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Chapter 5 Clara's Emergence

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Another Fireside Girl wants her fun too

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Ginger and Ginger II got their Fireside outfits on also packing nightgowns ready to make more sleepover friends.
Ginger(Putting a blanket on a chair) See we have a tent now let's go get us some campers.
The two girls cackled walking off John's friends rubbing their bloodshot eyes staying awake because of a warning John gave them.
Ginger: Welllllllllll looks like Fink is going to be the theme of this sleepover.
Ginger II farted giggling as Ginger joined her the both of them watching swirling green smoke surround the sleepover with the boys chugging energy drinks, soda, Hawaiin punch, and downing candy and sugar straight from the bag.
Ginger II: That should cause some damage in the non sleepy department sissy. We're just like Kitty and Emma from TDI.
Ginger ruffled Ginger II's hair while the both of them watched the boys gag and pass out cackling was all they heard
Ginger II(Raising her arms) Let's-cause-so-much-damage-there's-nowhere-for-them-to-run-ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa.
Ginger(Chuckling) Spoken like a true Hirano now let's cause some fear in the hearts of boy sleepovers everywhere.
Ginger threw a pair of colorful footies on Ginger II as she gagged not liking her big sister's choice of pajama's.
Ginger(Twirling around Ginger II) Meet the Knockout Footies they used to be mine but I think it's time to pass them to a newer generation.
Ginger II(Plugging her nose) When-was-the-last-time-you-washed- these- Stinky-Knockout-Footies?
Ginger(Chuckling) Washed what the heck does that mean to stinky footies like mine?
Ginger II(Gagging) Blech-how-long-have-you-had-these-stinky-things?
Ginger(Shrugging) Since I was three I decorated them with throw up, curdeled milk, juice, pee,maple syrup, spaghetti sauce,meatballs,spaghetti,and even more pee.
Ginger II: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is just not sanitary.
Ginger(Beaming) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa they were a real conversation starter and ender in most cases.
Ginger II(unplugging her nose) Ughhhhhhhhhhhh I guess I should just get used to the smell of them.
Ginger(Opening the front door) Time for us to cause some damage little sis.
Ginger II(Sneering) That's what I'm talking about.
Ginger and Ginger II cackled walking through a portal leading them to the no girl allowed sleepover.
The boys downed sugar everything hoping not to fall asleep because they could sense danger coming in the form of the Hirano girls.
Boy(Yawning) Oh-no-need-more-sugar-to-stay-awake-longer-can't-let-sleep-take-me.
The others gulped seeing sleep taking it's toll on just one of them.
Boy(Groaning) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-need-to-stay-awake-need-to-hydrate-myself-with-sugar.
The boy John Ward yawned his eyes getting bigger and closing as he fell down a dark hole cold cackles echoing into his dream.
John(Pinching himself) Nooooooooooooooo wake up, wake up, waaaaaaakkkkeeeee uuuuuuupppppppp.
Ginger and Ginger II beamed as John fell at their feet their high tops tapping the concrete of a blacktop.
Ginger: Well, well, welllllll what have we here?
John(Backing up) No it can't be you it's impossible.
Ginger II(Twirling around) Taduhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Hirano sisters strike again. Well not again seeing this is the first time we've struck but we will strike again.
Ginger: Yeaaaaaaa this is her first nightmare haunting but she'll get used to them.
Ginger II(Beaming) Introducing the Stinky Knockout Footies and their secret wepon.
John(Gulping) I know their secret weapon so i'd rather not see their weapon again.
Ginger(Putting clothespins on her nose) Yeaaaaaaaaaa same here and I creatated them when I was three.
John ran off with both the Hirano's chasing him multi colored smoke trailing behind Ginger II.
Ginger(Sneering) Here Jonny Jonny come out come out wherever you are.
John crawled under a hole knowing with his slim figure and Ginger's full bodied fat figure along with Ginger II's they would never get him.
John(Sighing) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's great to be safe for once.
Ginger giggled knowing a good way to get back at John for running and hiding from her and her sister.
