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A Godly Council

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Jay recieves more questions than answers in a conversation with a little known Goddess.

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So I leave for camp, come back after seven weeks expecting to have some reading to catch up on, some chapters of much loved stories to praise. I come back, and there are stories galore! I mean, what did I miss that caused this sudden expansion of the fan world? All well, in any case I didn't have much time to write as predicted, but i did get two very short and krappy chapters done. I'll just post this one now (and I promise the next one is much more exciting) because I still have some argueing to do with my computer. Geez, you don't see a keyboard for seven weeks and suddenly you forget everything...

All well, enjoy my meager offering.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a cardboard flight computer, and you can't have it.

That Hero Business

Chapter 5 - A Godly Council

It was roughly 3'o'clock in the morning before Jay realized what was going on.
He had been sleeping on a couch in the library, waiting for news from Hera about the council of the Gods. He was awoken by shouting, and by the booming, angry sound of it, the council was in full swing.
"It doesn't matter why there was a resurgence! It only matters that the decline will not happen again!" Jay recognized Ares' angry voice and the equally volumes agreement from Hercules.
"I must be really tired," he said quietly to himself, "to have slept through that."
He made his way in the general direction of the talking, which had now lowered enough to be unintelligible. He stopped halfway down the hall after coming in sight of a set of enormous, sturdy looking doors. There was a woman standing quietly in front of the doors, long auburn hair tucked behind her ears with flowers. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, still incredibly beautiful. Her smile radiated out at him when she turned to regard him. She was obviously a Goddess.
"You must be Jay," her traditional white Greek dress swirled around her as she came towards him. Jay bowed in response, feeling that was the proper reply. She continued to smile, "you have no recognition in your eyes, I am Hestia."
"Goddess of the Hearth," Jay replied. She was one of Zeus' sisters, but had given up her ruling seat to Hermes, tiring quickly of politics. This seemed to be the case with the current council as well. Hestia nodded in reply to his thoughts,
"I am waiting for them to decide what to do with themselves." Jay nodded, not really surprised that she could hear his thoughts.
"Do they know what happened?" he asked. The Goddess nodded,
"We have a strong theory." Jay waited patiently for her to continue, but after a few moments it became apparent that she wasn't going to.
"What is it?" he finally asked.
"The only thing that could have caused this would be a large resurgence, which is very unlikely, or the appearance of the youthful mortals." Jay was about to ask what she meant, but she continued without prompting, "of course, that's very unlikely as well." she said more to herself than Jay, "They should have passed into whatever realm of death is appropriate to their souls. Even if they are still alive, there has not been a portal to this world since Troy still stood."
"A portal from where?" Jay asked. Hestia seemed to notice him again just then, and turned a not-so-friendly look his way.
"It would not be wise for you to have that information. Are you not supposed to be in bed, becoming rested for schooling tomorrow?" Her tone made the question sound more like a command. Jay nodded and turned to leave, disappointed. He had come out of that encounter with more questions than when he had gone in.
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