Castle Winchester, his room was a simple affair. He had a cot in the far left corner of the room and a small dresser and a shelf along the right wall of his room. Also, there was a small window just above the place where he rested his head that he was able to open.

The floor was a quartz crystal floor with blue veins running through it. It had always intrigued him. He use to spend his time following the blue veins with his eyes trying to find the starting point of the blue web like veins.

Growling in frustration, Bastien punched his pillow wishing he could take it all back. After a hour of sitting there, he finally accepted he could do nothing about it. Lying down and rolling on his side Bastien conscious faded into a uneasy slumber.

. . . . . The next morning. . . . .

Bastien didn't sleep well the night before; he had been to busy thinking of the past days' events.
Bastien laid in bed all night tossing and turning until four in the morning before resting peacefully. Bastien woke up at dawn to the cries of a dodou.

Quickly, he grabbed his pack and headed out to wait by the entrance.
Not long afterwards Cain entered the hall. His eyes were gazing at the ground while cradling something in his hands. Cain walked towards him saying nothing and opened his hands.

It was a orange stone prism about the size of his fist. On top of it was a iron ring that had a necklace chain ran through it. Bastien recognized it immediately. It was a trainers' block!
A trainers' block was a item used to capture the essence of pokemon.

Trainer blocks were rare items crafted in the Mystic region. They could hold up to six pokemon at any given time.
With every new pokemon captured it would become a darker shade of orange. Otherwise, it was green before used.

Bastien gasped. " Where did you get this?" Cain smiled and said " I bought it off a trader last month during the fair. I been saving for it for two years. Go ahead. Meet the new member of our family,"

Bastien grabbed the trainers' block and held it out before him and shouted " Release!"
A blue light shot from the stone and a small bird flew around their heads. It had a red head, a white body, and black tip on its tail feathers. "Fletchling!"chirped the little bird happily.

Bastien eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "Where did you find it?" Cain frowned. " It is a she and I found her in the woods. She had a injured wing so I been taking care of her,"

Bastien wasn't surprised to hear that. Cain was always getting into trouble for bringing in wild pokemon and taking care of them. He had always had a knack of finding rare ones even when others couldn't.
Pokemon just always seemed to trust him.

"Well I like her," said Bastien. At that moment Lily had entered the entrance hall. "Are you ready?" asked the grim ranger.
Bastien turned to her to reply then stopped and stared at her.

Unlike yesterday, today she didn't have her hood on. She was had high cheek bones and dazzling blue eyes.
She had short brown hair that ended right above her shoulders.
Her figure was concealed underneath her cloak but, upon closer inspection he could see she was slightly taller then he had originally thought.

She would have been quite beautiful if it wasn't for the thick long ugly scar on the left side of her face. It started from the left side of her forehead and ended at her chin.

" Well?" Lily asked. "Are you?"
" Yes mam', " Bastien stuttered.
Cain had noticed the scar too and was staring at the ranger with a frown on face. The ranger saw him looking and asked "What are you staring at?" Cain continued staring for a moment longer before replying " Your scar, does it hurt? I can give you some ointment for it if you need it,"

Lily blinked at him a few times before answering in a surprisingly gentle tone " No thank you. It may look fresh but, I have had it for awhile,"
Cain smiled innocently before nodding.

Turned her attention back to Bastien and snapped at him " It is time to leave. Lets go,"
Bastien turned to his younger brother and hugged him. "Take care of yourself man," Bastien said.

" You too," Cain replied. Lily stalked out of the entrance hall into the court yard at a brisk pace. Bastien released his brother and followed her in a jog. The little fletchling flew in a circle three times around Cains' head before flying after the pair chirping a little tune to itself.

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