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J.B.'s angry with Delilah ...

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Julius paced his room for about the fifty-billionth time that evening. The note he had sneaked a peak at was really bothering him. This J.B. guy, he sounded like he meant business. If you keep ignoring my notes ...

Notes. More than one. How long had Delilah been receiving these notes? Why hadn't she told him? They were partners, friends, more than friends! They had known each other since Kindergarten, they were like twins. Julius told Delilah everything, never leaving anything out. She told him all as well.

Or he thought she had.

Now Julius was beginning to doubt Delilah's faith in him. Why hadn't she told him? Was she afraid he's be mad? Jealous? Suspicious - he was now, thank you! Maybe she was afraid.

Maybe she liked this stuff.

No. Julius shook the thought from his mind. How could he think that? After all he and Delilah had been through ... she had to have a reasonable explanation for not telling him.

Julius made up his mind. If she didn't tell him tomorrow, he'd confront her about it. But then she'd know he had been snooping ... Oh, it was so aggravating! If only he hadn't looked at that stupid letter!

To keep himself busy, Julius decided to check the Academy database on any guys with the initials J.B. Just in case Delilah showed up, he stuffed his pillows under his sheets, making it look like he was sleeping.

Julius crept down the hall to the computer room.



Delilah would have had to be blind, deaf and dumb to miss that something had been bothering Julius for most of their walk. He was quiet, seldom joked, looked at her oddly ...

He didn't know about J.B., did he?

No, no, he couldn't have. He had told her there was no mail. Julius wouldn't lie to her ... unless he had read a letter!

Delilah sat bolt upright. Of course! If Julius had read one of the love letters, he would have been to scared and embarrassed to confess. She checked under her bed. There was an envelope with J.B.'s handwriting on it. If the letters frightened Delilah, they would frighten Julius ... Oh no.

J.B.'s words echoed in her head. Anyone who knows about these letters is now in danger. Julius knew. And J.B. obviously wasn't stupid.

Delilah slapped her head. She had totally underestimated this guy! He had broken into her room - into the Academy! - several times. He was no fool, surely he knew about Julius.

And now he was in trouble. Al hadn't put security cameras and alarms on his door. He didn't know! J.B. could be attacking - or killing - Julius right now!

Delilah sprang out of bed and raced down the hall.



In the computer lab, Julius had entered J.B.'s initials into the database of dangerous felons. He gasped as three hits came up.

1. Jim Balder
Location - Berlin, Germany
In custody

2. Jeff Bender
Location - Rome, Italy
In custody

He didn't have to worry about those guys, they were in jail. But a third name popped up.

3. James Boowme
Location - Halifax, Nova Scotia
At large.
Extremely dangerous.
Known kidnapper/murderer.

Julius barely stifled a cry of alarm. Delilah was being stalked by a murderer!

He raced out of the lab, leaving the hit open on the computer. He had to warn her. She could be killed!



She reached Julius' room, not bothering to knock. He'd understand -

Oh no!

A tall, bulky figure was standing above the sleeping form of Julius, a knife in his hand. He was going to stab him! Kill him!

"NO!" Delilah screamed.

The man looked up, and dropped the knife. "Delilah?"

Delilah gasped. This was J.B.! She tried to run, but for his size, J.B. was incredibly quick. He blocked the entrance and closed the door, barricading it with a desk.

"Nowhere to run!"



Julius was rounding a corner when he ran straight into Al.

"What are you doing?!" they both cried in unison.

Al explained. "I heard screams coming from your room!"

"But I'm not in my room!" Julius shouted.

"I can see that, man."

All of a sudden, it dawned on Julius. "Delilah!"

The two took off in a sprint to Julius' room. When they arrived, they found the door blocked from the inside.

"Move away!" Julius ordered as he ran at the door.

His shoulder hit the door with surprising force, moving the desk right out of they way. Julius entered the room and cried out in anguish.

The place was a wreck, his stuff everywhere. But what made him scream was the message on the wall, written in lip-stick.



Please, tell me how it was! I was so excited, writing this!!

- panda_1418
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