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The Plunge

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Can Al get the key?

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Julius reached Delilah just as her eyes closed. His ears were ringing. She was fading, fast! He quickly undid the ropes on her wrists, then grabbed her shoulders and began to swim.

He only got about half a foot.

Julius mentally slapped himself. He had completely forgotten about that stupid ball and chain! He tried lifting it, but in vain. It was too heavy, even in the water.

Julius then tried pushing the giant black ball. It moved a few inches. Result! But ... if it took him this long to move it ... Delilah would be dead before he even reached a point where her head could surface.

It was then someone hit the water with a giant splash.


Al's fingers touched the key, but he sent it spinning out of his reach. No! He was not going to blow this for his agents. Al tried to pull a Michael Jordon move from Space Jam, the one where his arm stretched half way across the court.

Surprisingly this, didn't work.

Al then came to a horrible conclusion. The key was going to hit the water before he was! Stupid Galileo's law! Making his body straight as possible, Al sped off after the key.

Then he hit the river.


Julius was knocked flat as Al landed on top of him. He looked around, his face a picture of anguished dismay. But Al was smiling like a mad fool.

Then Al held up a small silver key.

Julius would have kissed him if he wasn't a guy and it wasn't a live-or-death situation. He snatched the key from the Academy leader and relieved Delilah of the ball and chain.

Seconds later, Delilah was laying on the beach, Julius hovering over her. She wasn't breathing! Julius tried CPR while Al went after James "Jim" Boowme.

No result.

He pressed on her stomach three times before breathing air into her lungs. Why wasn't she waking up? Was it over?

"It's not over 'til the fat lady sings!" Julius said out loud.

As if on cue, Delilah moaned slightly. She then leaned over and coughed up the river. Julius was close to tears of joy when she looked up at him. She said one word before fainting from exhaustion:



[Academy - recovery room 2 days later]

Delilah opened her eyes, and immediately closed them again. The light above her was so bright! Then, a shadow blocked it out. She opened her eyes to see a smiling face.


He grinned even more. "Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty."

Delilah moaned and rubbed her head. "How long was I out?"

"Two days."

"Two days?" Delilah repeated. "Wow. Hey, thanks for saving my life, Jules,"

He looked away, embarrassed. "I figured I'd pay you back for all the times you saved my butt."

Delilah smiled, shaking her head.

After all those days of being captive with a guy she didn't even know what he looked like, it was good to be home.


[Al's office]

Al beamed as Delilah walked through the door, followed by Julius. "Glad to see you're both OK, man."

Delilah smiled. "You wanted to see us?"

Al nodded towards the TV, currently on the news station.

"Last night, a serious Canadian threat was apprehended by Mr Michael Smith. Smith was riding his bicycle last night around midnight when James Boowme, a kidnapper and murderer, came running out of the trees near Edworthy Park. Smith collided with him, knocking him out cold."

Delilah and Julius could hardly stop laughing.

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