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Chapter 3 of Pokemon: The Great War

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Welcome to the strange new world of pokemon like you never seen it before. The story line takes place about ten years before the first Pokemon War. Follow Cain and his brother Bastien as they striv...

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Hoarse looked over to the Baron apologetically before turning back to face Cain. Hoarse asked Cain "What is your name? Huh,...? Speak up now lad," Cain winced as Hoarse continued shouting.

"Doesn't he have a lower volume?" thought Cain. Cain stepped forward and faced Hoarse. "I don't have one sir. I have never had one," Cain told him. "What do you mean no last name? Every proper person has one," Hoarse replied.

At that moment Baron Winchester spoke up in a deep voice. "Drop it Hoarse. I will not tolerate you speaking to the children like that!
Cain is a special case. Now continue with the ceremony," Hoarse gulped quickly. " Of... Of course sir. Well continue on lad," he said for probably the first time in his life in a normal volume.

Cain gulped and stuttered out " I... I like to working with Aura, please?" Aura walked over and looked at the boy. She stared at him and said with most undignifying squeal " You're just as cute as a new born oddish!"

Cain stared at Aura with a confused look on his face. "What is she talking about? " thought Cain. "Is she looking for some special answer?" Cain's question was answered when she started petting his hair. " Your hair is so soft! Just like a new born rufflet feather," Aura said.

"Nope," Cain thought. "She is just insane," The baron sighed and called out "Leave the boy alone and accept him or test him," Aura backed off with a bob of her head to appease him and looked at Cain. "Of course I will accept him. Then I can pet him all the time. I could personally train him!"Aura said with glee.

Cain paled at the thought and looked at Baron Winchester for help. The baron just shrugged as if to say 'You picked her.' Cain looked to the other craft masters with a silent plea on his face but, none of them would meet his gaze except Jakob.

Jakob had a look of pity on his face but, he shook his head no. Cain looked back to Aura as she resumed petting his hair and face as she sang a child's bed time song. The baron cleared his throat and said "Okay Cain, you can return to your place in line,"

Gratefully, Cain returned to his place in line. As he walked past Maverick he saw a huge grin on Mavericks' face as he tried to hold in his laughter. Cain went to the back of the line and stared right on ahead lost in his own thoughts. The baron clapped his hands together to get everyone's attention.

"Ok everybody. I know it has been a long day for some of you guys. It is time to get some rest. You will all be leaving tomorrow with your new masters early in the morning," the baron said sending one last apologetic look in Cain's direction.

Cain made a inaudible sigh of relief as the other children nodded in agreement at the barons' word.
As the two groups turned to enter the castle you could hear the call of a
swellow announcing to the world it was time for bed.

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