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Pokemon: The Great War chapter 1

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Welcome to the strange new world of pokemon like you never seen it before. The story line takes place about ten years before the first Pokemon War. Follow Cain and his brother Bastien as they striv...

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I do not own Pokemon animated series, manga, or games. All characters are of my making and fictional.

Chapter 1

There was a elderly man sitting by a dying fire in a room not much bigger then a broom closet. The walls were cracked and the air was dry. All you could hear was the occasional crackle of the wood in the fireplace and the the scratching of a quill on a old dry parchment paper.

He was a odd looking man with long curly hair falling down his back and bald on the very top of his head. His eyes were blue and they had a glazed look to them. A nose much to long and pointed yet, it was very thin much like a humming bird's beak. He had a hunched back, short legs, and his arms were unnaturally long .
He was extremely thin and he had a grim look about him.

His name was Jared Gourd.
Jared was a soft hearted man and the tribe's story teller. It was midnight and he had been working for the past five hours on another epic poem from his childhood. When he was just about finished he heard a knock.

"Come in" called a tired Jared.
A young handsome man called Luke entered. Luke was a tall muscular young man of nineteen and he had short black unkempt hair that he never could seem to tame. He had high cheek bones and a deep tan.

"Grandfather" Luke said " What are you still doing up?" Jared smiled then replied " I am working on another tale young one. What are you doing up?"
Luke shrugged his shoulders before answering " I couldn't sleep. So, I thought I would visit you and maybe hear one of your stories,"
Jared laughed " And wake me from my beauty sleep no doubt,"

The young man laughed as well then shot back "Since when do you sleep Grandfather ?" The elderly man shrugged and asked "What story would you like to hear?"
" I would like to hear the story of the two brothers of the Great War," Luke answered hopefully.

Jared stared at him for a moment then nodded and began as he always did. "What I tell you is true. What I haven't seen myself I have gathered from others. Where others fail to remember I have gathered from other sources. This is a tale of love and war, of friendship and hope, of betrayal and a second chance...This is a tale of Pokemon!"

Thank you all for reading. This is my first fanfic ever so please.... Critique a way!!!
I am going to need all the help I can get.
And thanks again for all your help guys.
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