Ginger(Metamorphing into a snake) Let's see how skinny he is compared to a snake as slithery and slippery as me.
Ginger slithered into the hole until she found John and wrapped around his throat squeezing it leaving him gasping for air.
Ginger(Giggling) I was full bodied as a girl but as a deadly snake I'm as slender as you if not skinnier.
John(Gasping) Alright-you-got-me-just-tell-me-what-you-want-with-me-then-let-me-go.
Ginger(Sneering) I have no intentions on letting you go John. You're the person I've been waiting for a boy as weak as you for a very long time.
John: You-have?
Ginger(Nodding) Yes I want a body and your body is perfect for my plan.
John(Looking down at himself) It is?
Ginger(Turning into herself again) Yes and my sis also became a pawn in my game by making all your friends stuffy's for her bed, backpack, sleepover's, and tea parties.
John: So where do I come into play?
Ginger(Pinning John to the wall) Welllllllllllll you're wearing a certain something that used to be mine.
John(Gulping) Wait it was just a dare and I had to be initiated somehow.
Ginger(Smiling) Yes well you should learn never to mess with a Hirano no matter what the dare is.
John squealed knowing the punishment for messing with a Hirano and it wasn't something he wanted.
Ginger(Beaming) That squeal confirms that you know what my punishment is and it's great to finally be able to use it against a boy.
John: But I don't want to become you.
Ginger(Linking her fingers) So you dooooooooooooooo know my punishment and you knew it when you stole my panties and bra.
John: I told you I had to it was my initiation.
Ginger: Oh puhlease it was just a dare you could have said no but you didn't.
John shivered in fear making Ginger's arms a mass of muscles.
Ginger(Chuckling) Scaredy cat scaredy cat you made my arm muscles fat.
John(Struggling) Look-I'll-give-you-the-bra-and-panties-I-took-but-their-covered-in-boy-sweat.
Ginger's shadow swallowed John her whole body now a mass of muscles as she snickered evilly removing her clothes.
Ginger: The only difference is now instead of sweating boy sweat onto the panties and bra you'll be sweating girl sweat which FYI is more rank and comes often.
John gulped as Ginger waltzed up to him with a makeup kit cackling knowing how scared John was.
Ginger(Pulling out makeup) First we've got to get your face on which is girl talk for applying makeup.
John: Look why don't we just sit and talk this all out?
Ginger(Shaking her head) Nope I have special plans for us and that includes me taking your body.
Ginger(Beaming) Even if the other sleepover gang friends do fall asleep they'll fall by my sister's hands and her footies.
Ginger without warning picked a blue sparkly lipstick and applied it to John's lips.
Ginger: Now just smack your lips together and we'll work on your toenails and fingernails.
John: No I won't and how are you gonna make me?
Ginger opened her eyes wide laughing deeply at John.
Ginger: With the Hirano stare passed down to me from Stacy who learned it by mom and I'll teach Ginger II someday.
Ginger's green eyes burned into John's and he got a stupified look on his face that Ginger knew well.
Ginger(Beaming) Now smack those lips slave of my green eyed stare.
John did as Ginger said and she applied eyeshadow, mascara, blush, nail polish, and lip gloss on his lips.
Ginger: Sey Magnifique now for the hard part getting me to become you ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaa.
Ginger held the sides of her head transfering her soul, manerisms, girlish urges, and inner child into John a big sneer creeping across her face.
John(Holding his stomach) Noooooooooooooooooo get out of meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Ginger(Stretching) Fat chance weakling turns out the bra and panties fit better on your body than mine.
John screeched seeing his normally white skin become light brown Ginger cackling transfering her blood into John.
Ginger(Giggling) Looks like you need a Hirano blood transfusion.
John(Moaning) Nooooooooooooooo-I-never-should-have-taken-that-underwear-i'll-regret-it-as-long-as-I-live.
Green smoke escaped Ginger's body molding into John's completing his transformation with Ginger cackling triumpantly.
