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Chapter 4 Robert's Demise

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Katie and Ginger have found new meat to torture

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Gretchen hummed happily skipping into the den to find a lonely boy in glasses and braces with black hair and green eyes crying in a corner.
Gretchen(Polishing her glasses) Showtime now let's get this boy and I on good terms.
Isabella watched as her friend walked up to John Kennedy the geek of the Wolf Cubs who was about to meet his female counterpart.
Gretchen: Ah hem I was wondering if maybe you wanted to mingle?
John(Slowly looking up at Gretchen) Haven't you heard that I'm a geek?
Gretchen(Sitting next to John) And what you think I'm the life of the party?
John(Grumbling) Pull up a chair seeing you already have female version of me.
Gretchen: You know what I do when I feel like a geek?
John(Staring at Gretchen) What?
Gretchen: I look for a silver lining and right now I see you as my silver lining.
John: What makes me your silver lining?
Gretchen: I'm eleven and I know most girl's my age don't do this but I'm wondering if maybe you and I could be boyfriend and girlfriend.
John(Confused) Ok I'm older than you so how do you think it's going to look when a thirteen year old and an eleven year old start dating?
Gretchen(Taking out a perfume bottle) I have a soloution for that if you'd like to hear it.
John(Looking at Gretchen's bottle) I'm all ears.
Gretchen: This perfume was created by my mom and she says it'll make any person as young as they want to be.
John(Interested) Really?
Gretchen(Nodding) Uh huhhhhhhhhhhh and I'll use it on you for a price.
John: I knew there was a catch. So what is it?
Gretchen(Slinking up to John) You become my boyfriend in The Fireside Cubs, school, and reality.
John(Shrugging) Hey what the hell have I got to lose?
Gretchen(Pointing the bottle at John) Now hold still I only have enough for one use until my mom gives me more.
John sat still as Gretchen sprayed the perfume and with the spritz came a purple smoke which John breathed in making him eleven years old again.
Gretchen(Giggling) Sooooooo let's go get some snacks and talk about us.
John(Blushing) O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-Ok Gretchen.
Gretchen and John stood at the snack table waiting for an adult to come by and get snacks for them.
Isabella(Handing snacks and two cans of Cola to them) Here kiddies eat up and have fun it's a Welcoming Party after all.
Gretchen and John went to join the others around a campfire with Isabella leading them.
Isabella: Welcome John and Gretchen I was just telling the others that I led a very good troop in The Fireside Girls and I would like to be elected for leader here also.
John(Eating candy) She- has- my- vote- this- candy- is- really- good.
Gretchen: Mine too she's my best friend and I worship the ground Isabella Garcia Shapiro walks on.
Isabella(Beaming) Then it's decided I'll lead the others just like I led The Fireside Girls
John: Again she has my vote as long as we get more yummy candy.
Gretchen(Kissing John) And if he's voting for Izzy I will too. And FYI we're dating.
John kissed Gretchen and she giggled pulling him closer to her.
Isabella: Congrats on that and thank you for enforcing my first rule all boys and girls must have a boy/girlfriend or they will be ejected.
John: Well at least I automatically get to be a Fireside Cub now.
Isabella: That's a great way to look at it John you're automatically a Fireside Cub as the rest of you will be once you start dating.
Robert bolted from his room with scratches all over him and Katie dressed in a Tiger costume chasing him around.
Katie(Slashing at the air) I- told- you- telling- me- no- was- a- bad- idea- Robbie.
Robert: My names Robert not Robbie Cat Girl and for the millionth time you arent the boss of me.
Katie(Pouncing on Robert) Uh huhhhhhhhhhhhh because I have the claws and you don't.
Robert(Squirming) Get- off- of- me- you- weigh- a- ton.
Everybody winced knowing Robert made the biggest mistake any boy could make around a girl and that's making fun of her weight.
Katie(Her face getting redder) I- know- you- did- not- just- call- the- second- prettiest- girl- in- The- Fireside- Girls- fat- did- you?
