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An Arsonist...

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Things heat up in the city of New Olympia, and no-one knows why.

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That Hero Business

Chapter 6 - An Arsonist...

Halfway through another very boring history class, half New Olympia's fire fighting force went screaming past the school.
Jay's eyes snapped open, his thoughts immediately jumping to a certain power hungry God. Even the teacher paused to look out the window as siren after siren blazed by. Jay glanced back at Neil, who returned the knowing look.
'We need to get out of here.' Jay thought. Neil, apparently, figured the same thing, and promptly waltzed out of the classroom.
"Hey, Neil..." The teacher attempted to protest, but then the rest of the class rushed out to see what was going on. This objective cascaded through the classrooms, and soon all the classes were unofficially dismissed. A quick discussion over a radio frequency and seven teenagers were piled into Herry's truck.
"Take the side road," Odie said to Herry, so we miss most of the traffic."
"Did you guys ever think that we might be getting too good at this?" Archie asked after a moment of silence, racing along the street. They all looked at him curiously, and all realized that he was right.
"Not that it's a bad thing," Jay finally replied, while Theresa turned Herry's head back to the road. They all shoved their memories of a normal life to the backs of their minds as billowing gray smoke rose over the buildings. Herry parked a few blocks away and they ran to the source of the fire. It was the old wooden bank, an abandoned building as of three days ago. Theresa sighed in relief,
"There shouldn't be anyone in ther." She told Jay, who nodded, his relief only minor, for the fire was still burning.
"They've evacuated the buildings next to it," Odie added to the good news, his laptop out and receiving updates from every conceivable station. The fire was still out of control, having completely engulfed the building in a matter of minutes. They all heard the firefighter yell that no normal fire should grow that fast. Four high pressure hoses were turned on the flame, and it seamed that every time they satiated one part of the blaze, it would spring back up again.
"Cronus," Jay muttered under his breath. With one hand on his xiphos, he searched for the manovelent God.

The flames lowered and winked out. Shock vibrated through the crowd, heightened by the three story building collapsing into a charred heap. The cloud of smoke abruptly stopped growing and began to dissipate.
"What the hell is going on here?" Archie yelled, his whip out, ready to attack the first thing that moved.
"I don't know," Jay replied after a lengthy silence, "I just don't know."


So there are the two chapters I just sort of threw together over a few stolen seconds over the summer. The next one is much better, I promise you. I'm halfway trough it and its about as long as these past two already, so its worth looking forward too.

Scout out.
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