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Press Coverage and Snakes On A Plane

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I can see the venom in your eyes. I am completley in love with that movie i want to see it again it's funny. oh, and getting the sountrack to the movie is well worth your money. enjoy, it's l...

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Chapter 12- Press Coverage and Snakes On A Plane

I sat in Patrick's kitchen, writing something down when a magazine was slammed down in front of me. It was open to a one page spread out of both William and I exiting a restaurant, /hand in hand/.
Plastered at the top stated: What About Pete?

I sighed and looked up to see Pete with a solemn look on his face, along with five o'clock shadow and bloodshot eyes.

"What?" I asked and he sighed pathetically.

"Are you guys going out?" he asked shakily and I looked back down at the picture where for once I had a genuine grin. I smiled and looked back up at Pete.

"What if we are?" Pete sat down across from me and blinked a couple of times.

"Please say this is some kind of joke..." I shut my eyes and sighed.

"Pete, your girlfriend is pregnant, stop trying to get us to work," he gulped and still looked hopefully at me. "I'm trying to get over," he cut me off.

"Me," I winced slightly and Pete looked away.

"Maybe Tessa would make a better mother of my kids," Ouch.

The kitchen door opened and I turned to see William with two coffees in his hands, on now being outstretched to me. I smiled wide and placed my pen down before standing and taking both, placing them down near my paper.

"Hey, one of those is..." cut off by my lips.

William smiled and held onto my hips and I snaked my arms around his neck, still knowing full well that Pete was in the room. After breaking apart, I slightly turned to see Pete pouting and sinking further down in his seat.

"What was that for?" William asked in my ear and I shook my head.

"You don't need to know, just..." I paused and gathered my work along with my steaming coffee. "Can you take me back to the hotel?" he nodded and Pete sighed.

"Bye guys,"


I sat cross-legged on the made hotel bed as Heather talked threw my sidekick that was put on speaker phone, sitting near my knee in front of me.

"Lexi, I don't know what to do..." I sighed.

"Heather, maybe we should go home soon and a local show, or go shopping," Heather sniffed and hiccupped from her tears.

"Home sounds good, I just wish..." she paused and I closed my eyes. "I just wish that things wouldn't be so complicated and even me and Patrick didn't have our problems," I shook my head and brought my knees to my chest.

"If wishes were granted, I just might be dead," Heather stayed silent.

"Please don't ever say that again," I took a sharp breath.
"Sorry Heather," she sighed.

"Do you think you can put in tickets for the morning?" I looked over at my laptop. I opened a new window and searched airline tickets.

"Yeah, I guess...I already know Freeda is staying, and Aloe is heading back with Ryan anyways," I heard Heather smirk.

"She's just doing it to try and ignore Joe," I sighed.

"Well maybe that's what I'm doing with William," Heather laughed.

"Who should I take, Travis?" I laughed with her.

"That would make Patrick jealous," she sighed again.

"In a weird way, even if he is one room over, I miss him, the way things used to be," I thought for a minute.

"Why are things starting to get rocky?" I asked. Heather was quiet for a minute and I heard some rustling.

"I'm starting to get the impression that he's only in the relationship for the sex," I smirked for a minute.

"That's not like Patrick," Heather sniffed again.

"The thing is, we haven't gone out or anything in months just doesn't feel right, you know...and confronting him just made it worse," I shook my head and decided to change the subject.

"I have tickets put under my name for five thirty, ok?" Heather sighed one more time and I turned the phone off speaker phone and raised it to my ear.

"Thanks Lex, I owe you," I cut her off.

"You owe me nothing," and then she hung up.


Somewhere in the night around nine I had a knock at my hotel door. Sighing, I got out of bed and stretched before undoing the chain, opening the door only to be pushed in by lips and hands attacking my sides. Closing my eyes, I heard the door close and my intruder pull away.

"Lexi," they breathed and I opened my eyes, only to jump back, landing sitting on the bed.

"Pete, what...what are you doing here?" I asked and raised my fingertips to touch my lips which were tingling. He had cleaned up and was slightly shaking, probably from the cold.

"I don't want you to go," he muttered and I winced.

"Pete, you should be home," I whispered and he landed next to me, on my left, hair falling in his face.

"I know, I know," he whispered and I didn't question him as he laced one of my hands with his own. I closed my eyes and slumped slightly.

"Why do you do this?" I asked again and Pete shrugged.

"Because I'm a desperate little emo," Shaking my head I leaned against him and wrapped my slim arms around his middle in a hug.

He did the same and we stayed like that for a long time, just my staring off and listening to both our hearts beating and the only other noise was the street noises from the city, just outside the door to the balcony. Pete took a deep breath and I closed my eyes as his arms loosened around me and moved to hold my face up.

"I'm always wishing for one last night with you," I blinked slowly and held my breath.

"If wishes were granted, I just might be dead,"

Did I listen to myself? Nope.


I blinked the tiredness from my eyes and felt two warm arms holding around my waist. Opening my eyes fully, I glanced up to see Pete sleeping peacefully, lips slightly parted and hair a slight mess. I felt horrible.

My stomach sank and my heart leapt, and not in a good way. Taking a deep breath, I kissed his cheek and snaked out of his arms, grabbing some clothes and throwing them on. I gathered his own that were thrown about and every step I took threw memories from the previous night back.

"What about Tessa?" I asked and Pete shook his head throwing my t-shirt to the floor.
"What about William?"

I shook my head and folded his clothes next to his sleeping body and raised the sheets just a little bit more so he wasn't cold. Biting my lip, I gripped my bag tighter and looked down at Petey the Meaty Mooer who was snuggled right up against Pete. Shaking my head I looked away and decided to leave him. I took another step towards the door and paused to look at my sidekick.

4:30 am

Just an hour and I would be heading home, yet again. I couldn't help but to turn around and glance back at Pete who had just turned fully around and smiled, snuggling his head into the pillow more.

I nuzzled my head into the crook of his neck and sighed, closing my eyes.
"I love you," I thought nothing of it, thinking I was already dreaming and smiled in my 'sleep'. "So much..."

Those damned tears re-surfaced and I gripped my purse tighter and exited the hotel room silently and called a cab for the airport. Upon reaching there, I saw Heather sitting in the terminal, with her iPod in one hand, sidekick in the other, he oversized sunglasses covering her eyes, which upon me pushing back hid her tears.

"Heather, what's the matter?" Heather shook her head.

"I just want to go home," I nodded and smirked at her iPod.

"Snakes on a Plane?" Heather smiled and nodded, turning it of.

"I'm ready for it," she softly sang and I threw an arm around her shoulders.

"Come on bring it," Heather sighed and she pouted.

"Whatever it may be, good or bad, bring it," she sang the last part and I nodded.

"So kiss me goodbye, honey, I'm gonna make it out alive,"
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