Robert(Trying to push Katie off of him) So what if I did? What are you made of velcro?
Katie slashed Robert's face giggling maniacally decorating her claws with his blood.
Katie(Dragging Robert off) It's about time you became my sib maybe then you'll appreciate my weight.
Isabella(Wincing) Ohhhhhhhhh harsh the last boy to become her sib is still recovering from it.
Katie(Nodding) And the only thing he did was didn't share his pudding cup with me. What you did is a million times worse.
Robert: The way I see it I get off easy because I'm older than her so I get to be the oldest sib right?
Katie cackled evilly dragging him to her new room in the den a sparkly purple duffle bag on her shoulders.
Isabella: Let that be a lesson Cubs don't test Katie Small or she'll make sure you learn your lesson.
John and the other cubs nodded not having any idea how bad Robert had it in Katie's room.
Katie Small tied Robert's legs to her bedpost with her old Firefly sash and his arms to the other end with her old Lil Spark Sash.
Katie(Unpacking her duffle) Little do you know I like being the oldest for a bunch of reasons. One I'm going to be taller than you, two I can get away with murder, three I can bully you and there's nothing you can do about it, and four we'll play what I want for once.
Robert(Struggling) You'll- never- get- away- with- this.
Katie(Giggling) I already have nobody's going to be dumb enough to crash this sleepover seeing Isabella Garcia Shapiro will turn their worst fears on them.
Robert moaned trying to chew apart Katie's sash as she cackled throwing a pair of small but round purple underwear, a purple silk nightgown with the middle stretched out, and purple slippers on top of Robert.
Katie: Now if you were to apologize I may have second thoughts on making you my little sister.
Robert: No way am I apologizing I mean if those are the clothes you wore when you were younger you were a real oinker.
Katie(Shrugging) Suit yourself don't say I didn't try to save you.
Robert: Oink oink piggy girl maybe you should try a salad once in awhile.
Katie(Twirling around Robert) Yeaaaaaaaa I don't think so Robbie. See people are made in different shapes and sizes and I'm no different.
Robert( Struggling) Yea you are you're a piglet minus the snout, pink skin, and curly tail.
Katie(Looking at the clothes she picked out for Robert) Hand me downs you're going to be the hand me down queen. And FYI it looks like you're going to be fatter than me Porky.
Robert gulped as the clothes Katie set out for him became rounder and baggy.
Katie(Sneering) I find the baggier the better when you're fat it hides your tummy.
Robert: Alright I take back what I said about you Katie you aren't fat I mean your last name says it all.
Katie: Sorry but that apology is too little too late Robert I wanted one like fifteen seconds ago and you never gave me one.
Robert(Begging) But I gave you one now can't you pppllleeeaaassseee find it in your heart to forgive me?
Katie(Shaking her head) Nope you're becoming the smallest Small if it kills you and it probably will.
Robert squirmed as Katie approached him unbuckling her belt letting her fat stomach show as she giggled at Robert.
Katie: I guess someone should have dated me when they had the chance to. But no matter there are plenty of other boys who like the firty, bubbly, blonde types.
Robert: Wait there has to be something we can work out.
Katie(Smiling) Nope now time to show you my round booty.
Katie took her skirt off and Robert was met with her round butt as she cackled at how disgusted Robert was of her.
Katie: Just think this body is nothing compared to the body you're going to inherit in my three year old wardrobe.
Robert: You were fatter then?
Katie: No but you will be because you're so mean to fat people and now you're going to learn how words hurt fat people as well as other people.
Robert: But making me fat is torture enough. Do you have to make me a girl too?
Katie(Nodding) I've always wanted a sister to push around and bully. See the worst bullies in the world are sibling bullies because you can never get away from them.
Robert saw Katie's stomach grow smaller and her butt was also small.
Katie: I know what you're thinking cool trick right? I turn into every boy's worst nightmare in girl form and you were scared to date a fat girl.
Robert: So you'll become something else for another unlucky boy?
