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Chapter 5 Ginger II Strikes Back

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Ginger II has found a boy to get even with. There goes the neighborhood

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When Ginger II got Kent to his new room she wasted no time on introductions she was ready to have a little sis to boss around.
Ginger II(Closing the door) Well this is your room as we can plainly see with all the girly things in it. I was once a girly girl too until I found the Fireside Girls and was taught to be a tomboy.
Kent(Smirking) You know the funny thing is that you actually think I'll cooperate with you but you're mistaken.
Ginger II(Laughing) I-came-prepared-for-bad-behavior-like-yours-Robert-you-just-need-to-learn-the-big-sister-little-sister-code.
Kent(Giggling) What's that give the older sister hell?
Ginger II(Grabbing Kent) Nope it's older sisters are the boss because their older and that makes them the boss.
Kent(Struggling) And-what-if-I-refuse-to-listen-to-you?
Ginger II: Then I do what Stacy did to me and use my secret weapon hers was an earsplitting scream mine is both the scream I learned from Stacy and my fink so listening is essential.
Kent was gone as Ginger II sighed looking around the whole room to find him nowhere to be seen.
Ginger II(Sighing) I've gotta learn not to ramble when I catch my prey.
Ginger II found herself locked in the room with Kent cackling knowing one way to scare the Fireside girl's skirt off of her.
Kent(Pushing his hands together) It says in your Fireside Girl file that you're claustrophobic so lots of luck with this.
The walls were closing around Ginger II and her thinking quick grew muscles all over her body and pushed the walls back then poured ketchup on the rug to make it look like he killed her.
Kent(Beaming) Looks like I win.
Ginger II(Dusting herself off) Now for the best acting of my life.
Kent opened the door to find Ginger II with ketchup all over her and dog bones broken around her.
Kent(Smiling) You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to beat me Hirano.
Kent cackled leaving the room not noticing the now huge shadow of Ginger II following him out of her house.
Kent(Running off) I should really get a band of kids together and show them that The Fireside Girls are not to be feared.
Kent reached a dead end where a deep cackle met him and he gulped at Ginger II's size.
Ginger II(Booming) Faster than a running boy more powerful than closing walls it's Super Ginger II.
Kent(Backing up) Yea well I can be super too.
Ginger II(Cackling) No you can't your scared of me and your fear gives me power over you.
Kent(Turning around) So where do I go now?
Ginger II(Picking him up) Nowhere you come with me and become the thing Stacy hated being which is in my shadow and always being compared to me.
Kent became as big as Ginger II with muscles and she giggled knowing he could do nothing to hurt her.
Kent(Grabbing guns from his sides) Try these on for size Super Ginger II.
Kent shot Ginger II until she fell back again making him think he won as he walked away through Ginger II's path.
Kent: Nowhere my ass looks like I found my way out.
Ginger II(Sneering) Get used to hearing why can't you be more like Ginger II you super nothing.
Kent found his house and went inside not knowing that a plan for his future was already in the works.
Mrs. Jacobs Kent's mother was in the kitchen finalizing his life as a Jacobs and turning him into a Hirano.
Ginger II: Just sign here, here, here, and here and that'll about do it now for The Fireside Girls permission form.
Mrs. Jacobs: I'll just be happy to be rid of him because lately he's had crazy suspicions that he's going to die in his dreams.
Ginger II(Giggling) Yeaaaaaaa crazy suspicions that's what they were.
Mrs. Jacobs(Sliding the forms to Ginger II) That should about do it.
Ginger II(Looking through the forms) Good now to get the boy in question to sign with his blood and then him and I have a day of shadow and foreshadowing to do.
Kent(Running into his room) Mom I can't believe you just sold me to the girl I warned you about.
Mrs. Jacobs: Of course I sold you I mean going around telling people that your friends are being taken in their dreams what the hell was I supposed to do?
Ginger II(Sneering) Now you have some big shoes to fill which are mine size 16 so hah hah hah and another hah.
Kent: And FYI my friends being taken in their dreams isn't a lie no matter how much you try to make me believe it is mother.
Mrs. Jacobs: Good but just to be fair you said she was after you in dreams and yet here she is in reality taking you from me.