Ginger(Taking Disgust Decal from her backpack) Time to meet your favorite Disney Character Disgust from Inside Out.
John screamed in defeat as the decal was added to Ginger's T shirt and the purple bra and panties appeared on her body.
Ginger(Sneering) Nobody gets one over on Ginger Hirano. I wonder how mini me's doing with her nightmare giving?
A little boy screamed in fear and Ginger chuckled knowing Ginger II struck and she was in an all boy sleepover.
Ginger(Rubbing her hands together evilly) Ladies and Gentlemen we have ignition.
Ginger cackled evilly and in another house boys were doomed to suffer through Ginger II's dreamworld.
Nighty Night Sleep Tight
Boys around the age of 5 were having a sleepover Inside Out repeating itself on the TV.
Boy(Yawning) There's only so much emotions I can take in one night.
The other boys yawned nodding not knowing Ginger II was about to crash their party.
Woman: Alright kids time for bed let's get into our sleeping bags, grab our teddies, and turn our nightlights on.
The boys did as the woman said and she left the nightlights shining a little light in the room.
Boy(Closing his eyes) May all our dreams be sweet.
Ginger II(Giggling) that is very unlikely.
The boys sleeping bags fused together making a life sized picture of Ginger II in her Fireside Girl outfit.
Ginger II(Rubbing her hands together evilly) This Firesider is about to be Camp Sunnyside bound.
Camp Sunnyside was the camp all Fireside Girls went over the Summer and Ginger II was determined to be the first Lil Spark to join Fireside Girl camp.
Ginger II(Cackling gleefully) Looks like one of the Camp baits fell completely asleep.
Ginger II materialized into the sleepover the other boys suddenly wide awake with one boy snoring lightly.
Ginger II(Giggling) Awwwwwwwwwwwww I guess somebody should have told him sleepovers aren't for sleeping their for staying up all night.
Ginger II stretched out her fingers and suddenly the sleeping bags took hold of the boys that were awake.
Ginger II(Raising her arms) Time for this sleepy boy to get what's coming to him and for the all night boys to get what they deserve.
Ginger II cackled watching the boys that were awake struggle with the sleeping bags that zipped up by themselves and Ginger II tiptoed to the sleeping boy having plans for him.
Ginger II(Rubbing her hands together evilly) Time for you to become my BCFF Best Camp Friend Forever he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeee.
Ginger II took the boys clothes off first having the perfect outfit for him to be her BCFF and it was the boys worst nightmare.
Ginger II produced a plain white pair of underwear with Friday written in the back in purple cursive glitter, a pair of purple pants, a white undershirt, a purple button up shirt, a purple bow, and purple slippers chuckling evilly at the boys new clothes.
Ginger II(Crawling into the boys sleeping bag) Not only is this boy my BCFF but he's also queen of this sleepover that you boys forgot to see what his mama looked like.
The boys gulped as the boys mom came back in with snacks and they saw it was Isabella Garcia Shapiro.
Isabella(Putting a plate of Smor'es on the table) Eat up gentlemen marshmallows may kick my daughter's first sleepover into high gear.
Ginger II(Cuddling with the boy) Time for me to reveal my dreamworld to the BCFF.
Ginger II raised her arms the boys sleeping bags tightening and one of them decided to devour Smore's all by himself.
Isabella(Sneering) Welllllllllllll someone was hungry weren't they?
The Smore eater moaned his eyes getting heavy and he was in a deep sleep a different fate awaiting him.
Isabella: Nowwwwwwww since Christmas is rearing it's ugly head you boys are going to get the torture of a lifetime once John Waters your best friend becomes my little girl and the Smore Eater becomes a Montgomery.
Isabella cackled triumphantly and the boys gulped wishing they never showed up for John's sleepover in the first place.
A Chanukah Miracle
John Waters moaned rubbing his eyes stuck in a boiler room thanks to Ginger II's dreamworld.
Ginger II(Smiling) Sooooooooooooooooo looks like the no sleeping at a sleepover rule doesn't apply to you.