Katie(Nodding) Yep until I find a boy who can tolerate me and not tell me no or make fun of my size.
Robert(Puckering up) I suddenly have a change of heart.
Katie(Giggling) That's too bad because my mom already has your birth certificate and she changed your name to Katie Alison Small The 2nd.
Robert(Looking at his clothes) But I still have boy clothes and there's no way I'm taking them off.
Katie(Gazing into Robert's eyes) Like vampires I can glammor you to do what I want now stay still so I can undress you.
Robert got a stupid look on his face and laid straight so Katie could undress him and once his clothes were gone he shook his head and was out of Katie's trance.
Katie(Sneering) Would you look at how easy that was? Now let's get you changed into you new and fatty wardrobe and you'll remain fat until I'm satasfied you've learned your lesson.
The purple underwear met Robert's eyes as he screamed for help and a boy named Kent ran into the room to rescue him and to get away from Ginger's flirtatous come ons.
Katie(Sneering) You know Kent running away from Ginger isn't going to stop her from loving you any less.
Kent: Leave Robert alone and I may reconsider nominating you for ejection in The Wolf Cubs.
Katie(Cackling) Ejec-tion from The Wolf- Cubs? The-re's no way they'll ever eject me from the Wolf Cubs.
Kent: They will if I put a form into John who is leader of the Wolf Cubs and listens to his #1 BFF me.
Katie: Yeaaaaaaaa Isabella's going to make sure he's put in check and then she's going to take control with John as her right hand man.
Kent: So what are you going to do about me running away from Ginger?
Katie(Sneering and snapping her fingers) This and Ginger should come around in 5-4-3-2-1-and now.
Ginger opened Katies door angrily tapping her high topped feet with a mini Firefly skirt in her hands.
Katie: Looks like somebody just got demoted from right hand man in The Wolf Cubs to just another infant in The Fireflies.
Ginger(Grabbing Kent's arm) Trying to run from me just got you a one way ticket to Hiranoville where you'll meet your three big sisters Ginger II, Stacy and I.
Kent: And you think I'm just going to come quietly?
Ginger(Pulling Kent away) Nooooooo I knew you weren't and I was expecting that. Robert's not coming qietly and just look what Katie did to him.
Kent: And you think I'm going to stay still long enough for you to tie me up with sash's?
Ginger(Taking her shoes off) Again I knew you weren't and that makes me happy because you've never heard of FINK that's F-I-N-K and it's my secret weapon.
Kent: What the hell- is- Fink- oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh- that- is- the- most- disgusting- smell- everrrrr.
Ginger placed one of her sneakers under Kent's nose and cackled as he fell to the floor in front of her.
Ginger(Taking her socks off) You haven't smelled these yet and trust me these are sooooo much stronger smelling than my shoes.
Ginger waved one of her socks under her nose and Kent's face got green and he slowly closed his eyes and fell to the ground.
Ginger: And heeeeeeee's down for the count Kate good luck with Robert Kent has a date with my stink bombed body especially my feet.
Katie(Stretching the purple underwear) And Robert has a date with some pudgy and baggy clothes.
Ginger(Walking off) Peace Kate we should plan a sleepover for our siblings later on in the week.
Katie: How about Friday that way you and I can sibling bully together.
Ginger(Sneering) Kate you are a total genius.
Katie: Friday it is just have whatever your sib's name is going to be ready and little Katie Allison Small the 2nd will be there.
Ginger: Maria Ginger Hirano the 1st is going to RSVP in advance.
Katie: Great I'll see you on Friday for now I have some torturing to Robert to do.
Ginger(Smiling) Good luck because with all those fat jokes you made about Katie in your joke book you deserve it. Oops I wasn't supposed to mention that.
Katie(Stouting) Soooooooo there's a joke book about me floating around too?
Robert(Struggling) I-was-young-and-stupid-when-I-wrote- that-joke-book. I-mean-she-brought-the-joke-book-with-your-picture-on-the-cover-and-this-is-what-you-call-a-friend?