Kent: Only because you're letting her and I warned you not to sign anything.
Mrs. Jacobs: Yea well you don't demand anything from me because you're my son and I'm the mother.
Ginger II(Grabbing Kent's hand) We really must be going Mrs. Jacobs and thank you for being so cooperative.
Kent(Smirking) Wait I still have to sign so good luck getting me to sign it.
Ginger II(Opening the door) I don't need luck I have ways of making people do what I want and you're about to find out what they are.
Kent(Smiling) Good because this is getting old.
Ginger II: What is getting old?
Kent: You chasing me, me getting scared, your stupid booming laugh, then threatening to make me your sister.
Ginger II(Stopping) Hold up it sounds like you're telling me I'm all talk and no action.
Kent: Bingo and you said it I didn't.
Ginger II(Pulling Kent) We'll see how much talk I am when we get to my house and you're in an all pink room living in my shadow which as I said a million times before is next to impossible to do.
Kent(Beaming) And what if I get more trophies than you?
Ginger II(Laughing hysterically) More-than-me-boyyyyyyy-are-you-a-riot.
Kent: I wasn't trying to be funny what if I do?
Ginger II(Tickling Kent's chin) You can try but last I counted I had a thousand and that's not counting the one's I can still get.
Kent: Then I'll get three thousand and you'll have to live in your little sister's shadow and deal with the fact that she's better than you at earning trophies.
Ginger II(Beaming) Lots of luck idiot boy because you may be younger, cuter, and smaller than me but I'm not giving up without a fight.
Kent: Good because even as a little boy I was cuter than you so being a small female has just given me the right to be cuter than cute.
Ginger II(Cackling) If they had a trophy for biggest imagination you'd win that hands down.
Kent: We'll see who's cuter when I’m your sister and you have to learn to live in my shadow instead.
Ginger II(Ruffling Kent's hair) Let the games begin then cute little sis.
Ginger II pulled Kent to her front door where in the driveway a truck was unloading more trophies with Ginger II's name at the bottom of them.
Ginger II(Sneering) Did I mention let the games begin yet?
Mrs. Hirano: Ginger II we have to make you another trophy case sweetie because these just arrived today honey.
Ginger II(Pulling Kent inside) Mom I have something to take care of so no calls or visitors. Also did you find my three year old clothes yet?
Mrs. Hirano: On the bed honey and I take it this boy is the newest Hirano and is going to learn to try living in his sister's shadow and the definition of the words hand me down.
Ginger II: You got it and he claims that he's going to earn more trophies than me.
Mrs. Hirano(Laughing hysterically) They-don't-give-trophies-to-daydreamers-my-Gid-do-you-see-your-name-on-any-of-the-newest-trophies?
Kent(Mumbling sadly) No
Ginger II: And with that give up so easy attitude you never will.
Kent: Yea well as I said when I'm younger I'll be cuter and that's got to get me at least a thousand trophies in itself.
Ginger II: That's what I thought too but there was always someone cuter than me and you're no different.
Mrs. Hirano(Giggling and shaking her head) More trophies than your sister. Honestly why do you think Stacy was whooping and hollering when she got accepted into College?
Ginger II(Locking eyes with Kent) Because she can't take the fact that her little sister is and always will be better than her.
Mrs. Hirano(Closing Ginger II's door) I'll leave you two to your work.
Ginger II opened her box of three year old outfits and cackled pulling out kitty pajama's with mittens for paws and a working tail on the butt.
Ginger II(Giggling) I forgot about these they were my least favorite pj's but I was made to wear them because my mama spent one fateful Halloween day making them and she wouldn't let them go to waste.
Ginger II found a bunch of faded underwear and took a pair Kent could have sworn had fur on them and spread them on the pajama's.
Ginger II(Handing Kent the outfit) The underwear is made for kitty fur too see we used to have a cat Stacy named Sparkles and mama thought the fur would look nice on the underwear.
Kent(Throwing the outfit on the floor) I'm not wearing that.
Ginger II(Nodding) Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes you are.
Kent: I'm older I don't have to listen to you.
Ginger II(Tisking Kent) Kent, Kent, Kent have you learned nothing from today?
Kent: No I don't think I have so explain it to me.