John(Looking around) Who's there?
Ginger II in true gymnast style did a backhand spring in front of John her pajama's emitting smoke into the air.
Ginger II: Ginger Anne Hirano the second at your service BCFF now let's get you into some comfy clothes and not your birthday suit.
John(Confused) My what?
Ginger II giggled pointing down at John and when he looked he saw he had no clothes on.
Ginger II(Beaming) See in my dream world I reign surpreme and you will do as I say.
John backed away not liking this nightmare as Ginger II cackled all the boilers turning on at once.
Ginger II(Walking up to John) See scary dreams are all I have so I use them when I can.
John(Looking around) Where are my friends?
Ginger(Chomping apart a Smore) Well one of them is with his doom the others are with your new mama.
John: New mama?
Ginger II(Nodding) MMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM you are no longer a Waters thanks to your sleepy ways.
John: So what am I?
Ginger II(Grabbing John) A no good boy for now but when I'm done you'll be my BCFF and a Garcia Shapiro.
John(Gulping) There's-no-way-you-can-make-me-A-Garcia-Shapiro.
Ginger II(Nodding) Sure there is you're forgetting who's dream this is BCFF.
John: I know I'm going to regret this but BCFF?
Ginger II(Sneering) Yep Best Camp Friend Forever.
John(Holding his head) I can control my dreams too.
The dreamscape materialized turning the boiler room into a beach and John seeing no Ginger II thought he was safe.
John(Sighing happily) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now this is a dream.
John lied back on a towel and closed his eyes not seeing the little girl in pink footies with multi colored stains heading for him.
Ginger II(Beaming) He wants a beach day I'll give him a beach day.
John(Sipping a drink) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM even the soda tastes better here.
Ginger II cast a shadow over John and before he could open his eyes she grabbed him Ginger II suddenly growing massive strength.
Ginger II(Looking around) Nice dream I hope you enjoy it now because soon you'll be a Garcia Shapiro dreaming of this place and not a boy.
John saw liquified sand and Ginger II threw him into it a big smile on her face.
Ginger II(Putting on sunglasses) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa time for you to meet your match Ginger Anne Hirano the second.
Ginger II's feet once holding slippers clicked her heels together and the slippers became combat boots.
John(Putting his hands up) Nooooooooooooo please don't make me a Garcia Shapiro.
Ginger II(Beaming) Ok I won't make you A Garcia Shapiro.
John sighed relief as Ginger II raised her foot pushing John down in the quicksand.
Ginger II(Laughing triumphantly) I never promised Isabella Garcia Shapiro wouldn't make you a Shapiro.
Ginger II raised her foot again pushing John all the way down the sand her triumphant cackle echoing across the beach.
Ginger II(Skipping off in a multi colored bikini) Time for this stinky bikini to have some fun.
John moaned rolling around on a bed once owned by Isabella Garcia Shapiro age 3-8 and the blanket a quilt made by Isabella with all her Fireside patches tightened around John.
Isabella(Opening the door) Happy Chanukah to you, Happy Chanukah to you Happy Chanukah dear Clover ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Happy Chanukah to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
John(Moaning) Hhhhhhheeeelllllppppppppp this quilt is too tight.
Isabella(Producing a cupcake) Happy birthday Clover go ahead make a wish.
John blew the candle out and Isabella knew at the end of the day John would embrace being a Garcia Shapiro.
Isabella(Skipping up to John) Now I know what you wished for you want a new smaller family and if you would take a look around your room you'll see that this family is pretty small.
John(Dejected) Your-right-and-at-least-the-Fireside-Clubs-are-pretty-cool-plus-being-a-girl-at-her-first-sleepover-could-be-fun.
Isabella(Beaming) Sooooooooooooo glad to hear you say that now let's get my little girl's sleepover attire on her and then we can go from there.
John was very cooperative as Isabella removed the quilt and produced the glittery cursive written Friday underwear first.