Katie(Snickering) Friends fight sometimes and other times stupid things like joke books don't bring our friendship down.
Ginger(Flipping her hair at Robert) Yeaaaaa I mean Kate and I have been through so much together.
Katie: And FYI I knew she had FINK and I was the one who taught her to use it.
Ginger(Ruffling Katie's hair) And I taught her about karma which us Mexicans base our lives on.
Katie(Pinching Robert's cheeks) And you are due for a bit of karma I mean look how mean you are to fat people.
Ginger(Counting on her fingers) And blondes, red heads, black haired girls, peppy girls, cute girls, And Mexicans. Let's face it you just aren't a very nice person to anyone.
Katie: And karma's coming to bit you're hiney. That's Ginger's and my nickname for ourselves Karma.
Robert: Maybe you two should let me go and work on your evil plots more.
Katie(Stretching the underwear onto Robert's butt) Time to get this show on the road.
Robert: Shut up you crazed, blonde, ponytail sporting, Wolf Cubette.
Katie(Giggling) Wolf Cubette I like that and by the way nice small but rounder than your head butt.
Robert shrieked as Katie and Ginger cackled evilly at seeing his fear.
Katie(Sniffing the air) Ahhhhhhhhh I love the smell of fear in the air.
Ginger(Sniffing and making a face) Fear kind of smells like FINK to me.
Katie: It's a figure of speech Gingey I mean I was just trying to be intimidating.
Ginger(Sniffing the air) Yeaaaaaaa I guess fear and FINK do blend together making a fear smell.
Katie(Beaming) Yep and just think I taught you how to use it.
Giinger II(Smiling) What would I ever do without you Kate?
Katie: I'm sure you would have discovered FINK eventually.
Ginger: Let's turn this boy like now because I smell a pizza with our names on it.
Robert(Licking his lips) Thank God I'm starved.
Katie(Sneering) Too bad somebody's on a diet of just veggies so a veggie pizza is out there with your name all over it.
Ginger(Sticking her tongue out) Double blech with cheese veggie pizza's are enough to make a person a vegetarrian.
Katie(Beaming) Yepppppppp and I'm going to devour a meat lover's pizza right in front of you.
Ginger(Throwing her arm around Katie's shoulder) Count me in on a piece of that action.
Katie(Unfolding Robert's new nightgown) And this nightgown has a nifty feature that will mold with your body so stay as fat as you like or get skinny because either way the nightgown shrinks or grows with you.
Before Robert could protest Katie threw the billowing nightgown over him and he went from thin to chubby in a matter of seconds.
Katie(Giggling) And the more fat jokes you make the bigger your tummy and behind become.
Ginger(Spinning around Robert) Sooooooooo how fat does my butt look now new meat?
Robert: Ginormous in fact since I'm smaller now it looks a lot bigger too much junk in the trunk.
Robert screamed as his stomach and butt grew bigger along with the underwear and nightgown.
Katie(Cackling) You really need to start doing this thing called listening when I talk.
Robert(Looking at himself) I'm fatter than you now cow and you were pretty big before you did your stupid magic trick turning into a thin girl again.
Katie wiggled her fingers and Robert's stomach and butt bulged the nightgown and underwear molding with him.
Katie: Go ahead keep making fat jokes Robert because one day you're going to be the thing fat jokes are made of.
Robert: Great then I can make fun of fatty's like you all day long.
Robert's stomach stretched with the nightgown and his butt stretched until both Ginger and Katie were satasfied with it.
Ginger(Looking down at a passed out Kent) I forgot all about him. Bye Kate I have a boy of my own to torture with my stink bombed body.
Katie giggled as Ginger grunted dragging Kent back to her part of the den.
Katie(Shaking her head) And to think you could have saved yourself the torture of being fatter than any fat person around if you'd just kissed me and said you loved me.
Robert(Groaning) I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up.
Katie's eyes danced evilly and she giggled grabbing a hair brush.
