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And a Thief

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A very bad day, but with progress.

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Disclaimer: Starting college = very poor. I don't own Class of the Titans.

That Hero Business

Chapter 7 - And a Thief

It wasn't until they got back to the truck that they noticed their pockets were empty, completely picked clean of all wallets, ID and library cards.
The next morning heralded disaster, beginning with the group having to walk to school for lack of Herry's keys. The morning had also brought a dark ceiling of grey, ominous cloud. They all groaned at the day's impending rain as they trudged to school. They were unavoidably late, the result being promptly sentenced to detention. All in all, it was starting out to be a very bad day when Jay remembered they were supposed to be watching the new girl.
He glanced over at her, sitting quietly, gazing out the window. She really was quite pretty, with delicate, pale features and long copper hair. He didn't see the 'fuzziness' Theresa had mentioned, but then, he didn't have her sight. Kiralia seemed to sense him looking at her, and turned to gaze back. Jay's eyes met with the most intense stare he had ever encountered. She had forest green eyes, filled with an intelligent sparkle and hiding something - wild. She smiled at him, a gentle, quiet smile and raised her eyebrows, as if to say 'what?' Jay smiled nervously in response and turned back to the front.
That look, that wild creature seeming ready to jump out sent his heart racing. There was something about this Kiralia, and he had a vague thought that she might be connected with yesterday's fire. In any case, he would have to keep a closer eye on her.


Surprisingly, it was Archie that first made contact with Kiralia. He had been in the library, looking through the greek poetry in an attempt to find one he hadn't read before when she came silently up beside him. He glanced over in her direction and jumped.
"I'm sorry," she said quietly, her voice had a polite tone that seemed slightly out of place, "I didn't mean to startle you."
"Then you shouldn't have. Wear a bell or something," he growled defiantly. She seemed to find this amusing and chuckled quietly,
"You have the temper of Achilles."
Archie gave her a surprised look, but managed to turn it into something quizzical before he gave anything away.
"Achilles," she explained, "I assumed that since you are reviewing the greek poetry, you know something of him."
'You have no idea,' Archie thought before replying,
"Yeah, I know a bit," he shrugged, pulling a book of the shelf.
"You say that like you shouldn't," Kiralia replied, a playful hint to her voice.
"Well, its not like guys are supposed to like poetry..." he trailed off, speaking more to himself.
"They're not?" she asked curiously.
"Not guys like me. Who the hell are you anyway?" Archie huffed, knowing full well that this was the girl they were supposed to be keeping an eye on.
"Kiralia Nailo," she held out a hand and he took it warily.
"Archie," he replied.
"Doesn't matter," he cut off her question. Her lips formed a surprised 'o' shape and she turned away to select a book from the shelf.
"Well, it was nice meeting you, mister Archie," she turned and strode purposefully out of sight.


"You met her?" Herry asked through a gigantic sandwich.
"Yeah, she snuck up on me in the library."
"Why were you in the library?" Atlanta asked.
"I, um..." Archie ran a hand through his hair nervously, "nothing really."
"So what's she like?" Neil asked as Theresa shook her head, holding back laughter.
"She's quiet," Archie remembered how she had seemingly come out of nowhere, "and very polite."
"She seems nice,' Theresa put in, "she's in my biology class, I'll have to say hi to her." Jay nodded,
"Just be careful Theresa, we still don't know anything about her." She shrugged off Jay's concern with a wink and picked up her bags to go class. The group of friends dispersed from the lunch table, Atlanta trailing behind Archie,
"So you never did tell me what you we're doing in the library."


So, there you folks go. A pretty good chapter, compared to the last one, I think. The bad day isn't over yet though. A few notes:
Last names: I came up with some, but I've only finallized a few, Archie Werik (dwarven for "War Brother"), Jay Marrition (Its a sea folk name, I liked it) and Theresa Arlie (elven for "Gold Giver") Once again, I credit Dungeons and Dragons for providing the phrasebooks from which these were created.
Ages: Apparently, most of them are 16, but that a bit to young for them to be seniors (which is what I had already determined) So Atlanta and Odie are 16, while everyone else is 17 going on 18. I'll probably assign them birthdays sometime too.
In response to all the Jay and Theresa fans out there, I'd just like to point out that I'm actually not one of them (although Neil and Theresa seems interesting). I'm also not a fan of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, if you get my drift. I much prefer the awkward and unlikely romances. As for all you Archie and Atlanta fans, the time will come! Romance cannot be written where romance does not belong!

In any case, I'm thinking of introducing a very interesting character soon, so hold on to your shorts, cause the rating may go up! Next time, heroes in detention!
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