Isabella(Opening a dresser drawer) Undies with all the days of the week in different glitter my little one will be so smart when she's old enough for Pre School.
John allowed Isabella to put the underwear on him and she smirked seeing the underwear take hold and shrink his butt.
Isabella(Producing the pajama outfit) Next are these pants and shirts.
John felt the pants pull to his waist then like a puppet John raised his arms and Isabella put the white undershirt and purple button up shirt on him and his whole body was 3 year old size.
Isabella(Kissing John's cheeks) Just the bow and slippers left my little Clover.
Isabella put the bow in the middle of John's head then forced the slippers on his feet and soon enough a girly giggle escaped his mouth.
John(Running to Isabella) Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mmmaaaaammaaa let's get me to my first sleepover.
Isabella(Picking John up) Alright my little Clover the boys await and I think it's time you destroyed Christmas for these boys and force feed one of them more Montgomery Smore's.
Clover cackled evilly walking downstairs Jessie Camden the Smore's eater tossing and turning in his sleeping bag.
Clover(Sneering) Happy Chanukah you no good Christmas elves.
Ginger II(Dancing around the boys) Yea you no good Christmas elves.
Clover(Sneering down at Jessie) One little elf likes to be a piglet. and this little piggy is going to go wee wee wee all the way to a new home.
Ginger II and Clover cackled as another boy found his way out of his sleeping bag.
Boy(Punching Clover) Matthew Compton at your service Jerkface.
Clover blocked the boys punches easily and knew the perfect torture for him.
Clover(Handing the boy to Ginger II) I think stinky bombs would be a good torture here don't you?
Boy(Gulping) Stinky-bombs-what-are-they-if-I-may-ask?
Ginger II(Picking the boy up easily) Well I can't tell you that because then it'd give you time to run away.
The boy screamed seeing colorful smoke surround him and Ginger II.
Ginger II(Zipping the boy up in her sleeping bag) If you value your nostrils I'd hold your breath if I were you.
The boy puffed his cheeks out and held his nostrils closed as Ginger II beamed inching herself up to the boys face.
Ginger II(Applying lip gloss) See stinky bombs as Clover loves to call them hide deep down in my mouth.
The boy moaned as Ginger II stretched herself across his body.
Ginger II(Raising her arms) You'll have to breathe soon and then you'll pass out to my stinky bombs and meet Smelly Beach Clover's dreamworld.
The boy grew blue in the face and sucked in the stink falling asleep and Ginger II snickered changing back into her bathing suit.
Ginger II: I wonder how Jessie and Milly are doing because she's a complete boss to little sisters which is what Jessie just ate his way into.
Clover and Ginger II cackled as Jessie licked his lips in his dreams having no idea what he was getting into.
Milly's Bully Punching Bag
Jessie Connors fell into a camp where a roaring campfire met him and plate upon plate of Smo'res were on a picnic table.
Jessie(Reading A card) Milly Montgomery's Smo'res hands off. Oh well she snoozes she loses.
Jessie devoured six plates of Smo'res not knowing there was a reason that those smo'res were Milly's.
Jessie(Holding his stomach) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my tummy. But at least Milly Montgomery won't get any Smo'res either.
A humming was heard as Milly skipped up to the picnic table and found her Smo'res missing.
Jessie(Belching) Nice feast Montgomery not a graham cracker, chocolate bar, or marshmallow out of place.
Milly(Sneering) I take it you ate my smo'res?
Jessie(Beaming) I sure did what are you going to do about it?
Milly(Sitting in front of a campfire) Tell scary stories they always come after Smo'res.
Jessie(Smiling) Do your worst.
Milly(Giggling) If you insist Smo're eater. Once upon a time there was this boy who loved eating peoples snacks.
Jessie(Beaming) I like this story already.
Milly(Walking up to him) One night like this night a girl got even by making him three years old again.
Jessie(Laughing) And just how does she do that?
Milly(Wiggling her fingers) By spiking my Smo'res with an anti growth hormone.
Jessie got a fearful look on his face as Milly beamed and he shrank his teen clothes too big for him now.
