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Delilah's in the river

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[Bottom of Bow River]

The river was so cold. On impact, if felt like a thousand knives piercing Delilah's skin, all at the same time. The fast current whisked her blindfold away, and Delilah was able to see for the first time in days.

But it wasn't a welcoming sight.

The water was dark blue, with the only light being the moon shining down into the water. Hundreds of rocks lay at the bottom around her, covered in algae. A few air bubbles still remained, but they were fading fast.

Delilah didn't know how long she could stay conscious.



When J.B. shoved Delilah off the bridge, Julius broke into a run. He could have given the fastest man in the world a run for his money, but none of that concerned him right now.

Julius splashed into the water. When he reached the first support, the river was already up to his neck. He could see Delilah's thrashing figure only a few feet away from him.

He took a deep breath and submerged.



Her senses her failing. He limbs were numbing. It felt like her lungs would explode if she didn't get air soon.

She would never see Julius, Al, Scarlett or the Academy again. Heck, she'd be happy to even see Ursula or Emmet.

Wow, she must be desperate.

The last thing Delilah saw before her vision darkened and she slipped away was a figure swimming towards her ... and then a splash ...



When Julius had scampered away to rescue Delilah, Al noticed the kidnapper watching and laughing from the bridge. Al slipped under the bridge, and up a small path.

(a/n: Me and my brother called that Smee Trail when we were kids. He used to pretend to be Mr Smee from Peter Pan, and I was Tinkerbell. Go figure)

When Al reached the end of the trail, he squeezed through a gap in the concrete bridge. Moving like a shadow, Al crept behind J.B.

Then he pounced!

Putting Boowme in a headlock, Al demanded for something Julius hadn't even thought about. "Where's the key?"

"Let go of me and I'll give it to you," the kidnapper murmured.

Al released Boowme, but kept his hand tightly on the back of his shirt. J.B. held out a silver key. As Al went to grab it, he snatched it away.

"Ah ah, if you want it, you need to get it."

With a neat flick of the wrist, J.B. tossed the key over the bridge.

Al vaulted off the structure after the key, his arm outstretched. If he lost the key, Delilah was dead.
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