Katie(Brushing Robert's hair) No you're just hungry as I said you are on a diet after all. I was on one at your age and boy did I ever hate it.
Robert: Untie me so I can at least hold my stomach.
Katie untied Robert and he went to hit her until he saw her towering over him.
Katie(Easily pushing Robert down) Hasn't your mother ever told you to pick on someone your own size?
Robert(Gulping) How-how-how-how-how-how-how-how did I get smaller than you?
Katie(Shrugging) I dunno maybe it's the Small genes running through you, maybe it's the fact that you're now three, or maybe it's the fact that I'm the older sister which reminds me.
Katie picked Robert up by his underwear which was a task with him being so large but Katie suddenly grew muscles with black veins and incredible strength and she beamed down at him.
Katie: Wedgie compliments of Katie Small Sibling Bully Extraordinare and this is me on a good day.
Robert(Rubbing his butt) Owwwwwwwwwww please tell me that was the only prank you have to pull on me.
Katie(Laughing hysterically) Hahhhhhhhh, hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Only-prank-I- have- to-pull-on-you-you-are-a-card-little-sister-a-real-card.
Robert whined when he saw Katie spit on her finger and stick it in his ear.
Katie(Beaming) Wet Willie also compliments of Katie Small Sibling Bully Extraordinare and boy am I going to have fun with you whiner.
Robert started crying as Katie laughed down at him dragging him to a vanity to fix his hair and complete his transformation.
Katie(Making a fist) By the way Charliehorse also from Katie Small Bully Extraordinare and we're just getting started because there are bully sibling tortures I made myself specifically for older siblings to use.
Robert gulped as Katie towered over him the hair brush in hand.
Katie(Forcing the brush through Robert's hair) First we need to get rid of these knots, tangles, and ouchies as mommy calls them and then you'll have a full head of silky, voluptouis, long, blonde hair.
Tears fell from Robert's eyes as Katie cackled forcing the brush harder through Robert's hair her cackle echoing across the room.
Katie(Spreading her arms out) All of this is yours and mine now becuase we're roomies and just imagine all the bullying that can go on with nobody here to save you.
Robert(Moaning) But-but-but-but-but-but we're family and families aren't supposed to bully other family members.
Katie(Nodding) Surrrrrreeeee they arrrrreeeee just ask Ginger what Stacy used to do to her littelest Small.
Robert(Weeping) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yea but Stacy's not a good sister anybody will tell you that.
Katie: And I plan on walking in her footsteps because as an older sibling she's kind of my idol which is why I went to her to get advice on my Older Sibling pranks.
Katie spit a wad of gum into her hand and smeared it in her new little sister's hair beaming as Robert's hand met it and he started bawling.
Katie(Replacing the brush) Aaaaaaannnnnnndddddd we're done you went from black to blondey and you're your worst nightmare a fat girl and by the way the gum is what I call personalized hair waxing.
Robert(Sniffling) Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You're mean and I'm telling mommy on you.
Katie(Mimicing Robert) You're mean and I'm telling mommy on you.
Robert(Getting red in the face) STOPPPPPP COPYING MEEEEEEEEEEE.
Robert slumped onto the first empty bed he found as Katie joined him being the best at The Shadow Game when she was younger.
Robert(Stomping out of the room) That's it I'm telling on you.
Katie(Stomping out of the room) That's it I'm telling on you.
Robert screamed as Katie copied him all the way to the kitchen where Mrs. Small was cooking dinner.
Robert(Curling his lip) M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mama K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Katie-s-s-s-s-s-spit b-b-b-b-b-b-bubblegum i-i-i-i-i-i-i-into m-m-m-m-m-m-my h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-hair a-a-a-a-a-a-and s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-she's c-c-c-c-c-c-c-copying m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-me.
Mrs. Small: Katie Allison Small the 1st you better not have spit bubblegum into your sister's hair.
Robert(Wiping his eyes) She d-d-d-d-d-did and she wedgied me, Charlie horsed me, and Wet Willied me.
