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Bow River

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Can Julius get to Edworthy Park in time??

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[Calgary - location: unknown]

Delilah heard the heavy footsteps before the door to her room - if she was in a room - opened. She hoped "Jim" wouldn't ask her more questions about Julius, or if she loved him. Geez, privacy?

"What do you want now?" Delilah spat.

In an answer, J.B. grabbed her roughly by the collar of her shirt and hauled her to her feet. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her out the door. A few minutes later, Delilah was shoved into the backseat of a car.

One question rang through her mind: Where was she going?


[Calgary - Blackfoot Inn]

Al and Julius raced down the stairs of the Blackfoot Inn and sprinted through the lobby. The reception desk called out to them.

"Where are you headed, sirs?"

"Urgent business meeting!" Al shouted back. "Big bucks!"

The duo hopped into their rental car, a Honda Accord, parked in the parking lot. Al put it into gear while Julius unfolded the map of Calgary. Good thing Edworthy was in the South, just like the Blackfoot.

Julius groaned. It was around a fifteen minute drive to the park. That meant that by the time they got there ... No, he wouldn't think about that.

Al sped out onto the road. "Which way to I go, man?"

"Just keep going straight until you hit the third intersection. Then turn right."

"Gotcha," Al replied, accelerating.

When they reached the third intersection, Al took a sharp left. Julius was horrified.

"Al! I said right, not left!"

Instead of answering, Al did a full U-turn, right in the middle of the busy road. Julius was amazed they weren't killed. He smiled slightly as a few horns and shouts reached his ears.


"Road hog!"


"Where'd you get your license?!"

Al shrugged as he headed in the right direction. "Sorry, man, still need to do the L thing with my hands."


[Calgary - location: Edworthy Park]

The silver Honda Accord ground to a halt in the parking lot at the bottom of Edworthy Road. It really wasn't a road, more of a steep, twisty hill.

Julius looked around. It was midnight, but he could still see the beauty of the place. The playground they were parked in front of, in the day time it must be crawling with kids. He had a wonderful view of Downtown Calgary through the trees, and the very close to being finished Children's Hospital. A dirt path led off through the Douglas Fir pine trees.

"Al, where do we go?"

Al was already racing down the parking lot towards the dirt path. He called over his shoulder, "This way, I can see the Bow River!"

Julius was level with him in a heartbeat. Their feet hit the dirt path in unison as they pounded towards the river's edge. They scanned to the right for a bridge, but saw none. Julius turned his head right.

He saw the bridge, but an icy fist gripped his heart.


[Calgary - location: Edworthy Park pedestrian bridge]

Delilah had no clue where she was. All she knew was that a ball and chain had been attached to her foot, and she was sitting on some type of bridge, with water rushing beneath her.

"What do you want, Boowme?" Julius! He was here!

J.B. smiled, thought Delilah couldn't see. "I'm getting rid of something of no importance to me."

Delilah's stomach twisted into a knot. He was going to drop her off the bridge!

"If you do that, you'll regret it!" Julius shouted, but even Delilah could detect a twinge of fear in his voice.

"Let's see, shall we?" Boowme answered.

With a shove, he sent Delilah flying off the bridge. The last thing she heard was Al and Julius both shout "No!", and then she hit the icy cold, fast-moving Bow River.
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