Milly(Giggling) See now that you're so small those clothes no longer fit you Honey Bunches.
Jessie: Honey Bunches?
Milly(Folding her arms across her ches) Yeppppppppppp see I was once Honey Bunches but now that you're here you're Honey Bunches and Mama can make a new nickname for me.
Jessie shrieked seeing his boxers now pink underwear with ruffles and Milly grabbed a camera cackling coldly at him.
Milly(Snapping blueberry bubblegum) Nowwwwwwwwww why does this scene look so familiar?
Jessie(Quickly searching for pants) where are my pants?
Milly(Pinching his cheeks) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea this was what you and the dummy Wolf Cubs did to me when we went to camp together for the first year. I was totes humiliated that night.
Jessie(Getting scared) I'll ask again where are my pants?
Milly(Giving a rumbling laugh) I asked the same thing when I was in this position.
Jessie: Look Montgomery I get it I bullied you and your miffed but is taking pictures of me in your underwear as a three year old really the best decision?
Milly(Beaming) Yepppppppppppp say ccccchhhhhheeeeeeessssseeeeee little sis.
Jessie(Gulping) Little sis?
Milly(Walking up to him) MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHMMMMMMM what did you think I wouldn't make you your worst nightmare?
Jessie: Why is me being your little sister my worst nightmare?
Milly(Giggling) Have we not met Milly Montgomery little sister destroyer and you just so happen to be my little sister.
Jessie(Smiling) Oh puhlease you can't do anything to a little sister thanks to the pout you stupid girly underwear wearing punk.
Milly(Positioning her camera) Nowwwwwwwwwww say cheese little sis. BTW good luck getting people to forget about this little slip up or incident should we call it?
Jessie(Attacking Milly) Nobody will see this incident or slip up as you love to call it.
Milly(Giggling) Your punches are like mosquito bites Clara which is your new name.
Jessie(Making a face) BBBBBBBBLLLLLEEEECCCCHHHH Clara is not my new name i'll pick it.
Milly(Plopping Jessie in front of her) Nowwwwwwwww no more putting this off say cheese or don't it doesn't matter because you're about to take the most embarassing picture ever.
Jessie jumped for the camera as Clover, Isabella, Ginger, and Ginger II held Jessie down.
Milly(Pointing a camera at Jessie) Sayyyyyyyyyyy ccccchhhhhheeeeesssseeeee little sis.
Before Jessie could object Milly snapped picture after picture of him fliers appearing all over the camp magically all starring almost naked Jessie.
Milly(Beaming) Nowwwwwwww you get to deal with all the stares, the put downs, the laughter, the jealousy, and lastly all the other comments boys and girls will say about you.
Jessie(Holding his stomach) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't feel well.
Milly(Filing her nails) Yeaaaaaaaaaa six plates of Smor'es will do that to you.
Clover(Punching Jessie's stomach) Here-I'll-make-that-tummy-ache-go-away-in-no-time-flat.
Jessie got green in the face and threw up as all the girls backed away from him.
Ginger II: Ewwwwwwwwww luckily Doom Beach has a date with me and David including my Stink Bombs as Clover calls them.
Clover(Beaming) Boy do I feel bad for him.
Milly cackled her shadow swallowing Jessie up and she beamed down at him ready to finally have a sibling to blame things on.
Milly(Grabbing Jessie's hands) Nowwwwwwwwwww let's make you a Montgomery and then you can go through the embarassment I did when the campers saw fliers with me in my underwear.
Ginger II(Cackling) Doom beach calls so friends I'll see ya when I see ya.
Ginger II walked through a portal and Milly giggled coldly seeing a skunk and knew how to make her little sister's life worse.
Milly(Picking up the skunk) Another torture given to me when I was a kid at camp.
Milly shook the skunk then pointed the tail at Jessie who was sprayed by the skunk and engulfed in green smoke.
Milly(Coughing) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that smell is worse than mine when I was sprayed. FYI perfume is not advised.