Mrs. Small(Inspecting Robert's hair) Awwwwwww Katie Allison the 2nd not to worry mama will cut the gum out and you hair will grow back.
Robert(Looking angrily at Katie) And she's copying me even after I told her to stop doing it like it's some type of game.
Mrs. Small: Katie stop tormenting your sister with The Shadow Game and Littelest Small sit on the stool and don't even flinch because then I'll take more than I need to off and that'll be bad.
Katie(Sneering) I was just teaching my younger sister how to play The Shadow Game.
Robert knowing how to torture Katie smiled and looked into her blue eyes.
Robert(Sneering) I was just trying to teach my younger sister how to play The Shadow Game.
Katie: Heyyyyyyy stop copying me.
Robert: Heyyyyyyyy stop copying me.
Mrs. Small: Hold still munchkin the gum is almost out.
Katie(Sticking her tongue out at Robert) Hah hahhhhhhhh you're getting a bad haircut just like I had at your age.
Robert(Sticking his tongue out at Katie) Hah hahhhhhhhhhh you're getting a bad haircut just like I had at your age.
Katie: I never should have taught you this game.
Robert: I never should have taught you this game.
Katie(Sneering) At least I'm not fatter and rounder than the whole world.
Robert(Sneering) At least I'm not fatter and rounder than the whole world.
Mrs. Small(Accidently cutting Robert's Ponytail) Grrrrrrrrr Katie Allison Small the 1st you are so grounded for this now go to your room.
Katie(Stomping off) Fine but you didn't care this much about being careful when gum was in my hair.
Mrs. Small(Her finger quivering) Upstairs now Katie. I only care for your younger sister because she's younger than you and the gum thing is entirely your fault both times.
Katie(Grumbling) How was I supposed to know falling asleep with gum in your mouth would make it get in your hair?.
Mrs. Small: I warned you not to fall asleep with gum in your hair and you didn't heed my warning.
Katie: I was three it's not like I was a good listener when I was three.
Mrs. Small: As I said both times gum and you got together with hair was entirely your fault.
Robert(Rubbing the bald spot in the back of his head) Mama w-w-w-w-w-will m-m-m-m-m-my p-p-p-p-p-p-pony e-e-e-e-e-ever c-c-c-c-c-c-come b-b-b-b-b-b-b-back?
Mrs. Small(Kissing Robert's cheek and drying his eyes) It sure will in a couple weeks and Mama will even put a hat on you so the bald spot doesn't show.
Robert(Sticking his tongue out at Katie) Hah hahhhhhhh you're in trouble.
Katie(Sticking her tongue out at Robert) Hah hahhhhhhh you're in trouble.
Mrs. Small: Littlest Small you sit at the counter and watch me cook and Katie Alison Small the 1st you have your instructions.
Katie stomped up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door as Mrs. Small and Robert winced at the sound.
Robert: Maybe I should go upstairs and apologize.
Mrs. Small: Absolutely not you did nothing wrong but play The Shadow Game and give her a taste of her own medicine and to her it wasn't bubblegum flavor.
Robert(Giggling) I bet she'll think twice before wedging me, Charlie horsing me, Wet Willying me, or putting gum in my hair.
Mrs. Small: The best way to teach your big sister a lesson is by acting your age meaning three. And that includes being funny, sweet, and irresistably cute.
Robert(Beaming) Time for a new and improved Katie Allison Small the 2nd. I'm going to start acting my age and that also includes crying, whining, and screaming for Mama whenever I need her.
Mrs. Small(Kissing Robert's cheek) And Mama will be there poste haste to get you out of trouble.
Robert(Sniffing) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM what's for dinner?
Katie(Skipping into the kitchen) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM what's for dinner?
Mrs. Small: Fried Chicken because I know how much my eldest daughter loves her some Fried Chicken.
Robert(Licking his lips) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I love chicken.
Katie(Grumbling) I don't.
Mrs. Small: Welllllll what do you know it looks like both of my daughter's have their own voice.