Ginger II(Pulling papers from her backpack) Your mom signed you ass over to me and that means that I am the boss of you even if I am younger.
Kent(Grinning) And guess who still hasn't signed.
Ginger II(Pinning Kent to the wall) I got a trophy for pinning boy am I really good at it.
Kent(Smiling) I still haven't signed.
Ginger II(Producing a vial and a needle) Yeaaaaaaaaa I think I'll take a shot at this. Get it a shot I kill myself and I got voted funniest Fireside Girl at Fireside Girls Camp last year.
Ginger II stuck Kent with the needle and his blood went into the vial and then she poured the vial on the Fireside Girls permission slip and the papers indicating he was a Hirano.
Ginger II(Showing Kent the papers) Looks like you signed to me now let's get you into that kitty costume.
Kent(Folding his arms across his chest) I'm not wearing that.
Ginger II(Sneering) Kent you know you're going to wear the hell out of that cat costume, I know you're going to wear the hell out of that cat costume, so wear the hell out of that cat costume.
Kent: Never and there's no way you can make me.
Ginger II(Picking up the costume) We can do this one of two ways Kent sweetie. One you put that kitten costume on by yourself or two I force the kitten costume on you.
Kent(Giggling) Better start forcing it on me then older sis.
Ginger II's biceps grew bigger and she pushed Kent onto the floor ripping his clothes off of him chuckling.
Ginger II(Flexing) Strongest Fireside Girl at the annual Fireside Girl picnic 5 years running.
Kent(Gasping) Can't-breathe-your-arms-on-my-windpipe.
Ginger II(Staring into Kent's eyes) Now first comes the kitty furred undies and a heads up they make your butt sweat something fierce being cotton and made of real kitty fur.
Before Kent could object Ginger II pulled the underwear onto his butt making his butt and thighs three year old size.
Ginger II(Walking to her door) Ugh what is it mother I'm making a sister here.
Mrs. Hirano: Katie's here and she said she wants to help.
Ginger II(Laughing evilly) Send her in.
Katie stormed into Ginger II's room her hair standing on end with pink stuff all over it.
Ginger II: I'm not even gonna ask just pick the kitty costume up and force it on him.
Katie(Pulling the pink stuff from her hair) It's bubble gum and I'm going to have to up my game with Katie II if I have any chance at getting noticed at home.
Ginger II: Just think pretty soon Katie II will have a little girl trying to live up to her sister's potential daydreaming of having more trophies than her big sister.
Katie II: The worst part is that Katie II got rewarded for getting gum in my hair because she blew the biggest bubble my mom and dad had ever seen.
Ginger II: My mom would have bugged so hard if my sister got gum in my hair.
Katie(Glumly) Why couldn't I have a mom like yours?
Ginger II: So do as you say and up your big sister game. I mean you were a bully to other people so just bully the sister to death.
Katie(Wincing) Ouchhhhhhhh that girl is going to be pulverized for this. I can't bully her because she found out how to use her cries to get mom and dad's attention.
Ginger II: Your bigger than her and they make tape for mouths as small as hers Kate. I mean just do what you did to me before we became friends.
Katie(Picking up the Kitty pajama's) I think that's the last of it now let's make this boy a lonely, sad, jealous monster and then I can get Katie II back for the gum.
Ginger II(Holding Kent down) Ready when you are Kate. then we can do lunch and introduce the sad, lonely jealous monster to my three trophy cases about to be four.
Katie(Dancing up to Kent) Hmmmm Ginge wanna trade sister's?
Ginger II: Well Robert was awfully mean to me but so was Kent so no I think I'll stick with Kent but I do have the greatest idea Kate.
Katie(Smiling) I love your greatest ideas Gingey.
Ginger II(Sneering) Conveniently leave your slippers, socks, or shoes by Katie II's bed then she'll be you and you can be the cute sister.
Katie(Laughing triumphantly) Why didn't I think of that?
Ginger II: Let's get the costume on my loser of a sister and then you can go home and take control.
Katie(Forcing Kent's feet into the mittens) Good luck Kent Stacy's older than her and she's still traumatized by Ginger II's ability to be a know it all at everything.