Jessie(Sniffing himself) Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'll never make friends this way.
Milly(Giggling) That's for sure FYI the tomato juice bath will tint your hair and skin for the longest time hence my nickname here Pinky.
Jessie: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww this smell is the worse and FYI I'm still a boy
Milly(Unzipping a backpack) Not for long I have things that will make you being a boy very hard.
Jessie saw the backpack thrown to the ground a cotton pink nightgown, pink fuzzy slippers, a stuffed cat, a stuffed puppy, a huge stuffed unicorn, overalls, a paint speckled T shirt, ruffled socks, and old scuffed up sneakers spilling from it.
Milly(Picking the nightgown up) Let's get you ready for bed first Stinky.
Jessie squirmed as Milly chuckled placing her feet on his stomach a maniacal gleam in her eyes.
Milly: Either stop squirming or feel my toes sink into your tummy the choice is yours.
Jessie moaned in pain as Milly's toes started to sink into his stomach.
Milly(Picking her feet up) Who's ready for round 2?
Jessie: O-k I'll give up and let you make me like you.
Milly(Beaming) Oh puhlease you may be becoming my sister but your nothing like me.
Jessie: Fine just make me your sister and get it over with.
Milly(Pulling out tights and a training bra) These were Mama's idea so good luck feeling comfy with them on.
Milly forced the tights on over the pink ruffled underwear and she forced the bra over Jessie's chest.
Milly(Dusting off the nightgown) This was my favorite nightgown seein it kept me cool and it's never been washed thanks to my complaints to my mom to never wash it.
Jessie coughed due to the skunk smell mixed with the sweaty, dried up milk, mud, dirt, pee, maple syrup, and bubble gum smell of the nightgown.
Milly(Putting the nightgown over Jessie) Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the nightgown has a new smell now.
Jessie screeched in pain feeling his body mold with the underwear, tights, bra, and nightgown.
Milly(Walking around Jessie) You knowwwwwwwwww you made fun of my giant feet when I was here too and one bad deed deserves another.
Jessie(Groaning) What-do-you-mean-by-that?
Milly(Sneering) You'll see little sis in the making you'll see what I mean soon.
Milly forced Jessie's sneakers off and she stretched the slippers until they were her size at five.
Milly(Forcing the slippers on Jessie) Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh feel the pain of Montgomery feet hah, hah, hah, hah, hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Jessie screamed as his feet grew and Milly giggled placed her huge feet in front of his half her size but still big for a five year old.
Milly(Bragging) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa they'll grow as big as mine I was 11 and a half as a five year old and I'm a 17 and a half now.
The last of Jessie faded and light brown hair, freckled cheeks, a chubby stomach, a fat butt and thighs, and huge feet appeared on his body.
Milly(Sneering) Little sis meet your camp bully Milly Montgomery and your big sister hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hahhhhhhhhh.
Jessie as Clara Montgomery gulped as the fliers now showed Clara instead of Jessie.
Milly(Yanking Clara from the ground) We'll be the best of enemies you and I.
Clara(Moaning) Nooooooooooooooooooooo somebody help meeeeeeeeeeee.
Milly(Plugging her nose) First torture the tomato juice bath but first let's make you some friends.
Milly led Clara to the five year old girl's who choked on Clara's stink and ran away from her.
Milly(Beaming) There now let's get that skunk smell to stay stuck on your nightgown.
Milly cackled evilly green smoke joining the stink on the nightgown and Clara eeped silently knowing she found a formidable enemy.
Milly(Getting a metal tub) Time for that tomato juice bath Clare Honeybunches Montgomery.
Clara was yanked from the ground and placed in a toamto juice filled tub with Milly washing her everywhere.
Milly(Sneering) And you can never be rid of me seeing I'm your sister so reality, dreams, nightmares, daymares, daydreams, anything I'll be there to push you lower and lower hah, hah, hah, hah, hahhhhhhhhhhhh.
Clara cried but she was lucky because on Doom Beach Giner II's dream world David was going to have a rough night.
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