Katie: If I have to stop copying her then SHE has to stop copying me too.
Mrs. Small SHE is three years old and you're seven so do as I tell your sister to do and act your age.
Robert(Sticking his tongue out at Katie) Yeaaaaaaaaa act your age. Mama when can I sign up for the Fireflies and begin my adventure in the Fireside clubs?
Mrs. Small(Filling out an application) Just one more little part. Smile pretty Katie II we have got to get your cute side out in the picture.
Robert wrinkled his nose like a rabbit and smiled his blue eyes shining in the picture and his dimples coming out on his cheeks and chin.
Mrs. Small(Smiling) That's a keeper and now to get back to my chicken.
Katie(Complaining) But we had chicken las night.
Robert(Complaining) But we had chicken last night.
Mrs. Small(Giggling) She's even better than you at The Shadow Game.
Katie(Punching Robert) Only because she's a three year old wimp who can't defend herself.
Robert(Curling her lip) Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww M--M-M-M-M-M-M-Mama K-K-K-K-K-K-Katie p-p-p-p-p-p-p-punched me and it h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-hurt r-r-r-r-r-r-r-really bad.
Mrs. Small(Getting a First Aid Kit) Let's inspect the damage Katie did sweetness. then I'll look to see if she ripped your underwear with her wedgie.
Robert's crying slowly stopped as Mrs. Small looked at his arm and saw a bruise as she angrily glared at Katie.
Mrs. Small: You are until further notice not leaving this house unless it's for The Fireside Cubs which you've taken to liking now and school.
Robert(Sniffling) Will it s-s-s-s-s-s-stop h-h-h-h-h-h-hurting s-s-s-s-s-s-soon Mama?
Mrs. Small(Lifting Robert up) Sure it will now sit there and pay close attention because Mama's about to show you the secret to her Slam Bam Fried Chicken.
Katie: I thought you told me that whining was unacceptable in the house.
Mrs. Small: Yeaaaaaaa for you but for a three year old like Katie II whining is a way of communicating.
Katie(Looking at her wristwatch) Izzy just text me and she says there's a sleepover going on in the Wolf Den tonight and she really wants me to be there.
Mrs. Small(Shaking her head) After the violent display you had with your sister you aren't going anywhere. I mean it's bad enough she has to share a room with you.
Robert(Sneering) Why not let me decide what she gets to do Mama?
Mrs. Small: Good idea sweetie but you're only three and I don't think it'd be fair to you to punish her.
Katie: How about fair to me?
Mrs. Small(Counting on her fingers) Wedgie, Wet Willy, Charlie Horse, Gum In The Hair, and punches I think about covers it. So where is the fairness in what you did to her?
Katie: Because my bullies at school did it to me and you never approached their mothers telling on them.
Mrs. Small: What goes on outside the house involving you is not my business but what goes on in this house and outside involving my sweetest, cutest, smallest daughter is my business.
The front door slammed as Robert giggled and ran to the foyer to find Mr. Small with a briefcase in his hands.
Robert: Dada Katie is grounded because she wedgied me, Wet Willied me, Charlie Horsed me, Put gum in my hair, Made me lose my pony, and she punched me mega hard.
Mr. Small: Don't worry Baby Girl Daddy's here now.
Robert(Kissing Mr. Small's cheek) So how was work?
Mr. Small(Ruffling Robert's hair) Fine but it'd be better if my Baby Girl could be there with me every day.
Robert: Heads up Katie's going to ask you if she can join The Fireside Cubbies for a sleepover tonight but Mama already said no.
Mr. Small: Yea well if she asks me I'll tell her the same thing mommy did.
Robert stuck his tongue out making faces at Katie as Mr. Small walked into the kitchen dropping Robert on the counter and staring Katie down.
Mr. Small: So eventful day huh? You've Wedgied, Wet Willied, Charlie Horsed, gummed, and punched your sister and you made her lose her pony that your mom was growing out since she was a newborn.