Ginger II(Beaming) Yeppppppppp it takes a lot of talent to be as smart, cute, and good looking as me.
Kent's feet shrank as Ginger II forced him up and zipped him up in the back and the front giggling at her new sister.
Katie(Producing a digital camera and a black magic marker) Whiskers and a black nose I think then take his picture and use it against him just like he did to you.
Ginger II(Drawing on Kent's face) Perfect now say cheese little sis and then you can be introduced to your shadow which will be yours truly.
Kent grew smaller and black hair as a flash went off and he smiled saying cheese being young and not very camera shy.
Ginger II(Uploading the picture on her computer) Unless you do everything I say you are going to be the joke of the internet Hannah which is your new name thanks to mama and me.
Katie(Giggling and rubbing Hannah's head) Well I have a little sister to turn into an older sister and a me to turn into the youngest again.
Hannah(Skipping off) I'm telling mommy that you called me a loser and have a picture of me on the internet.
Ginger II(Grabbing Hannah sneering) Waitttttttt I haven't showed you my trophy cases yet trophy less, stupid, loser of a sister.
Hannah curled her lip as Mrs. Hirano smiled not caring if Hannah Jane Hirano cried like Katie's parents cared about Katie II when she cried.
Mrs. Hirano(Flicking Hannah's eyes) You want to cry I'll give you something to cry about Hannah. Now once you see your sister's accomplishments that's when you can really start bawling.
Ginger II(Squeezing Hannah tight) Let's go check out my trophies and then we can look for your invisible ones.
Hannah(Whining) Yea-but-but-but-but-but-but-I-could-get-tons-then-I-can-make-fun-of-you.
Ginger II(Spreading her arms out) Bask in all their glory Sam’s this is all my achievements and none of yours.
Hannah bawled running from the room screaming it's not fair with Ginger II beaming grabbing trophy polish and polishing her trophies till they shined in her eyes.
Ginger II(Giggling) I'm going to love torturing the hell out her for soooooooooooo many years.
Hannah stormed up the stairs to her room slamming her door bawling trying to find a way to get Ginger II back for rubbing her trophies in.
Katie Strikes Back
Katie rushed home knowing it was Katie II's nap time and the perfect time for her to put her plan into action.
Katie(Opening the door) Home-mom-I-have-business-so-I'll-tell-you-I-was-at-Ginger II's-and-leave-it-at-that.
Mrs. Small: Ok sweetie just keep it down Katie II is sleeping and truthfully that's how I like her because she's cute but she can get a tiny bit whiny in her young age.
Katie(Dashing up the stairs) All-right-thanks-for-the-kind-words-but-I-have-Fireside-business-to-tend-to.
Mrs. Small: Have fun sweetness and if you're good maybe we can go out to dinner and get ice cream later.
Katie(Smiling) Thanks I would love that can we go to the place with pictures of food on the menu?
Mrs. Small: Sure Leonardo's? We haven't been there in ages.
Katie walked the last couple stairs to her room taking her slippers and rushing to Katie II's room replacing her slippers with Katie's.
Katie(Sitting on the rug) Hope this works.
Katie forced the slippers on her feet and they immediately shrank with Katie giggling evilly going through her sister's closet finding the pajama's she was looking for decorated in different colors.
Katie(Throwing her clothes next to Katie II's bed) These are mom's least favorite PJ's due to the stink because I've never let her wash them and she never will.
Katie slipped into the pajama's and she shrank into a three year old sneering as she walked out of Katie II's room making her own room more age appropriate.
Katie(Spreading her arms) Nowwwwwwww this is more like it.
Katie's room became a shrine to Bubbles The Powerpuff with poster's, pictures, and stuffed animals on her bed, a Bubbles rug on her floor, and Bubbles bed sheets, blankets, and a pillow case.
Katie(Flopping onto her bed) You know a nap doesn't sound too bad right about now.
Katie pulled down her blinds and closed her eyes slipping into sleep as Katie II woke up and not thinking slipped into Katie's slippers which were too big and shuffled from her room not seeing her clothes change into a Fireside Girl's outfit.
Katie II(Yawning) Mama that was a definitely deserved nap I feel so much better.
Mrs. Small: Nap you just raced upstairs to your room what nap?
