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Chapter 2 of Pokemon: The Great War

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Welcome to the strange new world of pokemon like you never seen it before. The story line takes place about ten years before the first Pokemon War. Follow Cain and his brother Bastien as they striv...

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Cain was sweating profoundly though, he was not sweating due to the heat. It was by all standards a cool day. The sky was cloudy, a breeze was blowing, and a evening chill was in the air. Today was the day of the Choosing.

Cain was a short scrawny boy of ten. He had long bleach blond hair to his shoulders and a innocent look about him. He was a shy and timid child when it came to dealing with people.

He wore a long sleave green cotton shirt and black pants. He had on a pair of sturdy leather venasaur boots and he wore the tradtional formal hat, the top bow hat ( a cross between a top hat and a cow boy hat except the brim is triangular and it is not quite as tall as a top hat). Cain was a orphan.

His parents died when Cain and his brother Bastien were babies. No one ever knew who their parents were or where they died. The brothers were left on the front steps of Castle Winchester with nothing but, a note saying
Their parents were heroes who saved many of my fellow villagers' lives. The two year old is named Bastien and the little one is named Cain. Please watch over them with care.

Since then they had been raised in the keep's orphanage. Usually, to be raised there you had to be the child of a earl or some other nobility , but the baron was a kind trusting man who felt it was his duty to help raise them if their parents were in fact heroes.

Baron Winchester had them separated though and put them in with their age group as was custom. Where they would be fed well and later on learn to read, write, and do simple math; such as counting, adding, and subtracting. The brothers did get to see each other on weekends though.

Growing up Cain had always been on the small side while Bastien, he was always the tall one and well built for a boy his age. Bastien was the troublesome one. He was always getting into things and had a bit of a temper at times. He was the more out going of the two.

In Cain's peer group there were three other children. Sabrina, Sable, and Maverick. Sabrina was a tall quiet girl. With long glossy hair and emrald green eyes that seem to pierce your very soul. She had a certain intelligence that few possessed and she was always the diplomat in any given situation.

Sable her twin, was the exact opposite. While, he was certainly as intelligent as his sister, he was out spoken, uncompromising, and unforgiving. He had short black hair, crystal blue eyes, and a slender build much like his sister.

Maverick was round, bald, jolly fellow who sole purpose in life was to cook and make others laugh. He had a heavy unibrow and greasy look about him, but that fooled no one who knew him. His nails seemed to be always polished, his teeth were so pearly white it almost hurt to look at them, and he had a wit about him that never seem to cease.

The Choosing was a day when all the children who turned ten would pick their respective careers and train under a master in the craft. This year eligible apprenticeships was
with Aura the Head Breeder. She supervised the breeding and raising of pokemon for the army.

Jakob the Battle Master. He was the Head Master of Battle School. Lancelot the Diplomat and Dragon Slayer (he supposably killed off five garchomps by himself with nothing but a dagger). He ran the law school and was head of diplomatic relations.
Finally, there was Helga the Head Cook. She had a mean streak a mile long. She controlled the kitchen and dining hall which everyone ate in.

Of course, there were other masters of different crafts, but none of them had a opening so they were not present. Each master was dressed in a metallic purple robe and each stood waiting patiently.

Lancelot and Jakob were brothers. Lancelot was the oldest with long blond hair pulled back into a pony tail and he wore a pair of glasses. He was slender in build and had a kind knowledgable look about him.
Jakob was a head shorter, muscular, and he had a military crew cut. He had broad shoulders and scar running down the side of his left cheek. Jakob had a air of authority about him and he carried a flameberge on his back and a dagger at his waist.

Helga was a stick thin tall woman, she had long dull brown hair and a reputation for being extremely impatient. It was well known she always had a heavy oak rolling pin on her. No one was quite sure where she kept it but, if you were ever caught with a hand in a jar you were liable to get knocked upside the head with it.

Aura had a kind and patient yet a oddly stern look about her. She had high cheek bones and a lean muscular body. Aura had piercing brown eyes and blonde hair which she normally kept tied into a bun. It was well known she hardly took on apprentices because she had a very strict standard on who dealt with her young charges.

The orphans were standing in a line
outside the castle from tallest to shortest waiting for the baron to show up with his assistant so their names could be called out. After five minutes of silence the pair showed up. Baron Winchester was a broad stout man in a deep purple robe. He was a middle age man and was going a bit bald at the top.

He was well known for being terrible with time so he was always late. His drapion was walking beside him. It was a extremely large creature for its' species standing at ten feet tall. Drapion was the castle mascot and they had been breeding them for eight centuries.

The assistant was was a nondescript man that was easily forgotten when you looked in a different direction. The assistant was called Hoarse. He was wearing a blue robe and a green hat. He had a
a tailow on his left shoulder so he could easily send messages to their intended receiver.

Hoarse went to stand by the line of orphans and pulled out a list while the baron went to stand by his Craft Masters. Hoarse called out in a deep booming voice "Sable Light!"

Sable stepped from the front of the line with his head held high. " I wish to train under Master Jakob," said Sable. Jakob stepped forward and stared at the boy. Sable met his gaze never blinking. The weapon master nodded his head then circled the boy slowly looking him over.

Sable stood up straighter with a slight tremble in his stance but, the the weapon master seemed to like what he saw. Jakob stepped back into the line of craft masters and looked Sable in the eyes again. The weapon master silently nodded his head in agreement and waved the boy back into line.

Hoarse quickly scribbled a note down then shouted "Sabrina Light!"
Sabrina stepped to the front of the line and said in a sing song voice "I wish to study under Lancelot please?" Lancelot smiled gently and in a surprisingly soft charismatic voice and asked "Why should I do that?"

It was a expected question. The Diplomat always asked this question of every child who wished to join the legion of scribes and diplomats.
Sabrina took a deep breath then replied " I wish to join because I want to keep the southern providence of the Hoen region at peace and to keep it prosperous" Lancelot nodded as if he expected the answer then replied " And how would you do that? Is it not the army who keeps us at peace and the trading that keeps us prosperous?"

Sabrina nodded then replied with another question " True, but is not the diplomat who works along side the army to maintain the peace? Don't the diplomats discuss the terms with the other provinces for trading?" Lancelot got a gleam in his eye at her answer.

Lancelot nodded his head in agreement and said "You have some potential. I will accept you into my school," Sabrina thanked him and bowed as she stepped back into the line of orphans. Hoarse scribbled another note down and called "Maverick Donner!"

Maverick stepped forward and said in a raspy yet hopeful voice "I wish to work with Head Chef Helga," Helga looked at him as if she took a bite out of a sour lemon then barked at him in a sharp voice " How would you cook a pie if it takes a hour to bake and you had only thirty minutes to bake it?" Helga continued to ask him such impossible questions for another ten minutes. Most of Maverick's answers seemed to please her though no one else but, those two understood what was being asked and answered.

Helga eventually stopped her questioning and said with a sniff "I guess he will do," Helga walked back to her spot and waved the boy back into line. Maverick seemed to float on air as he made his way back to his place in line. A look of utter joy filled his face.

Hoarse finished scribbling some notes down and called out " Cain.... No name?"

Thank you all for reading this next chapter in the series. It's finally getting good right? Which one will Cain choose? What is his last name? I guess you will just have to wait and see. Don't forget to leave me a comment and to tell me what you think of it.
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