Katie: Yea but she's walking around here whining, crying, and getting Mama and you on her side.
Mr. Small: And what's this I hear about you getting invited to a sleepover tonight and wanting to come to me even after your mom said no?
Katie: Well I didn't think it was fair because Katie II has been on my case all day. this way she can get a break from me and I can get a break from her.
Mrs. Small's cell phone rang as she quickly answered it and it was the soloution to Katie II's problem.
Mrs. Small: Hi Margarett how's it going? Yea they are at each other's throats more Katie then Katie II but you must know what that's like.
Mrs. Small giggled and checked her chicken and Katie knew exactly what the phone call was about.
Katie(Growling) If I'm not allowed in the Wolf Den tonight then she's not allowed in the Fireside clubhouse tonight.
Mr. Small: It's not your decision bully it's your mom's and mine so Katie II remember that when Mama get's off the phone.
Mrs. Small: Yes I'm sure Katie II would love to join in the Firefly sleepover tonight. So you just tell me what to bring and I'll make sure Katie II has it.
Robert(Beaming) I'm going to pack my clothes, snacks, and teddy because as daddy said it's Mama and his decision not yours.
Katie(Tripping Robert) Get used to those because until you feel lower than low I'm going to torture you day in and day out.
Mrs. Small: I'm sure Katie II would love to be friends with Maria Margarette. I mean look how good friends Katie and Ginger are I mean they even got grounded together this week alone.
Robert went into the bedroom and threw snack cakes, candy, cookies, soda, juice, another night gown, a pair of sparkly jeans, a white T shirt, a shirt to cover the T shirt, a pair of purple slippers, a pair of underwear, and a plain sash that she hoped would get a patch on it tonight.
Katie(Twirling her hair on her finger) Now let's do a size count meaning height not actual size because if we did that you'd sooooooooo beat me.
Robert: Whatevs you can size yourself up allllll you want because unlike you I have a sleepover to get to and no fried chicken for me. I'll get pizza, no dieting, candy, no dieting, cakes, no dieting, and soda, no dieting.
Katie(Smiling) Just wait till mommy here's about the no dieting factor of the sleepover. You'll be bringing vegatables, fruits, and non snacky food.
Robert(Shaking his butt) I can get whatever I want and that includes fatty foods and sugary drinks.
Katie(Pushing Robert down and spitting on him) Yea well consider this a preview of things to come if you want to keep acting like the parents pet then you'll get worse.
Robert(Curling his lip) Just remember you asked for this. M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Mama D-D-D-D-D-D-Dada K-K-K-K-Katie pushed me down and s-s-s-s-she s-s-s-s-s-s-spit on m-m-m-m-m-m-m-meeeeeeee.
Mr. and Mrs. Small ran upstairs to find Katie towering over Robert who squealed in fear and hid behind Mr. and Mrs. Smalls legs.
Mr. Small(Blocking Katie's punch) This is not going to continue happening here Katie. Katie II is your sister, she's younger than you, and she even has your name but you still feel she deserves to get hit everyday.
Robert(Blubbering) I-I-I-I-I-I-I w-w-w-w-w-was j-j-j-j-j-j-just t-t-t-t-t-t-t-trying to get p-p-p-p-p-p-p-packed for my s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sleepover t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-tonight.
Katie: So did Katie II tell you all about her no dieting rule tonight? She's got sugar up the butt and she's going to stuff her face with pizza all night.
Mrs. Small: So what she's going to eat what she wants tonight and every night she lives here because people come in all shapes and sizes.
Robert(Looking at his stomach) My tummy says the same thing Mama I mean it's not my tummy's fault it likes yummy foods.
Mrs. Small(Grabbing Robert's bag) Let's go sweetness I have a few people I'd like you to meet.
Robert stuck his tongue out at Katie and was led away as Mr. Small shook his head at her and walked off.
Katie(Stouting) Time to up my Older Sibling Bullying duties.
What happens next read part 5 Ginger II Strikes Back and reply to part 4
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