Katie II(Looking at her watch) The nap I took for three hours.
Mrs. Small: Katie stop being weird we just carried on a conversation and decided that if you were good and didn't torture Katie II while she napped we would go to Leonardo's and then out to ice cream later.
Katie II: But I'm Katie II and I was the one napping.
Mrs. Small(Ruffling Katie II's head) I love your imagination Kate maybe you should use more of that to bond with Katie II.
Katie II(Looking down at herself) Hey wait these aren't my clothes, these aren't my slippers, this isn't my body.
Mrs. Small(Standing up and kissing Katie II) Katie you're way too young to hate your body. Wait until your older and see yourself like I do and then you can say this isn't my body.
Katie II(Angry) This has Katie I written all over it.
Mrs. Small: You better not wake your sister Kate I have a surprise for her and that also includes Leonardo's and ice cream tonight.
Katie II(Whining) But-I'm-telling-you-I'm-Katie-II.
Mrs. Small: Such an imagination Kate such an imagination but the fact is at the end of the day your still yourself.
Katie II(Racing off) I have to go check my room.
Mrs. Small: Have fun Katie or as you like to believe you are Katie II.
Katie II raced into her room and turned her lights on to find it different with pictures of Isabella, Gretchen, and Ginger II decorating her walls and pink everywhere else.
Katie II(Rubbing her eyes) What-is-going-on?
Mrs. Small walked into Katie II's room putting clean laundry on her bed.
Mrs. Small: I also expect this room to be cleaned before tonight or no Leonardo's for you Katie. I'm going to make you buckle down and make a good impression on Katie II.
Katie II(Pouting) How-many-times-do-I-have-to-tell-you-I'm-Katie-II.
Mrs. Small(Walking out) That's not what your underwear and door says.
Katie II looked at her door and saw the door spelled out Katie in pink glittery paint and a picture of Isabella, Gretchen, and Ginger II painted under it.
Mrs. Small(Beaming and ruffling Katie II's hair) It seems your imagination's running away with you.
Katie II: Then if I'm Katie where's Katie II?
Mrs. Small: Napping which as I said before is how I like her at this point.
Katie II ran from her room to find Katie's old room with Katie II spelled out in Purple glittery paint and a portrait of Bubbles painted under it.
Mrs. Small(Standing in front of the door) I'm not going to let you in there to aggravate her Kate.
Katie II: Can I just check on her to make sure my little sis is comfy?
Mrs. Small(Slowly opening the door) Fine but so help me if you wake her butt up you're the one dealing with her.
Katie II tiptoed into the room to find Katie's hair draped off the end of the mattress snoring lightly with a Bubbles Powerpuff girl stuffed animal clutched to her chest the stinky pajama's letting out green smoke from under the blankets.
Mrs. Small(Whispering) Are we satisfied?
Katie II(Mumbling) Something really weird is going on here mama.
Mrs. Small: You haven't called me mama since you were seven Kate but that's not to say I don't love it.
Katie II: See if I was Katie then why would I call you mama?
Mrs. Small: Kate I'm getting tired of this life switching game real quick.
Katie II: But I'm Katie II I swear I am.
Mrs. Small(Exasperated) Then who in prytel is the girl sleeping in Katie II's room and small enough to fit in Katie II's bed.
Katie II: Katie somehow I don't know how but somehow she turned me into her and she became me.
Mrs. Small: So we go from imagination to full blown impossible do we?
Katie II: Look I don't understand it either but it happened and it's scaring the willies out of me.
Mrs. Small: Another seven year old Katie sentence but then again I knew you couldn't forget the lingo you had at 7.
Katie II's old room door slowly opened and Katie shuffled from it rubbing her eyes and yawning hugging her mom.
Katie: Mama may I go outside and ride my trike?
Mrs. Small(Smiling) I don't see why not sleepyhead.
Katie(Smirking) Soooooooo what's sissy's problem?
Mrs. Small: Your sister seems to think it's ok to scream when my little sleepyhead is sleeping.
Katie II(Angrily pinning Katie to the wall) TELL THEM WHAT YOU DID TO ME KATIE!
Katie(Sniffling) Mama sissy's scaring and hurting me.
