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How Did You Knock Me Off My Feet?

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I'm the queen of apologies oh fuck yeah this chapter made me smile. two points for patrick!

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Chapter 13- How Did You Knock Me Off My Feet?

February 2008

Staring up at me was a wrapped copy of our second CD. It was long awaited and I was silently screaming inside. Heather sat across from me and was ready for me to put it in the CD player.

Taking a breath, I unwrapped the case and put the designed CD in the player. Heather pressed a finger to the play button and I smiled hearing the intro.

"It's just these words that leave my mouth running through my veins and to my fingertips and into the pen, leaking onto the paper, spilling my heart, tell you, just one thing,"

I glanced up at Heather and the tears glazed her eyes as I heard Aloe and my own voice ring out.

"I still love you,"


Looking over at Heather she sniffed once and wiped her nose.

"Heather?" I asked and she shook her head.

It was early in the morning and I had woken up to use the bathroom but instead found Heather kneeled next to the porcelain, wiping her mouth, tears seeping from her eyes.

"Lexi, this is not happening," I kneeled next to her and she clung on.

"Tell me what's wrong," I whispered and she shook against me.

"I've been throwing up for a while now," Fear dripped from her words and I widened my eyes.

"Heather..." I started and she pulled away, grabbing something from the counter above us.

I held it in my hands for a moment before blinking and looking back up at her shaking body, lip tucked into her mouth.

"You think you're pregnant?"


Four hours later Heather was sitting on an examination table while I sat in a very uncomfortable hospital chair, noises from outside the room seeping in from under the crack in the door. I sighed as Heather messed with a loose string on the bottom of her shirt.

"Lexi, I'm scared," I looked up at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Why? You and Patrick would make fabulous parents," Heather looked down at her hands.

"That's the thing," I grabbed her hand and rubbed it in a comforting way.

"What's the matter?" Heather looked away and sighed.

"Patrick and I aren't exactly together anymore," I gasped and let her hand go, it retreating to wing her hands together.

"Wh-why?" I asked and Heather sighed deeply again.

"Just...things never really got put back together again after we fell apart," I nodded and we both turned our heads to see the doctor coming in.

"Ha, if my daughter was here to see this," I smiled and nodded.

"Fan?" The doctor nodded.

"So, Miss Nicole...what brings you in today?" he asked, taking a seat in the wheelie chair. Heather ran a hand over her stomach that now I could tell was starting to look a little pudgy.

"I took a pregnancy test and...well," she paused and blushed while the doctor nodded, turning to turn on the machine.

"You want to make sure?" Heather nodded and I noticed my phone light up.


Sighing I dashed out front of the hospital and answered my phone.

"Yeah?" I asked and Patrick smirked.

"I wouldn't expect you to be up right now," I gulped.

"I had to take Heather to the hospital," he took in a sharp take of breath.

"Is she ok?" I smiled at his worried voice.

"Uh, yeah...she's fine," Patrick sighed.

"I was just calling to ask you about tour dates and such..." I nodded and walked further down the sidewalk to sit on a bench.

"What were you thinking?" Patrick was silent for a moment and I tapped my foot.

"I was thinking that we could do a giant Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance tour, you know, have everybody come out and do major cities," I smiled.

"That's an awesome idea," Patrick whispered the next thing.

"Even though we've all hit a rough spot?" I sighed.

"Why don't you fly out ASAP," Patrick stuttered over his words.

"What?" He asked and I smirked.

"There's a surprise waiting for you," I hung up and heard footsteps.

Looking up I saw Heather biting her lip and holding a small piece of paper. She walked over and sat next to me, passing the paper to me. Looking down, my eyes glazed over in tears.

"Lexi, I'm going to be a mommy," I smirked and nodded.

"Of twins on top of that," Heather sighed and shook her head.

"Of twins..."


William burst out laughing in front of me as I told him about Heather being pregnant.

"Well, with the amount of sex her and Patrick have I wouldn't be surprised," I bit my lip.

"They aren't exactly together anymore," William sighed and shook his head.

"Why am I always the last to find out about the break ups?" I smirked and heard the front door open, turning I saw a familiar hat turn the corner and the thick frames upon his face.

"Hey Patrick," I breathed and he nervously smiled walking over. William raised an eyebrow and I placed a finger over my lips.

"Be quiet," Patrick arched his eyebrows next and stood next to the counter as I turned towards the hallway archway and yelled for Heather.

"Heather babes!" I heard her yell something back.

"Hold your horses, Lex," she had her head down, dusting her hands as she entered the kitchen and I stood up, walking behind Patrick and sat down in William's lap to watch her expression. Heather looked up only to jump back and place her hand on her stomach.

"Patrick?" she asked in a breath and she glared at me. "Lexi," she hissed and I shrugged.

Patrick took a step closer but before he could gather Heather in a hug his eyes lit up and turned his head to two pictures that were hung on the fridge, by two magnets.

"Heather..." he cautiously turned to her and she lightly smiled, nervously.

"About that," she whispered and Patrick widely smiled jumping up.

"You're pregnant?" he asked hopefully and Heather's expression changed completely.

"Yeah, with twins," Patrick jumped again and picked her up, twirling her around and around before placing her down and kissing her full on the mouth.

"God I love you," Heather smiled against him and nodded. I turned to William and shook my head, smiling.

"They make it look so easy,"
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