Mrs. Small(Pulling Katie II off of Katie) What has gotten into you Katie Alyson Small the first?
Katie II(Flailing) I'm the second not the first the second.
Katie(Rubbing her arms) I think she gave me bruises too.
Mrs. Small(Leading Katie into the bathroom) Here sweetheart let mommy see.
Katie II(Sniffling) But I am Katie II or was until Katie got even for the gum in her hair earlier.
Mrs. Small(Pulling Katie's sleeves up) Yep those are definitely going to bruise my sweet but don't worry Katie is going to be punished for this.
Katie (Rubbing her arms) Will my arms look ugly now?
Mrs. Small(Kissing Katie's forehead) Of course not my little Sungbug.
Katie(Snuggling Mrs. Small) So will they heal soon?
Mrs. Small: Sure they will Katie II.
Katie(Sticking her tongue out at Katie II) I'm going out to ride my trike.
Katie II(Chasing Katie) Not without an explanation you're not.
Katie slammed the door in Katie II's face as she angrily yanked open the door to find Katie giggling and racing down the driveway.
Katie II(Grabbing Katie's handlebars) What-did-you-do-to-me?
Katie(Sneering) What you don't like it?
Katie II(Mimicking Katie) What you don't like it? Of course I don't like it who wants to be the oldest sibling?
Katie(Snickering) Well at this point you do because I'm not changing you back.
Katie II: Kate you know since I'm older I'm also tougher, stronger, and taller than you right?
Katie: Yeaaaaaaa what's your point?
Katie II(Pushing Katie) Watch out for those garbage cans they're going to make the crash a lot worse.
Before Katie knew what was happening she crashed into the cans on the other side of the road with Mrs. Small rushing out to her with a first aid kit.
Katie II: I didn't do it.
Mrs. Small: I saw everything now get in that house young lady because we're having a hard talk about the way you treat your sister.
Katie(Moaning) Oww,oww,oww,oww,oww,oww,oww,oww I think my arms and legs are busted mama.
Mrs. Small(Checking Katie) Nope you're just scraped and that means Katie has earned some well deserved time in solitary.
Katie II(Running up to Katie) That's not fair I told you I didn't do it.
Katie(Moaning) Yes-she-did-she-pushed-me-mega-fast-then-she-told-me-to-watch-out-for-the-garbage-cans-because-they're-going-to-make-the-crash-much-worse.
Katie II: That is not true.
Mrs. Small: Katie II sweetie tell Katie what I taught you about fibbers.
Katie(Reciting) Fibbers fibbers on this land one day we'll have our day at hand where people like you will burn in heck and become nothing more than a dusty speck.
Mrs. Small(Ruffling Katie's hair) Such a smart little girl and not to mention I caught everything from the window.
Katie(Sniffing herself) Ewwwwwwwwww I smell like garbage but at least the stinky pajamas have a new smell now.
Mrs. Small(Helping Katie up) Go change into play clothes sweetie then you can come back out and ride your trike.
Katie II: What about me.
Mrs. Small: In the house now.
Katie II: But-
Mrs. Small(Gritting her teeth) In-the-house-now!
Katie II slowly shuffled back into the house and Katie raced down the stairs in a Bubbles the Powerpuff ensemble she put together herself.
Katie(Sticking her tongue out at Katie II) I'm going to get some fresh air.
Katie II(Waving her fist at Katie) I'll give you some fresh air you little twerp.
Katie(Running to Mrs. Small) Mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama, mama do you see her do you see what she's doing to me?
Mrs. Small(Lowering Katie II's fist) Yes I do and God help her if she punches you.
Katie(Running off) I'm going to ride my trike mama.
Mrs. Small: Don't get too dirty Angel we have dinner, ice cream, and another surprise for the cleanest girl ever tonight.
Katie saluted Mrs. Small and skipped out giggling while she hopped on her trike and rode it on the sidewalk looking at all the people in front of their houses.
Katie(Sighing happily) Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the universe is as it should be me being the smallest Small and Katie II being the one always in trouble he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he,he,heeeeee.
Katie had a devious plan for the night's events her little sister aggravating the big sister phase just getting started.
What happens next read part 6 Katie II's Dreamland and reply to part 5
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